tagLesbian SexWhat Lesbians Do Ch. 02

What Lesbians Do Ch. 02


Lexie leans against me under the warm flowing water, and our breasts press together. She closes her eyes as the water hits her, and she kisses my neck while she runs her hands across my body. Now that the taboo seal of actually touching is broken, I feel an intense desire to touch her back well up in me. I slide my hands down her back, pulling her closer. My hands rest on her soft, toned ass, which is utterly feminine and wholly unlike that of a man. I feel compelled to squeeze her ass cheeks, and I love the way it feels.

She kisses along my face, and then -- yes! -- she kisses me full on the lips. Our tongues touch and we kiss more deeply than I have ever kissed anyone. The passion I feel is completely new to me. I feel an intense desire to pull her close and... do something, anything, to be as intimate as possible. I don't know what I am going to do with her soft, warm, curvy body, but the desire is overwhelming.

For a moment, I just lean back against the slightly chill shower wall. The water arches over me, coming from the shower head above. I look down and see mostly red hair, still tied back, as she kisses under my neck and around my large breasts. I feel her kiss gently around the undersides, and her hands run across my abdomen. I really, really want her to suck on my breasts, but the incredibly erotic mood of what we're doing demands I remain silent.

I can only arch my body forward, thrusting my breasts in her face, and try to fight the urge to scream with desire. She knows what I want, and she teases me, kissing closer and closer to my nipples, but not quite... and then her lips close around my left nipple, finally, and the pleasurable electricity makes me twitch. The feeling is cold and warm and soft all at the same time, and a different wet than the wet of the shower. Her mouth feels incredible. She flicks her tongue across my nipples, something I never enjoyed before today. Now that I'm finally open to sexual feelings, though, it's absolutely amazing.

Her tongue runs circles around my nipples and the underside of my left breast. Her tongue is really long, and her lengthy licks feel great. The hot moisture from her tongue is a wonderfully strong contrast to the warm spray from the shower. When I thrust my breasts forward again, she switches to the right one, and I feel the palm of her hand come to rest upside-down on my tummy. While she sucks on my right breast, she slides her hand slowly downward. I begin to breathe faster, excited for what's about to happen.

She slides her soft hand down past my small patch of blonde fur, her fingers separating as she approaches my sex. She rubs gently to either side of my lips, and presses into my lower tummy with her palm. Ever so slowly, she moves her rubbing down, until her hand is cupping my pussy entirely. The pressure feels really good, and I lean back and close my eyes, soaking in the pleasure and the warmth and the fact that an incredibly sexy female - another girl! - is sucking on my breasts and rubbing my sex. Everything she does seems to feel twice as good, just because I know how taboo and wrong it is that we're both girls.

She finally sticks a finger in me, and my body jumps uncontrollably for a moment. She continues her up and down rubbing motion on either side of my pussy, while circling her middle finger inside me. The feeling is extremely intimate, and, for the first time in my life, I actually enjoy someone else fingering me.

She lifts her head up from my breasts just long enough to flash a wicked smile at me, and then goes back to sucking my nipples and rubbing my breasts with her free hand. She seems to absolutely love pleasuring me and playing with my body, and it makes me feel amazingly attractive and sexual. At this moment, I would do anything she wanted me to, just to feed her enjoyment of me.

The assault of pleasure starts to overwhelm me. Pleasure arcs from my breasts to my pussy and back again, and my whole body starts to tingle as I feel an orgasm building. I close my eyes and start to breathe heavy, and I feel myself twitching as the pleasure builds. I focus on the sensations, tensing for the amazing burst of pleasure that is about to come. Suddenly, her finger pulls out and her hands and mouth depart, leaving me just before the point of orgasm. I open my eyes, startled.

She moves back past the shower's flow, a wicked grin on her face. Her gorgeous green eyes tell me that she stopped purposely, that I'm not allowed to orgasm quite yet, and that it's my turn to play. I find myself excited at the prospect, and my almost-orgasm level of pleasure stays with me as I move toward her. I'm not sure what to do, but the desire to pull her as close as possible tugs me toward her luscious and inviting body. I put my hand against her toned tummy, and push her up against the tiled wall.

A strange nervousness and excitement overtakes me as I run my hands up and down her sides. I'd never even thought about this before tonight, but the thought that I have a gorgeous female body to play with, to do whatever I want with, to pleasure and be pleasured by... my whole world shrinks down to right now, to this shower, to the wet and soft body that runs under my hands.

There is nothing else in my mind but overwhelming lesbian desire. The tabooness, the wrongness, the delicious sensations, her sexiness; it all overwhelms me. I know what I want. I've felt my own breasts before, fingered myself before, I know what all that feels like. I want to be utterly intimate. I want all of her. I gaze at her gorgeous green eyes, framed by her sopping wet red hair, and she watches me kiss down her stomach. The lust in her eyes tells me that she understands. She knows that I am skipping straight to the ultimate taboo and pleasure. I couldn't possibly resist if I wanted to. I want this more than anything I've ever wanted.

I kiss down past her belly button, and kiss her soft, shaven skin. I take a moment to feel everything, to memorize this moment, to stay here forever in perpetual maddening anticipation. The warm shower water hits my back and runs down me as I put my knees down against either side of the tub. She runs her hand through my hair adoringly, pushing it back and out of the way at the same time that her touch reassures me that this is right and that I am the most attractive thing in the world to her. I look away from her gorgeous green eyes and down at her sex; her glistening, engorged, beautiful sex.

The thought that I have this most intimate part of another girl open for me is amazing. Her pussy looks different than it would have last week, when I was someone totally different. It even looks different than it did not twenty minutes ago when she was fingering herself to my naked body. Before, it was someone else's pussy, her pussy. Now, though, everything is different. Her pussy is mine for the taking, mine for the pleasuring. It radiates beauty and the infinite possibilities of sex. Her glistening folds hang delicately around her enlarged clit, which seems to beg to be touched. I can't resist.

I lean forward, and lick pussy for the first time. The musky scent of her pussy immediately connects with the taste against my tongue. I lick from the bottom corner of her pussy, where her lips meet, up to her clit. My world shrinks even further, down to just my mouth and her wonderful, delicious, gorgeous sex. Her hand rests on my head, reassuring me, and I begin to lose myself in the sensations of eating out another girl.

I can't get enough. I love the way her folds give against my tongue and slide past as I lick. I love the way my soft chin pushes in between her pussy lips when I lick deeply against her clit. I bury my whole face in her pussy, trying to satisfy my overwhelming desire for her sex. My tongue curls under her clit and up into her vagina, where that wonderful musky taste is the strongest. I push my soft open lips against the edges of her pussy and slide my tongue into her as far as it will go. I drink in the sensations; the taste, the scent, the silky wetness. It's incredible. The sensations are so powerfully wonderful that my almost-orgasm continues to seethe around inside me, filling me with pleasure even though I am the one pleasuring her.

I look up and lock eyes with her as I lick. She watches me with intense lust and pleasure. I want to make this female, this other girl... I want to make her orgasm. I want to make another girl orgasm with my tongue! I lick her clit repeatedly now, getting a rhythm down. It doesn't take long for her body to start twitching, and for her eyes to curl up as her face fills with pleasure. Watching her watching me eat her pussy causes sparks of pleasure in my head, and I take her clit into my mouth to suck on it while flicking my tongue against it inside my mouth.

She starts to orgasm, releasing beautiful moans, and my own almost-orgasm joins with the sparks in my head and I feel my tummy jump and quiver as an orgasm ten times more intense than the one I had earlier rips through me. She moans and cries and convulses with extreme pleasure, even as I struggle to keep my mouth on her clit. Pleasure flows from my mouth throughout my body, and I breathe desperately through my nose to keep my mouth on that wonderful pussy.

Amazingly, at its peak, my explosive orgasm suddenly expands again, as a second orgasm tears through me and turns all my senses white. There is only the pussy that I frantically lick and suck and pant against, and the writhing legs around me and the hand on my hair. I distantly hear her screaming in pleasure, really screaming, at the top of her lungs. Her hand tries to push me away because the pleasure is too much, but I refuse. She has completely lost control, and I love the fact that I am giving her that level of pleasure with my mouth. I lick and suck with all my energy, lost in an ocean of pussy lust and pleasure.

Suddenly, she grabs my head with both hands, forcing me off of her desperately. She sinks to the shower floor, panting, and pulls my head forcefully toward her with her hands. She shoves her tongue in my mouth, and I kiss her back frantically, my powerful double orgasm finally subsiding enough for my senses to slowly return.

"Oh, oh my God," she breathes desperately in between frantic kisses. "Oh, my fucking Jesus. That was fucking... fucking am... amazing... I have never... not ever..."

I kiss her back passionately, reveling in how good it feels to be her sex goddess. I can't believe I came that intensely, twice, from pleasuring her! I didn't even have any physical stimulation! This is an incredible difference from the difficult and boring sex I used to have before she opened me up. I am so happy and excited and satisfied with what's happened.

I love that I'm not that asexual girl anymore -- I love that I'm somebody's utter ideal of attractiveness and sexual pleasure, and that I just brought my sarcastic know-all-about-sex roommate to a crashing and screaming orgasm! She can't help but shove her tongue in my mouth, and I'm surprised that it's actually long enough to reach the back of my mouth. My breathing slows, and those comments my female friends made about her tongue come back to me. I know what I want.

I gently push her back, and she watches me in desperate lust. I keep her gaze, those gorgeous green eyes fixed on my crystal blues, while I get up and sit on the tub's edge. Enjoying every second of her unrequited lust, I slowly spread my legs, exposing my pussy to her. I beckon her with my finger, and she hungrily moves forward, licking her lips with that long incredible tongue. I watch her, excited, as she moves her face inches away from my pussy.

She stops to look at it in wonder. I'm sure she's seen many pussies before, but none that she worships like this! She looks up at me with her gorgeous green eyes. I can see that her will is completely gone, replaced purely by lust. She is completely mine. I see it in her eyes.

Countless days suddenly flash by in my mind, the days ahead, when she will be that sarcastic know-it-all flirt to everyone else, but a lust-controlled sex slave in private, with me. After this, she'll be my sex slave, and I'll be her sex goddess. My pussy will be her altar of worship, and I will pleasure her as she pleasures me. I love feeling so attractive...

... but all of that disappears in an instant, as the shower curtain gets ripped away. I jump back against the shower wall, screaming. Lexie stands up slowly, staring at the guy she recognizes -- my boyfriend! I realize with horror that I left the front door of the apartment unlocked when I came back from my boyfriend's apartment... and when he came back to my apartment, probably to apologize, he probably expected to find me in tears in my room. He found us doing this instead! He stands there, a hand still on the shower curtain, staring at us in shock.

"What the FUCK?!" he shouts, more surprised than angry.

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