tagIncest/TabooWhat Mama Don't Know Ch. 4

What Mama Don't Know Ch. 4

byWyden Long©

Well, faithful readers. Here is Chapter 4 after a nine-month break, following a groundswell of public demand (well, one guy anyhow), You may want to read Chapters 1-3 first to get in the mood, but if you just can't wait, here is a summary for you.

Mom announces she has to work an earlier shift, leaving Dad and Daughter alone together every morning and late evening. Since this is a porn story, it only takes a couple of chapters to get his massive dick lodged to the root in his beautiful daughter's hot cunt--then they are surprised by his wife, who set the whole thing up.

Chapter 3 ended with the three of them being joined by Daughter's friend for a friendly orgy until Friend's Mother comes storming in. (I've gotta start finding something more original to end chapters with.)

Ok. Kick back, grab your dick or your vibrator, and hold on. If you've got'em, smoke'em.


Chapter 4

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing with my daughter, Sir?" Betsy's mother stood in the open doorway, hands on hips, glaring at the rapidly wilting prick her daughter was trying vainly to stuff in her cunt.

Might as well go down in flames. "I was about to fuck the shit out of her until you wilted my dick." I waited for the fire and brimstone to fall from the sky. When you are sitting under a naked girl with your dick dangling between your knees, you are very much at the mercy of anyone wishing to do you some damage.

She glared at me.

I glared at her.

I noticed her concentration wavering slightly as Monster started to swell again. Betsy was still straddling my thighs, her firm tits squeezed against my bare chest, watching her mother over her shoulder. My wife and daughter had paused in their 69 to watch the drama play out.

Monster had her full attention now. He was rubbing her daughter's shoulder blades.

She tried one more time, weakly. "Are you sure this is what you want, Baby?"

"Yes, Mama. This is exactly what I want, but it came out of me. Would you put it back in for me? Please?"

Mother moved like Boris Karloff doing Frankenstein's monster as she approached mine. (Frankly, it's not quite as big as I hint, but a little exaggeration never hurt a porn story, did it?)

Mother's trembling hands were on fire as she took me in a firm grip and guided me back to home, sweet home.

Betsy sank down to the root with a sigh. "Thanks, Mom. It's absolutely, exactly what I wanted. Maybe Mr. Long would fuck you, too, if you ask him nicely. Won't you, Mr. Long?"

"See here, now. I'm not some kind of sex object you can pass around to all your friends and family. I'm not just a big hard dick looking for a pussy."

Marcie lifted her slimy face from her mother's gaping slit and said, "Oh, Daddy. We all know what you are."

"Oh? And what is that, my darling daughter?"

"Just a big hard dick looking for a pussy." She dissolved in laughter at the phony pained look I attempted. "Go ahead and take your clothes off, Mrs. Smith, if you would really like to fuck my father. I know he would love to fuck you if he can get it up again."

Meanwhile, her daughter is practicing her horseback riding, easing her way into a nice canter. I can almost see the stirrups she is standing in.

"Just stand beside me while I get fucked, Mama. It will make me feel so much better."

So it happened that Mrs. Bejamin Smith stood beside a man her age while he fucked the shit out of her daughter. She must have had some incredible finishing school training because she never once stooped to my level, even when I slid my hand unobtrusively under the hem of her dress and slowly rubbed my way up her inner thigh.

Since Betsy was doing such a good job of fucking herself on me, there wasn't much for me to do except to be the sex object, so I concentrated on trying to break her mother's concentration.

To all outward appearances, Mrs. Benjamin Smith was as cool as a cucumber, even in such circumstances as she now found herself. I couldn't wait until my fingers found their goal.

Given her outward bearing, I was totally unprepared for the surprise that awaited me at the top of her firm thighs.

Try to imagine a hot, wet, naked body, squirming in a tangle of twisted satin sheets after being well and truly fucked, left right and backwards. Try to imagine how swampy that cunt would be after being repeatedly violated and/or pleasured by multiple pricks, tongues, dildos and assorted animals.

Ready? I wasn't. I jerked my fingers back as if they had been burned. The memory of that smoothly shaved, hot, wet, juicy, ravenous thing hiding so secretly between those long. lovely legs had me on the verge of throwing her incredibly beautiful daughter off my prick. Can you imagine that? Me? The "big hard dick looking for a pussy"?

A sudden piercing pain in my ear lobe got my attention. Mrs. Benjamin Smith wanted me to look at her. Well, why not? It was the least I could do. In fact, considering the level of pain she managed to extricate from just two little fingernails and a bit of ear lobe, it was the only possible thing to consider. I gave her my full attention.

As I looked into those clear, gray eyes, it became quite clear to me that I was to continue servicing her daughter in a proper fashion or there wouldn't be anything to service with much longer.

I nodded my understanding and the pain in my ear gradually subsided. Monster had continued his job in his usual mindless manner, bringing an increasingly higher pitched series of screams from Mrs. Smith's lovely daughter.

"Oh, Mama. It feels so good in me. It's what I've wanted for ever so long, and it's ever so long. Can you see it making my little pussy lips poke out? See how my clitty goes bang, bang? Could you suck it for me just a tiny bit, Mama? I think it would make me cum so deliciously."

I don't know how they train them in those finishing schools, but however it is, it certainly prepares them to do anything whatsoever with aplomb. It was my guess that the percentage of women able to keep their composure while sucking their daughter's clit in an orgy setting is fairly low, after adjusting for inflation.

My fingers had returned to the furnace Mrs. Smith was concealing from everyone else. They kept pace with Betsy as she ascended the scale.

"Ooh, Mama. I'm going to cum, now. Oh, oh, oh! I'm cumming, Mama, I'm cumming."

If the tightness of the lips squeezing my fingers was any indication, Mama was cumming, too. Her cunt lips seemed to be trying to eat my fingers and failing that, to dissolve them with fiery acid.

"Oh well", I thought. "Might as well go along with the crowd." I quit trying to hold back any longer and leaned back in my chair to let Betsy's sweet cunt pull all the liquid in my body out through one little hole.

Mrs. Benjamin Smith even kept her composure while licking up the excess cum that was being forced out of her daughter's tight pussy as she continued to ride me.

It occurred to me to ask her name, but it was difficult to think of her less formally than as Mrs. Benjamin Smith even with a mouthful of my cum.

Mrs. Benjamin Smith stood, regally, and smoothed her dress. "We really must be going, now. Thank you all for a lovely time. We must get together more often. Do come on, Dear. Your father will be concerned if we are not home soon. We are expected at the club in an hour."

She helped her daughter dress as matter-of-factly as if she were simply emerging from the bath and gave us all a warm smile as they sailed through the door.

"Wow! Did you see that?" I'm not sure who said it. Maybe it was me--or all of us in unison. The three of us joined hands and went upstairs to our bed. The assumption that we would all be sharing it from now on was unspoken, but undeniable.

I woke up with a firm, tight, hot little ass rubbing against my swelling dick in circles. I reached around my daughter and pinched her nipples to see if I was dreaming. Her ass kept up it's grind until she was satisfied with the miracle she had wrought and slid it deep, deep inside her incredibly hot tunnel before snuggling back against me for another nap.

"Just leave it in and let it soak, Daddy."

"Anything for you, Baby."

The next time I woke up, I was cumming. Marcie was milking me with her cunt muscles. Her mother was spooned up against my back, reaching around us both to play with Marcie's clit.

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