What Mom Knows Fucks Her Ass


"So you loved Ellie," I asked, trying to open Mom up completely.

"Unconditionally," she whispered, a tear forming in her eye.


"But I also wanted a normal life. And I couldn't see how I could have that and be in a lesbian relationship. I wanted kids, Ellie didn't. We were completely polar opposites in every imaginable way which made us great friends, amazing lovers, but a horrible couple."

" And then you met Dad...."

"And got pregnant with you and I just quit with Ellie cold turkey. She was furious at first, but she missed our friendship as much as I did, but eventually we moved on and pretended the past never happened. But the last year or so, Ellie has suddenly been giving subtle and not so subtle sexual hints, although never enough for me to be completely sure it was anything more than witty comments, until she gave herself away at the party."

"How so?" I probed.

"First, by her hands teasing me like she used to, slowly making me weak and vulnerable. By the way, I probably never would have ended up fucking you on Halloween night if she hadn't had me so fucking horny."

I quipped, "I will have to thank her. Maybe get her a thank you card, something like 'Thank you for priming my Mom so I could fuck her'."

Mom smiled and playfully slapped my hand before she continued, "Second, she kept making sexual innuendos which implied she wanted to make me her sub again. Third, of course, she admitted it to you when you were in costume." She paused, before adding, her facial expression showing her confusion, "I just can't figure out what Ellie and Ted were up to. We're they conspiring somehow? Why else would she say that to you when she thought you were Ted?"

"Are you not worried that Ellie and Dad will talk about Halloween night and expose the truth?" I asked, realizing a potential problem.

"I wasn't until now," she responded, a look of panic suddenly on her face.

"We need to deal with Ellie," I suggested.

"How so?" Mom asked cautiously.

"Well, I am still working on that. But my idea does include you submitting to her again," I tossed out.

"Why?" she asked, a clear mixture of nervousness, excitement and curiosity.

My finger parted her very wet pussy lips. "Well, it is obvious you need it. It is obvious you crave it and I believe you regret the decision you made."

"I don't regret it, I got you," Mom said, kissing me gently on the lips.

"Well, that is a very good point, a very good point indeed," I concurred, "but be honest with me Mom. What are you scared of now?"

"Her power," my Mom admitted.

"How so?"

"I can't say no to her. I was completely at her every whim and some of those whims were crazy."

"You can't say that and not continue," I pointed out.

"She loved to take risks, it was the only way she seemed to really get off," Mom explained.

"Like what, Mom. You're being rather vague."

"Well, there were many examples. They started simple. She fingered me to orgasm in a nearly empty theater. But then she did the same thing in a very full theater, where the older woman beside me couldn't help but notice what was happening. I was her personal live-in maid. I bathed her, I washed her hair, I made her meals, I even cleaned her cum-filled pussy the rare time she went on a date and got laid. She literally owned me. She continued to push the envelope too. Fucking me in the shared bathroom early in the morning with a strap-on, making me go down on her at a restaurant when the waiter disappeared, and even when she was President of the student union she would have me under the table between her legs the entire meeting. The bigger the threat of being caught, the bigger the thrill."

"Well, that certainly explains your outrageous public adventures today," I pointed out.

"I suppose so," she reflected. "I really hadn't thought about it, but the thought of getting caught is very exhilarating."

"Agreed, but this just proves my point that you need Elle," I pointed out, before asking, "so how did you break free of her hold over you?"

"Well, it was my wedding day that was the final straw. She made me eat her out minutes before I was married to your Dad and she fucked me in the honeymoon suite a couple of hours before your Dad and I consummated our marriage. It was clear that she wanted to still completely own me even if I was married, so I ended it. Even though I have been tempted for years, the craving to go back has only escalated this past year."

"Wow," was all I could say.

Mom added, "She joked during her first year of teaching how if I was still her lezzie-slut she would have had me under her desk during her parent-teacher interviews. I have many, many times fantasized about that suggestion becoming a reality."

"Well, maybe you should," I suggested.

Mom warned, "If I ever submit to her again, there will be no turning back."

"Oh Mom you are too melodramatic."

"No seriously. I know if I submit to her again that I won't have the will power to quit her again. I never felt more free than when I was completely Ellie's disposal, which makes no sense, but yet is how I felt."

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked, before adding, "based on your soaking wet cunt I would think not."

"Dammit Curtis, enough about making me a dyke and more about finishing our little adventure," Mom said, her hand going to my fully swollen member. "Hmmmmm, I see making your Mommy a submissive lesbian has got you nice and stiff."

"Everything about you makes me go nice and stiff, Mom." I leaned in and kissed her. For the next few minutes we were not mother and son, but two passionate lovers who couldn't get enough of each other.

Finally, Mom broke the kiss, took off my shirt and slithered down my body, splattering me with pecks of lust. She tongued my belly button, making a very useless part of my body an erogenous zone. When she got to my pants, she pulled then off and continued her exploration of my body: kissing my inner thigh, my legs, even my feet. When she moved back up to my cock, she resumed the role-play, "Is my Jedi ready to play?"

Her tongue slid up my cock and I moaned, "Oh God, yes."

She continued the oral tease, taking each of my balls in her mouth separately, before returning to my shaft. Finally, she engulfed my cock with her mouth for a brief minute before quitting and asking, "Is it time for the Trifecta?"

I answered with actions as I flipped her on all fours and asked, "Where is the lube for my bottom slayer?"

Mom pointed to the dresser and I quickly retrieved it. Mom said, "Lube my ass first, baby and finger me. Get me ready for that big hard cock of yours."

I obeyed her request, lathering her puckered pink back door generously, before slowly sliding a finger in.

She moaned and begged, "Now wiggle your finger around in there, son. Get Mommy's ass nice and wide for you."

I again obeyed, moving my finger ever which way inside her, slowly loosening her incredibly tight ass. "Slide a second finger in baby, and do the same thing."

I again obeyed, squeezing a second finger inside ever so slowly. Once two were in, she whimpered, "Now turn your wrist back and forth slowly, baby. Get it nice and gaped for your big cock."

"Yes, Mommy," I replied, like a good son. Then I surprised her. While keeping my fingers in her ass, I slipped my cock inside her wet, wet cunt.

She screamed, "Oh my God, Curtis, fuck that feels so good."

I began pumping both her pussy and ass simultaneously with my cock and fingers. The sensation of the double pleasure was clearly driving my Mom wild, and her moans of ecstasy began increasing exponentially.

"Oh God yes, fuck Curtis, fuck, Mommy. You have Mommy soooo close," she screamed, loud enough for the neighbors to call 911.

I sped up the double assault on my Mom's pussy and ass eager to bring her to euphoria. The euphoria came Moments later when I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her ass clamped around my fingers as she screamed, "I'm coming, you Mother-fucker, double-fuck Mommy, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

She quivered uncontrollably with tremors of pleasure as her orgasm quaked through her entire being. Still breathing heavily, she begged, "My ass baby, fuck Mommy's ass with your big lightsaber."

I slid my fingers out of her ass and moved my cock to her gaping rosebud. I hesitated and Mom leaned back onto my cock. I watched in youthful amazement as my cock slowly disappeared in Mom's ass. I couldn't believe how tight it was, like trying to fit on a glove a size too small. Mom continued pushing back and I could no longer she my cock. Mom moaned, "Is baby ready to fuck Mommy's ass?"

"Oh God, yes," I moaned.

"Pound me, son. Fuck Mommy's ass," she moaned back, wiggling her ass.

I grabbed her hips and slowly began fucking her, getting used to the warm sensation of Mom's tight ass. After a couple of minutes of slow fucking, Mom demanded, "Harder baby, fuck my ass harder. Make me your Mommy-ass-slut."

I obliged, no longer worried about hurting her. I began deep hard thrusts into her ass. Her screams increased as did her nasty language. "Oh fuck son, your cock feels so fucking good in Mommy's ass."

I responded, "Does Mommy-slut like her baby's cock in her whore ass?"

"Oh god, yes. Use Mommy baby," she whimpered.

"Tell me you will obey me always," I demanded, a devious plan spinning in my head.

"Oh god, yes baby, I'm yours baby," she replied, clearly getting into the submission to her son.

"And I own all three of your cock holes?" I questioned, pushing the envelope.

"Oh yes, baby, they are yours to use whenever or wherever you want, Mommy-fucker."

"So you will never disobey me?" I asked.

"Never, baby," she whimpered, as my deep hard thrusts penetrated her ass fully.

I pulled out and ordered, "Ride my cock, Mommy. Ride your son's cock with your ass."

She pushed me onto my back, her smile sexy as hell, and straddled my cock. "You want to watch Mommy while you fill my ass, don't you, you dirty boy?"

I put my arms around my head and smiled, "I could watch you all day, Mom."

She slowly lowered her ass onto my cock, biting on her lip, taking my cock back in her ass, but from this different position I could reach new depths in her ass. Her eyes closed as the last couple of inches filled her up. Once completely inside her, she opened her eyes and wiggled her ass on my cock. "Hmmm, baby, that feels so good."

I smiled, "I love you Mom."

"I love yoooou too, you naughty fucker," she moaned back, as I bucked my ass up, surprising her.

She began riding my cock, her beautiful tits bouncing as she rode me. I watched memorized, every single fantasy of mine combined into this Moment. Mom dressed as Princess Leia, riding my cock in her ass was the epitome of sexual perversion. "Hmmmm, Mom, I do have a naughty plan for you when we are in Vegas."

"You do, do you?" she moaned, beginning to ride my cock faster.

"I do, indeed," I teased.

"Are you going to tell Mommy?" she asked.

"Of course," I replied, "when the Moment comes."

"Damn you, Curtis. Tell me. You know I hate surprises," she demanded, now bouncing up and down on my cock like a nasty porn star.

"Beg, bitch, beg to be my slut," I ordered.

"Oh yes, baby, can Mommy be your slut?" she teased, all soft and seductive, a subtle pout on her lips. She added, "Your personal live in cum bucket, your complete submissive slave."

"Who will never disobey me?"

"Never," she moaned, really riding my cock now.

"Ever?" I pushed.

"Fuck, Curtis. You own me. I will do anything you say. I will suck your cock right in front of your Dad if you want," she declared.

"Wow," I moaned, and began "I want...." But my balls were boiling, "I want...." I stammered, "Oh fuck, I want you to submit to Ellie."

"Yes, Master," she moaned. "I will submit to her unconditionally. I will eat her cunt in her classroom. I will crawl on all fours like a dog for her. I will become her lez-slave. Is that what you want, baby, for me to be a little lesbian slave?"

That was the final straw and my cum coated her asshole as she continued riding me. "Oh that is what you want, you dirty Mother-fucker. You want to make your Mommy a dyke, a lesbian slut who is forced to please cunt after cunt after cunt."

"Oh yes, Mommy, yes, oh God," I moaned, my orgasm not wanting to end.

"Aaaaaaaaah, fuck," Mom screamed, her own orgasm shuddering through her again. I tossed her onto her back in one swift move and buried my face in her sweet nectar, lapping up her cum as it squirted out of cunt. I spent a couple of minutes cleaning Mom before she pushed me away. "Stop baby, I can't take it anymore."

I moved away and we cuddled both comfortable in the silence that followed such extreme ecstasy.

Mom turned and looked into my eyes and asked, "So, you really want me to get back with Ellie?"

"I think you want to, don't you?"

"A small part of me has always wanted to, but I have always resisted the temptation. By being with Miranda and being in charge, I had got my pussy quota, but avoided the submissive trap I had once been involved in."

"But, now?"

"I will offer myself to her if that is what you want, but I can't even predict what she will want me to do."

I shrugged, "Let me take care of that."

"What do you mean?" She asked, curious.

"Every female Domme like her needs a strong male Master," I answered cryptically.

My Mom's eyes went big. "You are not seriously considering domming Ellie?"

"The plan is already in motion," I smiled, standing up and pulling down my pants.

My Mom smiled, "Well, you have me incredibly intrigued, but how will you even start such a plan."

"Well, they say what happens in Vegas...."


The forth part in this series What Mom Knows Fucks Her in the Air was released in August 2012.

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