tagIncest/TabooWhat Mom Knows Fucks Her In Vegas

What Mom Knows Fucks Her In Vegas


Summary: Mom, son, girlfriend and busty seductress get nasty in Vegas.

Note 1: This is part five of a continuing incest series (although it is much more complex than simply an incest story). I highly recommend you read the first four parts as the layered subplots may be confusing without the background information...but here is a very brief primer of the series so far:

In WHAT MOM DOESN'T KNOW WILL FUCK HER 18-year-old Curtis goes to a Halloween party dressed in a costume designed for his absent father and ends up fucking his beautiful mother.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER AGAIN Curtis ends up in an amazing threesome with his mother and his fantasy girl the semi-celebrity weather girl Miranda Collington.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER ASS Curtis begins dating the much older, but sexually exotic Miranda while also continuing to fuck his Mother; and as the title suggests Curtis gets his mother's ass during a legendary evening where he fulfills the Tri-fecta coming in his Mother's mouth, pussy and ass.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN THE AIR Curtis joins the Mile High Club during an epic first class flight to Vegas with both his Mom, his celebrity girlfriend Miranda, Mom's friend and ex-Mistress Ellie and a very submissive stewardess.


It wasn't until all four of us were waiting for a taxi to take us to our hotel that the conversation, and power struggle, started again.

Ellie said, trying to set the tone for the crazy weekend, "I just thought I was going to a wedding."

"And?" Miranda asked, confused by Ellie's point.

"Well, I packed for a wedding, not for a weekend with a submissive," Ellie smiled, looking directly at my mother, whose face went flush. Ellie added, never taking her eyes off my submissive mother, "It's just if I would have known I would have brought my toys."

"Like what?" Miranda asked.

" Ben Wa balls, Alexis used to love those things in her cunt, handcuffs for discipline, Alexis is in desperate need to be put back in her proper place having strayed for so long, and strap-ons for some good old fashioned fucking," Ellie listed.

Miranda offered, "Well they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and I am sure you can find all those and more, but first how do you plan to seduce Brittany?"

I smiled at how a submissive adorable sexpot like Miranda, who obeys my every wish, could be so controlling to a Domme like Ellie. Miranda made it clear that Ellie couldn't have my mother as her submissive until she completed the task Miranda wanted done...seduce her ex-boyfriends' fiancé the day before the wedding.

Ellie smiled, breaking eye contact with my mom and looking at Miranda, a silent look that spoke volumes, and then said, "That will have to wait till tomorrow."

The taxi arrived before anything else could be discussed, or promised, and we each sat quietly on the short ride to the heart of sin city, rather ironic considering just how much we were all planning to sin.


Once inside the hotel, a glorious example of over the top decadence, Miranda, whispered to my mom, "Back to the scene of the crime Alexis."

Mom's face seemed to be constantly flushed as her cheeks again went rose red. She smiled, "I remember it like it was yesterday."

"Remember what?" Ellie asked, joining the conversation.

Mom stammered, "N-n-nothing."

Miranda answered, a challenging smile across her face, "This is the hotel were Alexis and I first played."

"Really, is that so?" Ellie asked, her voice curious, yet giving a look of disapproval to my mom.

Miranda, always one for shock value, added, "Yes, a couple bottles of wine, a porn movie on the TV and the wine bottles suddenly had other uses didn't they Alexis?"

My naughty mind automatically imagined my mom and my girlfriend fucking each other with wine bottles.

Mom again blushed. "You make it sound so dirty."

Miranda said, "Well you did fuck me with a wine bottle and then rode my face to orgasm if I recall correctly."

I gasped.

Mom gasped too. "Miranda not here."

Ellie added, "Wine bottle hey Miranda. Good to know."

Miranda shrugged, turned to me, and said, "That was the night that your mother became my Mistress."

Ellie shook her head. "I can't fucking believe you didn't come to me, Alexis."

Mom apologized, "It wasn't planned Mistr...." Mom suddenly froze when she realized what she almost said.

"Go ahead, Alexis, say the words your body and mind are dying to say," Ellie ordered, moving closer to her.

I grabbed Mom's hand and pulled her away towards the front entrance.

Ellie called out, "It's only a matter of time, Alexis, it's only a matter of time."

Mom was shivering when we got outside. "I won't last the weekend, Curtis. Now that she knows the possibility exists she will be relentless."

"Do you want to submit to her, Mom?" I asked, trying to be caring under the bizarre circumstances.

"Yes! No! I don't know," she answered frustrated.

"Tell me about Cancun," I instructed.

"It was a crazy night," mom said, shaking her head even as her eyes lit up at the memory.

"That good?" I questioned.

"Depends how you look at it," Mom shrugged.

"Tell me," I ordered.

"Let's go for a walk," Mom said, grabbing my hand as if we were a May-December couple, which in Vegas was not that out of the ordinary.

"The first night in Cancun I met a guy at the bar and ended up back at his hotel where we had sex. It was my first time with a guy since I had submitted to Ellie and when I returned to the hotel the next morning Ellie was furious. She ranted: 'This trip was about you and me Alexis, not about you being a fucking skank.'

I apologized profusely, literally feeling overwhelming guilt, as if I had cheated on her. The look of disappointment on her face only enhanced my guilt and made me willing to do anything to make her happy.

I remember her saying, 'You need to be punished don't you, my pet.'

I eagerly agreed happy just to see her look of anger fade.

'You will obey without question or hesitation this evening?' she asked, although the question was really rhetorical. She was not asking, she was telling.

I agreed without consideration of the consequences, just desperate to make her happy.

'Good, now go get some sleep, tonight is going to be a very long night for you,' she said, her tone hinting at something extreme.

That night she dressed me up in a bright pink dress that made me look like a real life Barbie, sans any underwear at all, and took me to a club. She briefly talked to a large bouncer who nodded and she led me to the back of the bar and into a small room. I knew in seconds I was in a gloryhole. I looked at Ellie with pleading eyes and she said, 'You wanted cock, tonight you are going to get a whole night of cock.'

A cock popped through the hole and Ellie ordered, 'Get sucking, Alexis. By the time you leave here tonight you are going to never want cock again.' I realized she was going to use a tough love tactic, like what my dad did to my younger sister when he busted her for smoking and made her smoke a whole pack of cigarettes one right after the other, until she had smoked the whole pack. She was trying to condition me to be a lesbian through extreme discipline. Yet, my need to make Ellie happy at all costs, to obey her unconditionally, had me sitting on a wooden stool and after one last pleading look to Ellie, which got me no sympathy just a nod to get sucking, I opened my mouth and took the stranger's cock in my mouth.

As I bobbed back and forth on the first of many cocks that night, Ellie moved beside me and whispered, 'Good girl.' The condescending words should have been humiliating, and they were, yet the need of her approval and praise made me more eager to obey her every whim.

I don't know how many cocks I sucked that night, at least thirty, and I swallowed every load before Ellie finally asked, 'Have you learned your lesson, my pet?'

I remember my answer clearly, 'Yes, Mistress, I will always obey you'."

"Wow," was all I could muster, even as my well used cock called for attention again.

Mom finished by saying, "it was a promise I kept until I met your dad and realized I had to quit her cold turkey if I was ever going to have a normal life, a normal family, which of course seems pretty ironic now."

"I suppose so, we are anything but normal," I laughed softly.

"If that isn't the truth," Mom smiled and kissed me. Breaking the kiss, Mom added, "I should also mention that your cum is still leaking out of my ass."

I shrugged, thinking of pounding her ass in the airplane bathroom a couple of hours ago, "Well if you wore panties."

"Fucker," she said, playfully.

"Mother-fucker," I corrected.

"Yes," she smiled, "you are one dirty Mother-fucker."

"Fuck Mom, you have me hard again," I pointed out, literally pointing out.

She squeezed me quickly and said, "Maybe we should return to the madness."

"Can you resist, Ellie?" I asked.

"For a little while," she said, although the look on her face told me she wasn't convinced.

"Let's play it by ear, Mom," I said, squeezing her hand.

"Ok," she agreed.

"Ellie will be busy tomorrow with her task," I reminded her.

"Which she will achieve no doubt," Mom predicted.

"Is she that good?" I asked, our hotel now in sight.

"She doesn't take no for an answer," Mom replied.

"But you resisted her," I pointed out, trying to build her resilience towards the powerful temptress.

"It was because of you," Mom said, adding, "I wanted a child."

"Well, I thank you profusely for that decision," I laughed.

"Well, you have been thanking me rather thoroughly lately," she teased.

Reaching the hotel, I said, "Welcome to the jungle."

Mom quoted Guns and Roses, which only convinced me one more time how cool she was, "We've got fun and games."

"You are perfect Mom," I complimented, meaning it.

"You are not too bad yourself," Mom smiled.

I texted Miranda and learned our room was on the top floor...the penthouse. As usual, I was in awe of my life. We went to the elevator and as soon as the door closed, Mom and I were kissing like two horny teenagers.

Once we reached our destination, Mom broke our kiss and said, her face flushed with a hunger I had only seen in her eyes a couple of times, "Promise me you will fuck me tonight."

"That is a promise I think I can keep Mom," I replied.

"Fuck, I want you in me now," she said.

My phone buzzed just as we got out of the elevator and Miranda said she had left us a card-key at the front desk and that Miranda and Ellie were in the bar having a drink. "The key is at the front desk."

"Well, that figures," Mom replied.

The elevator doors began to close and I hit the open button. "Thinking of submitting to Ellie has you on the brink, doesn't it?" I asked.

"Just thinking about submitting to her has my cunt leaking," Mom admitted.

I pulled her back into the elevator and waited until the doors closed, took off my shirt and quickly tossed it onto the camera above and hit stop on the elevator. The elevator came to an abrupt stop.

Mom smiled playfully, "You naughty boy."

Not wasting time, knowing we probably had only a couple of minutes, I ordered, "Get my cock out slut."

She obeyed, correcting me, "Mommy-slut."

My finger still on the stop button, I watched her eagerly take my cock in her mouth, which had last been in her ass in the plane, and bob up and down like a porn star.

After a few seconds, I ordered, "Bend over and fuck yourself."

She quickly obeyed, using the handrails for stability, lifted her dress over her ass, and backed up on my erect missile. Watching my cock slowly disappear into her was enthralling, as it always was. Soon she had all my cock in her already wet cunt and was bouncing back on me.

Her moans echoed in the small space, "Oh God baby, your cock feels so good in Mommy's cunt."

"Tell me who owns you," I grunted, her hard thrusts bringing me great pleasure as I seemed to go deeper into her than I ever had before.

"You do, baby, you own Mommy," she moaned, her breathing already erratic.

"And you will never disobey me?" I questioned.

"Neeeeever, baby, I will always be a good Mommy," she whimpered, clearly loving the deepness my cock was reaching.

The intercom came on and a man asked, "Is there anyone in there? If so, Press the blue intercom button to speak."

"We don't have much time, Mommy-slut," I said, "Come for your son. Come for your owner. Come for your Master."

That was all it took as my Mom screamed, "Oh fuuuuuuck, yes Curtis, be my Master, use me whenever and wherever you wiiiiish."

I could feel her cum coat my cock and I pulled out and began stroking my cock. "On your knees, Mommy."

She quickly fell to her knees, rubbing her clit with her left hand as she opened her mouth and begged, "Come on Mommy, Master. Mark me as yours. Shoot your white goo all over Mommy's face."

"Then we will take the elevator back to the main floor, you will walk to the front desk and get the room-key Miranda left for us with my cum all over your face," I said.

"Oh God, you dirty fucker. You want to humiliate Mommy?" she asked.

"Will you obey?" I questioned, my balls about to burst.

"Yes, Master," she agreed, just as the first steam of cum hit her on the forehead. A second followed between her eyes and hit her nose, while a third hit her lips and chin. The sight of my cum on her face was so hot I wished I had more to give.

I let go of the elevator stop button and hit the lobby button.

Standing up, her face coated with cum, her legs still twitching from her orgasm, she said, "You are turning into one kinky little bastard."

"And you love it," I teased, as the elevator slowed to a stop at the eleventh floor.

I reached for my shirt and quickly pulled it on, just before the door opened.

A young couple got on the elevator and both couldn't help but notice Mom's cum coated face.

Both were clearly surprised, but following proper elevator etiquette, they looked away and didn't say anything.

As the elevator started to move, mom turned to the red-faced brunette and asked, "Where you two from?"

The girl stammered, "T-T-Texas."

"On your honeymoon?" Mom asked, acting as if she didn't have a full facial of cum.

"No, we are just dating," the clearly uncomfortable girl answered.

The guy looked at me and I shrugged as if saying 'what you gonna do?'

Mom asked the girl, "Do I have any in my hair?"

"Pardon?" the girl asked, shocked by the question.

The elevator was just reaching the lobby when Mom said something even I couldn't believe, "Do I have any of my son's cum in my hair?"

Both the guy and the girl's mouths dropped open at the ludicrous claim.

The elevator door opened and Mom said, "I'll be right back, son."

"Hurry back, slut," I ordered, finally speaking.

Both looked at me as Mom walked out of the elevator and into the rather full lobby.

The girl asked, "She is not really your Mom?"

"No," I lied, "She just likes the shock value. She is actually my English teacher."

"Well done, dude," the guy said, clearly impressed.

His girlfriend glared at him and they left, the guy clearly looking for my cum-faced mother.

Mom was in line, behind a couple of other guests checking in, acting oblivious to the fact that she was a sticky mess and that people were staring at her.

I watched amused and with a sense of power at mom obeying such an extreme order. She turned to me and winked, surprisingly not embarrassed by the stares.

When it was her turn, she talked to the desk clerk who did a double take but after listening to whatever mom said, checked her identification and handed her a room-key. Mom walked over to me and handed me the key before saying, "Miranda texted me to go meet the girls for a drink."

"Ok," I said, wishing the drinking age was eighteen, not the ridiculously conservative twenty-one.

"It is girl time," mom smiled kissing me on the lips.

"That worries me," I admitted.

"Me too," she shrugged, "but I will have Miranda there to protect me."

"Have fun," I smiled.

"I can't imagine it will be as much fun as I just had," Mom smiled.

"I hope not," I chuckled back.

Another kiss and she was gone. I went up the elevator and into the room, which is not the correct description. It was massive. I spent the next twenty minutes looking around, before going and taking a much needed shower.

When I got out I could hear the three of them laughing and I walked out of the bathroom wearing only my towel.

"Speaking of the boy toy," Ellie said, but her tone implied she was not saying it as a form of flattery.

"Ladies," I said, trying to be suave.

"Go get dressed, sexy, we are going out for supper and a show," Miranda said.

I asked. "And which room is mine?"

"Our room is the first on the left," Miranda said.

"Cool," I said casually. I left the ladies and got dressed.

Strangely, the rest of the evening went along completely uneventful. I learned later that apparently while at their brief girls' only time they agreed there would be no sexual conversation, flirting, word play for the remainder of the evening. In some ways this was good news as I was a bit worn out by the excessive sexual tension between Ellie and Mom that had her rather stressed.

Supper was amazing, the show, a Cirque de Soleil was stupendous and a late night walk in the lights was the coolest thing ever. By the time we got back to our penthouse room we were all wiped and we all crashed rather quickly.

Miranda and I got a room together, while both mom and Ellie had separate rooms, although apparently Ellie stressed they would be sharing one room before the weekend was over.


The next morning started amazing as I was woken up the best way possible, with a blowjob. Opening my eyes, Miranda was slowly bobbing up and down leisurely on my cock.

Seeing me wake up, she smiled, "Good morning, sleepyhead."

"Good morning, beautiful," I replied.

"I bet you say that to all the girls who wake you up this way," she teased, returning to my cock.

"Now that you mention it, that is true," I agreed, thinking of the few times mom had woken me up the same way.

"You male slut," she joked, briefly taking my cock out of her mouth.

"There are worse things to be called," I quipped.

"And the mommy facial, that was naughty," Miranda commented, as she returned to deep throating my cock.

I moaned, "I didn't think she would go through with it."

Five minutes later, the conversation continued after I had shot my cum down my beautiful weather girl girlfriend. "Your mom kept the cum on her face the whole time in the bar."

"Really?" I asked, surprised by mom's full obedience.

"Yes, it was so fucking hot," Miranda said, still stroking my cock.

"That it was," I agreed.

"Your mom can be really wild and being in a city where no one knows her gives her the freedom to let loose without worry of consequences," Miranda explained.

"Like last time you two were in Vegas for example," I smiled.

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