tagMatureWhat Money Can't Buy Ch. 02

What Money Can't Buy Ch. 02


I have written a few stories. Mostly I have received positive and encouraging response from the readers, but some have expressed their disapproval of my bad command of the English language. Living in a country where we have two domestic languages combined with the need of a third language not being English, the result is that there are some flaws in my English. Therefore I can only apologize for the mistakes I make. Still I like to write in English - isn't that a way to improve your command of the language?

* * * * *

We returned to the marina late in the afternoon. We had eaten food from tins and had a few beers. And we had had each other in all the ways we could come up with. One special thing I remembered with a laugh afterwards. While we were having a beer and a sandwich, Amy suddenly went down on her knees in front of me, and started to suck on my almost constantly erect dick. As I was approaching, once again, a formidable orgasm, she grabbed the bread and placed it around my throbbing prick, like a hot dog. With the bread she then massaged the pole until I came. The sperm was collected in the bread, some of it dripping to the deck. Then she resolutely started to eat on her "hot dog," this time without any sausage in it. I laughed, she smiled.

"That was the best hot dog I have ever had," she mused.

There was a small piece of it left. She handed it to me, nodding her head. I ate it up. I wasn't as exalted as she seemed to be.

"Well, as always it's a matter of taste," I explained with a smile.

I had some more beer. Checking that no boats were in view, we went down under deck and med proper love.

"I love you," Amy said.

"Me too," I answered. I felt very happy.

Before we reached the marina we put our clothes on. At the restaurant close to my boats, we had proper food. No pizzas and hot dogs this time. We discussed our future. For how long would we keep our relationship a secret? I was afraid that her parent's reaction would be very negative, she wasn't. We decided to let matters depend for the time being. After enjoying the good dinner we ordered two taxies. Not to go separate ways, but to have the other driver drive my car. I paid them off handsomely and we were at Amy's place, my car in front of her garage. We entered the house and watched the news on TV. What now, I thought? As Amy had read my thoughts, she asked:

"Do you play chess?"

"Sure, I have played it quite a lot. Do you like it?"

"Yes, very much, but I'm afraid I'm not very good at it though," she said.

Soon we were sitting around a table on her patio, the chessboard between us and some nice cold drinks waiting for us to taste them. The first match turned out to be a tough one. She was very good at the game. She had changed into a nice dress; the yellow color suited her well, the cleavage in the front wasn't too deep, actually not deep enough at all. The lower part of it was quite loose, the hem covering her knees. I took a deep sip from my glass.

"Your dress is very nice, but it doesn't expose very much though," I said.

"You mustn't think that I'm very easy to get, all the time," she replied with a somber expression on her face. What's up I thought?

We finished the game; I won with a very small margin. One pawn more did it.

"This is a special day, so we must act accordingly," Amy said after complimenting me on my play.

"Oh, I didn't know. What day is this?"

"It's Saturday," she answered with a smile. So she was playing another game now. My guess was, that she wanted me make my approaches in some kind of a chivalrous way. I hoped my guess was right. It is so easy to make a fool of yourself. How far did she want me to go, I wondered? I stood up, went into the living room and put on some music. I managed to pick a CD with soft dance music. I returned to the patio. I bowed in front of her.

"May I have this dance?" I asked. Had I gone too far?

"Yes, Sir, much obliged," she said and rose. We danced. I was keeping one hand behind her back; in my left hand I kept her hand. We really danced well together in spite of the 'old fashioned' dance.

"Miss, how do you master this kind of dance so well?" I asked maintaining the play act.

"My parents have taught me, Sir" she answered in a most polite way.

I tried to get in closer to her, but she pushed me away. For how long did she want to resume the awkward acting? I had a profuse bulge in my pants. We hade danced four pieces as the music stopped. I brought her back to her chair. She sat down, and I bowed to her expressing my thanks. I returned to my chair, my pole quite visibly protruding in my pants. I sat down.

"What are your wishes, Miss?" I commenced the play-acting. "I do not have any special wishes," she said without a smile.

"Would you like me to leave?" I asked trying to let her give up the play.

"As you please, Sir," she said, not helping me out in the least. Damn.

Was she tired and wanted to rest, or was she just trying me out? I didn't want to give up too easily though.

"Can I offer you a drink, Miss," I tried.

"Yes, please. I'd like a Campari Soda," she said.

I brought her drink. I sat down again.

"You are very beautiful tonight, Miss," I tried.

"Thank you, Sir, very nice of you to say so," she said with a polite smile.

"Would you mind, if I came and sat there beside you, Miss?" I asked.

"No, by all means. You are welcome, Sir," she said.

I moved over and pulled a chair quite close to hers. I sat down. I looked at her.

"The cloth of your dress looks very fine. Do you mind if I try it with my hands?"

"No, not at all, Sir. But don't try any thing. I'm very innocent," she explained.

I touched the hem, took the cloth between my fingers. Then I moved my hand upwards, trying to reach for her breast. She pushed my hand away.

"I told you to behave, Sir," she said. I looked down in her cleavage between her breasts. I couldn't see a thing. I was starting to feel frustrated.

"Do you, Miss, have a bra on?" I wagered.

"How naughty of you, Sir, to ask such an indecent question," she answered, giggling this time. That was an improvement!

"You are so very beautiful, I just can't think straight," I explained.

"Well, if you must know, Sir, I don't. And I don't have any pants either."

"Is that so, most intriguing, Miss," I miss. "Have you ever lifted your hem up?"

"Not me, Sir, that would be awful," she said.

"Why is that? Do you have ugly legs, Miss?"

"Most certainly not. It just isn't proper to show them to men. They might start thinking something."

"What could they possibly think of, Miss?" I asked.

"They might start to think how it would be to touch the legs in improper places."

"Why would a man do that, Miss? Men are decent creatures, most of them at least."

"My mother has told me otherwise."

"Have you ever thought of exposing some of your legs to a man, Miss?"

"Many times, but thinking and acting are two quite different things, Sir."

"Have you ever seen a penis, Miss?" I wagered.

"What an outrageous question, Sir," she said bringing up her hand to her mouth, looking quite shocked.

"I just liked to know. Now a days you can buy books where there are pictures showing a lot of things."

"Well, if you insist, I have seen some of those books, Sir. I have even read that a penis can take different forms. A normal hanging down and then another mode where it is hard and standing up, so to say, erected I think it's called."

"Have you never been curious to see one in real life?" I asked.

"Oh yes, many times. But, please, Sir, never tell my mother that I have told you this. She would kill me."

"Let's make a bargain. I show you my penis, and you lift up your dress, so I can see your legs, all the way."

"Oh, how terrible, Sir, I couldn't, could I?"

"Well, that was just a thought, Miss, but if you aren't curious enough, then," I teased.

She sat still for a while, looking genuinely embarrassed. What an actor she was. After some hesitation she continued:

"Well, perhaps, but just for a very short while, Sir."

Not to give a chance for second thoughts, I pushed down my pants and shorts, both at the same time. My enormous dick came into view. It was purple red, very hard and some pre-cum could be seen on the end of the glands.

"Oh, by Jove," she exclaimed. "It looks terrible. How can you live with such a pole in your trousers?" she asked looking at the exhibit with fascination.

"Would you like to touch it?" I asked.

"Would like to, but I can't, can I?" she asked seemingly very confused.

"Then, please, Miss, lift up your dress now. We had a bargain."

Reluctantly she started to drag up her dress. I could now see her knees. Then she stopped.

"I can't. This is so terrible," she said trembling.

I took hold of my dick and made a few strokes along the shaft, and then I let it go. She looked in fascination and commenced pulling up her hem. Now half of her upper leg was visible, her upper legs. I again stroke my dick a couple of times. She again pulled on her dress. Now I could see her beautiful cunt, her wonderful clit pushing out. There were fluids running down between her legs. She was horny. I reached out, but she stopped my hand.

"You may not touch me," Amy ordered. "Sir."

I watched her sitting there with her dress folded around her waist. She looked very embarrassed.

"Could you again touch that penis of yours, Sir?" she begged. "It's so thrilling to watch you do it, Sir," she added.

"If you do the same," I suggested.

"No, I couldn't, could I?" she exclaimed. "One is not supposed to do such wicked things."

"Have you never tried to touch yourself between your legs?" I asked.

"No, never. You can end up down there, - in hell I mean," she said with sorrow in her voice.

"No, that's not true. If you do it, you are honest to yourself. Honesty is a good thing," I tried to comfort her.

"Are you sure about that, Sir?" she persisted.

"I'm absolutely sure. I know that even priests and nuns do it, and much more," I explained.

"Really, do you know that, Sir?" she asked looking relieved.

Hesitantly she brought her hand to her cunt. She quickly touched it, then she withdrew her hand as if she had burnt herself. After a while she brought her hand back to the forbidden area. This time her hand remained there at the entrance, not knowing precisely what to do. I was massaging my tool in slow strokes. It was throbbing; I thought I might come soon. I let it go. She at once took her hand away from her juicy hole.

"Don't stop. You should rub yourself between the lips and on the little knob you have there," I explained to her. Again, hesitantly she obeyed.

"This feels so nice, Sir" she now said.

"There are so many things that feel nice."

"What else feels nice?" she asked with innocence.

"Why don't you try to touch me penis?" I suggested. My rod was reaching for the sky. At the top by the little hole bubbles were produced by the pre-cum.

"No, I can't, can I, Sir?" she hesitated. "It's so sinful," she added.

"Not at all, if you are invited to do so," I told her.

"Are you quite sure of that, Sir?" she persisted.

"I'm quite sure."

Very slowly she approached my sobbing dick with her left hand, the right one still rubbing her cunt. I felt a light touch, and then her hand disappeared. Slowly it came back. Her hand went around my proud ness. It didn't move. Just held it lightly. She looked away. She couldn't bear looking at the enormous creature protruding from my crotch. After a while she looked at it again. Now she made a few hesitant strokes. I was very near the edge. She removed her hand from my wildly pulsating prick. She was still caressing her pussy.

"Is there still something else, that feels good," she asked shyly looking down.

"Have you ever tried caressing you breasts?" I asked.

"No, of course not," she said with surprise in her voice.

"Try it, feel the nipples. They should be quite hard by now," I suggested.

Again, most hesitantly, she brought her free hand to her chest. She carefully pressed one of her tits, then again.

"Squeeze the nipple a little," I guided her.

"It feels nice, but it is as if my dress is in the way," she exclaimed.

"Yes, it is true, you should have them free," I again suggested.

"I can't with you around. You would see them then, Sir. That is most improper."

"No, dear Miss, being natural is by no means improper," I explained.

"Well, I want to try, could you be so kind as to undo the zipper on my back, Sir?"

I got to my feet, on purpose letting my absolutely stone hard cock pass close to her face. She rocked back in her chair, quite scared. I walked around her and undid her zipper. I helped her to get down her dress. She managed to get her arms out and the upper part went down to her waist as well, now meeting up with the hem. Her wonderful tits came into view. She looked down at them in shock.

"Why are the nipples sticking out like that?" she asked.

"Obviously because you feel good," I soothed her.

She tried caressing her breasts, both by massaging them and by pinching her nipples.

"What else is there," she asked after a while.

"Well, the feeling is even better if you let someone else do those things to you."

"But I don't have anybody else, that could do that," she exclaimed.

"I could help you there," I suggested.

"But you are a man, Sir. You could most definitely not do that, or could you?"

"Yes, I would be very glad if I can help you experience the feeling."

"Why then not, Sir? You have made me so very curious."

Slowly I started to fondle with her breasts, gently squeezing her nipples from time to time. With her one hand freed, she hesitantly brought it down to my rod. She took a proper hold of it and squeezed it gently, even performing a few stroking moves.

"Am I doing this the right way, Sir?" she asked, clearly getting bolder.

"Yes, you do it perfectly," I told her.

I brought my hand down to her crotch. She removed her hand and my hand took its place. I gently rubbed her swollen clit. She slowly raised her now free hand to one of her tits. I could sense how she trembled.

"It feels very good, Sir, when you hold your finger down there," she whispered.

I gently pushed two of my fingers in her absolutely wet cunt.

"You are not supposed to do that, are you Sir?" she said wriggling her body.

Her hand came down and she tried to push my hand away. I persisted. Her hand went away. I gently fucked her with my fingers. She looked at me, straight into my eyes, and then shyly looked down, her eyelashes covering her gaze. I was close to coming. What did she want next, I thought? We just gently continued the finger fucking and masturbating. Then she came. She let out a long 'oohhhh'.

"That was a fantastic feeling, Sir," she said. "Was that all there is to it?"

"No, there are lots more. But perhaps this is enough, this first time," I suggested.

"No, please, Sir, teach me some more," she whined.

"Then, the next step is to give pleasure with our mouths," I explained.

"What do you mean, Sir? That sound terrible," she said.

"No, it doesn't. Let me show you," I said going down on my knees between her legs. She spontaneously closed her legs to prevent me from reaching her very moist cunt with my mouth. I solemnly but gently pushed them apart. Then I licked her once over her juicy slit. She stirred.

"That felt good," she said spreading her legs even further.

Soon she was gently pushing my head against her crotch. I let my tongue run along her pussy-lips, I played with her clit. I took hold of one of her breasts and squeezed it gently.

"I'm sure that none of my sisters could do that as well as you do, Sir," she said.

We continued for a while, until she came again.

"Can a woman do something similar with a man, Sir?" she then asked.

"Most certainly. That is one of the most wonderful experiences a man can have," I replied.

"Please, teach me how, Sir," she demanded.

My prick, by that time extremely erect, feeling like two feet long, jumped from anticipation. I climbed up on my chair, spreading out my legs. She looked at my deep purple rod climbing along my stomach. Her eyes were almost popping out of their sockets.

"How can a penis be so large, Sir?" she asked.

"It's because you make it so excited, Miss," I explained. "Now you can go down on your knees and try to lick it," I suggested.

"No, I couldn't, could I, Sir?" she asked in a very innocent tone.

"You must try, if you want to learn some more," I said. Hesitantly she began to get down on her knees.

Soon her head was quite close to my throbbing rod. She looked at it in fascination. The she took hold of it with her hand and gently pulled it to herself, but it didn't come much towards her. The erection was too hard. So she moved her head forward. She made a probing lick somewhere in the middle of the shaft, then another one. My dick jumped. I brought my fingers into her lovely hair. She licked again, a little longer time now. I put one finger into her ear. She seemed to like that too. I squeezed her earlobe. She licked again. Now she started to masturbate me gently while licking she shaft more and more.

"You can put it into your mouth too, if you wish," I educated her.

"That is a very repulsive thought," she said. Don't you pee with it?" she asked.

"Yes, from time to time I do," I replied, "but not now. Now it is in lovemaking-mode."

"Oh, but is it clean?" she asked. "I can't take pee into my mouth."

"It's always clean. I always wash it afterwards," I ensured her.

Slowly she lifted her head upwards thus being able to get her mouth over the glands. She had difficulties in getting the top of my almost exploding dick between her lips. She stretched her mouth more open, and then got the bulging prick into her mouth, only the top of at first, but the slowly it sank further in. It felt heavenly. This foreplay had been so very extended. She sucked on the head of my gorgeously aroused member, made some strokes along the shaft, my foreskin being stretched to its limits. That did it. I exploded into her mouth. She gulped, then she swallowed, and she swallowed. My testicles sent load after load into her eager mouth. After a while, the jetting ebbed. She let my dick go.

"Thank you, Sir. That was good," she said sitting down on her legs.

I took hold of my rod, realizing that it was still quite hard. I made a few strokes along its shaft, and it was completely hard again.

"Please, come and sit down on my lap now, Miss," I commanded.

"I can't sit there with that enormous penis sticking out like that," she exclaimed.

"We can place it so that it won't be in your way," I explained. Hesitantly she got on her feet and the approached me trying to sit on my lap.

"No, you must sit facing me, straddling my legs," I explained.

She did as asked. As she was about to sit down, I took me dick and aimed it et her cunt. I moved it forth and back between her swollen cunt-lips, then pressed it into her womb. Slowly she sat down on my again pulsing rod. It went in, deeper and deeper. Soon all of my meat was sunk into her lovely cunt. She was facing me, looking at me without a slightest hint of a smile.

"What happens now, Sir?" she asked, after which I exploded into her. She came too a few seconds later. She lifted herself off my still erect amazement.

"Time for a swim," she said pulling off her dress from around her waist. Then she ran to the pool and dived into the waiting water. I stripped what was left of my clothes and dived in after her. We swam together for a while. The Amy got up, toweled herself, poured herself a drink and sat down in a sun chair. I followed.

"Thank you, Charles. That was the first time I have been properly seduced. It was lovely. I really liked it. You are a marvelous actor. But I think that was a one-timer. I was getting crazy with the slow procedure. But it was fun, don't you think?"

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