tagIncest/TabooWhat My Brother Knows Might Hurt Me

What My Brother Knows Might Hurt Me


I had gotten home for spring break last night and although I was dying to go see my brother Matt he wasn't home. He had gone to a friend's for the night and would be back tomorrow. I would just have to use my hand once again, like I have since I was last home. I have been using my 19 year old brother, who sleeps like he's dead, as a sex toy on my visits home. It started out simple enough. I snuck into his room and after making sure he was asleep I took his cock out of his pajamas. That night I only had the courage to stroke him and at the last moment I realized I needed to have him cum in my mouth to prevent a mess in his bed. So began the adventure.

I know having sex with your sibling is like the biggest of taboos. I justified my actions by his being asleep. Yes it was still incestuous, but since I was using him like a sex toy I justified it to myself. I got bolder and bolder on my last trip home actually fucking him. In fact I even took him in my ass one night and it was amazing. In fact Matt has been the best fuck I have had. I don't know if it's because he is dead asleep throughout the sex or if he would be that good when awake. I really didn't care to find out. I wasn't yet at the point where I could justify fucking my brother if he was awake, that would surely be a big no-no.

When Matt got home today he admitted he was really tired and would probably hit the sack early. Seems he and his friends were up most of the night "bullshitting" and stuff. I couldn't wait. My cunt was dripping through dinner and making small talk with my parents and brother was very difficult. I wanted it to be in the middle of the night and I wanted to be sitting on my sleeping brother's hard cock. I felt my nipples harden as I recalled how every ridge and vein of his cock felt as he split me open. When he came, he came so hard I felt his cum splashing inside my overheated pussy. I was so hot I absent-mindedly put my hand between my legs as my Dad was telling a story. When everyone but me broke into loud laughs it jarred me back to the present.

"Betsy, is something wrong?"

My Mom asked when she saw I was not laughing with everyone else.

"No, mom I was just daydreaming and I guess I misses most of Dad's story. Sorry."

"No problem baby girl. It was just one of those stories I tell all the time, you'll hear it next time."

Dinner ended without any more 'incidents' and I was able to keep my hormones in check. My brother went up to bed around ten and my parents followed soon after. I stayed up for another hour or so to let everyone get to sleep, actually to let my brother get to sleep. It was all I could do to wait for that magic time to come.

I eventually went up to my room and took a shower, making sure to shave my pussy and get it nice and smooth for the activities I longed for later. After toweling dry I debated about wearing anything to bed. After all I reasoned I would just be taking it off soon and as anxious as I was I went to bed naked and waited another hour before creeping down to my brother's room in my robe.

I couldn't help but smile when I saw that my brother still slept on his back and the covers were tossed to the side. I tip toed up to his bed and like always attempted to wake him. Matt has always been a deep, deep sleeper. My parents worried that if there were an emergency in the house during the night that wouldn't be able to rouse him and get him out. But I always checked to make sure he was out before I freed his cock and enjoyed him.

I slipped off my robe and now naked I reached out and gently freed his cock from his boxers. It wasn't yet hard but I stoked him, enjoying the feel of his manhood as it grew and hardened in my hand. I could feel my pussy waking up as my own juices were dripping on to my thighs. This could not wait any longer and I crawled onto the bed in what is called the reverse cowboy position. I faced away from Matt, always fearful that he might wake so he couldn't see my face. I also could not see his so it was easy to pretend that it wasn't my brother's cock I was impaling myself onto.

Impale myself, I did. Oh god it felt so good, it had been so long since I had a real cock in me. I could feel every bump as it pressed against my pussy as I slowly sank down on him. When I had all of him inside me I sat for a bit relishing the feel of his stiff rod and at the same time pulling and twisting my nipples, as I too grew ready for a good fuck. I slowly rose up off Matt feeling his cock as it slid almost all the way out of me and then I reversed the motioned and enjoyed the fullness of him I sat back down. I tried to maintain this pace but my own excitement pushed me to go faster and faster until I came. I stifled a scream of joy as my orgasm released and the ripples of pleasure enveloped me. I was still riding Matt's cock and it was still hard, as he had not yet cum. My continuous motion enabled my orgasm to go on and on as I rode him. Eventually I felt his cock twitch and I sat down to feel him pulse and spew his load in my well-fucked cunt.

I stayed there for a few minutes before carefully climbing off Matt and putting my robe back on. I leaned over him and took him spent cock in my mouth to clean our juice but also to enjoy the feeling of his soft cock as my tongue cleaned his beautiful cock. Taking on last lick I tucked his rod back in his boxers and stole back to my room. I laid in bed for a long time a hand between my legs and the other on my tits and I masturbated to the memory of that quiet fuck. Little did I know then how my life had changed.

The next day passed normally, no one, most of all Matt seemed to be aware of my night time play and later in the day I learned that my parents would be out that night and just Matt and I would be home for dinner. Mom had some pizza delivered and Matt came home with some videos he said for us to watch later. Once again I was only thinking about the night and paid little attention to anything until Matt called me into the living room to watch the movie he had picked out.

"I hope you like this sis, I know I will."

Matt commented with a big smile on his face as he punched the remote to play the video. It didn't take long for me to see that the image on the screen was my brother Matt lying in his bed. I felt my stomach tighten as the video then showed a person, undoubtedly me entering his room. I was caught. Matt had evidently planted a camera in his room and captured last night's action.

"I'm sorry Matt."

I said as I watched my naked self, climb onto my brother's hard cock. Matt wasn't saying anything but his eyes were glued to the screen. So were mine when I wasn't watching to see what Matt was doing. We sat there and watched the whole thing and when it was over I waited for Matt to say something.

"Take your clothes off Betsy."

It was an order not a request and I looked at my brother and said.

"Matt, I am sorry. I shouldn't have done that last night, please just forgive me and let's try to forget this."

Matt looked at me and laughed. He shook his head and said.

"Take your clothes off Betsy, and do it now."

Shaking I stood and went to leave the room, but Matt stopped me and said.

"Do you want me to share this video with anyone, Betsy?"

Oh no! I was going to have to pay for my sins.

"Matt what I did was so wrong. Incest with you was my sin. You are still innocent, please let's just forget this, please?"

Matt looked at me and just shook his head and with a nod he had me sitting back down on the couch.

"Take them off Betsy, no more BS just do it."

I let me hands creep up to the buttons of my blouse and began to unbutton and then remove my blouse. I was shaking and ready to cry but at the same time I felt my pussy getting wet and I cringed at my own depravity. I stood to remove my slacks and panties, unclasping my bra and tossing it on the floor to pile with my other clothes. I stood there naked and faced my brother.

"Betsy, how long has this been going on, you coming to my room at night like you did last night?'

"Matt, just since fall break, I swear it."

"So fall break, Christmas and now spring break. You have been coming into my room when I was asleep and using me?

I nodded and hung my head in shame. I was ready for any punishment Matt had to give.

"Come here and lay across my lap, it's time for you to be spanked for your sins Betsy."

"Matt, no please. You can't spank me."

"Betsy I figure I can do anything I want to you as long as I have this video. What do you think?"

"Matt be reasonable, spanking me isn't the answer."

"No, it's not the answer Betsy but it is the beginning now lay down as I told you and please no more discussions. Just do what I say or else."

I could only nod as I went to Matt and lay across his legs, my naked ass pushed up, my tits hanging down and I waited for my spanking. The first slap made me jump and scream.

"Ouch that hurts."

"I would hope so, Sis. Now I want you to count these slaps and if you mess up we will just start over. Oh yeah, and thank me for each one too."

With that Matt allowed his hand to careen into my ass again and I yelled out.

"One, thank you."

On and on he went spanking my ass turning it red as I counted his swats. At twenty I felt the pain change to pleasure, as my pussy was hotter then it had ever been. With each spank I was now truly thanking Matt. When it looked like he was going to stop I said.

"Please Matt. Don't stop, I have been a bad girl and I need you to spank me."

He laughed and said.

"Oh I'm not stopping slut sister, I am just changing from my hand to by belt. Let's not lose count now."

And then I felt an entirely new sensation. A deep stinging erupted as his leather belt cracked my left ass cheek. I groaned out my count.

"twentyyyyy fiveeeee, thankkkk youuuuu."

He didn't slow till I counted out number forty and them he spread my legs and used the belt to attack my pussy and asshole. He whipped them both ten times and I was cuming before he got to five. I had never cum so hard and my pussy was draining juice down my thighs and over his lap. I just lay there and moaned as my orgasm ripped through me. Soon I felt Matt's hands pick me up and put me on the floor. I was on my back my whipped and sore ass making contact with the rough carpet made me wince but when matt shoved his cock in me and started to fuck me hard my ass was pounded into that rough fiber and the friction on my ass took me tot a whole new level of pain/pleasure. I was so far gone I do not even remember his cock in me. All I could think of was my ass. Matt must have realized this because he said.

"Oh I guess the carpet is too rough on your beaten ass, here turn over. Now get up on your knees."

I would have done as he had asked but he actually did it for me. His strong hands easily flipped me over and put me on my knees. I waited to feel his cock in my drenched pussy and was totally surprised when I felt his hard cock entering my asshole.

"No Matt please. My ass is too sore."

My pleas fell on deaf ears as his cock forced it's way into my ass. Oh god it was both horrible and fantastic as my ass was split open and filled with his cock. After managing to seat himself deep in my ass he started to stroke in and out of me. I was lost as his hard member plumber the depths of my ass. I know I came again and again as the mix of pain and pleasure took me for a ride. I think I was still orgasming an hour later as I lay alone in my bed. Matt had carried me up and covered me with the blankets, leaving me naked and promising to be back later.

I waited for him to return, anxious, as I had ever been. I had just found out that my brother was a better fuck awake and I was in love with his sleeping cock. I could only dream of the wonder he would show me. Never has being a bad girl been so good.

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