What My Husband Made Me Do


He then pushed it into my mouth and for the second time this evening I was sucking his cock. It still didn't taste very nice but I don't mind my own taste and so that made it a little better. After a while he became hard again and fucked me for a second time while Scott sat in the chair still playing with himself. When he was finished, Buzz began dressing and then left the room! Now I hoped I had made Scott very happy and that would be the end of this stupid venture. I was still lying naked on the bed feeling rather exhausted when Scott came over to me. He was still playing with his cock and as he neared me, he started to cum. He shot his load of cum all over my tits and when he was finished he tucked his cock away and told me to get dressed. I asked him if he was satisfied now that another man had fucked me but he said we were only just getting started! I didn't want to hear that!

I wanted to have a shower but Scott told me to just stand in the shower naked and move my legs apart while he watched Buzz's cum run out of my cunt. It took quite a while before the cum started to drip out but when it did, Scott couldn't take his eyes off it. Eventually he thought I was clear of most of the cum and told me to put my skirt on again. He took my lipstick from my purse and started applying the lipstick to my nipples again because Buzz had sucked most of the color off them while he was fucking me. Once Scott was satisfied with my appearance, he handed me my blouse to put on again. Scott seemed rather cold towards me as he led me back downstairs to the bar. Surely he didn't want me to do this again! I was wrong. I had to buy another drink and sit at the bar until I was picked up again.

What followed was almost exactly the same as with Buzz. This rather nice looking man came along and soon I was heading up to the room with him and Scott. This man fucked me twice before he left the room. He had been a good lover and I had orgasmed each time he had fucked me. We followed the same ritual and after letting his cum drip out of me, it was back to the bar again. The third and last man to pick me up was much older than the others. He must have been about 60 but he seemed to be a nice man. He was only able to fuck me once but it was very nice just the same. Scott then told me we were finished for the night and we could go home.

I was very pleased to hear this as I didn't like what had happened to me. We had another drink in the bar before we left and another man came up to me and without even asking if he could buy me a drink, asked me to come outside with him to his car! I immediately refused but Scott told me to go with him and he would follow later. The man, I didn't get his name, took me out to his car in the carpark and mauled my body all the way there. He played with my tits and eventually had my skirt pulled up to my waist and he played with his fingers inside me as we walked over to his car. Once inside he laid me back on the seat and fucked me hard. He too shot his load inside me and even though I didn't enjoy it at all, I could look over his shoulder and see Scott peering through the glass watching us. He hadn't taken any of my clothes off having simply pulled my skirt up around my waist and then fucked me. He almost pushed me out of the car and then climbed into the driver's seat and started the car and drove off. Scott said we were now going home. I was so glad.

Scott repeated this game at the same hotel many more times over the next six months and I was regularly fucked by lots of strange men. Every time Scott would watch intently as the man fucked me but he was very cold to me afterwards. Scott always got a deal of pleasure watching me getting fucked but I didn't enjoy it anywhere near as much, in fact, I hated it!

There was a change of plan Scott announced before we went out on this particular night. He told me we weren't going to the hotel but were going to a private party. He had me made up just the same as we had always been and he paid particular attention to my nipples and areola. This time he also used my lipstick to outline my cunt lips and when he showed me what they looked like in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised at how neat they looked through the hair. Scott drove me to this private home in the better part of the city. We parked inside the considerable grounds and it seemed obvious Scott knew his way around the place. He ushered me inside and we were greeted by a man who was obviously the host. He took me by the hand and led me into a large room where at least 20 men were gathered. This man, Kevin, told the men present that I was here to entertain them and he hoped everyone would be satisfied before the night was over. When I looked back to see Scott I saw he was being led out of the room by two men and the door was closed after they had gone. Now I was left in the middle of this room with all of these men. Kevin began stripping me and soon I was completely naked in front of all of these men. Kevin moved behind me and reached around and started playing with my tits. I didn't like what was happening to me and tried to move away but he held me firm.

It was at that time I realized Kevin was completely naked and I could feel his hard cock poking into my ass. One hand left my breast and traveled down to my cunt where he played with my lips and my clit. I started to cum although I tried not to but I had little control over what he was doing to me. After I had cum he pushed me over the back of an easy chair and held me face down in the seat. He then pushed his hard cock into my cunt and fucked me! Once he had cum, he pulled his cock out of me and that was a signal for the rest of the men to come and get me! Over the next 3 hours I was fucked at least once (and many of them many times over) by everyone and I had been held in the same position most of the time. My cunt had overflowed with all of their cum and I was a total mess. They had also fucked me in the arse many times and I was terribly sore there as well as feeling shockingly bloated with so much cum in my rectum.

At last it was all over! I was allowed up and I could hardly walk to the door. I don't know how many times I had been fucked in one place or another (many of them had cum in my mouth too) but I knew it was a lot - probably at least 40 times! When I managed to go through the door I found Scott waiting there for me! I was still naked although my clothes had been given to Scott who held them out for me to wear. No matter where I walked I dripped cum everywhere and I felt horrible! Scott was making me into an absolute slut and I didn't like it! Scott made me sit on a very rough old bag he found in the trunk of our car so that I wouldn't soil the seats with my leaking cum.

When we reached home I told him that was enough and I wouldn't do anything like that again! I could have saved my breath! He just told me we were making a lot of money as well as how much he liked me being fucked by other men. I asked him if he had been watching while I had been fucked by all these men and he had to admit he had been locked out of the room but he knew I would keep on doing this for him.

This terrible party (gang rape) was the first of many which followed. I had been made to attend about 30 of these terrible nights of fucking before I suddenly fell ill. Upon examination by my doctor it was discovered I had contracted a sexual disease and now I had to refrain from all sex for at least a month while I took an intensive course of antibiotics. Scott was very cross with me for getting sick and told me we would still be entertaining parties but now we would be offering blowjobs instead of straight sex! I was horrified but Scott insisted.

At the next party I was required to suck 22 cocks until they came in my mouth! I was so full of cum my belly felt bloated and very uncomfortable. Many of the men came back for a second blowjob and my mouth was so sore I could hardly suck a cock. How I wasn't violently sick I don't know but I just had to put up with all this cum flowing down into my belly. After several blowjob parties, Scott contacted my doctor and asked if I had to abstain from all sex or could I have anal sex? The doctor said it wasn't advisable to have anal sex but there was no fear of catching the disease from that. I was now made to attend parties where I either gave blowjobs or was fucked in my arse! The feeling I had when I had been fucked by 20 or more men in my arsehole is like busting to go to the toilet with a great fear of shitting my pants but unable to get rid of the huge build up of cum in my arsehole. I was terribly uncomfortable and every load in my arsehole made things worse. My arse was completely full of cum, not to mention how sore I felt after all of these cock in my arse shooting their loads.

I made a firm resolve that I wouldn't go to any more parties now - that was the finish! Scott rarely made love to me any more now that I was such a hit at these parties. I knew Scott was making a huge amount of money from these parties but I never saw any of it. I told Scott I still loved him just as much as before but I wouldn't fuck other men any more.

For the next 4 years Scott and I lived like brother and sister, not sleeping in the same bed and hardly ever communicating with each other. Eventually Scott began to change and became more friendly. We later made up and resumed our lives as husband and wife and from hereon we enjoyed our sex life together. We because a loving couple and Scott told me he was truly sorry he had let other men abuse my body but he had received such a huge boost watching me being fucked by other men that he just couldn't let me stop.

We are now living together fairly happily. There is always that doubt in the back of my mind that Scott will want me to do something dreadful in the future but so far everything is going along well. No matter what he did to me or made me do, I still love him dearly.

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