tagMatureWhat Now, Sir? Ch. 01

What Now, Sir? Ch. 01


Wow! These are some gorgeous plants. They almost look artificial, they are so perfect.

Click, click, click, click...

Are you sure you don't mind me wearing shoes in your house? Your hardwood floors are very nice and some people are very particular about these things. No? Ok...

I actually just bought these pumps. I have to tell you, my daughter gave me grief about them, and frankly, the rest of my outfit before I left home. She told me I looked like a slut. Can you believe it? I told her she was being very hypocritical, considering the outfits she wears to the clubs. She said it was way different, she being in her twenties, and me a fifty something mother.

Click, click, click, click...

This is such a beautiful view out your window. I love the country and these old farmhouses.

Rick, I don't want to put you on the spot, but what do you think? Is she right? Is this too risque for an older woman like me?

How high? Umm, these are probably 5 1/2 inch heels. Granted, a bit higher than I usually wear, but still. Do you like the stiletto heels? Back in the day, the ladies probably called these spike heels, probably a more apt description. They are very pointy, aren't they? I could do some damage with these things. Better watch it, buster. These are better than spurs. Oh my, what am I thinking?

But seriously, I think it's a classic look, yet sensuous and I like it. And I especially like what these heels do for my figure and posture. My legs look very muscular in these shoes. Not that they are flabby without them. But hey, an old lady like me doesn't mind some help. Do you think I have nice legs? Oops, there I go again. Like what are you going to say? That I'm fat? That's something my ex would have said. I told him that I have a "ripe" figure. He said I was a tad "overripe". Needless to say, that was the beginning of a downward spiral for our marriage. Rick, just for the record, I prefer adjectives like voluptuous, stacked, built. Unless a man is in the heat of passion. Then he can call me anything he wants. And I do mean anything. Oh my, there I go again. I'm sorry. I hope you're not embarrassed. Though you are cute when you blush.

Click, click, click, click...

I think this wine is making me a little giddy. Just tell me to shut up anytime.

I hate to keep harping on this, but that daughter of mine really angers me sometimes. She didn't stop at the shoes. She said my dress was too tight, too short, and I was revealing way too much cleavage.

Click, click, click, click,...

Now look at my backside. Is this a problem? Would you be embarrassed to be in public with me?

Granted, the dress is fairly short, but Kelly said it made my ass look big. It is a very clingy dress, but look. Is my ass too big? Oh my, I'm sorry. This wine is beginning to cloud my judgement. That's like a no-win question to ask a man. What are you going to say? That I have a fat ass? Though I've heard some men like big women with big butts.

Click, click, click, click...

I do like the way these heels give lift to my behind. Before I married, guys always told me I had a bubble butt. My ex said it was more like a beachball. Well screw him, it is still very round, and pretty damn firm, though..., I suppose it is pretty big. Damn!

Seriously, just tell me to shut up anytime. It's the wine. Wine always makes me chatty...and usually pretty horny. Oh my! Did I say that? Pretty soon, you'll be in agreement with my daughter, that her mom is acting like a slut. You're blushing again...what a cutie you are.

I don't always behave like this, but I'm rather nervous. And I'm afraid... a little insecure.

I saw you looking at some of those young chicks at the theatre last week, in their short skirts and high heels. And I was, frankly, a little jealous. I have no right to be. I mean we've only had two dates. But Rick, I've really enjoyed being with you. And I sort of began to question why you were out with me instead of one of those hot young chickies, with their fine thin bodies.

Click, click, click,...

A little more wine? Sure. This is very good.

Click, click, click...

Let me ask you something, Rick. And I promise I won't be offended whatever your response. Am I a cow? That's what my ex called me one time. A cow! He said I had huge udders like a cow. My daughter said that she could not believe I would wear a short, tight, dress with my boobs hanging out. I don't think they're hanging out. Maybe they are pushed up too much. I'll tell you a secret. I'm wearing a new bra, it one of those shelf bras, know what I'm talking about? It just kind of supports your boobs without really covering them. You know, like they are sitting on a shelf.

I have to be honest with you, Rick. My big double E's need the support of a quality bra. They are very heavy, and do sag. My ex used to affectionately call them "heavy hangers" before he started calling me a cow.

What's that? Oh my, I guess they are sticking out a lot. My nipples. I think what with the wine and being around a sexy young stud, they are getting hard. Very erect.

Click, click, click,...

The way I'm prattling on, you may not even care anymore, but I do have an unusual feature. My nipples are...how should I describe them...well... they are...big. Huge. Enormous. Abnormally giant. There. You know. That's how my ex got started on that cow thing. You're dating a big-titted, high-heeled, bubble-butted slut. That probably grosses you out. I didn't want this date to turn out like this. If you want me to leave, I understand.

More wine? Well, sure! So I guess you want me to stay!

Sure, I'll join you.

Click, click, click,...

My legs are getting a little tired anyway in these heels.

Ahhh. Your couch is very comfortable, well padded. Like me...hee, hee, hee.

I hope I'm not getting in your personal space, too close, but you'll find I'm a bit of a cuddler.

Oh my goodness. This dress is really riding up when I cross my legs. You might get a show in a minute, young man. Hee, hee, hee.

I like your slacks. Mind if I touch the material? Yes, very soft. Wool?

Do you like my manicure? This color is called poppy red. Did you notice that it matches my lipstick? Yes, I do like my nails long. Sort of like talons. Hee, hee, hee... Oh my, I have such a dirty mind.

You are in such good shape. Your thighs are quite muscular. You must work out.

Do you mind if I kiss you, Rick? I've been dying to do this all evening.

You're an excellent kisser. My lips? No, no collagen injections. Just naturally plump. Yes, I suppose my mouth is pretty large. I hope that's not a turn-off for you. My big mouth can be useful in some situations. Can you think of any? Hee, hee, hee. My, what a dirty girl I can be! I may be getting a little tipsy. I can be very pliable in this state. I do hope you are a gentleman. NOT!! Hee, hee, hee,...

Another kiss please, sir.

Sir. That's what I have to call my boss at work. He is an ok guy. We had a bit of a misunderstanding at the start. I'm pretty sure he hired me more for my big tits than anything on my resume. I believe he wanted me to be his office slut, but the chemistry was not there for me.

Now, you! I wouldn't mind being your slutty secretary. How would you like that? Having a huge-titted blonde bimbo catering to your every need. Ever done any role-playing with girlfriends? Maybe you would enjoy that boss-secretary scenario. I could dress very inappropriately, and you would have to punish me for my lewd attire. Oh my, I really am a dirty girl. Hee, hee, hee...

More wine? Sure!

Rick, I don't mean to be forward, but are you getting an erection? I can't help but notice bit of a lump down there? Maybe I should massage it to make the swelling go down? You concur?

Oh my! My massaging it seems to be making the swelling even worse! Should I continue?

Rick, this is turning into a rather large problem for you, isn't it. What should I do?

What are you doing? That pillow is for my knees? Yes, sir.

Let me take care of everything, sir. Your big buxum slut of a secretary is on the job. First, your button. Then your zipper. Oh my! I think I may be in for a surprise here. There is quite a bulge in your briefs. May I reach in there to assist you, sir?

Oh my lord! Rick, I mean sir, it's huge! You have a very fat erection, sir. It's quite long, but so very fat. You really have a fat one, don't you sir? Tell me how I may assist you.

What? You want me to stand? Please sir. I really think I can help if you'll just give me the opportunity. Your erection is very long and fat. Let me assist you. This IS why you hired me, isn't it? Your big titted secretary is willing and able.

Now what? You want me a walk around the room? Oh I see. You want your big, double-E slut of an assistant, to mince around your office in her ridiculously high fuck shoes, swaying her humongous bubble-butt from side to side. Is this what you want? Is this what you enjoy looking at, sir? How else may I assist you?

Now what, sir? Oh, you want me to remove my slutty dress? As you wish.

Is this getting you excited, sir? Your big, buxom, office whore parading around in stilettos, and a black lace shelf-bra which is straining to support a pair of giant udders, jiggling around on top of the big cups?

Now what, sir? Turn around? Oh I see. You want to examine your slutty secretary's, big beachball butt. So sorry about all the jiggling sir, but it's just so huge, not that I need to tell you that. Sorry about the absence of panties, sir, but I came to play this evening.

Now what, sir? Bend over? I gotcha.

Now what, sir? Hairy? Yes. I do hope it's not a turn-off for you sir. I rarely shave. Yes, it is a jungle. No, I'm obviously not a natural blonde, sir. Are you surprised? Yes, even my asshole is hairy, sir.

Now what, sir? Spanking? Yes, sir. Your skanky, filthy, bottle-blonde, whore of an assistant definitely needs some discipline. Yes, sir. I absolutely have a filthy mouth. Yes, and quite large, sir. When are you planning to put my big, red, fat, cocksucking lips to good use, sir?

Smack! Ow! Smack! Ow! Smack! Ow! Smack! Ow!

Yes, sir. I understand. You give the orders here.

(See what our mature slut has in store in Part 2.)

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