tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 10

What She Needs Ch. 10


(editor's note - thank you all for being so very patient. it's been crazy busy for me. here it is, for those of you that are team Jesse, this will be a good chapter)


The next few days passed slowly for Laura. She spent the majority of the day lounging by the pool or on the beach, and her evenings were spent with David. She had only slept in her bed once, and even that night he was lying beside her. It occurred to her one morning that by all accounts, the two of them were in a relationship. An odd relationship, but a relationship of some sort, none the less.

She had been lying by the pool thinking about that when her cell phone rang; she both sighed and smiled seeing the number. It was Jesse.

"Hey you." She quipped. The thought occurred to her that he already knew; which was why he hadn't called earlier in the week.

"Hi Laura. How ya been?"

"Not stressing. Just lovin the beach life. I am thinking since you live here it isn't as big of a deal for you"

He laughed slightly, it was forced, but he laughed. That was the dead give away that he knew.

"I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner tonight."

It didn't take her even a second to answer. "I would love to."

Really? Did she just agree to a date? What the hell was she thinking? He had been on her mind, and she really did want to get to know him better. Fuck, this was just a bad idea.

"We're having a big family cookout. I was hoping to pick you up and come back here."

She started to offer to drive, but she got the whole reason of why he would pick her up. Picking her up meant bringing her back home, alone. She decided to let it be.

"Sounds perfect, what time?"

"About five sound good?"

"I'll be ready."

He hung up. It struck her as odd. No, "ok, looking forward to it;" or "great, I can't wait to see you;" just a click and then dial tone.

Yup, he knew for sure. Question was, if he knew, then why bother to ask her out?

Oh that jerk! Her mind wandered. He thinks since I gave it up to David, he's a shoe in.

She was growling when she heard the back gate click shut, looking over her shoulder there stood an amazing dark haired guy. He was built, sculpted in all the right places, and his shorts hung low on his waist, that cut of his pelvic bone showing. She felt her insides flip and suddenly she was ten degrees hotter.

He had this suave sexy smile, and even at this distance she could see those shinning blue eyes. He seemed caught off guard, but something made her think is was a façade.

As she looked him up and down, she knew him in an instant. He was the spitting image of his father, and Laura groaned at herself for growing wet at the thought.

Sean had been watching the beautiful redhead from the second story for over an hour. He thought she was stunning, and it took him no time to cook up a plot on how to get down there to talk to her. He knew little about her other than she was friendly with his dad and alone.

While she had been dozing, and right before her phone had rung, he had tossed a towel down and over to her pool. He would simply say the wind had grabbed it from the banister, happened all the time. And this line worked for him often.

"Excuse me. I'm Sean, David's..."

"Son, yes, I can see the resemblance. Can I help you with something?" Laura had broken into his introduction and fought to keep her composure and be stern; remembering that both David and Jesse had called him a screw up.

Sean chuckled. Well, I'll be, she's a spitfire. No doubt his father had warned her about him, but he wasn't worried. Most women couldn't resist his good looks and near perfect build. If he thought she was gorgeous from afar, he was awestruck with her now. Her petite frame wasn't girlie; she still had amazing curves. And lying on her belly as she was that apple shaped ass and slope of her back down to it; he was struggling to keep his erection under control.

"Ummm, well yes. It would seem the wind blew my towel off my railing." He stood rather still, almost like a deer caught in head lights, only motioning to the towel, not trying to retrieve it.

She looked to the towel, then up to the banister, only smirking. Yeah right. So, what should she do? Be polite and introduce her self, or tell him get the towel and buzz off.

Laura closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She stood, walked around to the towel and bent down to retrieve it. It occurred to her when she stood, that watching her bend at the waist from that angle, gave him a good profile view of her ass jutting out and a great view of her lush tits and deep cleavage. He was bulging in his pants.

Fuck! Why does he have to be so damn hot!

Sean took a few steps over to her and accepted the towel.

"Thank you."

"I'm Laura." By the way, I'm already fucking your dad, so don't try it.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm just spending a few days with my dad while passing through."

She almost laughed, but was able to stifle it. Again she felt that feeling move through her, hot lust that burned. If Sean held his body and looks like his dad did, any girl would be good to snatch him up now.

"So when did you get in, Sean?"

"A couple of hours ago. Dad's out playing golf. I've just been relaxing around the house. Was getting ready to walk over to the beach. Care to join me?"

"I would, but a friend just invited me to dinner. I need to start getting ready."

"Maybe tomorrow then."


It was awkward for her. Did Sean know? Did he suspect? Or was he just interested in moving in on her anyway. For a brief, very brief moment the thought of having both David and Sean passed in her mind; she chuckled inwardly at it.

You sick bitch.

"Thanks again." He called out as he walked off with the towel.

Walking back to his dad's house he was thinking about how easy it would be to get her. She didn't seem to fall into his arms like most women, but she definitely had an interest in him, he knew the look well. He might have to extend his stay a little longer.


While Laura got ready she took a moment to call David and leave him a message that she would be out and had noticed he had company anyway. That they would catch up later. She wasn't ready to say where she was off to and didn't want David to feel obligated to her while his son was around. It was an easy out for both of them.

At five her doorbell rang. She almost gasped out loud when she saw Jesse. It would seem sleeping in another man's arms can make a girl forget how sexy the other suitor could be. His stormy grey eyes seemed to swirl and the free wave of his blond hair just begged to be tousled. Damn, did her insides just flip?

"You look wonderful, Laura."

She blushed, probably more than she should have.

"Thanks Jesse." She froze for a moment, just lost in his vision. "Oh, ummm...I have a bag. I wasn't sure, ya know, with a picnic and such, so I packed..."

He laughed for her, reaching out to take it. Did she know how beautiful she was?

"Come on, I can't wait for you to meet everyone."

The thought was on her mind, why did he want her to meet the family, and did he know about David. She should just ask him, but she couldn't.

They talked idly as he drove out to the main bypass, headed north back up the island. He pointed out different homes and told her of things he had done to them; some local hot spots that, as teens, he and his friends would gather.

She got really excited when he turned left and headed towards the sound. This was a neighborhood she didn't know, and she loved new places.

"This is mostly islanders. Very few rentals in this subdivision." He remarked.

"The houses are so cute. Are they all on canals?"

"Not all of them, but ours is."

Laura's jaw about dropped when she saw all of the cars. He pulled into the driveway of a little white cape cod. It was on stilts, as most houses on the island are, but it wasn't as high. Not high enough to park a car under like the one she was renting. It was a modest home, and a sign at the bottom of the steps read, "loving memories made here." Quite touching she thought.

Jesse led her around the side of the house to the back where the party was going on a large patio and also down on the dock at the canal.

Jesse's brother, Nick, came over quickly and gave her a hug, whispering in her ear, asking when her friends would be back. She just laughed and shoved him away. The two boys led her around making introductions. She seemed to merge into the crowd rather easy and was soon off playing volleyball with several girls Jesse had grown up with.

From time to time she would look over and see Jesse. He would be watching her, smiling. It was a look she knew well; her ex used to look at her that way. It was the kind of look one gives when they are happy and proud of the one they are with. That look made her glow and feel warmth she hadn't felt in a long time. Why would he look at her like that? They hadn't gotten that close, what on earth would make him stare at her like she was the only one here.

Jesse too noticed that she would constantly look for him. He never let his eyes drift far from her. He had debated long and hard about inviting her. Nick had said to cut her loose, to move on, but something told Jesse that he shouldn't. He knew why Laura was here; that she needed to find her self and get away from all the shit back at home. Maybe it was that backlash that made her fall into David's arms; maybe it was the money; maybe she was drunk. Whatever the reason, he wasn't ready to give up on the connection he felt with her. He was far from perfect, and she had been very clear that she was not ready for anything serious. She hadn't led him astray. The looks she was giving him now made him happy he had listened to his heart and called her. He still stood a shot with her, he could see that.

After dinner and some more games of volleyball and darts, Jesse slipped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her cheek softly. It was the first truly affectionate thing he had done all night.

Laura let her hands slide over his arms, and her fingers weaved in with his, tilting her head and moving into his embrace, she whimpered. It was so gentle and sweet.

He whispered softly to her, "come on, I want to take you somewhere."

She followed him without question down the street. He led her down a long path through reeds and bushes to a clearing that seemed to open and drop, right onto the quiet water of the sound. He hopped down a small bulkhead and held out his arms, helping her down to the tiny strip of a beach.

She chuckled as he walked the small strip of sand under a large pier that went out into the water. On the other side there was a larger beach and another tall wooden bulkhead. There were names spray painted and carved in it with years. Some dating as far back as the sixty's. As she continued to read, it became clear they were all couples.

"Most are kids, marking the day they met here or the guys marking the day they scored. But a few are true."

He pointed to one that was just JW and MW, the year was 1976.

"Those are my parents. They married in '76."

"That is so sweet." She continued to look through all the spray paintings and carved etches, not sure what made her ask. "Have you carved any into the wood?"

"No. I always wanted it to be something really special."

The look in his eyes told her he was sincere. It also was a look, that had they been dating, would have told her he was about to propose. She needed to change the subject.

"And Nick?"

They both laughed, but Jesse moved in close to her and pulled her in tight, pressing his lips to hers. She gave in, melting to him, what more could she do with a kiss like that.

The kiss became deeper, harder, and hotter. Her heart was skipping. Everything screamed in her head to stop him, to back away, but she growled at the reason and pulled him in closer to her.

Jesse couldn't believe it; she was giving in to him. He pushed her back against the wall and let his hands roam down her sides, grabbing her hips. She ground against him and moaned. His need for her was so strong; it had been from his first meeting, a pull to her, something that was beyond his control.

The girls on the island threw themselves at him he could have his pick, but he yearned for this one, and he didn't know why. But now, lost in this kiss, this embrace, feeling her body pressed to his, her hands just as hungry, it all made sense. It was more than choosing her; it was his heart choosing for him.

Something told him not to stop the kiss, fear of her breathing...thinking, made him hold her tighter. What happened if he let her go and she said they should calm down?

In his fight to make a decision she made her own move; her leg lifted, sliding her foot along his calf, wrapping around him. He took her cue and slid his hands to her ass, cupping each soft half moon and lifting her, bunching up the little pull over sundress she was wearing. She wrapped both legs around his waist and he pinned her against the wall filled with initials of all those that had come before.

Not here, God not here. He kept saying it over and over in his head, but he couldn't stop. His cock was hard, grinding against her bikini under the dress. Their tongues were dancing, playing; they were both groaning and gasping. He didn't remember her lips being this soft, but he remembered her kiss being this intense. She could take him anywhere with the way she kissed.

Laura finally broke the kiss and whispered to him with a husky lust filled voice, "I want you Jesse."

His heart stopped. He was certain it stopped. It had to; because he couldn't speak. He couldn't do anything.

Laura chuckled at his loss of words, his shock. It wasn't what she had intended. She had meant for him to take her home, to spend the night with her, but as his hand moved between them, it became clear what he thought she meant.

Oh fuck it Laura. People screw on beaches all the time. She let him move her bikini, felt his cock press to her sex, sliding up and down her wet slit.

He whispered, "You sure? Here?"

It was her chance, she could say no, not here. But she didn't, she just kissed him and pressed against him, each inch filling her. A low moan of pleasure left her lips, that crawling chill, so wonderful through her body.

It was his sound that made her take notice. It was a deep groan, it vibrated through his chest to hers, she was even sure she felt him tremble. She had never heard a man make a sound like that. It was clear it was complete ecstasy. And with almost every thrust deeper inside of her he made it again and again. That sound, his trembles, the way his strong hands were grabbing at her ass, spreading her, she was on the brink.

Jesse was lost in her touch, the feel of her pussy around his cock, squeezing him. This was like having a woman for the first time; it was so new for him, so wonderful. She was rocking and squirming, helping him get deeper into her. And if that couldn't be any hotter, she reached up and pulled down the top of her sun dress, moving the fabric of her bikini, letting her hot taut nipples rub to his chest. It was euphoric.

That last little bit was all she needed, the rub to her nipples, she came, and she came hard, gripping him tight, squeezing with her arms and legs, pressing so tight to him.

"Oh Jesse! Fuck, Jesse!"

He had to clench his jaw to keep from loosing control right then. At his age, it wasn't common to find a girl that could fully experience an orgasm. The way her sex was having spasms around his cock, it was something he rarely felt, and it was heaven. He didn't want to cum. He wasn't wearing a condom, and he wanted to feel that tremble from her soft walls around his shaft again.

Laura gasped and panted, she leaned her head back against the wall and looked to Jesse. He seemed perplexed, perhaps even uncomfortable.

"What's wrong, Jesse?" She whispered, touching his cheek softly.

"Nothing." He seemed awakened from a trance. "That was wonderful. You are wonderful. I've never felt something so perfect."

He kissed her hard, just rocking against her slowly trying to gain control. Where did he go from here? He seemed out of his element.

"Take me home, Jesse. I want to curl up in bed with you. I need to make love to you over and over again."

She made it clear this time. Laura was a little stunned with her self. And as he let her down and she collected herself, readjusting her clothes as she followed him back, she felt again like a slut. But this time she didn't care. She cared for Jesse, and she cared for David. Her feelings were clarified by those thoughts. It didn't matter that in one week she would have sex with two different guys. They weren't strangers to her.

Back at the house, they said their good byes to people and then headed back to her house. There was little talk between the two. His hand rested on her thigh, holding hers, and the warm beach air blew into the truck and she let her gaze fixate on the clear sky and the stars.

Inside the quiet house, the couple went straight to her bedroom. Jesse's eyes went wide as she pulled the sundress over her head, letting it fall on the floor behind her. It was his fingers though that pulled the string to her little bikini. She giggled as it loosened around her chest. He pulled her in close and turned her as his fingers pulled the ties around her neck.

Laura was nipping at his lips and she fumbled with his shorts. Why were her fingers so numb and hard to control?

He only chuckled at her, "let me." Unclasping his board shorts and letting them fall around his ankles.

He wasted no time putting his hands back on her, untying both sides of her bottoms so that they too would land in a crumple on the floor. The two were grasping and clawing in a frenzy of need. Jesse wanted to feel her sex spasm around his cock again, and Laura just needed to kiss him over and over.

She was also thinking about more than just sex. As they stumbled to the edge of the bed, she changed her position and dropped to her knees. Oh how she loved the look on his face just then, like a kid on Christmas. She took a soft grip on his cock, stroking it slowly, holding tighter to it as her motions increased in speed.

He was watching her hand, and she was watching him. When his steel eyes met hers, she smiled and lowered her lips to suckle on the head of his cock, never moving her gaze from his eyes. He moaned and she sucked down further on his cock, her lips tight and so very soft.

Jesse watched in amazement as she took her time with him, he was crawling and his fingers entwined in her auburn mane. He didn't want to control her motions, but he needed to hold something. He smiled feeling her shiver, her mouth sucking harder, she drove down further, taking his cock fully into her mouth, nose buried against his pubic bone.

All of a sudden she moaned low and long; his cock twitched, the vibrations damn near made him come undone at that moment. His fingers tightened their grasp and pulled back on her head. She was grinning up to him, licking her lips.

"Damn girl."

"Did you like that?"

"Who wouldn't?"

Laura chuckled and dove back onto his cock, taking him deep in her mouth, the head pushing against the back of her throat. Her motions were back and forth from slow and steady to wild and rampant.

Jesse leaned back on his arms and just watched her bob up and down on his cock, enjoying every flick of her tongue and little vibration from her moans. He could feel her saliva trickle down his balls, her warm breath float over his skin, something she was doing in her sucking motions and with the flat of her tongue was bringing him near edge.

"Laura, that's gonna make me cum."

She only glanced up and smiled, mumbling an "uh huh" and continuing on.

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