tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 12

What She Needs Ch. 12


(ok, a warning...still no sex in this chapter. i am sorry, but i just need to move the plot along. i promise to get back to the steamy sex scenes. luckily, i think most of my readers are hooked on the storyline and not just horny and reading to jerk off. not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that, i'm glad i can help....LOL and winks)


The next two days Laura avoided both men. She went to the aquarium again, walked every little art shop in Manteo, spent hours taking pictures and getting lost in the gardens, and even chose to watch the production of "The Lost Colony."

She sat there looking about at families with their kids. She found herself musing over the ages of the husbands and wives. The couple behind her seemed to be at quite an age difference. The three kids did not call him "dad," but it was obvious the younger woman and much older man were romantically involved.

Just as she finished analyzing them, she saw a cute young couple about her own age. The girl was a blush with adoration whenever he would touch her or look at her.

Laura just sighed and became thankful as the lights began to lower and the play started. She got lost in the storyline, and tried to remember back to when she was a little girl sitting here watching it with her mom and dad. She had sat between them both, dad's arm around her shoulders and mom leaning in from time to time to clarify things. It was such a happy memory.

When the play was over, Laura wiped her eyes of the tears and collected herself. She was impressed with how wonderful it had been, and how, as an adult, it was even more spectacular. As she walked to her truck her cell phone went off.


"Miss Michael's, this is Sam. You booked a fishing charter with me."


"I am sorry to tell you but my second motor is out and it may take three days to get it fixed. I am talking to some friends about taking you out, but most everyone is already booked."

"Can you work harder on that? This is a very special trip for my father and me. I would rather pay extra than get my money back and not be able to go at all."

The gentleman chuckled slightly, "Miss, this isn't your fault, you will in no way pay extra and I will keep looking for you."

"Thank you, and thank you for calling me ahead of time."

She sighed as she hung up the phone. Her father was coming in tomorrow morning and they were set to fish on Thursday. She hoped Sam could find someone else to take them out.

Pulling into her drive she sat in the truck and looked over to David's house. There was a need within her to go talk to him. She rolled her eyes as she climbed out of the truck and stood there. Who was she kidding? She wanted to lie in his arms. She wanted to kiss him, to feel every feeling and emotion he sent through her as he made wild love to her.

Made love? She growled at herself; she was supposed to be mad at him.

It was as if the thought alone brought him about, his door opened and he glanced over at her. They both stood there staring at each other. What was to be said? Did she apologize to him; for what? Hadn't he been the one to hurt her?

David stared over at Laura. Her beauty mesmerized him. Come on David, man up and go apologize. What was she waiting for? He ran his hands through his hair and sighed, turning he made his way over to her.

"Hi Laura." His voice was heavy; hell, he felt heavy.

"Hey David."

Both stood there in silence; Laura looked down and wiggled her pink painted toes in the soft sod grass. David stared at her face, slowly drinking her in. She was so beautiful.

Someone had to say something.

"I am sorry Laura. My words were out of line the other night. Perhaps I don't take rejection well. I'm not used to it I guess." He chuckled softly with that last comment.

"Why on earth would you think I was rejecting you?"

"I thought I would put my heart out there and you would choose me over Jesse."

She looked up and smiled to him. She hadn't thought about him feeling rejected. She certainly hadn't intended it to come across that way.

"I really didn't mean...." She trailed off, trying to think about how things had gone that night. Actually, she wasn't even sure about her feelings in general.

"David, I don't know where I should be, or how I should feel. You are constantly on my mind, and I have never had a man move me the way you did. I felt things I have never felt before. But then with Jesse, he and I have so much in common, so much beyond just sex."

"I seem to think we have much more beyond sex as well, Laura. We did have a wonderful time on the fishing trip, dinners, and trips to the beach. And we always engage in wonderful conversation. I love how intellectual you are, Laura. The way you think, your ideas on things, it fascinates me."

She blushed and mindlessly took a step closer to him. He quickly reached out to her and pulled her in close, lifting her chin to look up at him as he brushed his lips softly to hers. Letting her eyes close, she gave in to the kiss and to the emotions that flooded her, her arms moving around his waist.

It wasn't a passionate kiss, or even intense. It was simple and soft, but it was stirring. The kiss made Laura's mind race, and her heart skip. Being in his arms was like having electrical surges move through her.

David needed to end this kiss. He hated the thought of it, but he needed to push her back. His heart couldn't take getting wrapped up in her, and she didn't need the added dilemma of it.

He broke his lips from hers and pulled in her into a hug. Both of them sighed. The hug was almost father like. It made the moment, and the relationship between them very clear, at least for the time being. She took a step back and smiled.

"I need to head inside and make some phone calls. Have a nice night David."

"Have a good night Laura."

He watched her walk away and suddenly hated his decision. He knew how to get to her. He simply needed to pull her into his embrace and his kiss. If he carried her upstairs and made her cry out his name, then she would be his. Somehow he just couldn't bring himself to win her that way. He needed her to come to him. To make the choice and be very clear about the decision she had made.

David groaned as his phone rang, distracting him from watching her sexy swinging hips.

"David Ross."

"Hey David, I got a huge favour to ask you."


Jesse had stopped by Laura's early that morning and was helping her clean up from breakfast when he heard the front door open. Seeing her face light up, the smile bright and bubbly, he knew in an instant she was truly a Daddy's girl.

Laura rushed over to the stairs and caught her Dad around the shoulders, squeezing him tight and nearly sending him tumbling back down them.

"Easy darling, I'm an old man."

She joined him in laughter, "You're not even close!"

The older man's eyes landed on the young man standing in the kitchen, quickly sizing him up and hoping he hadn't spent the night there. Jason Michaels in no way thought his daughter was a little girl anymore, but she would always be his little girl. Any guy touching her just didn't sit well with him. It wouldn't matter how old she was.

As Laura let go of her father Jesse quickly stepped up and offered out his hand.

"Jesse Williams. Pleasure to meet you, Sir."

Jason was impressed with the boys grip, and also impressed he hadn't tried to out squeeze him as Laura's ex always had.

"Jason Michaels."

He quickly turned his attention back to his daughter, his brow slightly arched.

"Oh Daddy, quit it. Let's get your bags."

The three of them went out to unload his truck and then sat out on the front deck to talk about her time down there and his drive. He filled her in on all the people that had come by the house in the past month, and his work. At some point the conversation turned to Jesse's wood working skills and how he came to have such a trait.

After a while Jesse decided to head off and let Laura have some time with her dad. He was surprised when she seemed to shy away from his kiss, choosing only to give him a soft peck to his cheek and a friendly hug. It wasn't like he was expecting her to be overly affectionate, but he couldn't help but sense it was more than just having her father present. There was something else on her mind. He said his goodbyes and headed off.

"He seems nice." Jason smiled as his daughter sat down shooting him a look. "What?! I said 'he seems nice,' I cant say that?"

"I know what you are fishing for."

"Who's fishing?" He was laughing at his daughter.

"What do you want to do this afternoon?"

"Changing the subject won't change the fact that that boy is enamored and you aren't."

"Dad please."

Jason just shook his head. He'd never understand his daughter. She had tried for so long with Brad, when all the rest of the world could see he wasn't in it for the long haul. Now here was a decent boy with his heart wide open and she was cold to it.

"Is there someone else?"

"Just cause Mom is gone doesn't mean I start talking about my guy issues with you. I have girlfriends for that."

Jason leaned forward laughing hard. "OH?! That bunch isn't worth half an opinion."

"Dad!" She was laughing with him getting up to answer her phone.


"Hi Miss Michaels. It's Sam. I got you another booking, tomorrow morning at 5:30. The boat will be in slip 4A. The mate's name is Michael."

"Oh wonderful." She breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you so much."

"Think nothing of it Miss. I am sorry this happened in the first place and hope ya'll have a great time."

"Thank you Sir. I am sure we will."

Jason couldn't help but notice not only the joy, but relief on his daughters face. "Everything ok?"

"It is now. The boat I booked blew an engine, and he was struggling to find another boat to take us out. He just found something."

"Well that is good, but if he hadn't we could have just done some surf fishing."

Laura nodded. "So, what do you want to do now?"

"Let's head out to Jennette's Pier. I'd love to see it since the remodel."

Laura just beamed. "Oh Daddy, it's beautiful!"

They headed out and talked about changes to things over the past few years. He was impressed with the pier. And they made plans to come out that night and do some early fishing after dinner.


David sat in his office finishing up some paperwork and sending out emails to clients. His head was humming and he was hoping the medicine would kick in soon and stifle his growing headache. His phone conversation earlier wasn't that easy on him, but he had agreed to the favour and now he was debating whether or not he wanted to take it on personally or not.

"Hello?" He answered the office phone.

"How are thing's Dad?"

He couldn't help but smile at his daughter's voice. "Going good Sam. How are you and the kids?"

"Katie broke her leg yesterday. That girl just never slows down."

"Is she ok?"

"Yeah, it was a clean break. She thinks it is cool cause they gave her a hot pink cast."

David laughed knowing his eldest grand daughter well, tough as nails, but pretty in pink.

"Emily said you have a new lady in your life?"

He sighed; he should have known. "Your sister shouldn't assume so much."

"Then you didn't have a woman on Envious?"

"I did, yes, but...." He was about to say it was nothing special, but his daughter knew him better than that; and he couldn't bear to say that about Laura. No matter how she might feel about him.

"But?" Sam continued to pry.

"Sam, she is young. And I guess I want more from her than she is ready to give. It's really no big deal sweetie."

"Sean said you struck him"

"He said WHAT?!"

He was not only outraged Sean had called his sister about that occurrence, but that he labeled it as such.

"Well that wasn't his wording, but he was concerned about you."

"He shouldn't have bothered you, Sam. I will handle everything, and really, it's not a big deal."

"Do you like her?"

David rolled his eyes, leave it to Sam to keep pushing. He knew she wouldn't quit, and she was his daughter so he couldn't bring himself to come up with a lie to get off the phone. With resignation he unloaded on her.

"Sam, the girl is only twenty-three. And yes, I like her quite a bit. But she is also interested in another, who is more her age. She and I had a wonderful week together and then it seemed to fizzle out. She just got out of a three year relationship, her mother died a few months ago, and she leaves to go back to Richmond this weekend. I don't have the time to really push for her, and don't think I have it in me anyway."

Sam could hear the hurt in his father's voice. This girl must be something special to him. She didn't even care that the girl was younger than herself.

"Dad, you deserve to be happy. And if this girl makes you feel this way; then you need to make sure she knows. And you need to try and show her, not just tell her. Also, with her age, and everything she's been through, you need to give her the time to realize how wonderful you are and how happy you could make her. But you also need to remember that you are an attractive man for your age and a twenty-three year old is just that, twenty-three. It may have just been a wild romp for her."

She hated to put it blunt for him, but she was afraid all his years of knowledge had left him because he was blinded with emotion.

"I know sweetie. And thank you. That actually helped a lot. Now, I need to go. I got an early morning charter I wish to personally take out."

"Night Dad. I love you."

"I love you also, Sam. Sweet dreams."


The morning was warm and the sky clear. The long two lane highway was speckled with cars as Laura and her father made their way toward Oregon Inlet. Her thoughts drifted to having made this same early morning trip with David. She rolled her eyes with the thought, pushing it away. This was a special day for her and her dad; she wasn't going to let her guy troubles ruin this fishing trip.

They parked and gathered up their bags, making their way down the docks. She let her gaze drift across to the slip that held 'Envious;' it was empty.

"What's the boat name sweetie?"

"He didn't say. Only gave me the dock and slip number. Should be on the end here."

Laura stopped dead in her tracks as her dad walked the few more paces up to the boat. He was smiling big as he looked back at his daughter, concern took him when he saw the color leave her face.

Jason Michaels had been awestruck and excited to go out on such a large lavish boat, but now looking back at his daughter, seeing her expression he wasn't sure what had given her such a look of shock and unease.


"No. No...no...no. This cant be right."

Laura kept looking back to the empty slip, and then back to the large boat with the royal blue hull, 'Envious.'

Michael stepped out and smiled, calling over to Jason. "Mornin Sir. Welcome aboard 'Envious.' Let me help you with your stuff."

Jason handed over the bags he had and then looked over to Laura who had finally joined him. "Sweetie, is everything ok?"

"I just....well, I didn't know..." She stammered not knowing what to say, handing her bags to Michael and stepping aboard with her father.

"What is it?"

"This is David's boat, my neighbor. I wasn't expecting to..."

The voice behind her cut her off and made her turn quickly. "I hope this was ok, Laura."

She turned to look at David, a shiver running through her.

"It is very nice of you David." She swallowed her pride and smiled. "David, this is my father, Jason Michaels. Dad, this is David Ross, the owner of this magnificent boat."

The two men shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Though Jason held dark brown hair with streaks of grey and bluish grey eyes, David could easily see the resemblance. The bone structure and little mannerisms between the father and daughter were hard to miss.

Laura turned and walked into the cabin of the boat as the three men chatted about fish and tackle. Jason quickly picked up on his daughter's unease. He also picked up on her familiarity with the boat and how she seemed at home to just let herself in. When she emerged with coffee for both himself and David, he figured it out. David had already taken his daughter out on this boat. The question he had now; was why.

Silently, both men were sizing the other up, a very different squaring off then if David had been face to face with Jesse, but it was the same glances and thoughts. David knew very well how he would feel if the roles were reversed and this had been about his daughter. In no way did he want their relationship, whatever it was, to become conversation on his first meeting with her father.

As they settled in and broke out from the inlet, heading out to the Gulf Stream, Laura made her way up to the flying bridge.

"What the fuck were you thinking?"

"Calm down Laura. I knew this trip was important to you. I was Sam's last call, your last resort. I won't do anything to make your father aware, but you need to be careful as well."

"Me?! You think I plan to reenact our last lunch session on this boat for my dad?!"

Her voice was rising and she was getting agitated. David looked over his shoulder and down to the deck; neither Michael nor Jason seemed to be able to hear her.

"Well knowing how I like my coffee kinda screams intimacy."

Laura growled. He was right and she hated it. "Is this fun for you? Is this some macho crap to act out the part of the good neighbor in front of my father while you silently gloat inside?"

"You need to grow up Laura. This is me doing something nice for you and your dad. And after the rejection I have taken from you, I would expect a thank you. What happened to the amazingly mature woman I met those first few days?"

She turned and climbed back down the ladder. She hated that he was right. It was only the shock of being forced onto this boat again. It held wonderful memories for her, and it made her think. She didn't want to have to think right now. She just wanted to escape. She sat down next to her father on the bench seat under the large glass window with the swimming marlin.

"Pretty impressive boat, isn't she?" Jason asked his daughter.

"Have you taken a tour of it?" She wasn't sure if she should come clean with having been on the boat or not. She knew she had told him about going fishing with David, but she hadn't gone into detail about 'Envious' and certainly hadn't told about the trip.

"Just of the living area and galley."

Laura just nodded.

"You want to tell me?"

"Tell you what?" She turned to look at him.

"About whatever is bothering you. About David?" He didn't really want to know about her relationship with the much older man. It almost sickened him that his daughter might have some sort of relationship with David. Jason wasn't stupid though, he could recognize that David was an attractive man, and having this kind of wealth would certainly be a draw to a woman. He knew his daughter wouldn't like someone just for money, he had raised her better than that, but it would be hard to deny the interest.

"Dad...let's just enjoy fishing. I guess I am just not ready for my trip down here to be over, and David is my neighbor and a very nice man that kinda took me under his wing."

She flashed him that sweet smile of hers and then kissed his cheek before leaning back into his arm and enjoying the warm rising sun and easy rhythm of the large beautiful boat.

Michael had climbed up to sit with David.

"You are one sick bastard, David. Even I wouldn't have the balls to take out her father." He was laughing at David. "If I was her father and figured you out, I would chuck you over board."

"Why? She is an adult and was in a 3 year relationship before. I could give her a life that very few could. Many fathers would love their daughters to be with someone like me."

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