tagAnalWhat Shut Jenny Up?

What Shut Jenny Up?


Author's Note: This is a spin-off of my Into the Garden series, developing a small side plot into its own stories. It's got a very different feel that didn't fit into that story, but I thought it was worth telling. I hope you enjoy it.


Jenny Tidwell, president of Pi Phi, had one basic rule in life. Anything good that happened was her doing, and anything bad that happened was someone else's fault. Her plan in life was also simple: marry rich, make her own money and live life at the top. It was her senior year, and she was dating Chase Carlisle, the former president of Chi Sigma, now graduated from college and away at law school but close enough that they kept their relationship going. She had her life, her grades, and her sorority house under total control. Then she opened the mail.

No return address. Plain white paper printed out of any old computer printer. Postmarked right in town. Totally untraceable.


I don't know what you've got against Belinda Sutter, but give it a rest. She's out of your house but you keep making her life miserable.

Some people might have some questions about you, Jenny. Why would a girl like you need to spend so many hours in an apartment with a bunch of guys—most of them black guys? Of course, I only have my suspicions, but I've got enough to start some nasty rumors with. How many girls are going to want to pledge Pi Phi when they hear them? Can you imagine not making quota at fall rush? Doing spring rush with the losers? I'm sure there are plenty of other sororities that would love that nice old mansion when you can't keep your numbers up.

It's simple, Jenny. You don't talk to Belinda Sutter. You don't talk about Belinda Sutter. And no one will talk about you."

It was signed. "Keep It Greek"

Jenny's breath came fast. Had one of the guys talked? The letter writer sounded like another sorority girl. Still, she called Coach Stone, read him the letter. He got back to her in an hour. None of the guys had talked. He was sure of it.

Belinda? It wasn't her style. Jenny knew her well enough that if Belinda had something to say, she'd say it to her face. Okay. She'd lay off Belinda. Stop talking about her in the house. Rescind the house order not to look at her, not to talk to her. To treat her like she was dead. That was how Jenny had dealt with the news that her former sorority sister had married a black guy. Married him! She was only trying to protect the house by how she had treated Belinda. How she had made the other girls treat her. Getting up and leaving any place Belinda walked into. Turning their backs if they saw her on campus. Well, maybe she had been getting her back for being a little too perfect. For being liked while Jenny was mostly feared.

As for the subject of the rumors, it was all Chase Carlisle's fault. They had started dating Jenny's junior year. They were mutual trophies, and they both knew it. Prom King and Queen but playing on a bigger stage now. Chase was tall, 6'2", blond with blue eyes. Well built. GQ handsome. Jenny was 5'7" inches. Naturally long, straight blonde hair and blue eyes. Hourglass figure with 36D breasts. She could put on a gunnysack and make it look like it cost $1000. And smart...smart enough to think she could get anything she wanted, without any consequences.

After a few months together, she and Chase were lovers. Jenny wasn't particularly imaginative in bed. Missionary, sometimes her on top. If she was a little drunk or it was a special occasion, she might suck his cock, but never enough to make him come. Didn't come often herself, although she faked it to make Chase feel good. Didn't like or want cunnilingus, just a finger now and again if she was drunk or if it was a special occasion.

It was Chase who suggested the movies, and it was the movies that had started this whole thing. She agreed to watch as long as it was just guys and girls. All guys had fantasies about sorority houses being non-stop bra-and-panty tickle fights and lesbian sex. She wasn't interested. But she liked Chase, liked how girls looked at her when she was with Chase. Liked what the Carlisle name did for her and would do for her, once she got a ring on her finger.

The first few movies were dull. Guy delivers a pizza, girl fucks him while lying on her back. She yawned. "We could do that ourselves and save the rental fee," she told Chase. He offered something a little more interesting. She looked at the box: Hung Jury. Chase slipped the DVD in. Two white girls were in a jury room deliberating a case; they wanted to vote not guilty. The eight guys on the jury wanted to go the other way. The judge ordered them locked in their hotel until they came back with a unanimous decision. The guys, four white and four black, came to the girls' room to convince them. Jenny couldn't explain it. As she watched the groups pair up, five in one room, five in another, she felt herself get wet between the legs. Jenny always needed lube. She couldn't believe how much this was turning her on, watching four guys, two of them black, two of them white "convince" the girl to change her mind. It wasn't lost on Jenny that, with exception of the fact that Jenny's tits were real, the girl on the screen looked a lot like her. She watched the five of them fuck and suck in every possible combination. The girl looking like she couldn't be happier to have cock in her mouth and everywhere else as the guys circled her, watching only her, wanting only her.

Jenny was squirming trying to make sure Chase didn't see how turned on she was getting watching it. And, as she watched the pretty blonde on the screen take a black guy up the ass, she realized she was about to cum.

She ran to the bathroom. What was happening to her? Biting down on her lip she leaned up against, she lifted up her skirt and frigged her clit, coming in seconds. Then she got herself together, splashed some cold water on her face and neck and cleaned up her sopping wet snatch. Back on the sofa with Chase, she asked if they could turn off the movie, then sucked him better than she had ever sucked him before. Chase was so pleased with himself, convinced his little scheme had unlocked Jenny's ice princess exterior and that now he was going to benefit. And he was benefitting as Jenny put into practice what she had seen on the screen, taking him deep in her mouth, sucking his cock like she was trying to siphon gas out of car, pulling off just before he came. She was even moaning as she did it. He couldn't believe his luck.

But every second Jenny was sucking him off, she wasn't picturing the oh-so-eligible Chase Carlisle. She was picturing herself in a hotel room, one cock in her mouth and another up her ass, both of them too dark to be Chase's. Most of all she was picturing all those eyes on her, all those cocks hard for her. For two months, Jenny dealt with her feelings. She watched more movies with Chase, fantasizing about taking on a group of guys every time she was with him. She masturbated like a madwoman, frigging her clit every night in bed and most mornings in the shower. She didn't tell Chase about that, but he was delighted with the changes he knew about. She had loosened up and lubed up. She still wouldn't let him come in her mouth and she still didn't want him to go down on her (not that he much cared), but she sucked him every time they were together and she swiveled her hips with a lot more intensity. Once or twice she even let him do it doggie style.

Chase gave Jenny his fraternity pin, planned on giving her a lavaliere before he graduated and, if things went well, getting engaged once he had a law job lined up.

Jenny was happy with the changes as well, and loved the jealous looks she got when girls saw her wearing the Chi Sig pin. But it didn't change the fact that Chase wasn't, and couldn't, give her what she really wanted. But when she saw Coach Stone on campus, she realized that there might be a way to make her fantasies come to life. She knew Jeff Stone from her home town. He was older than her, but he had been in her sister's class and had been around the house some. Now he was the assistant coach of a not-so-hot basketball team in a town that lived and breathed football. Jenny knew from listening to her dad—a State grad and sports nut—that the boosters paid out the nose to recruit good basketball talent, but it just wasn't coming together into a winning team. Jenny figured she might be able to offer them a little motivation. So she went to Coach Stone with a little proposal. She started with the soft pitch: She wanted to know if some of the basketball players would ride on the Pi Phi homecoming float the next year.

Coach Stone had high hopes for the team, this was the best starting lineup they had ever fielded. Jenny knew all about the starting lineup: five guys, four black—point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center. She had seen their pictures on the team's Web site. Coach Stone was talking about the need to keep the guys academically eligible and motivated. Jenny said she had a way to keep them motivated.

Coach Stone thought she was joking. She wasn't. It would mean so much to her daddy to have a winning basketball team (he really couldn't care less, daddy was a football fan), she told him, batting her eyelashes. She just wanted them to have something to play for.

"Let me get this straight, for every game we win, and every game lose but do as well as or better than Coach Hughes expects, you take on the team." Not the team, Jenny explained . . . just the starting lineup and only if he could guarantee none of them would ever talk. Coach Stone could guarantee it. The head coach, Coach Hughes, would throw each and every one of them out of school and fire Coach Stone to boot if it came out. Coach Hughes played black guys on his team because he wanted to win. He liked them on the court. Wanted them to do well. But wouldn't want them to date his daughter, if you know what I mean.

The way Coach Stone pitched it to Coach Hughes was this: Every week the starters would come to Stone's apartment for studying and dinner. It would build team cohesion and keep them focused on their studies. If they won, he'd make the dinner a little fancier, maybe rent a few movies for entertainment.

The way Jenny pitched it to the starting lineup—Bobby, Chris, DeShawn, Xavier and Malik—was a little different. For every game they won or met Coach's expectations, she would provide them with motivation to do it again. The rules: she would suck them off but they came in her mouth, nowhere else. They could fuck her in her ass and nowhere else. If they didn't want to do it with their teammates watching, too bad. They wouldn't leave any marks or bruises on her, and they wouldn't breathe a word. Coach Stone had made the repercussions of bragging very clear to each and every one of them. They were all agreed.

It was still the preseason, so for a few weeks, the starters met at Coach Stone's off-campus apartment. They enjoyed getting out of the dining hall; the rest of the week they were required to eat with the team. Coach Stone stayed on them to study and keep their grades up. He didn't want anyone ruled academically ineligible. The team was looking good. During the week, the starters were practicing harder than ever, pushing the rest of the team. Wanting to win. Coach Hughes noticed a difference. Their drills were tighter. Their practice games were more physical. They might have a chance this year.

State won the first game of the season that year. Wednesday night, the starters gathered. Almost too nervous to eat the Chinese take-out Coach had ordered, they rushed through their homework. They had all showered and shaved. An hour later, Jenny arrived. She took off her light coat. Xavier tripped over Malik to see who could hang it up first. Her hair and makeup were perfect, her dress covering everything but leaving very little to the imagination. It was like having a Playboy model sitting in the room with you. Coach Stone started to leave the room, but Jenny asked him to stay. Jenny wanted Coach there to make sure she was safe and that everyone followed the rules. He stepped back into the kitchen, sat on a chair and flipped off the light, watching from the sidelines.

Jenny took off her dress. This time Xavier got to her first, hanging it in the closet. She was wearing a black bra embroidered with red roses that pushed up her milky white D-cup breasts, almost showing the nipple. On her long, lithe legs she wore black thigh-high stockings held up by a matching garter belt. No panties. She kicked off her high heels and sat down on the couch. Tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulder, she looked at the five men who stood in front of her, their tongues hanging out, almost panting.

"Who's first?" she purred. Her thighs were already slick with her juices. She knew that the next time she was with Chase, it would be this night she was thinking about.

They had drawn cards, high card first.

"I'll suck you all first, then you can fuck my ass if you are interested."

Oh, they were interested. She reminded them that they didn't have to come, but if they did, it had to be in her ass or her mouth. Nowhere else. The five nodded like bobble-head dolls. Chris had drawn high card. He stripped down and sat down in a chair. His four teammates sat on the sofa, like spectators at movie.

Jenny ran her hand all over Chris's black cock. She had been expecting, maybe even wanting, some monsters from the movies she had watched with her boyfriend, but he wasn't much bigger than Chase. Still, he was a good starter. Jenny ran her tongue up the shaft of Chris's cock then took him in, tasting his pre-cum. The feeling of four pairs of eyes (five if you included Coach Stone) staring at her ass as she bobbed up and down on Chris's stick made her wetter than she had ever been. Part of her had been afraid that the reality wouldn't live up to her expectations, but so far it was better than she had dreamed. She swirled and sucked her way up and down Chris's cock, practicing the moves she had seen on the DVDs and those she had tried on Chase. It took only minutes before he tensed, he was gripping the sides of the chair. Jenny knew he was going to blow. Then he was lifting his ass off the chair, groaning as he fired jet after jet of sperm into her waiting mouth. She swallowed it, finding she loved the sweet and salty taste. It was her first taste of cum and she wanted more. She gave him one last lick then turned around and smiled, "Who's next?"

Jenny took them each in turn. Bobby was the least exciting; as the sole white boy on the team, going down on him was like sucking Chase's cock, but he made a point to talk to her, praising her technique, telling her what felt good and what he liked, how beautiful she looked. Jenny knew she was gorgeous, but that didn't mean she didn't like to hear it any less. Malik and DeShawn were the biggest. Maliks was easily two inches longer than Chris, and she had a hard time getting her mouth down as far as she wanted. She'd have to pay closer attention on the videos and she if she could figure it out. Malik didn't seem to mind as he shot his hot load down her throat. His cum tasted sweet, kind of like pineapple. Jenny couldn't believe how much she was loving the taste of all the cum she was drinking. She noticed a wall in the dining room was mirrored floor to ceiling. She could watch herself as she swallowed Malik's spunk. Better still, she could watch the guys as they watched her, eyes filled with lust and hands wrapped around their cocks. All of them hard for her, only for her.

DeShawn was last. His cock was the darkest and slightly shorter than Malik's but so thick that her hand couldn't go all the way around it. She could only take the head in her mouth as she used both hands to stroke him and suck him at the same time, her lips stretched. She couldn't imagine what this was going to feel like in her ass, but she couldn't wait to try.

When she had sucked them all off, the guys sat on the couch and Jenny took a seat in a chair. She spread her legs wide, showing her closely trimmed bush. "You guys got me so wet with all that cock sucking, I've got to take care of myself before the next round." For the past few weeks, Jenny had augmented her usual masturbation technique by sticking one and then two fingers up her ass, slowly preparing herself for what was to come. Her juices were dripping down her legs as she fingered herself, the guys staring at her, rubbing the cocks that were rapidly becoming hard again. She was moaning now, deep moans as the orgasm that had built up in her as she sucked five hard cocks and swallowed five hot loads ripped through her body. She shuddered, her body lifting off the chair as her climax pulled her head down and her knees up, and both Xavier and DeShawn had to hold back not to come with her.

She sat quiet for a while as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. She didn't think she had ever had an orgasm that intense. When the tingling that ran from her scalp to her toes finally stopped, she asked, "Who's ready for round two?" That afternoon she had given herself an enema, wondering how the fullness of the water that was washing her would compare to a penis. "You guys are going to have to go slow, this is my first time," she announced.

This was news to the players and they huddled quickly, then came back with a revised proposal. They really wanted her back after their next win, and they were afraid if it was too much for her, this might be their last time. So tonight, just one of them would fuck her. Part of Jenny just wanted to be used again and again like the girl from Hung Jury, the girl who had started this all, but she agreed with their plan. They drew cards again, with Xavier coming up high card. His buddies asked if it would be okay if they whacked off while they watched. Of course, Jenny didn't mind; let them all come from wanting her. If she couldn't have them all in her ass tonight, it made her hot to think they would all come on their hands to the sight of her being ass-fucked.

Xavier positioned a large ottoman in front of the sofa, turning it to the side to his teammates would get the best view. He led Jenny to it, promising to go slow and easy. He started by lubing up her ass and sliding in a finger. Jenny felt the pop as the tip of his finger pushed past her tight sphincter. His single finger was almost as big as two of Jenny's together, and the roughness of his skin gave her new sensations against her ass cheeks. With his free hand, he cupped her ass cheek, squeezing and pinching it lightly. It felt so good. Jenny found herself pressing her clit down against the ottoman, trying to get some friction. Xavier whispered to her to relax as a second finger joined the first, rubbing in and out. The friction was building now, and Jenny's tight virgin asshole started to feel hot as Xavier slid his fingers in and out, in and out, telling her how good she felt and how we couldn't wait to be inside her.

Jenny slid her hand under her belly and rubbed her clit in time to the finger-fucking her virgin ass was taking. When Xavier felt she was relaxed enough, he lubed up his hard black cock and knelt between her pale ass cheeks, promising to take it slow and reminding her to breathe and relax until he was in. Jenny felt the sharp stretching as the head of his cock entered her. The stop where he entered her was hot, a feeling like molten lava at the entrance to her ass. She moaned, a mix of pain and pleasure. Xavier urged her again to relax. He pushed in again, then again. The head was in and Jenny felt the pain and heat subside as he slowly worked the rest of his manhood into her tight hole.

"Jesus girl, I could cum without moving, you are so tight," Xavier moaned. With that, he began slowly moving his cock in and out of her ass, never pulling the head out.

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