tagLoving WivesWhat Starts in Vegas...

What Starts in Vegas...


"WATCH?!? Let's have them JOIN IN!"

Those were the words my wife, Donna, uttered that changed our sex life forever. Until that point we were like a lot of married couples, finding time (or not finding time) for intimacy in our busy lives, which often led to straight-forward, not-so-creative sex. But those words changed it all...

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Before I venture into the stories those words created, let's get to how they happened in the first place.


A few years ago, Donna and I decided we needed a little time for ourselves in Vegas. Earlier in our relationship it had been an annual, if not more often, trip... but as our jobs became more consuming and our lives became busier, we went less often, until finally we looked up and saw we hadn't been to our favorite spot in almost five years. So we picked a long weekend, packed our bags and set off for the strip.

Our trip included all the usual fun. We found tickets to a show we wanted to see, we screamed and yelled with our fellow players at a craps table, spent time in the over-sized pools and "relaxed" by hitting the poker tables for a few hours of cards. On our first night in the casino we ran across a rather boisterous group of guys who had come to Vegas from England and hit it off with them immediately. It was something of a bachelor party as two of the guys were getting married that fall, but they still maintained a certain level of maturity and grace not often seen in a group of guys out for a good time. That night, I played poker at a table with a couple of them while my wife sat at another table with another group of them.

One of the guys in their party, Rob, was a good looking guy who had one of those big huge personalities, you know, the kind that should've annoyed you, yet he was so charming that you couldn't help but like the big goof. For whatever reason, the first night we were there, he had chosen not to play and instead bounced back and forth between the tables his buddies were at, talking 'em up, bringing drinks (sobriety was not an option with this group) and just generally having a good time. At one point he struck up a conversation with me and upon hearing my wife was playing at another table asked:

"You mean her?" he motioned over to my wife seated between a pair of his friends. "Excellent work mate! Well done!"

Later in the evening, I noticed he had made his way back over to Donna's table and was giving her a bit of a shoulder rub and when my eyes caught his, he winked.

Now, I should mention, like most guys, I was pretty jealous when I was younger. If a guy looked at my girlfriend the wrong way, I'd get pissy. But as I got older and (presumably) matured, I came to the realization that jealousy really didn't serve me very well. Either you trust the person you're with or you don't, right? And if other people find your significant other attractive, well that's nothing more than confirmation that you did well!

So he's rubbing her shoulders and I just smiled, shook my head and went back to trying to take other people's money.


The next day, my wife and I ran into the boys again during lunch, had a drink or two and swapped stories about previous Vegas adventures, most of which centered around the success or lack thereof at the poker tables. When lunch finished, they asked if they would see us at the tables again that night and we assured them they would, but it would be later as we were taking in a show that night.

So as you do in Las Vegas on show night, we dressed to the nines and headed out. I looked good, but my wife looked GREAT. She was wearing a cleavage-baring dress that cut high on her thigh, showing off her lean legs and perfect breasts all in one nice package. We had dinner (with a bottle of wine) and then saw the show (which included a few more drinks) before heading back to the hotel casino for some not-so-sober poker.

As was the case the previous night, there were two open seats at two separate tables, so my wife headed to the corner while I sat down at the table in the center of the room, right across from Rob.

"Well, well, look who's joining in!" Rob cheered, as I arrived and two others in the group reached out to shake my hand. "Good show tonight, right?"

"Indeed," I agreed, buying in and re-stacking chips. "Jolly good!"

The table laughed at my attempt at British english and we all settled in.

"Whew, look at the wife tonight!" Rob smiled at me, turning back from checking her out at the corner table. "What the heck are you doing here with us blokes?"

"The sex will be there later," I laughed, taking a sip of the beer that arrived just moments after I did at the table. "You suckers are here to be taken now!"

And so it went.

About an hour later, Donna came over to say she was done and was heading up to the room.

"Don't be long," she flirted with me before strutting away, more than a few eyes watching her go.

Five minutes later, the thought of her firm ass retreating still burned in my mind, I decided I was done too.

"Okay gentlemen, time for a different kind of fun," I said, grabbing my chips and standing up.

"Oh man, mind if I come along?" Rob winked. "I could show you a thing or two!"

The table laughed.

"Come on up," I bluffed back. "Trust me, she can handle both of us!"

I'm not even sure where that came from. A long night of alcohol? Maybe a need to appear unfazed in the face of the attention my wife was getting? I don't know, but the comment came shooting out and I did not stutter.

"Ahhh, ha ha, good man!" Rob slapped his knee. "You have fun now!"

"Awww, and I hear I thought you were going to take me up on it!" I laughed, slapping him on the shoulder as I walked by.


When I got upstairs to our room, Donna was still in her slinky dress.

"I was hoping you wouldn't stay down there much longer!" She smiled, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Oh please, how could I resist after you made that exit!" I met her lips with mine, kissing her softly. "Hell, half the room wanted to join me up here."

"Shut up..." she giggled, pulling me towards the bed.

"I'm serious, your buddy Rob even offered to come up with me..."

"Oh really?" Donna asked, giving me a look that was half-playful, half-curious.

"I do not lie," I confessed. "Hell I even said it would be okay, but he wasn't ready to take me up on it"

With that, Donna kissed me hungrily and we fell onto the bed. Our lips found each other's skin in various places as I tugged at her dress while she pushed away my clothes. She pushed me onto my back and trailed her mouth down my chest, below my waist, and took me between her lips. After a head-bob or two, she released me and gave me a lusty look.

"Would you really do that? Would you really let another man in here?" She growled, taking me back in her mouth.

"Ohhhhhh," I let out. It probably should've been a time for reflection, to think about how to answer such a heavy question, but between the alcohol in my head and her mouth around my, well, you know... thought wasn't easy to come by.

"Oh yeah, baby," I moaned out. "I would lovvvve to see you please another man!"

Wait, who said that? Was that me?

"Really???" She pounced upward, pressing her lips to mine as her breasts slid along my chest.

"Absolutely," I said, unsure why I didn't take the chance to backtrack at least a bit.

"Oh my God that would be so hot!" she purred and lifted her hips just enough to lower herself onto me, sliding easily down my shaft. "Fuck yesss..."

She pushed herself up and gyrated her hips, her breasts bouncing as I grabbed them.

And that's when we heard the voices right outside the door. At least two guys, maybe more, yelling at someone to hurry up so they could go "tail hunting."

"Sounds like they're right outside the door," I said, with an evil look. "Should I let them in to watch?"

"WATCH?!? Let them JOIN IN!!!"

Wow. I was absolutely over the top aroused now. I had never really thought at all until that night about seeing my wife with another man, but the idea of it now sounded amazing. She jumped off me and laid down on the bed, her fingers diving between her legs. Instead of playing with her clit as she normally would when touching herself, she thrust two fingers inside, pumping them in and out.

"Let me suck your cock while he fucks me!" She commanded, unclear about who "he" was, only that "he" was going to bang her wet pussy while I was in her mouth.

I knelt to the side of her head and thrust my cock between her lips as she turned to meet me. While her warm mouth enveloped me, I watched her finger-bang her wetness eagerly. Shivers went up and down my spine as she took breaks from devouring my cock to moan things like "Oh my God it feels so good" and "More..."

Finally, she looked up at me wildly. "FUCK ME!!!" she practically screamed and a split second later I was plunging deep inside her. She bucked her hips to meet my thrusts and about a minute later I was spilling deep inside her, her legs wrapped around my waist as she moaned and thrashed.

"Mmmmmm..." she murmured as I collapsed on top of her, both of us sweaty. "That was fantastic..."

"Not bad for our first threesome," I whispered in her ear.

She giggled, and then added:

"Hopefully not our last..."

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