tagInterracial LoveWhat To Tell My Daughter Pt. 02

What To Tell My Daughter Pt. 02


This is a work of fiction. No illegal act was commented. It was written for entertainment only.

Chapter 1

I've tried a million times to explain to myself how I come to find myself in this situation. The situation I am talking about is the one that has me on all fours with a black cock sliding in and out of my pussy and mouth. If that isn't odd enough, three feet away from me is my daughter Cindy. She is also on all fours. She has a black cock in each hand, one in her mouth, and one in her pussy. She and I were both covered with tons of cum from the six black men that were taking turns fucking us.

I'd like to say this was an isolated incident but that would be a lie. The truth is that Cindy and I had been doing this for several weeks now. As crazy as it sounds, there is an explanation for why I would ever let my daughter become a black cock whore like me. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago my 18 year old daughter came home early from high school and caught her dear mother, me, in the basement fucking someone other than her father. To make matters worse it was a black man with a really big cock. And if that wasn't bad enough it was her father's closest oldest friends. She was pissed, upset, and really not very happy with me.

As you will remember from the first story, I sat her down and explained how this whole thing got started. I reminded her that her grandparents had died in a car crash and left us the house. I also reminded her that the neighborhood had changed a lot from when it was her father's childhood home. We talked about how things were when we first moved in and how uncomfortable I felt in an almost black neighborhood. I had told her that her father had given us, what sounded like, very good advice about living in this neighborhood. He had been right except for one unexpected problem with her father's best friend.

I told her that his friends name was Bob and that he was a very important person in the area. I explained that Bob kept hitting on me, sometimes in front of her father. My husband told me to laugh it off. He said to be forceful, but nice, when I turned him down. It didn't help. I told my daughter that this went on for almost a year. Then one night at a community cookout it all came to a head. I told Cindy that her father was drunk and I had had one more than I should have had. Bob kept hitting on me, so I got angry. I asked him what it was going to take to get him to leave me alone. I told Cindy that Bob made me a deal. If I would fuck him once that he would never bother me again. I told Cindy that it was a combination of the Gin, the anger at her father for being no help (again), and the frustration of Bob continuing to press me for sex, but I gave in.

Bob fucked the hell out of me. I hadn't wanted to do it but it was the best sex I had ever had. I told Cindy that one of the neighborhood assholes had snuck into the basement and had watched us. Bob left and I was busy trying to recover when I was mounted again. I thought it was Bob. It wasn't. The guys name was Dwayne. He too had a really big cock and he knew how to use it. If that wasn't bad enough, Dwayne returned a few days later, with a friend. I tried to stop them but it was no good. They spent the afternoon fucking my brains out. Again, I hadn't wanted it to happen and was really unhappy about it. I told Cindy that Bob had Dwayne's ass beaten and it was made clear to him that I was to be left alone.

I told Cindy that I couldn't escape the truth. I hadn't wanted this to happen, but the truth was that I had cum more in two days than I had in all of my life. I wasn't sure that I could stop myself. I told Cindy that I talked to a college girlfriend who had had some experience with black men. She had told me that I shouldn't ignore what had happened. Staying in control was the key. Ignoring this would only cause me to act out and lose control. Losing control could get me caught by my dear husband. She had said that my fetish for black cock would soon ware off and life would go back to normal. There was a lot more we talked about and at the time it made since.

When I got home I set up a meeting with Bob. I told Cindy that I took my friends advice and had Bob fuck me again. It was great. Afterward I told Bob what my friend had said and that I was going to take her advice. I told Bob that I loved my husband and that I didn't want to cheat on him. But, I told Bob, that I couldn't stop right now. Bob said that he could help. He pointed out that the house was old and in need of repairs. He told me that he knew men that would take care of the work and would be happy to work for pussy. All of these men were, big, black, handsome, and very well hung.

I had the house painted, electrical work done, new phone jacks installed, and hired a landscaping crew to take care of the yard. Over the next few months my pussy got royally fucked, almost daily. The day that the landscaping crew came always turned into a gangbang. It was supposed a three man crew but at times I found myself fucking six different men.

Cindy had told me that that explained how this got started and why I had allowed so many different men to fuck me. But she couldn't understand why I was still doing it 9 years later. I explained to her that her father was a wonderful man. He was a great lover and that he too was hung, but not like these black men. These black men did things to me that had never been done before. I thought I would grow tired of it, or at least get used to it enough to stop or slow down. I was wrong. I had slowed down some over the years, but I hadn't stopped and wasn't going to stop.

Cindy kept my secret and I thought that everything would go back to normal. But Cindy's curiosity had been touched and she wanted to know more. She had skipped school a few times and had watched me get fucked by huge black cocks, without my knowledge. This activity backfired on Cindy the day that she tried to watch me get gangbanged by the landscaping crew. My first story left off with the black men finding a half naked Cindy watching the activity. I had stated that I was stuck in the middle of a black man sandwich (on all fours with a cock in my pussy and a cock in my mouth) and there were men playing with both of my breasts. I saw what was happening but couldn't stop it. I had stated that that was the day that Cindy got her first black cock, lots and lots of black cock.

Chapter 2

My Thursday gangbang with the landscapers normally ended around 2:30 pm. That would give me time to clean up and be ready for Cindy to get home from school. On that Thursday however it lasted much later. There was no need to cut their fun short considering my daughter was lying naked beside me, getting her brains fucked out. By the time the men started getting dressed I knew I had very little time to clean up. I didn't want there to be anything for my husband to find.

As the men left through the basement door I pulled Cindy to her feet. We had very little time to get cleaned up before her father got home. I didn't have time to be pissed at her for spying on me. I didn't have time to be worried about the condition my daughter was in mentally and physically. There would be time later to deal with all of these things. Right now I needed to get her into the shower.

She looked like a zombie, just looking straight ahead, lost. Her legs were weak enough that I didn't feel comfortable with her taking a shower by herself. So I joined her. I leaned her against the wall while I quickly got myself cleaned up. Over the years I had found that my nipples, ass, and pussy were to tender to us a wash cloth during bathing after being royally fucked. I would soap up my hands and wash off. Doing it this way allowed me to better control the amount of pressure I used on my body, less pain. I showed this to Cindy but she was too far out of it to do anything to help herself. I was really worried about her and the way she was acting. But we didn't have time for that now. Since she couldn't do it for herself, I washed her the best I could. I had guessed right in that she was very tender, so I tried to be as gentle and quick as possible. It amazed me at how aroused she still was. Each time I was forced to touch her breast or nipples she would moan. She gasp for air and leaned her head against me when I had to wash her pussy. I thought she was going to have an orgasm when I sprayed to water up into her pussy to get the cum out. I had never seen my daughter, or any other woman, like this before.

I know that a lot of readers would love to hear that this turned into a sexual relationship. It did not. I am not into women and am really not into sex with my daughter. GROSS! I was just happy to get her cleaned up, dressed, and up to her room. I told her to go to bed and that I would bring her some food later. I told her it would be best if she stayed away from her father tonight and that we would talk later. I told her father that she had come home early and wasn't feeling well and that we should let her sleep. He agreed and left her alone, thank god.

I checked in on Cindy after supper and told her that she should stay home from school tomorrow. I told her that she would have some pain and we really needed some quite time to talk. She just shook her head and went back to sleep.

Bob showed up the next morning looking for a good long fuck. I told him what had happened yesterday and that today wasn't a good idea. He was disappointed but totally understood. He told me to let him know if there was anything that he could do. I had a really bad feeling that I would need to take him up on that offer very soon. As Bob left I poured myself another cup of coffee and waited for Cindy to wake up. We really needed to talk.

Chapter 3

Cindy slept another hour or so. I was thankful for that. I needed some quite time myself, to get my thoughts together. It may sound weird coming from a woman who loves to fuck black men behind her husbands back, but I have always been a good and responsible mother. I was a friend when she needed a friend. I was a nurse, teacher, protector, and whatever else she needed me to be. I was also the enemy when necessary. NO DRUGS, STEALING, CHEATING, FIGHTING, and NO SEX. I did the PTA, girl scouts, soccer mom, and a hell of a lot more. As a mother goes, June Clever can kiss my ass. So how could I act like June Clever on a day like today?

I fixed Cindy some breakfast and started talking to her while she ate. I wanted to know if she was ok. She was still shaken but she said she seemed alright. I asked her to explain what she was doing in the basement yesterday. I asked her how long had she been spying on me. I asked her if she felt that she had been raped. I couldn't stop myself from asking questions. She didn't have a chance to answer any of them because of how fast I fired off the next question, that plus she had a mouth full of food.

She turned the tables on me and told me that if I would sit down, calm down, and let her finish eating she would try to explain everything to me. I had used the same line on her when I got caught by her a while back. I drank my coffee and tried to calm down. I waited for her to finish eating, my foot tapping the floor under the table the whole time.

She started off by saying that she was having some pain. She said that it was hard to walk and hurt to pee. She said that her throat was sore and that the muscles in her legs and stomach ached. She said it was exactly like I had told her that I had felt after my first time. I tried to explain to her that it had to have been worse for her because she was a virgin. Cindy lowered her head and told me that technically she wasn't a virgin. She said that she hadn't had sex with any of her boyfriends but that she did masturbate and that she also had dildo. She said that she got the dildo after she had caught me. She had ordered it online and used my name and credit card. She said that she had gotten so turned on by my story that she wanted to try some of those things but was too afraid to do it with someone else.

She said that she wanted to see what it was like to have sex and the best and safest way to do that was to watch me. Cindy said that she had snuck home a few times and seen me have sex with three different men. She said that it had gotten her so turned on that she had played with herself while watching the last guy fuck me. She said that she was sorry that she spied on me but she couldn't help herself. She said that she didn't realize that yesterday was the landscaper's day to visit. She said that she got a little carried away. She said that she must have made too much noise. She said that she was in the middle of an orgasm when the men found her.

I told Cindy that I saw most of what happened to her but that I wasn't able to stop it. Cindy laughed and said that I had had my hands full. And my mouth, and my .... I stopped her at that point and told her not to be a smartass. I told her that I was worried about her because I didn't want this to happen to her and it wasn't clear how she had felt about it. I asked her if she felt that she had been raped.

She said that she was afraid when it happened. She said that there were too many hands touching her, pulling on her, and pushing her down on the mattress. I was saying "NO" but nobody seemed to have heard me. Between the grunts of the men, the moans coming from me and the selective hearing on the part of the men I don't doubt that she wasn't heard. Cindy said she was already half naked anyway so it took little effort from those big black men to finish the job.

Cindy said it happened so fast. Before she knew it she had a cock in her mouth and felt something much bigger than her dildo being pushed into her pussy. Cindy kept saying that it was just like I had described my experience. It hurt a lot and felt like it was tearing me apart. She said that even with the pain that it felt better than her dildo ever had. She said that too many things were happening to me at the same time.

She said that the man that was fucking her face was doing his best to ram his cock down my throat. Cindy said that the cock was both silky yet hard as steel. She said that when he finally stopped trying to fuck her throat she kind of liked the way it felt going in and out of her mouth. She said that her first orgasm was stronger than anything she had ever felt, and it didn't want to stop. She said that her dildo was 9" long and fat. She said that both of the cocks that were invading her body were much bigger than that. I told her that Marcus was the one she was sucking on and he was 11", and Paul was the one fucking you was 12" and very fat. She said it felt huge.

Chapter 4

We continued talking. Most mothers and daughters would talk about boys, dating, high school, and other silly little things. It was really weird having this conversation. Cindy continued her tale by telling me she could feel it when Paul cam in her pussy, every last shot he fired. She also said that she had been very surprised when Marcus shot off into her mouth. He held her head so that she couldn't pull away and push his cock deep enough that she had no choice but to swallow. She said that she didn't want to swallow but she couldn't breathe, but the taste wasn't that bad.

As soon as one cock was removed from her body another replaced it. I told her that there were six men and they were used to coming at least three or four times each. I watched as each of the men took a turn fucking Cindy. My mouth and pussy was never empty either, but I watched as four men with cocks greater than 10" cam in my daughter's pussy. I saw her cum over and over again. I saw three of the men cum in her mouth. I heard her moan, cum, and beg for more. I wondered if that's what I sounded like.

When Cindy stopped talking the room grew very quite. What do you say after hearing and living something like that? I didn't want to scare her so I kept my fear that she might have gotten pregnant. I told her that we needed to get her on the pill. I have no idea why I said or wanted to do that. I certainly didn't want to send her the message that I wanted her having sex of any kind, with anybody. I guess I was afraid that if she was anything like me that her pussy would be full of black cock more often than it would be empty. It was at that moment that I not only felt like a whore, but I knew that I was a whore. I just didn't want my daughter turning into one herself.

I told Cindy that I was afraid for her. I told her that it was normal for her to be curious about sex, but what happened last night was just wrong. I told her that those dogs were going to be after her and she was going to have to be strong when turning them down. Not only is it wrong but those dumb asses could go to jail for shit like that. I told her that it was hard enough living in this neighborhood but if they think there is free teenage pussy to be had, god help us. But more important, your father would find out about everything.

That seemed to get through to Cindy. I know that she was looking forward to finding out more about sex, but she didn't want to hurt anyone. She didn't much like the idea of all those older black men hitting on her. It wouldn't take much to get a rep and Cindy had plans for her future, big plans. I told Cindy that we should talk a lot. I told her that we would treat this like a 12 step program. We would meet regularly for a girl's night out and talk about whatever we need to talk about. I told her that I would act like a sponsor and that she was to call me if she ever got into trouble or was tempted to do anything she shouldn't.

Just like any teenager, Cindy didn't like the idea of all those rules and controls being put on her. I also wasn't stupid in expecting Cindy to never have sex now that Pandora's Box has been opened. I just wanted her sex life to be more normal, nothing like mine.

Over the next few days I was able to get Cindy on the pill and had the doctor to check and she if she was pregnant. I knew it was too early for that but I wanted to try anyway. The doctor said it wasn't a good idea giving someone as young as Cindy the morning after pill. So we were stuck waiting.

Life tried to return to normal while we waited. Cindy was back in high school and I was back in the basement fucking black cock. You would think that this scare would be what I needed to stop screwing around. Instead I couldn't get enough black cock and cum. My daily fuck sessions always ended long before I wanted them to. I nearly fucked my husband to death each night.

Three weeks later we got the news I was afraid of, Cindy was pregnant. She flipped out. I sat her done and went over her options with her. Keeping the baby was an option, but had so many horrible problems attached to it that it was quickly dropped. Putting the baby up for adoption was a choice that had just as many problems. Either of these options meant that people would find out everything. When people found out that she had had a black baby her rep and her life would change forever. Abortion seemed the only way out. But getting this done without anyone, including my husband, finding out would be tricky. I needed Bob's help.

Bob live up to his word. He was very helpful and made everything happen, no questions asked. Cindy pretended to be sick for about a week but otherwise nobody knew anything. My husband was worried. He's such a good man. If he only knew what was really going on in his childhood home.

Chapter 5

The very first day Cindy went back to high school she got in trouble. I was called to the high school and told to speak with the principle. I waited in his office until her arrived, but I could tell by the buzz around the office that something very bad had happened.

The principle introduced himself and made small talk while we waited for Cindy to join us. When everyone had arrived and was seated the principle informed me that Cindy had been caught having sex with the high school janitor. I was informed that the janitor was a black man in his mid 40's. They were found in a utility room.

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