tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhat Will She Do to Keep a Secret?

What Will She Do to Keep a Secret?


I always suspected that she was cheating on him but I never expected to catch her virtually in the act. My roommate Dan and I had been in the Army for just a couple of years and were at our first duty station on Fort Bragg, NC. His girlfriend Amy had moved in with us just a couple of months before Dan deployed for 6 months and she wasted very little time becoming a fixture in the area party scene. Several times she "stayed over with girl friends" after going out but I was pretty sure she was finding a little love on the side. There is never a shortage of horny young men on any US military installation. So when I entered our apartment in the middle of the night a day before our field exercise was scheduled to conclude I walked in on Amy's hook up taking a piss in the bathroom we shared. He was a nice enough guy and when asked freely admitted that he had come back with Amy and was enjoying her company. I went to bed.

The next morning the dude was gone and uncharacteristically Amy was up and waiting for me as I came in to make some coffee at 5am.

"It's not what you think Bill." She said.

"Save it Amy." I replied. "The guy told me you two were fucking and frankly I don't think for a second it is the first time since Dan left. You can't keep your pants on and that is all there is to it."

Amy looked down but did not attempt to argue. "Are you going to tell Dan?" She asked.

"Hell yes I am going to tell him." I shot back. "The dumbass loves you and deserves to know. I sure would want to know if my girlfriend had another guy in my bed before the door hit me in the back."

"Bill, I am begging you. Please don't tell him. I promise that I won't do it again. I will stop drinking. I will do anything." She stammered as she began to get choked up.

"Crying is not going to work on me Amy." I replied as I walked past her and out of the room.

I went in to the Company armory where my men were cleaning weapons and spent the rest of the day thinking about whether I really should tell Dan. I never really liked Amy and she did not deserve a guy like Dan. He had fallen for her dark hair and brown eyes the first night they met. It should have been his first clue that she went home with him and sucked and fucked him all night long. I had really enjoyed the stories Dan would tell about her before they got serious. Amy had great curves with full D-cup bosoms and a strong athletic build. She had dark hair and brown eyes and stood about 5 feet 8 inches tall and probably weighed close to 150 pounds. She was not fat but muscular and according to Dan she loved cock. He said she loved to suck it and loved to fuck it. He rarely slept the first 3 months they knew each other.

After we dismissed the Company for a long weekend I went to a local bar with some Army buddies and knocked back a few beers. I was pretty tired from being in the field all week and as I began to enjoy my buzz I decided that I would see how far Amy would go to keep our little secret.

When I arrived at our apartment she was waiting for me in our den. She appeared to have been crying all though it was probably just for show. I walked in and as she sat on the sofa watching TV and looking depressed I mixed up two super strong Jack and cokes. I handed one to her as I sat in the chair across from her.

"Are you really going to tell Dan?" Amy asked in her most pitiful voice.

"It really depends." I replied smugly while hammering back my drink.

"What does it depend on?" She said with just a little bit of hope creeping in.

"It depends on what you are willing to do for me Amy." I said. I sat quietly looking at the TV screen.

"Just tell me what I need to do and I will do it. I will clean the apartment, wash your car, whatever you want me to do I will do it." She responded. She was brightening with every word as she began to believe that she could get out of her predicament.

As I stood up to mix another drink I went for it, "Amy, you can do all those things and I will expect it but what I am asking for to keep the secret is a little more than that. I want to fuck you Amy."

Her reaction surprised me. She did not gasp or scream or call me a creep like I expected. I had already decided that if she refused me I would tell her that I was just messing with her and that I would never fuck her anyway. I would also tell her that I had already emailed Dan. All she did was sit quietly on the sofa.

I walked over and stood in front of her and said, "So, is it a deal? You do to me what you did to that fuck toy you brought home last night and I will keep your secret. If you don't then Dan will be the next to know."

In the quietest of voices she muttered, "OK. But just this once."

"Amy, I will be the one to decide when, where and how often I have you. You are not exactly in a good position to be making demands." I replied.

As she sat there looking well and truly beaten I put my drink down on the table undid the front of my jeans. I pulled my growing erection

"Suck it Amy." I said.

Amy put her drink down and sat up in front of me. Without another word she grabbed my cock and guided it into her mouth. She was just going through the motions but it felt great anyway. As she continued to mouth me I reached down and began kneading her tits. I pulled her t-shirt up exposing her bra. I slipped my hand inside and began teasing her nipples. I was close to coming so I pulled away from her.

"Lay back on the sofa." I told her.

She did as she was told and I roughly spread her legs revealing a nice pair of white nylon panties under her jean skirt. I spat in my hand as I knelt by the couch and slid my hand under her panties. As I worked my fingers inside of her hairy snatch I sucked and bit at her nipples. It did not take long before her hips began to rock a little and I could hear her breathing become uneven. Within a few minutes she was moaning loudly. Once I had her completely aroused I stood up and told her to come with me into my bedroom. Once there I laid her back on the edge of my bed and had her pull her knees back. It was an incredible sight. I had her panties pulled to the side and was fingering her furiously while toying with her clit. Her bra was pulled down beneath her breasts and her t-shirt was bunched up around her neck. She was completely overcome with pleasure. I understood how Dan kept coming back for more.

"Are you ready to be fucked?" I asked her.

"Oh yes, please put it in me." Amy gasped.

As I held her panties to the side I guided my cock to her entrance and began teasing her by working just the head. I pulled her hand down to her muff so she could work her own button. I knew I could not last any longer so I thrust my full length inside of her as she rapidly worked her clit. With both hands roughly squeezing her tits I exploded in a massive orgasm. As I pumped inside her she came as well. I could feel the walls of her pussy contract repeatedly around my cock as wave after wave of pleasure rocked us.

After a couple of minutes of recovery I pulled out of her and said, "It may be blackmail but you have to admit it was fun."

Amy replied while still dazed, "Yeah, I have had worse punishments."

As I walked out of the room I yelled back, "Clean yourself up and bring me another drink." This was going to be fun.

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