tagHow ToWhat Women Want From Men Ch. 03

What Women Want From Men Ch. 03


What Every Woman Wants –Chapt 3 Awakening of dormant female sexuality phase two.

Foreword: I’m still waiting for the flames from the last chapter, with some amusement, knowing they are forthcoming, and for all of you who will indeed claim you don’t need awakening, well GREAT for you! Why’d you read it then? And the reason Henry Ford stopped making only black cars, is because people are different, and I am happy for you! And for those of you who say thanks and who have asked for help with this problem and are looking for solutions, I wish you the very best and all the luck I can send you is yours. I hope this helps some of you, and you are so welcome if it does.

And once again, without Raoul, I’d never be able to write any of this or have this thought out now. I had the pieces to a lot of this, the thoughts roamed about, they just didn’t connect for me until Raoul helped me sort through it all. And I repaid him, by confusing him. But I’ll fix it, stay tuned for what men want Chapt 4. Thanks to you all for your ongoing feedback and support, and to one or two of you out there, hey BLOW ME! Love, Almost

Oh and to my son Bobo? Honey, you’re me diluted, is all it is. I love you.I will always be your Mom (exit stage left, shrieks of laughter are heard)Yes indeed for those who know, I am Bobo’s mom, oh and is his face rosy! NOT MY MOM!.

In the last chapter I began to attempt to illuminate many of you to the workings of at least one feminine mind and in so doing, teach you the codes and nuances of most of our squirrelly little female minds, although the facts may vary some for each of us, the core truth does remain, and in that is a solution if you apply it. Without communication there is no hope. And for those of you who now call me a traitor to women everywhere, hey, I’ll do anything for a great orgasm, you should try it yourselves, is my point! This is a site about sexuality, so why are you here if you don’t want to have earth shattering orgasmic delight? Women even confuse other women!

Men are so logical, so linear and straightforward. And to that end you are wonderous to many of us illogical, irrational women, and we play with you because of it, guessing at your predictability, toying with your minds, we do it with such impunity too, because we know you’ll let us, and even shake your heads in amazement at our strange little ways.

Your unerring sense of direction and ability to focus, amazes US though, and we just like to see if we can throw you off course at times! You’re all like compasses with needles that always point back to magnetic north and if you hand any woman a compass she will play with it to see if she can trick it into pointing the wrong way. We women are skeptical of abilities we don’t have, it’s like that opening jars thing, we just can’t figure out why you can do that and we can’t!

It is a lot of fun to toy with you men, as all women know. But in truth, we envy your simplicity and directness and you amaze us in ways you just don’t understand either. Men are such gentle creatures, they do know their strength and they worry they will hurt us, and that we can’t handle them as physical equals. Your ability to love is in many ways much greater than women’s and we don’t always realixe that. Men adore females in most forms, from mothers, to sisters, to partners, to friends, men like to be around females and to them we are their light and joy and happiness, in one.

Men often repress their sexual longings and needs to meet us half way, and we don’t even realize that, nor do we always want it. Men hope it will answer our needs by being more like us, by realizing our sensitivity and it awes them we feel things like we do, or get hurt as easily as we do. The bottom line is the last thing most men ever want to do is hurt a woman they care about, and yes there are twisted versions of everything in society these days, but in reality, men do not want to hurt anything they love or care about and they only wish to protect and comfort. You men like to be what we need, even if it means opening our jars for us. You assume your strength is much greater than ours, and it often is physically, you hate when we’re unhappy or sad, or lost or confused, and you want to help! You also worry that your bodies aren’t attractive to us, nor are your masculine ways, and on that you are VERY WRONG.

To men, life is quite simple, you find the problem, you identify it, you then ATTACK IT, and you KILL IT, which isn’t really effective problem solving for the art of love making, at least at some times. So, being men, you then fall back and regroup and then decide what the problem is again, and attack it slightly differently, and then attempt to kill it, yet again, IT being the problem, you men, don’t solve problems you BANISH them. And if the attack doesn’t work, it must be the target that was wrong, because to men, when you attack correctly, you will succeed. In essence that is somewhat an absolute, but it is often the force, the timing and the preplanning that win a battle, not just the attack itself.

Men will storm the front gate of a woman’s sexuality for decades and never ever realize you absolutely have to go in through another door, so in essence your linear thinking can limit you men, to sticking far too closely to the literal and not using enough of the figurative, or diversifying your approach to find the secret passageways we women are born with. And we women sit there like deaf mutes suggesting we have no clue what will work, and in many ways we don’t. There is no map we’re given that says, tell him to go THIS way, we sit there half asleep saying oh, that was great, really honey!

Gentleman, in nature, there was a master plan for procreation and the continued survival of the species. In that plan, was the males urge to mate, and the females urge to nurture and procreate. And what I’m saying is, sex itself is pretty elementary, if that’s all anyone wants to do with it! Even amoebe’s figure it out.

So all this, endurance and stamina and size and angle of the dangle, really isn’t as important as people would like to believe it is, it is the way an amoebe approaches sex, and it isn’t about pleasure or satisfying a woman’s needs and desires. You just wish it was, because you really do want to know! And being men means you approach things with hammers and saws and tools and a serious frown and the directions and say ok, Slot A is here, Point A is there, put one in the other, and here we GO!

We women don’t read the directions until the thing looks lopsided. We wait til we’re stumped before using the manual, or we hire someone to do it. We do often put things in the closet and just forget they exist without ever figuring out how to assemble them. Men, on the other hand will spend hours patiently unraveling fifty strings of $2 Christmas lights year after year, so that the family they love, can have joy. And we often do not give men credit for their tenacity and strength and generosity.

There is not a man out there that doesn’t hope and wish and want to be a major stud among men. He wants to compete and WIN, he wants respect and admiration, he wants to be good at what he does, and he wants a happy pussy at home! And any man who has all of those things, is on his couch grinning whenever he can be, going Damn, life is so good! I am…THE MAN!

Now everyone is different to some extent, and some men want a pussy that does housework and runs carpool and picks up his drycleaning and goes to his business dinners and makes his motor run and his engine purr. Some, really only want great sex, and they will give up or concede or compromise on just about ANYthing else, they’ll hire a maid, they’ll book weekends of romance in San Francisco, they’ll take time off from work, they’ll get up early, whatever you want, they’ll do if you will JUST please lean over that balcony railing naked when they come home. And they’ll be gentle and sweet, they’ll take out the trash, they’ll use lots of tongue, they’ll do WHATEVER it takes to make that pussy happy and adore them. And ladies, it can be very fun to have a man adore you too. You can even hire someone ELSE to take out the trash, if he forgets, it is such a small thing after all.

In this all is men are men, and part of what women find attractive about men is that they ARE MEN! We love male strength and hardness, it contrasts with our softness and feminity, we love how you men growl a bit at times, when you sense danger or someone invading your territory, we react to masculinity and male behaviors on a very instinctive primal level. While we now walk upright, in many ways we are still very much animals and sex is as primal a function as ever oozed forth from the swamp.

In nature, males win females, through fighting and showing off their strengths and aptitudes. Some species dance, some cavort, but most show their skills and prowess off to a female in some form or another. Some species build elaborate nests and offer their real estate as an attractant to females. There are many different ways different males of different species will attempt to attract a female, there is one constant however, males want to attract females, through the universe known and unknown. And I will guarantee you, more men read this than women will, for just that reason!

Human males use almost every attractant any other species will use. They will learn to dance, they will wear the correct plumage, they will get the real estate and build the nest, they will store up great sources of wealth to dazzle her with as an offering in exchange for her devotion, they will even take her shopping, when all else fails. They work out, they build muscle, they worry about six packs and flat abs, they’ll tan, they’ll style their hair, they’ll learn languages, they’ll go to the opera, they will do whatever it takes to attract a female of their own. And then they’ll do whatever it takes to keep her. They are men, its what they do. They can’t help that any more than we women can help being female.

Physical challenges between males, fighting for females is pretty common in the animal world. As such they crash and thunder and thud and roar. They trumpet and bugle and bellow and growl. They become fierce and tough, they toss their mighty heads and show their teeth, and the females often blandly watch from the side, knowing that which ever one is the toughest and strongest will win, and that is who will sire their offspring. To the victor belongs the females, and the females are ok with that, and even without popcorn, they’ll sit back to enjoy the show. And take notes. Yeah, number 7 sure looks like he’s wearing out, but 8 looks pretty strong still!

Attraction is based on those base survival instincts, and that chemistry everyone talks about is about procreation instincts, primal ones. Where a creature knows instinctively what scientists spend years attempting to decipher, is that to produce superior offspring and perpetuate not only the species but themselves, every living thing in existence somehow instinctively knows they must mate with superior examples of their own kind. It is the prime directive of life. The species must survive, as must the individual, and the individual achieves a form of immortality through producing offspring.

Superior offspring are better suited to survive. The fastest survive, the strongest do, the less susceptible to disease and pestilence do, the most intelligent and cunning do, the ones with attitudes do, and some with luck even do. And as such, every male will attempt, instinctively to display why he’s a good choice for a parent to a female. As will she to him. Men also choose healthy specimens to impregnate based on that same instinct, or, it’s why men like attractive women. Attractive is spirit and intelligence, it’s health and fitness, it’s speed and agility, it’s grace and beauty, and it often compliments both their strengths and weaknesses so that they to, contribute to this specie survival by helping with the selection process. The goal is simple, bring forth nothing worse, and hopefully better than they are themselves. It is quite an elaborate and interesting plan nature made for us all.

It isn’t a simple formula, and there are many recipes for the continuation and evolution of our species, some include a melting pot of racial types, some include blends, some include differences do attract, and there are reasons for those. We as humans added more layers to the framework, in that we raise our offspring together, so not only do we have to have those attractants we have to be able to cohabitate while we raise those children we produce, we have to get along with each other!

Males do the attracting to some extent in our species, but so do females, we females do where plumage, we do show off our strengths, we flirt and swish and attract males, we value those attributes that make males valuable to us, from their real estate to their hoardes of nuts, to their flashing teeth and powerful jaws, all those things matter to us for both our own survival and the survival of our offspring, human females find the attractants males offer stimulating. Including the violence of males contesting for them, the proof they can and will defend and protect their females and their families.

When males act male, females react by becoming aroused, and prepared to mate. When a man growls softly and shows his stremgth, many of us women just melt. We do not always want your tenderness and gentleness fellas, sometimes we really like that your strong and manly. It does turn us on. So although you are worried you could hurt us, and do hold yourselves back because you don’t want to, sometimes we want it a little rough, not too, not always, but sometimes. And oh do we!

With that comes fantasies and imaginative thoughts. We women do like to be swept off our feet, by romance and by strength. We all secretly long for the wings of flight, the power of being carried away by passions and love, even of being driven wild and driving you men wild too! The power of sexuality is a heady aroma, it has highs and twirls our thoughts of hitherto unknown places we can reach into and explore, it has the taboos of bending the rules, of defying known limits, of daring to challenge the boundaries, of dancing on the edge of cliffs, and of having to trust that we will not fall into the abyss below. The stories of being awoken by a kiss are good ones, as is the one of the Prince with a special slipper that would only fit one. And many of us do long to be carried away tenderly or even not so tenderly. And from all this springs dreams of ravishment, of being carried off to a cave and coveted and owned. We sometimes call those rape fantasies, and if one door won’t work to open the realm of sexual awakening, the other usually will.

Rape isn’t the right word however. Rape is a crime, it is not love, it isn’t even sex really, it’s violence and control only, it has no compassion, no regulation and it is far far over the line of where we truly want to go, we just want to break free, not go off the cliff. These fantasies are considered dark and dangerous and as such they often alarm men and frighten women to have these types of thoughts, but, if you understand these and why they happen and exist, it’s not this dark dangerous place, it really isn’t. And although the privatization of secret thought holds some pleasure, the sharing and exploration of those thoughts together is even more exhilarating. It is fun to be sexually uninhibited. And one does not have to go too far to enjoy the pleasures of pushing a boundary a bit.

to know we have these fantasies, or that THEY do. It aligns with dark things and wrong doing, when in fact ravishment is not rape. Ravishment is totality, ravishment is being swept away, and responsibility for transitioning from being chaste and pure is taken on by the ravisher. It is a proving of desire, it’s removing the binds of societal repressions, it is in fact a very very exciting thing.

Rape fantasies are not rape, and the fact the same word is used, alarms women and men. No woman really wants to be raped, many want to be ravished, at least four times a week if you’re up for it. Rape is when a man, (or woman) forces UNWANTED attentions on someone else. Rapists do not care if that person wants them, knows them, likes them or wants their attention. Rape is totally egocentric and violent and it’s aggression only, not love, not affection. It is power over someone else.

Rape fantasies or ravishment fantasies are entirely different in that they are about someone whether known or not, entering the life and body and mind of a woman against her will perhaps, but she wants HIM and IT. Big difference, guys! And big difference girls! It is she wants him, and the old adage of you can’t rape the willing is so true, if she wants this, it’s NOT rape, IF she wants it and him! It is a desire to be ravished and taken and transported through time to a land of pleasure, nothing more. And it is very very primal to want this form of sexual uniting.

In cave man times, fellas sort of went forth, found pussy, grabbed her by the hair, and drug her back to the cave! It’s how it was done! He needed pussy, and typical of men, he found, he took, he sat back and asked for a beer! It’s that linear problem solving again. Guys like simple things. He just needed a pussy? He found one, so he carted her off, and said mine, just like he did good firewood!

Now with this, some of these women were actually a bit shocked that they were being treated like a possession and/or equated to firewood. They wanted music, and flowers and fine wine and good food! This big hairy beast wasn’t quite what they had planned! And he grunted, like all smart men, when women jabber, wondering who the hell ever taught women to talk!

But what happened was, it was sort of exciting, and the silly thought popped into the females head, that wow, he likes me! He wants me enough to risk carting me off and keep me, and I don’t think this is a one night stand here. He’s taking me to his secret cave even! And he isn’t going to ever let me go! This is kind of cool, oh oops, I didn’t think that! And with that, was wow, he’s strong, wow, he smells good, wow, his shoulders are broad.

And guys she got horny. Damn those hormones of ours, they’re on YOUR side. And he then took her and taught her her “place”, with a few grunts and swats and said, You PUSSY, you fuck! Me fuck you!

And that is why women have these fantasies. Because it is very primal, very basic, very intensely sexual and very fun to consider actually doing! But it really isn’t rape, it’s forced enlightenment and submission. It’s being chosen and not being allowed to say no. It’s being wanted so much, that traditions and rules are ignored and devalued, and it is transcending things like propriety for the sake of needs, our own, and it is very very sexy.

AND NO, do not try this at home without a lot of discussion first, and agreement by both parties, because unfortunately there are laws that can be enforced to prevent this, if it isn’t between to consenting adults! And gentlemen, I”d get it in writing if I were you. It can be quite a risk if you don’t.

Things like ravishment and bondage, are ways to circumvent and avoid the traps of repression. They are away to break free of those repressions, they are expressions of our passionate natures that can be very rewarding, but they do vary for each person. They aren’t evil however, nor are they twisted if you look at why they are caused and if you do that, you can find constructive and healthy ways to use these fantasies to your mutual advantage and pleasure. It is somewhat pleasurable to enjoy strength and this form of spontaneity for males as well as females.

Hope that helps some and there will be another chapter soon-Almost

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