tagAnalWhat You Can't Have

What You Can't Have


The night was going well so far. She had first seen him mincing about on the dance floor in the club. Something about him really caught her attention, and it wasn't his fucked up dance moves.

In order to get a closer look at him she dragged some of her friends onto the dance floor near him. At this distance she liked what she saw even more: - late twenties, well over six foot, lean and athletic, with long curly hair a good distance past his shoulders. The wedding ring he wore was an enticement more than a put off.

Rachael was five ten, slim but well rounded with big firm tits and round squeezable arse. Her long black hair, green eyes and pale complexion giving her a certain unusual attraction. Yes, she looked good, and she knew it.

However, he didn't seem interested in the girls around him, and just concentrated on dancing, smiling at his own piss taking. Rachael quickly decided that a few meaningful glances would be a waste of time and that a more direct action was needed.

Handing her drink to her friend she backed towards him until her firm arse rubbed against his hip. That got his attention all right as, without a word, he slipped his arms around her thin waist from behind.

"Some men are so easy to pull," she thought as they started to grind together. "If he wasn't married, this would be challenge at all".

The dance floor was becoming no more than a hazy background, as Rachael reached over her shoulder to caress the side of his face, feeling the rough stubble. His hand tightened around her waist pulling her hip round in a circular motion to match his own. She could feel his jeans rub on her arse through the thin summer dress she wore, her G-string leaving her cheeks exposed.

Their rubbing was beginning to have an effect on him, and his knob quickly hardened pushing into her flesh from behind. The speed and ease with which his dick shot up took Rachael by surprise.

"That best be the only thing he does quickly," thought Rachael, deciding that this man was hers tonight.

One song blended into another, neither dancer pausing in the firm rhythmic rub of crotch on arse. The effect on him was obvious, but Rachel was enjoying it to. His cock rubbing up and down her crack making her hot, the movement of her leg causing friction in her damp pussy.

Their touch became heightened, every slow caress increasing their excitement. His hand trailed up from her waist to her large braless breasts, cupping one in each hand. Rachael lifted both hand around to his head, running them through his hair and pulling his head to her shoulder, causing her tits to stick out all the more. Slowly he rubbed her breasts making her stiff nipples poke through the thin cotton of her dress. He grasped both nipples between thumb and forefinger, gently squeezing and rolling them. She turned her head to him and moaned low and husky into his ear. This obviously had the desired effect as he ground his member into the small of her back.

She turned to face him, placed one arm around him and the other between them and rubbed up and down the outline of his cock.

"Shall we go?" she said, staring into his eyes as she felt his penis.

"I don't think the wife would be too happy" he replied, more than little regretfully

"We don't have to worry about her do we," she said, moving her hand down to squeeze his balls and licking her lips to emphasize.

"We can go to my place, and he want to play soooo much" flicking her eyes down to his hard knob.

He seemed unable to decide, so Rachael took things into her own hands (no pun intended). Taking him by the hand she led him from the dance floor and out of the club.

It was early (relatively) so they were in a Taxi within seconds, which was just as well as they were now both getting very worked up. Sliding on to the back seat, Rachael made sure that her short dress rode up to reveal her tidy black knickers. His mind made and his misgivings forgotten he practically dove in behind her forcing his mouth on to hers and his hand between her spread legs.

All subtlety forgotten, they kissed with real passion pushing their faces together and thrusting their tongues into each others mouths. He began rubbing her pussy through her silky knickers, rubbing his finger up the centre parting her outer lips, feeling how very wet and enflamed she had become. She reciprocated, tugging the zip of if jeans down and sliding her hand inside to feel his hot throbbing member for the first time.

It had felt average size through his jeans and it was, in length, but when she wrapped her fingers around it, it felt like holding a child by the wrist. She moaned to herself thinking how it would stretch her when he rammed it up her.

Never breaking their kiss, Rachael began to rub his shaft furiously. He had been hard as nails since the dance in the club but if anything he was getting harder. The feel of his cock in her hand and his hand rubbing her fanny was building her up and she began to feel the familiar tingle in her abdomen.

"Not already," she thought to herself and fought to hold back.

As if sensing this he pulled her tiny pants to one side and ran his fingers up and down her exposed, shaven flesh. Slipping his fingers between her lips, he spread her juices around her pussy. He seemed to be trying to tease Rachael by touching her a bit at a time, but she was far beyond that. Removing her hand from his flies she grabbed his hand and roughly pulled it into her crotch. He took the hint and shoved two fingers up her now dripping cunt, flicking at her clit with his thumb.

Satisfied that she was now getting what she needed she put her hand back in his jeans and gave him what he needed. The Taxi was very hot and they were both sweating on the leather seat. Rachael could feel her sweat and juices soaking through her thin dress and sticking her legs and arse to the seat. She had to squirm to unstick them, causing his fingers to rub all around the entrance of her fanny as they sawed in and out. This was too much for already overdriven system and she came, moaning into his mouth and clamping her pussy walls tight around his fingers, drenching his hand in her cum.

He pulled away smiling at her, pleased he had brought her off so easily. Rachael Began rubbing his cock anew, determined to make him cum to. But as she sat there, legs spread, knickers pulled to one side and her love juice dripping out of her, with her hand shoved in a strangers pants, she remembered just where she was. Sat in the back seat of a taxi. She also remembered the driver for the first time.

Glancing up at him she saw his eyes drilling into her through the rear view mirror, he had been watching all the time, and he was in obvious discomfort. Realising there was no point tiring to be modest now she looked towards her partner and nodded her head indicating the driver. He looked forward himself and smirked at the driver's reddened features. Rachael had decided to give her driver a treat and took her right hand out of her man pants replacing it with the left, allowing her to lie back on the seat, spread her legs and play with herself.

The driver could not believe his luck as this gorgeous girl stared into his eyes rubbing her wet pussy for him. He had been hanging around the clubs in town waiting for a fair and hoping for his Saturday night bonus, as he thought of it. He had been watching since they got into the back of his cab and couldn't believe his luck.

Lots of couples necked and groped each other on the way home and he often got so turned on he would stop at a secluded spot and wank himself until he sprayed his load into the bushes. This time it was different however. His normal voyeur antics got him off but made him feel like a peeping tom intruding on someone else's pleasure. But this girl seems to genuinely enjoy his stares.

He had already been rubbing himself through his trousers and had taken the longest route to the destination that he could. Now he was getting really hot and bothered, and wanted the journey to end as soon as possible so he could release his pressure. He might have tried it on with this slut of a girl, but the bloke smirking at him from beside her was huge. The driver himself was older, shorter and less muscled...he didn't fancy his chances.

The fact was, he decided, this girl is just enjoying getting me worked up, and they are both laughing and me knowing I can't do anything. But that was far from the truth. Perhaps it was the drink. Perhaps it was the feel of this man cock and throb of her own privates but Rachael decided to act on a new and very wicked thought. She leaned forward and whispered into her partner's ear and he smiled more broadly.

"Mmmm," she moaned, still rubbing her wet gash and returning her eyes to the driver.

"This is getting me really horny, and I've already cum. I can't imagine what effect it must be having on you."

The driver jaw dropped open but he couldn't reply.

"Why don't you find a nice quiet spot and you can wank while I suck my man."

The tires screeched as the driver swung his cab down the nearest side road and parked up in a darken industrial estate.

"Oh you are excited aren't you," she giggled "get out and come round the back for a better view"

With that the driver leapt from the car and pulled the back door open. Rachael pulled her mans cock from his jean, getting up on the seat on all fours, her arse pointing towards the driver stood at the door. She eased her mans jeans down slightly to give her more access to his engorged member then slipped it in her mouth while he lay back to enjoy the show.

The driver stood behind her and quickly whipped out his tool while he watched, pumping on his throbbing tool like there was no tomorrow. Her dress was now up round her waist and her knickers still pulled to one side showing her wet dripping pussy.

Rachael could feel the driver's eye all over her arse and pussy and hear his pants and he throttled his chicken. The exhibitionism was really getting to her. She could hardly believe she was sucking a man cock whilst a stranger wanked over her arse and fanny. She didn't even fancy him but she felt truly out of control tonight.She moaned and wiggled her arse at him and the more it turned the driver on, the more it turned Rachael on.

However there was more than one man to pleasure here. She liked up and down her married mans cock, rubbing his shaft with one hand and cupping his balls in the other. Slowly, teasingly, she began to work her way around his helmet. Lips around the base, she flicked her tongue along his slit while she sucked and was rewarded with a throb which stretched his helmet tight.

Now she began to really wank his knob whilst sucking on the end, making her man groan in pleasure. Her fanny was pulsing so much now that the knickers cutting into her lips became genuinely uncomfortable.

"Why don't you pull them knickers down for me driver?" Rachael said, taking the cock from her mouth and wiggling her firm arse at him.

The driver needed no second invitation and reached up trembling hands to her hips. His fingers slid under the sides on the wispy garment and slowly pulled them down her thighs. Swallowing hard and wishing to god he had some spit left, the driver gazed at her lovely rounded cheeks, her pouting twitching pussy and even her puckered ring. It was all too much for him as he grabbed his rock hard member and tugged it furiously.

The power Rachael felt, to turn this stranger on so much he'd stand in the middle of the street wanking, whilst she sucked this man who supposedly belonged to another woman, was unbelievable.

"That's it big boy," she shouted, looking round from her sucking "cum all over my arse you dirty bastard".

This last sent him over the edge and he spurted wave after wave of creamy cum. It splattered hot against her sensitive arse and up the backs of her thighs. It spurted on the seat and the carpet and even suck to the roof his pressure was so great.

Feeling the hot jism hitting her arse spurred Rachael on and she sucked her man right into her throat with renewed vigour, squeezing his balls and rubbing what little shaft was out of her mouth. He felt himself nearing the edge and grabbed her hair with both hands as he went over it.

Thrusting up with his hips and down on her head, he shove his cock to the back of her gagging throat and shot his load right there. Rachael pulled her head back swallowing as she did, loving the taste and texture of his thick love juice. Taking his cock from her mouth and wanking it she took the last few shots on her face for him to see. Finishing, he groaned and slumped back into the seat.

"Right," she said to the driver getting out to clean herself "you've had you're fun. Time to take us home so I can get fucked good and proper"

She took her knickers from around her ankles and wiped two men's spunk from her face and arse before getting back in the car.

They arrived at Rachael's place moment later.

"You can keep them," she said handing the driver her dripping wet, cum covered knickers.

" Now I want my fun," she said to her man dragging him towards the door as the taxi sped off.

They up the stairs in seconds and into her bedroom. He began pulling his clothes off in his eagerness to get at her but she lay a soothing hand on his arm to stop him. It may have been urgent in the cab but now she wanted to take her time.

She kneeled in front of him removing his shoes and socks and pulling his jeans down over his well-muscled thighs. His penis was hard again and straining at his tight boxers, but she wasn't going to touch it yet. She stood up removing his shirt.

They kissed. Tongues intertwining, hot lips rubbing and sucking, teeth biting. His hand reached round to her pert buttocks, pulling up her dress and squeezing her naked flesh. She returned the favour, squeezing his firm toned arse. He pushed forward digging his hard penis into her soft belly, urging her to touch it.

Rachael was having none of it and pushed him away. She dropped her hands to the hem of her dress and slowly lifted it upwards. First her shaven mound was exposed with it runway of hair pointing straight to her clit. Her lips were wet and swollen.

Next her taught stomach came into view, flat and sweaty. Raising her dress oh so slowly higher she exposed her large firm breasts, hanging slightly with large purple nipples erect. Even though she had already been dirtier than she could imagine with this man she felt butterflies in her stomach as she showed off her body. She was so turned on that even the feel of the dress grazing her nipples as she took it off was enough to make her pussy throb. As she pulled he dress up he made his move.

Just when her dress was covering her face and entangling her arms he lunged at her pulling the dress tight, covering her face and pinning her arms. He pushed her back to the bad and on to it, never releasing his grip, pinning her to the mattress.

He moved his head to her breasts and began to lick slowly around them. Rachael bucked underneath him, trying to get free but that just made him hold on more. He sucked first one then the other nipple into his mouth flicking them with his tongue and nibbling gently. Rachael let out a moan, muffled by the dress tight against her face and stopped her struggling.

Previous lovers had pinned her arms to the bed whilst they made love but this was different. She couldn't move her arms and she couldn't see. As his tongue flicked at her nipples she began to really enjoy herself.

"What can I tie you with?" growled her man.

Rachael was nervous. After all she hardly knew this man. Did she want to leave herself in his power?

"You're a filthy girl, and filthy girls get tied"

"There are some tights in the top draw" she finally whispered hoping it was the right decision but getting off on the danger.

He pulled her arms out of her dress kept it over her face, tying it in place. The thin cotton allowed her to breath but only allowed her a hazy shadow of sight. She could hear him raking in her draws and jumped when he roughly grabbed her hands and tied them to the bedposts with her own tights.

She was completely naked and tied to her bed with a complete stranger, half more turned on than she'd ever been, half petrified. She heard his pants hit the floor and his legs straddle her. He leaned forward and kissed her mouth through the thin dress.

She could feel his hard cock pressing into her belly. Then he moved off. Moments passed and Rachael panted in her lust, anticipation and fear. What would he do? Where would he start? Would he start?

A gasp escaped Rachael's lips as she felt his lips close around her toes. A gasp of surprise and relief. He kissed and sucked all round her toes. He licked up the sole of her feet from sole to toe making her squirm. She couldn't believe the sensation she was feeling just from him licking her toes, but the heighten sensitivity caused by her arousal and her inability to see would have made any touch deeply erotic.

Now he started to move up her ankles licking and tickling, up her calf, past her knees. The progression was agonizingly slow for Rachael, every step making her hotter and wetter. She wanted nothing more than to grab this man head and shove it in her crotch, but her hands were tied. She could do nothing but wait and groan.

He continued his progress up her legs, now reaching her oh so sensitive inner thigh. He gradually lick and kissed around here always heading north until he was centimetres from Rachael's juiced up minge.

Rachael's body was buzzing by now; desperate for some kind of release, but he intended to tease some more. Leaning down close to her bare pussy he breathed hot air over her making her moan a low animalistic moan. He kissed each side of her pussy, just clear of her engorged lips. Then ran his tongue up each other lip. Rachael could take no more and thrust he pussy upwards.

"Lick it, please lick it, I can't wait anymore"

This seemed to be what he was waiting for and now set about his task with enthusiasm.

He parted her outer lips with both hand and ran his tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top, making sure to be light on her clit just yet. Rachael practically screamed and pushed her arse right off the bed to make him lick her more, to make him bury his face in her aching fanny.

He reached his hands under her arse and supported her off the bed and began to really lick. Up and down her slit, around her hole and pushing his tongue inside making his stubble grate against her over sensitive bits. Now he moved his head down, licking between her pussy and her arsehole.

Licking right round that entrance without ever touching it had Rachael moaning again, but the time for teasing had passed and he soon ran his tongue right along her puckered hole. The gasps and moans coming from behind Rachael's make shift mask told him to continue and he wet up her ring with plenty of spit before sliding his hardened tongue inside. Her sphincter resisted at first but quickly relaxed to allow him full access as her desire overcame her misgivings. He now started rubbing her clit with his thumb and sliding him tongue in and out of her arse.

Rachael spread her legs wide apart to allow him to go deeper and almost lost control. Sensing her distress he shifted. Bringing his mouth up to her hard clitoris he sucked it into his mouth and flicked the tip with his tongue as he had her nipples. Rachael began to buck underneath him as he sucked and slid two fingers into her pussy, ramming in and out. She was rapidly approaching her climax. He slid a third finger into her and eased in to the now tight hole. Rachael stopped breathing and simply humped his fingers. Suddenly his finger shot in and Rachael felt his wedding ring inside her pussy. This was too much for her. The symbol of his love and fidelity for another woman was inside her pussy. Rachael climaxed as never before. Her pussy clamped around his hand and she bucked and screamed into her dress as her cum drenched his hand. She almost passed out feeling her heart hammer in her chest. She wanted more though. No matter how hard she came she wouldn't feel done until she'd had a cock inside her and he didn't disappoint.

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