tagAnalWhat's for Dinner?

What's for Dinner?


I'm making spaghetti for dinner tonight. The house smells fantastic! I find it strange that you haven't come home yet and I can't find my phone so there's no way for me to call you. I'm a little worried but I still have a salad to prepare.

I hear your car pull into the garage and the engine stops only you don't come in- you stay in the car. Ten minutes go by and I become concerned so I wash my hands and head towards the garage. There you are. Car door open dick- in your hand.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

You motion for me to get in the car and I have no idea what's going on but I want to go with the flow. By the time I round the car to get in your pants are all the way down.

"Baby, what's going on?" I ask one more.

You tell me you're trying to spice things up and I should take off my panties!

"WHAT?" I exclaim.

You say it again "Take off your panties!"

I lift my ass up off the seat and slowly and pull my panties off and down my ankles. I ball them up and prepare to set them down but before I even get a chance you gently take them out of my hand and bring them up to your nose.

"Mmmmm" you say as you inhale my scent.

You never stopped stroking your cock and boy is it rock hard. You tell me to recline the seat back and spread my legs. Our eyes meet and we both look hungry. You're staring right at me but your hands are unbuttoning my dress.

I feel your fingers run across my skin and stop at my vagina. Inside my vagina is warm and wet. You started slow but now find it hard to resist fingering my cunt. My pussy is so wet it's dripping down my thigh. Mmmmm, it smells so sweet. You would like a better angle so you tell me to recline the seat back further.

Now that you have a better angle you begin fucking me with two fingers but that is simply not enough for you. You put down the e- brake and lean over me. Your legs are sticking outside of the car now.

You kiss my lips and pull out my breast and suck on them as well. You rub my pussy and tell me it needs more thorough attention. There's not enough room with how you're positioned and with as far back as I have reclined this seat there is enough room for you between my legs. Usually you caress me and kiss my thighs softly but you instantly begin devouring my pussy. I try to reach for your dick but you stop me and instruct me to keep still.

With your thumb and index finger you part my pussy lips exposing my clit. You begin to suck my clit. I'm starting to moan now-I feel as if I'm going to explode. You're still sucking my pussy and you're moaning too! I can see you jacking off your cock and I'm jealous- that's my job! You're sticking your tongue inside my pussy. Deep inside that tight pink hole. You pull my ass off the seat and begin to lick away. I can't see your hands but I feel them moving up and down as you continue to stroke your cock.

You motion for me to sit up straight and when I do I can't resist the urge of cleaning my pussy juice off your face.....mmmmmm it's so good! You tell me to turnover. I am now hugging my seat- I turn and look back only to see you wedging your head in between my thighs. You keep one hand on my hip and one hand on that cock. You're still stroking your cock at a nice steady pace.

You're tonguing my pussy and running all the way up to my asshole. Now you are only licking my asshole- it feels spectacular! You insert one finger in my ass.

"Mmmmmmm fuck that ass, baby!"

Now you have two fingers inside my ass. You tell me you wanna take my ass. I tell you to take it! I reach down and rub my clit as I anticipate the pleasure I'm about to receive.

You straighten up and you spread my ass open. I can feel your spit lubricate my tight asshole. I can feel the tip of your dick in my ass- it's so tight. You're slowly working your dick in my ass. Once you're in you go to town. You're grabbing my breasts as you pound my ass. I'm rubbing my clit but I stop because I don't want to cum yet.

You're getting close. You grab my hips and fuck me harder. You're fucking me so hard the seat is bouncing. I begin rubbing my clit as I cry out your name.

"Are you ready for it?" You ask.

I'm rubbing my clit so fast.

"Here it cums" you say as you pump me harder and faster than the stroke before.

You blow your load in my tight ass- I cum in my hand. You turn me over and kiss me. You begin to smile and just before I can say anything you ask

"What's for dinner?"

I can't even be mad at you. You ate my pussy and asshole like there was no tomorrow. Let me get you some real food.

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