tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat's Under That Suit?

What's Under That Suit?


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!


"You better go get that seen to Kate," the director said to Kate Beckinsale as she hobbled off the set and leaned on a table keeping the weight off her left leg. The filming of Underworld 2 was well under way now and many fantastic stunts were being filmed to give the film some great viewing.

"It's alright, it's just a cramp," she mumbled, flexing her leg about a bit with a grimace.

"No go get it massaged out. We'll break for half an hour and you can do this right." He said, handing her a bottle of water. She'd actually be able to have a drink since she'd have enough time to take her suit off and use the loo now. Kate took the water and took a slurp and headed towards the masseurs room, the cramp still biting in her left hamstring. She knocked on the door and looked in to see if anyone was around. The on set masseur looked up with a smile from where he was sitting relaxing on a chair with a magazine.

"Oh hello Miss Beckinsale, what can I do for you?" he said politely, standing up to welcome her into the room.

"I've been cramping up quite a bit today, and after that last scene I stretched quite a bit and my left leg just cramped up on me up here," Kate said, holding the back of her left thigh, squeezing the rubber encased leg.

"OK then let me see what I can do. Lay down on the table and let me have a feel," he said, realising how that sounded. Kate gave a sly smirk and climbed onto the table, settling herself face down on the soft surface. She felt his hands rubbing at her left hamstring, pressing and massaging her a little before sliding up. Kate couldn't help but feel a slight tingle as his fingers slid up the bottom of her arse and pressed at her hamstring there aswell.

"Your leg's really knotted up there. I can massage it out and you should be alright, but not through this suit," he said, idly stroking the back of her leg.

"Oh right, well, can you give me a hand?" She said after a moments though, looking back and indicating the zip.

"Sure sure!" he said, hoping he didn't seem too eager as he reached and took hold of the zip. He pulled it smoothly downwards as Kate started wriggling to free her arms from the binding rubber. She leaned up on her hands and knees as he started to peel the skin-tight rubber suit from her body. His eyes widened as he saw he perky breasts hanging down, Kate making no attempt to shield them from him. The suit made a sucking sound as he peeled it from her slender form, the rubber sliding from her hot body. He took a deep breath as he pulled it down over her hips, and was not disappointed.

She had no underwear on at all, not even a tiny thong. He stared at her perfectly formed arse as he pulled her suit down to her knees. Kate dropped down onto her front and held her legs up, and given the position needed to remove the suit, he saw her sweet bald pussy peeking out between her legs slightly. He pulled the suit off the rest of the way and carefully hung it up from a hook on the back of the door so as not to cause it any unnecessary damage. His cock was already semi hard as he turned back to Kate, who was looking at him with a smile.

"Nothing to keep you modest then?" he said with a smile, trying not to stare.

"Well this rubber suit is hot, and I don't want anything chafing or showing through it, so this works fine. And it's always a little fun isn't it?" she said with a slight lick of her lips and a wink.

"So how's it going out there?" he asked as he moved round to her left side, keeping his growing hardon hidden from her view as best he could.

"It's brilliant! Things are going so well, and the stunts I get to do, just so exciting to get to work on a film like this and be involved," she babbled, gripping the edge of the table as he started to work her hamstring. He massaged her quite vigorously, pushing and kneading at her smooth thigh. His hand slid down quite a lot, gently stroking the inside of her soft thigh, more so as he moved upwards towards her tight arse. She let out a slight moan as her body tingled in pleasure, a mixture of his ministrations and her being naked.

"Not being too hard am I?" he asked, still squeezing and pushing at her beautiful thigh.

"Nowhere near," she nearly whispered. He felt his cock give a twitch at her husky voice. He continued his work, moving up and down her leg.

"Higher," she breathed, looking back over her shoulder at him with a sexy sideways glance. His eyes slid to his left and met hers, seeing the mutual desire in her soul. His hands slid over her perfect skin to just below her bum and started massaging her again.

"Higher," she whispered. He looked at her and paused for a moment.

"But Kate, that would..."

"I said higher" she said simply, looking back at him with a sultry, determined glare. In an almost trance like way, he slipped his hands over her onto her firm, tight arse. The corners of her mouth pricked upwards with a sly, sexy smile as he started squeezing her arse. He wasn't massaging now, just feeling her up. Kate let out another slight moan and spread her legs slightly further, curling her toes a little.

"I have another daring way for you to have fun," he said, still feeling her up, his fingers slightly stroking the inside of her thigh.

"Oh yeah, what's that then?" she said, looking up slightly. He stepped forwards so she could clearly see the bulge in his trousers.

"Oh. Well I'm sure that'd help keep me limber," she said with a sly smile and a pout. Time seemed to stand still for a moment before he unzipped the jeans he was wearing. Kate's hands slid forth and freed his prick before he even had a chance. She sucked it into her mouth, enveloping him in the delightful warmth. He reluctantly pulled from her mouth and moved round the table, trailing a finger down her back. He dropped his trousers and underwear to the floor, kicking off his shoes as he pulled his shirt off hastily. Kate gave a shudder and then spread her legs a little more as she felt him climb onto the table. She felt his warm hands on her slender hips, lifting her up as his rock hard cock pushed eagerly at the back of her pussy.

"Ready?" he asked, his cock already spreading her pussy slightly.

"Come on then, gimme a work out," she breathed as she steadied herself, gripping the table. He pushed forwards and her tight pussy sucked the head in. They both grunted, and Kate let out a growling moan as he pushed forwards, sliding around half of his 7" cock into her. He drew back, then pushed forwards again and pushed his entire length into her hot, wet pussy all the way to the hilt. Kate pushed back against him somewhat, trying to not be too noisy despite the fact that it felt great to have him buried in her pussy. He held onto her hips and started getting a rhythm going, slowly pumping his complete length in and out of her body.

"Oh Miss Beckinsale," he mumbled as he pumped into her, sweat covering her hot body as she rocked on the table.

"It's...Kate," she gasped as she took a deep breath, angling her hips so that he pressured her rock hard clit. Her juices were flowing a treat as he picked up the pace a little, starting to fuck her with shorter, faster strokes. Kate pushed her hips back to meet him as he drilled her, their bodies thumping together quite heavily. Her pussy tingled with pleasure and excitement at the sheer fact she was fucking her masseur in a quick break.

"Mm you've got a nice tight pussy," he gasped as he pushed himself deeper than before, causing Kate to grunt as his 7" cock just bumped against her cervix.

"Yes, fuck me just like that," Kate breathed, her eyes fluttering slightly as she felt her body goosepimple in pleasure as her nipples rubbed on the table. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out. She looked up over her shoulder and then felt herself being pulled down the table. Kate smiled and helped him roll her onto her side as her legs hung off the end. He smiled back and took hold of her upper leg, her left now as she was on her right side as her right leg hung down off the table. He held her leg up and stepped over her other one, guiding himself back to her pussy. She moaned as he rubbed the bulbous head over her rock hard clit before slipping back into her velvet tunnel. Kate held the edge of the table as he started thrusting quite vigorously into her hot, tight body. His hands started to squeeze and massage her left thigh.

"How's the cramp?" he asked with a smile.

"I think you need to do it a little a harder," Kate said with a smirk, sticking her tongue out a little. He laughed and swatted her firm arse, making her inhale sharply as she wasn't expecting it. Her body rocked from his pumping, which increased slightly, making her shudder slightly as he started pumping deeply into her with short hard strokes. Her perky tits bounced as they screwed, and she raised a hand to squeeze them, lightly pinching her nipples, causing a guttural groan to escape her throat. His hands slid down her thigh to her tight arse, squeezing her tight rear firmly. They were humping pretty hard against each other, when he started to rub her rock hard clit, his fingers teasing round and round on it. With the excitement and danger, Kate had no defence against the orgasm that washed over her body.

"Mmm...oh...god I..." she trailed off as her body gave a spasm, her hips jerking upwards from the table. It was like a wave breaking on her soul as she came, her eyes rolling as she fought against crying out. Her juices ran down her over her hip to make a damp spot on the table as she bucked hard against his impaling cock. He continued to mercilessly rub her clit as she climaxed. She came down, gasping for breath as he continued to fuck her, slower now but still powerfully stroking into her, his fingers diddling her clit. Kate reached down and pushed his hand from her pussy as her clit was very sensitive after her orgasm. He slowed and pulled from her slick pussy, his cock bouncing up against his body as he lowered her leg and rolled her onto her back and pushed her back onto the table.

"Got a cramp anymore?" he asked with a smirk as he slid up onto the table with her. Kate giggled and raised her knees up and locked her ankles behind his back as he pinned her down. He pushed forwards, his cock nudging against her pussy then slipping down and pressing against her asshole for a moment. Kate inhaled with a saucy look on her face before he slid back up over her smoothly waxed pussy and pushed at her again. She gave a quick wiggle of her hips and he pressed into her again, Kate smiling as she felt his bulbous head spread her pussy again. She sighed contentedly as he pushed himself back into her, driving deeply and grinding against her cervix, making her quiver in pleasure. He leaned down and kissed down her neck onto her chest, dragging his tongue across her skin to her perky round tits.

Kate started to roll her hips in small circles as he pumped her with full-length strokes, keeping a steady pace into her. His mouth found its way to her stiff left nipple and he captured it between his teeth, biting down slightly to give it a good nip. Kate shivered as the tingle went up her spine, arching back towards him. He suckled and licked at her solid nipple, holding it between his teeth and teasing the tip with his tongue. She mumbled incoherently as he practically chewed on her nipple.

"We don't have long," Kate said, rolling her head back to see the clock.

"Long for what?" he mumbled with a smirk.

"For you to finish...working out my cramps," Kate said with a giggle, thrusting herself onto him a little harder. He slowed down and slipped out of her again, his cock glistening with her juices. Kate was surprised by how long he was lasting with her, but wasn't complaining at all.

"Fancy a ride?" he said with a wink. Kate licked her bright red lips and gave a wink back to him as she slid herself off the table, her legs feeling a little weak. He hopped onto the table and lay back, pulling her in by her hand. She smiled at him as she threw her leg over him, demonstrating her flexibility as she slid her leg over his and then drew herself on top of him aboard the table. She crawled sexy as a pussycat up the table till she was above him, leaning down to kiss his neck. He closed his eyes as she rubbed her swollen dripping pussy over his rock hard erection, grinding herself against him before she bit his neck a little in her kisses. Kate reared up, lifting herself and positioning his cock at the entrance to her juicy cunt. She blew him a kiss before she let her body sink down, her tight pussy engulfing his rock hard cock, all 7" sliding deep into her body as her lips pressed down against his groin.

"This the kind of ride you had in mind?" she said with a smile and a quick flick of her eyebrows, before clenching her pussy on his impaling manhood.

"I think it will suffice," he said with a smirk, holding her slender hips as he gazed up at her phenomenal beauty. Kate reached up and squeezed her pert breasts, dragged her nails over the nipples as she withdrew her hands and started to bounce up and down on his cock. She felt his fingers slide inwards and slip under her clit hood, rubbing round her pearl and teasing her inner lips as they wrapped around his shaft.

"So what you gotta do this afternoon?" he asked teasingly as she rode up and down on his cock.

"Lot's of hard actionnn," she purred as she ground her pussy against him, squeezing his hips with her thighs. He smiled and let his hands slide up her sexy thighs to her slim hips, guiding her up and down on him. Kate smiled back as she rocked her hips back and forth, squeezing her pussy around his shaft every time he was completely in her. They moved together, fucking quite fast now on the table. Kate was secretly thankful it didn't creak as she kept her mouth shut, biting her lip so as not to let any loud sounds escape. Kate slid up and teasingly let his cock slip from her, her inner lips holding onto the head before letting it slip from her juicy haven. She sat back on the end of the table in front of him and saucily wiggled her finger at him to come and get her.

"Frisky huh?" he said with a smirk as he knelt up. Kate gave a mock offended look.

"Me?" she said in an innocent tone with a sweet grin as she slipped down onto her back with her knees up. He just smiled at her as he knelt between her legs, his hands stroking her thighs softly. He took hold of her ankles and pulled her legs up on his shoulders before pushing forwards and sliding into her easily. Kate shivered as he pushed in again, feeling close to another orgasm. She held onto the table as he pumped her, pounding her quite hard now. He grunted as she squeezed him, massaging his shaft with the muscles in her tight, hot pussy.

"God Kate!" he gasped as he humped deeply into her, stretching her thighs as he pressed down on them. Kate groaned as he thrust into her, his balls pressing against her tight arse. He felt a tingling sensation in his balls and starting thrusting more urgently.

"Kate I'm gonna..." he mumbled through clenched teeth.

"Not in me, I'll suck you though," Kate said looking up to him. He gave her another couple of strokes and pulled out, rapidly getting off the table and moving along towards her face as she turned her head to accept him. As he was just about to offer his cock to her wet and willing mouth his hips bucked.

"Oh god!" he gasped, grabbing his cock and jerking furiously. He aimed his cock at her pretty face and grunted, a thick string of cum spurting out and catching her across her left cheek and into her hair. Kate gasped and closed her eyes as several more spurts landed on her, hitting her nose, forehead, into her mouth and chin. They both gasped for breath, not speaking for a moment. Kate licked her lips and swallowed giving a slight moan at the taste. She leaned forwards and took him into her mouth, using her hand to milk his cock as she sucked and licked him to get every last bit of cum he had.

"Thanks for the facial," Kate murmured in a jesting tone.

"You're welcome," he said with a slight laugh as he walked back round the table. Kate lay resting for a moment when she felt him grab her ankles. He pulled her down the table so her arse was resting on the edge, her legs spread.

"Surely you don't want more?!" she said in an amazed tone, looking down at him, her face still covered.

"I don't, but you need it," he said simply as he sunk to his knees and buried his mouth in her silky smooth pussy. Kate moaned and dropped her head back, closing her eyes as she felt a trickle of cum slide down from her forehead. He slid his tongue into her snatch and licked around whilst working her lips with his own, almost munching at her. She moaned and held onto the edges of the table as he ate her pussy, running his tongue up and down her lips, teasing round her prominent clit. He slid a finger up, teasing up and down her before slipping in. Kate moaned and pushed her hips into her face as he lapped at her clit whilst adding a second finger, thrusting them quick vigorously into her.

"Mmm that feels great," she said, accentuating it with a push up towards him. He slid his two fingers out and slipped his ring finger into her juicy slit, pushing it deeply into her as he sucked at her inner lips. He slid it back and brought his hand back into place, his two fingers pushing into her hot cunt again, but his ring finger now pushing at her anus. Kate groaned and writhed under him on the table as he pushed them forwards, his ring finger sliding slowly into her tight arsehole. He felt her clench on his invading finger as he pushed gradually, so he moved back to licking her clit. She relaxed again and he slipped his fingers in, two pushing into her soft pussy whilst his other slid up her arse. He pushed all the way in to his hand as he licked at her clit, teasing round it before giving odd drags across it.

"Oh please!" Kate gasped, her breathing ragged, chest heaving.

"Please what?" he said, pausing in his work.

"Make me cum, make me cum!" she panted, her hands gripping the table so tight her knuckles whitened. He smiled and lowered his head again, starting a full-scale assault on her clitoris. Kate groaned long and low, bucking her hips as he sucked and tongued quite fiercely at her clit, thrusting his fingers in and out of both her holes slowly. He locked his lips round her clit and sucked, giving little nips with his teeth and dabbing rapidly on the tip of her nub as he pushed his fingers in deep and wiggled them around in her hot body.

"Oh god!" she practically screamed, quickly biting her lip to stay quiet as she moaned and grunted her way through an orgasm, her body spasming. Her smooth thighs gripped his head as he lapped and sucked at her dripping pussy, keeping her on a tidal wave of pleasure. Kate's pussy and ass squeezed and gripped at his fingers tightly as she orgasmed, holding them in deep. Her hips quivered as her climax faded, her sweaty body lying still on the table. He smiled and gave her pussy a kiss, then slid his fingers out and stood up. Kate smiled satisfiedly up at him from the table as he walked up. He offered her the two fingers he'd had in her pussy, still glistening from her.

She looked at them, then to him for a moment, then leaned up and sucked them into her mouth, tasting herself and slurping the sweet flavour off them before sliding off them with a pout. She grinned then looked at the clock.

"Shit!" she exclaimed, noticing that she'd been over 35 minutes now.

"Yeah, guess we kinda lost track of time. Better get cleaned up," he said, unable to stop a smile creeping up at the corners of his lips. Kate giggled back as she slid off the table and went over to the small basin in the room, rinsing the gooey mess off her face, paying attention to get it out of her hair. She quickly dried her face with the towel then picked up her skin-tight rubber suit, wondering how she'd fit back into it now she was so hot. She sat on the table and bunched it up, forcing her feet into the binding rubber and pretty much rolling it up her smooth body.

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