tagIncest/TabooWheeling Park Ch. 04

Wheeling Park Ch. 04


After the kids were up, fed and gone and I'd finished cleaning up, I ventured outside to make sure there was no litter around the lot from the night before. I collected bottles and cans, neatening all the lawn chairs people had contributed, claiming they'd only have to bring it the next time they came over, anyway. I couldn't help but notice that there wasn't one cigarette butt on the ground. Not one. I took the full ashtrays inside, dumped and cleaned them and took them back out, putting them on the table again and sat down with a smile as I recollected the great time I had the night before.

The people at Wheeling Park were just fabulous, there was no other way to describe it. Disarmingly friendly, it was as if I'd known them all for half my life. They had a way of treating me like an equal, no worse, no better, yet it was common to receive little compliments on the RV, the food, my smile, etc.. At one point, Carrie actually ran her fingers through my hair, telling me how beautiful and soft and thick it was, wanting to know my secret and unaware of the tingles that she sent down my neck.

I thought of Kevin then and my contented smile slipped. The guilt I'd been feeling over my decision to leave with the kids and come out here was as big and heavy as the RV behind my back again. It would come and go, these feelings, usually when there was nobody else around and all the chores were finished, but it had hit me the day before, right in front of Shelly when I'd told her in conversation that I was divorced. She saw something was wrong, asked me if I wanted to talk about it, and that's how she ended up being the first person to learn about my little revelation about myself the day before.

She told me I did the right thing in leaving home for the summer, told me that even if I was boring, which she doubted, divorcing a woman who didn't cheat, kept a clean house while her man was gone, cooked, cleaned and brought up two children for him on that basis was, 'just plain wrong'. It helped and I was using it then to try to bring myself out of my doldrums, staring at the clean ashtrays in front of me.

"Hello, Trudy."

I was startled out of my little universe where only I and the ashtrays existed by a well built woman with shoulder length, brown hair. I guessed she was taller than my five foot six by about three inches with soft curves and a bigger bust line than mine. She wore a pair of sunglasses with rounded, mirrored lenses, a white undershirt with an unbuttoned black leather vest, a pair of snug, faded jeans and low heeled cowboy boots.

What really grabbed my attention was her presence, a very real thing that her expression and walk conveyed, almost a male assuredness that spoke of self confidence and authority despite her natural, outdoorsy beauty. I stood, shaking the hand she offered as I looked into her sharp green eyes after she removed her lenses.

"Hello. I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage." I greeted with a little smile.

"I'm sorry." she replied with an easy smile of her own. "My name is Olivia, I'm Ollie and Shelly's daughter. Just got in a couple hours ago and I thought I'd come over to introduce myself. Nice rig." she added, gesturing with her head to the RV.

"Oh, thank you, and it's a pleasure to meet you. I just love your parents, they're jewels."

"They certainly seem to like you."

"Would you like a coffee?"

"Hmmm, no thanks but if there's any leftovers from your hibachi,..."

"Say no more, Olivia, come right in and make yourself at home while I serve something up. Or, would you rather eat out here?"

"I think, inside."

She really did make herself at home, immediately going to the refrigerator and grabbing a bottle of water before lifting the tinfoil covers I'd fashioned over the plates of leftover barbecued meats and vegetables from the night before.

"Olivia, I can get that, why don't you just sit down and relax, you've only just got here, you said."

"No, it's fine. Besides, according to Mum you were up running food and drinks to everyone all last night, so you just relax."

"Are you sure?"

"Totally, sit. Would you like anything?"

"Well, now that I see you with that water, I guess I wouldn't mind a bottle myself."

She grabbed another and put it on the table where I sat at one end of the horseshoe booth.

"Enjoying the park?"

"So far, I love it here, and I haven't even seen the whole thing yet."

"You seemed a little down when I walked into the lot." she observed with her back to me while piling some food on a paper towel.

"Oh,... yes, I was just thinking of something."

"Your ex-husband. I hope you don't mind." she said, turning and sitting across from me at the table. "Mum told me. She's right, you know, that's one really shitty thing that he did to you."

"Well,... But he was right about me."

"You're here, aren't you?"

"Yes, but look what it took."

"You still love him?"

I just nodded, looking at the table.

"It's because you feel abandoned by him." she said around a mouthful of steak. "And you have every right to feel that way, because that's what he did to you. He's the man, why didn't he force you into this RV, whether you liked it, or not?"

I shrugged, but looked up in her face, never having thought of the situation like this before.

"I mean, how does a person just up and abandon a loyal spouse after spending so much time with her, raising kids with her? Just try to imagine the circumstances needed for you to do that to him."

I could only look at her now as she looked me directly in the eye, obviously expecting an answer.

"Maybe if he cheated on me."

"Maybe if he cheated on you. In a sense he did, you know. Again, I'm sorry, but Mum told me you told her that he left you for another woman. Even if he didn't fuck her before he left you, he knew where he was going, didn't he?"

I began crying then. I couldn't say why, I never even cried about my divorce while I was going through it, other than shedding a few tears over the stress of the whole thing, but never for the lost marriage itself. I put my head in my hands and I just let it all out while she got up and put her arms around me, making small soothing sounds while I realized that what she was saying was true. He had no right to do that to me, to us. A few minutes later I, was drying my face with a piece of paper towel she'd given me, still sniffling a little and apologizing for my emotional outburst.

"Don't apologize, Trudy, you needed that."

"I uhh, I never thought of things like that before. I mean, I just (sniff) stupidly thought it was,... one of those things. Why didn't I see that?"

"It's hard to see the big picture, sometimes, when you're at the center of it."

"Well, thank you, Olivia. And I want you to know that you've made a friend today. If I can ever do anything at all for you, just ask."

"Call me 'Liv.", she said with a smile, brushing my hair out of my face before going back to her seat across from me.

"Alright, Liv."

"Have you been to town yet?"

"No." I answered, wondering suddenly who this woman was, that she could just walk into my life and clarify things for me so quickly and easily. "But, I would like to get more beer. I bought a little as a treat for the kids every once in a while, but I didn't count on entertaining."

"Well, like I say, I just got in and I have to pick up some things, too. I'd like to get that over and done with, so I can settle in, would you like to come?"

"I'd love to."

"I'll call Junior and tell him to get a few boys together."

"Tell me, why do the locals dislike you all so much? I just love everyone I've met here, what could their problem with you people possibly be?"

"Well,...", she sighed, "this isn't exactly a wealthy area. They have very little and that's unfortunate, but they resent us for what we have. And since we're in their area, that makes them feel they have a right to our belongings and to sometimes treat us like shit when we go to town for supplies. I suppose they're to be pitied, more than anything, but we have to protect ourselves just the same."

"Has anyone ever gotten hurt?"

"Not really, not yet. We've beaten a few thieves we caught inside the park a few times, but nothing really bad, just enough to dissuade the others, but it doesn't seem to work."

"Have you called the RCMP and explained the situation to them?"

"They rarely ever come up here and there's nothing they could do anyway. More than that, we don't want them around. Wheeling Park is our private little getaway where the rules are our own and we want it to stay that way, if you know what I mean."

"I think I do. You take care of your own."

Olivia smiled at me and gave me a short nod, as though in approval, and said, "That's exactly what I mean. Once we let someone else look after us, as ineffectual as they'd be, we lose the ability to live by our own rules. And Trudy,... You and your kids count as one of our own, now."

"Thank you. And somehow, I know that really means something."

"You could bet your life on it, baby." she said with a wink, pointing her finger at me like it was a gun and clicking her tongue.

"Oh, no!" I fussed a few minutes later in the rear bedroom.

"What's wrong?" Olivia asked from the table after having made arrangements on her cell phone.

"Ohh! I forgot my makeup! Probably all went bad a long time ago, anyway, but I wanted to wear some for a change and,... all these clothes I bought yesterday aren't suitable! They make me look as though I just fell off the blasted Mayflower!"

"You're pouting, Trudy." she said from right behind me.

I turned to see her smiling at me and took note again of how attractive she was, despite her tomboyish outward appearance and demeanor. I laughed a little at her judgment, but she was right.

"If only I took more time to prepare."

"Then, you wouldn't have met Junior. Don't worry about makeup, I have some at home and we look generally enough alike,... Let's see what you got for clothes, sugar."


She quickly scanned the summer dresses without much interest, but removed the denim shorts and tossed them on the bed. She went on until she found a thin, white, sleeveless cotton top that buttoned halfway down.

"Whoa.", she said, looking at all the lingerie I'd bought while I flushed behind her, adding, "Nothing boring about any of this."

"Umm, I don't know why I, uhh, bought all that."

"I'd say you wanted to wear it.", she answered, selecting a nice pair of low cut, black silk panties with a floral print on them and laying those on the bed, then asking, "Bathing suit?"

"Two of them, next drawer down."

"Nice.", she said, holding them up a moment later, the little black, two piece and the white, one piece, looking at me as if picturing me wearing them. "Why are you so red-faced?" she asked with a laugh.

"I don't know."

"Relax, Trudy. You don't have to wear this stuff, this is just what I'd suggest if you're having trouble deciding. Wear whatever you want, that's what this place is all about. But, if you have to wear a bra, why not use your bikini top? I wanted to take a swim out to the sandbar later, you should come."

"Jen was there and told me about it, it sounds nice."

"Ohh,...", Olivia exclaimed, picking up the babydoll I wore to bed two nights ago. "Can I borrow this for a while?"

"It's just department store quality and it barely fits me, but if you like it, please take it, it's yours."

"Are you sure? You just got this, didn't you?"

"Liv, after our little talk, I feel so much better about,... things. By all means, take that and anything else you see there that you'd like."

Olivia shone that smile on me again, before saying, "I can't wait to meet your kids. I bet they're just like you."

"I'd say Jen is like her father, Jarid is like me. I think."

"You think?"

"Kids close themselves off to some degree when they become teens. Jen did too, but not like Jarid did. Especially after the divorce."

"Men are closed. I'd expect that."


"Just my opinion, but I've yet to meet him. Get ready and come on out, we'll go to my place and do your makeup. As far as your clothes go, why don't I just see what I'm in the mood for on a day to day basis and leave it at that? You can't give away all your clothes, sugar, but I appreciate the offer."

I decided to wear exactly what she suggested. The black bikini top was plainly visible under my shirt.

"Should I wear a jacket or something?" I asked coming out of my room.

"I think you're good like that, but it's up to you. Just keep in mind how hot it's going to be later."

"Good point."

"Plus, you're a very attractive woman, Trudy. Why would you want to cover that up?"

"Um, thank you." I managed, flushing again.

"So, you don't usually wear makeup?"


"Come on, then. I'll doll you up. I'm pretty good with the old whorelore, you know."

Her medium length trailer was a cluttered mess and I had to stop myself from straightening things. She led me to her kitchen table and sat me down beside it. After giving me a beer from her refrigerator, she disappeared to her own darkened bedroom, reappearing again a few moments later with what was obviously her makeup bag.

Olivia sat opposite me, her spread legs around my closed knees as she set to work applying her makeup to my face. As I watched her, I was struck again at that quality of beauty she had. And was it only the beer so early in the day that made me want to stare at her?

"What?" she asked, glancing ever so quickly at my eyes before refocusing on her work.

"I'm sorry. It's just that you're a very interesting person."


"I hope it's not too forward of me to say, but beyond your obvious beauty, there's this charm that you have. No, not charm,... I don't know, maybe charm, but it's really something."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. So I can stare now?" I asked, definitely feeling a bit giddy from the beer, but more and more relaxed with this new friend.

She smiled and said I could.

When she was finished and I was halfway through my second beer, I was surprised to say the least. I looked so different, I couldn't believe it. Not boring at all.

"Is that really me?" I laughed.

"You were always like this. Makeup just helps to bring it out, to highlight that, like it does any other beautiful woman. I'm sure you've heard of what Tina Turner really looks like. Half those old celebrity fleabags are long on makeup and short on real looks, but not you."

"I think it's just that you're an artist."

"I am, but like I said, you were beautiful before I started. Let's hop, sugar."

~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

It was a great outing, that day with her. After I left a note for the kids, we took off in Carries red car, Olivia driving the loud powerhouse in such a way as a man would. Again, this was the type of allure that she had, the sure confidence of authority over the car, the road and herself. Behind us was a pickup truck with six men in it, four of them in back as they raced to keep up with us, and the feeling of safety I enjoyed created a mood of contentment I couldn't remember having felt for a good long time, if ever.

At one point, standing in a general store and waiting to pay, she walked up beside me in her black denim cut-offs and yellow, V-necked summer shirt, saying very casually and conversationally, "Your ass is hanging out of your shorts just a little."

I blushed as the head of an old woman jerked in front of me.

"I just thought you might want to know." she added, flashing a pointed look at the old woman.

"Oh,... well, I didn't try them on in the store."

"Don't get me wrong, it doesn't bother me. It's a nice ass."

"Uhh, well, I used to work out."

"It shows."

"Thank you. I love your breasts."

I couldn't believe I'd said it. I flushed as deeply as I possibly could, but was determined to keep up with this little game.

"Would you like to see them later on?"


We almost died laughing when we got back to the car, as mortified as I was by my public misbehavior, but the thing was that I enjoyed it, not only for the opportunity to prove to myself that I wasn't boring, but because it turned me on. Undeniably.

After a quick trip to the liquor store, a clothing store and a drug store, we were on our way back, our entourage behind us as they always were. She and I spoke about a lot of things, she about her job as 'Regional Manager' for all of her father's businesses scattered here and there throughout Ontario and Quebec. She told interesting stories of what she'd seen in her travels and things she'd learned, while I told her the stories of my own life, such as they were.

Once we stored our goods at our respective 'homes', we returned Carrie's car to her lot, Olivia leaving it behind a large pickup truck.

"Dick's got a boat- he's Carrie's husband -we should ask him to take us out sometime soon.", she said, leaving the keys in the ignition.

"Sounds like fun."

"As long as I'm there. He runs that boat like he stole it. Probably did, knowing him." she added with a laugh. "He'll get himself killed one of these days and dad's always after him about it. As long as I'm there, he'll behave himself, though."

"I hope so."

"No prob, sugar. Let's see if Robbie and Jet are home next door, Carrie might be there."

She wasn't and nobody was home. Olivia shaded her eyes with her hand to her brow and looked out at the lake.

"Not at the sandbar, either. Oh well. You said you can swim, right?"


"You'll love this, it's better than what your daughter could have described. C'mon, take your shirt and shorts off and leave them here."

"Um,... You mean to go swimming in my panties?"

"Sure. Same thing and you've got your bikini top."

"But people will see me.", I said as she took off her own shirt, exposing a pink, string bikini top that covered her nipples and not a lot more of her large, well shaped breasts.

"That's alright. Just look what I have on." She unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them over her hips to land on the grass, where she neatly stepped out of them, then stooping to retrieve them in her matching pink thong bikini bottoms to threw them on the picnic table with her shirt and shoes.

"Wow.", was all I could say. "You're in really good shape."

"Well, you said you wanted to see them." she joked. "Come on, off with your clothes, sugar."

She didn't wait for me, but took my shirt off herself, tossing it on the picnic table and brazenly unbuttoning the front of my shorts before tugging them down and throwing them on the picnic table with the collection.

"Just look at you." she toned, stepping back. "Do you mind if I ask how old you are?"

"No. I'm thirty-eight. You?"

"Forty. Let's go."

There were whistles as we walked across the track to the grass and, as embarrassing as it was, I just turned and waved as Olivia did.

"You're not married?" I asked.


"Ever been?"


"No kids, I take it?"

"None. That lifestyle was never really available to me and I never thought much about it."

"Do you ever wish you had kids?"

"Not really. Sometimes, I wonder what it would have been like, but the trappings that come with it,... No offense, it's just not me."

"None taken. Raising kids can be very rewarding, if you work at it, but it does require that sacrifice."

"People have told me that. Mum and dad say you did a good job with yours."

"I like to think I did. Both me and their father were always at them about their grades and staying out of trouble, it seems to have worked. I have to say though, Jenifer surprises me here."

"How so?"

"She's different. Softer."

"I think you're different here, too."

"But you didn't know me before today."

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