tagInterracial LoveWhen a Woman's Fed Up Ch. 02

When a Woman's Fed Up Ch. 02


Hello readers,

Thank you all for reading Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story. This is continuation of that story. The character Keisha was introduced briefly in chapter two of that tale, and for some reason I feel compelled to tell her story. I must state that these are fictional characters and exist solely in my imagination.

This is an interracial love story. In this chapter, chapter 2, Dylan and Keisha grow closer.

Thank you, Overstar, for editing this chapter.

Please read it and enjoy. Also I ask that you do not replicate this story without asking. Writing is hard work and I really take it seriously.


Keisha was speechless. She believed him. She honestly believed he would try to protect her. But she knew Deshaun. He saw her as his personal property, and he would blame her for whatever befell him. To protect Dylan, Carter, and others that she cared about, she needed to be someplace else when he came home.

She stopped and looked at the man that was her lifeline. He was one of the best people she knew. He gave selflessly, and asked for nothing in return. Keisha loved spending time with him, and she would not have made it through the last week without him.

Dylan Nash was a gem, and she wanted more than anything to spend time being the woman in his life. But she was toxic. He could get hurt, and she would never allow that. So she listened as he spoke, her heart filled with awe at the depth of emotions he expressed. I wish it were possible, safe to stay here, but Deshaun is crazy. I can't endanger him.

"Dylan, listen, as much as I want to say yes, I know Deshaun Williams. He is sick. He always comes back, and baby...." Keisha whispered. She sat beside him, and he pulled her into his arms. He held her close, loving the feel of her body against his. Keisha exhaled and relaxed. No man should feel this good. "Dylan," she whispered and he kissed her. Keisha was lost in that moment. No matter what else happened, tonight he was hers.

Turning slowly, he covered her body with his deepening the kiss. Keisha responded giving him full access to her body. Dylan lay between her spread thighs and instinctively rubbed his body into hers. Keisha moaned. She was so hot, wet, and ready. He stopped, "I'm sorry. You just buried your mother; I can't take advantage of you." He whispered, extracting himself from her slowly.

"Are you serious right now?" she demanded. This man was driving her insane. She had wanted him for months, and now he decided to play gentleman. NO!

Reversing their positions, Keisha now sat astride him. She gyrated slowly, luxuriating in the feel of his hard cock pressed so firmly against her. "Baby, please," she whispered. "For once, I want to know what it's like with someone special."

"Keisha, you don't understand. I am falling for you, and if we do this I can't let you go." He inhaled. Keisha froze. She smiled and kissed him once more. "OK, I'll stop." She climbed from his lap and moved across the room. Dylan took a few deep breaths and soon he was back in control. Keisha turned to face him.

"This is the hardest thing I'll ever do Dylan. Leaving you will rip me apart. But if leaving will keep you safe and me alive, then I'll go." She explained. "I just wish..." she stopped trying hard not to cry.

He had to hold her then. He had to comfort her. "Baby, listen. Don't leave right away. Give it a few months. If you stay a few months and I can guarantee that he won't come near you, then you won't have to leave. If you still have doubt, then I'll help you find someplace new, alright." He swore. He knew that if she left, he was going to have to go with her. He would not spend his life without the woman that he grew to care about so much.

Keisha returned his embrace, loving how strong and fluffy that he felt. She closed her eyes and inhaled his masculine scent. She didn't know which cologne he wore, but she knew she'd never forget the fragrance. "OK, now you have an early shift, so home with you." She ordered.

"Yes, Ma'am," Dylan whispered, laughing as he stood to leave.

Keisha held his hand as he walked to her door. Dylan kissed her once more, and whispered, "You won't vanish tonight, right?"

Keisha said, "No, I'll be here tomorrow." Then he left.

Dylan left, and Keisha watched him drive away. She smiled as she thought of him, and then she spied the box of her mother's things on the table. The tears came once again. "Oh Momma," she whispered, as she retrieved a picture she and her mother had made when she was much younger; a picture before Frank, before Deshaun, before life took a turn for the worse.

Dylan drove home, but honestly, he did not want to leave her. She needed him, and he should have stayed. He was going back. He called Carter and told him he was staying with Keisha tonight.

"Way to go big bro, it's about time." Carter teased.

"It's not like that, Carter. I just need..." he stopped.

"Man I was teasing. She needs you, so stay there." Carter explained.

Dylan turned around and went back to her apartment. She had given him her spare key, so he let himself in. His heart breaking as he found her holding a photo of her mother crying her heart out.

"Aw baby, I'm here." He whispered. Keisha moved into his embrace and he held her. She cried and he cried with her. He knew this hurt, because her Mom was her life. "She loved you so much baby. You know that. I know you miss her."

"I miss her so much, Dylan. She was the only person that cared about me. No matter what I did, Momma was there." She sobbed.

"I know, and I know it hurts, but baby, I'm here." He reassured her. They lay on her bed, and he held her close. Eventually, she slept. He didn't. Dylan lay awake, next to Keisha. He watched her sleep listened to her snore softly, and dreamt of the time that he could spend his life with this woman.

The next morning Dylan awoke and made a quick breakfast for the two of them. Keisha awoke to the smell of fresh coffee. "Um, a girl could get used to this." She mumbled as she awoke to find the object of her desire standing in her kitchen wearing his white tee and dark slacks.

"Good morning, beautiful. Hit the shower while I put breakfast out, Ok." he ordered.

Keisha moved quickly and joined him shortly at the table. He'd prepared French toast, scrambled eggs and coffee. Keisha smiled and joked, "A girl could get used to this. You might spoil me."

Dylan smiled. "I will if you let me. Now let's eat." They ate breakfast and soon both had to get to their respective jobs.

Keisha took a bite of her toast, and was in heaven. "Ohhhh, Dylan, " she moaned, her eyes closed as she savored the caramelized crust of the lightly sprinkled cinnamon and brown sugar of the succulent buttery toast that she was eating."

"Fuck, she has no idea, how sexy she is." Dylan thought, his cock instantly hardened at the expression on her face and the sounds her body made. Then he watched as she gently place the stiff piece of toast between her soft plush brown lips. He wondered how those lips would feel wrapped around his cock.

Then she licked her lips, and he almost came standing in her kitchen. I'm horrible. he thought to himself. She just buried her Mom. Has a lunatic ex-boyfriend, and is trying to make a better life for herself, and all I can think about is fucking her. I'm sick. Dylan castigated himself.

Seeing him frown, Keisha became concerned. "Hey, Dylan, what's wrong?

He turned away. "Nothing, I need to get home so I can report in. Do you need a lift. I can drop you off." He offered.

"Yes, thank you. Together they washed the few dishes and were soon ready to head out. Keisha noticed that Dylan had gone silent.

"Dylan, did I do something..." he cut her off.

"No baby. I was watching you eat and..." he looked away and blushed. Keisha realized her effect on him. Reaching over, she took his hand in hers.

"Dylan, all you have to do is ask. I'm yours." She whispered.

Dylan took a deep breath and answered. "That's not true. If you were mine, you wouldn't be thinking about leaving."

Keisha dropped her head. She felt elated, embarrassed, afraid, and so desperately hating the thought of disappointing the amazing man that drove as they talked. Soon, they drove into his yard and went inside. Carter was just leaving but he took a moment to hug Keisha before he left. She sat in the game room and waited as Dylan dressed.

Keisha was admiring pictures of his family that lined the wall of the room when he entered. He stopped in the door. He watched her, and was stunned by her sheer beauty. She no longer wore layers of makeup to hide for face. She wore her hair cut in a neat short style that so many women wore today. Her caramel skin was shiny, moist, pleasing to his eye. She has the softest looking lips, and he often desired to taste them. She was all woman, from the top of her head to the sole of her delicate feet. Her curvaceous frame called him, and he dreamt of being able to one day peel away the layers of clothing as their bodies touched skin to skin. Keisha Johnson, was all woman, and one day she would be all his.

Clearing his throat, Dylan caught her attention. Keisha looked at him, wearing his nave uniform and smiled. He was one fine specimen. Was he model gorgeous, no, just normal, but to her he was the most and handsome man alive.

"Hey, you ready? "He asked.

Keisha turned, grabbed her bag and answered, "As ready as I'll ever be."

They left and he drove her to her job. As he dropped her off, he whispered. "Sweetheart, you have a wonderful day. I'll pick you up at five, OK."

Keisha loved the sound, deep timbre of his voice. She simply smiled and answered. "You be safe, aright. I'll see you at five." She paused and for a second they stared at each other. Eventually, the sounds around them broke into their trance and they went their separate ways.

This was Keisha's first day at work since her mother's funeral. Her coworkers offered their sympathies, but the day went on as usual. She was grateful, because at least here, her life returned to normal. Dylan arrived at his precinct none the worse for wear. He was meeting a new partner today. He and his old partner split up at his partner's request. Dylan had no idea why he wanted a new partner, so before taking the days off to be with Keisha, he asked,

"Son, you're a good cop. That I can respect, but that girl is not good for you. She will ruin you. I can't condone it and I won't have anything to do with it." He looked at Dylan, and added, "Heed my advice boy. You'd be better off with your own kind." Then he walked away. It was then that he realized that many at his precinct had disassociated with him. He never said anything to Keisha, and that's why her words affected him so gravely. Somehow she knew.

"Good morning, Officer Nash. I want you to meet your new partner, Lana Davis. Lana just transferred in from the Roanoke Office. She has three years' experience. Also, she scored the highest on the shooting range, a natural marksman this girl." Dylan looked at his new partner, a gorgeous brunette. She extended her hand and he shook it.

"Officer Nash, I look forward to working with you." Lana replied. Dylan returned the sentiment, and they were given their assignments for the day.

As he and his new partner sat in the car, they were silent. "So Dylan, tell me about the great city of Baird." Lana stated.

"Well, there's not much to tell. The population is just under six thousand. The population is mixed. The city has a racial make-up of majority Caucasian, and a few African Americans. The Hispanic community is expanding, and there are a few members of the Asian community. It's pretty quite here. The crime rate is not as high as larger cities; our biggest thing here is domestic disputes. Like I said, it's not that bad." He concluded.

"What about nightlife? I mean what can a single girl get into here?"She asked.

Dylan smiled, "Well we have a few night clubs. There is a movie theater and pool hall. The younger kids hang out at the bowling alley and roller rink."

Lana nodded, and then she said, "How do the people here feel about interracial dating?" She paused as she expected him to be like most southern gentleman, but he surprised her.

"I personally have no problem with it, as the woman I am in love with is black. But others here have serious issue. So your lover is..." he paused

"My boyfriend is Cherokee, full blown, and he wants me to keep our relationship secret. That's why they transferred me. I wouldn't let them fuck with the local tribe in the town. They decided that my presence was not welcomed, and once they learned about Chase, I was transferred out. He is coming to see me this weekend, and I want to show him a good time. However, I don't want him to be uncomfortable." Lana explained.

Dylan nodded. "I'll have a cookout at my house this Saturday, and you can bring Chase. I'll bring Keisha and we can all get to know each other. How about it?" he asked.

Lana smiled and said, "I knew I liked you. Thanks." Just then a call came through and they were off.

The rest of the day was uneventful. They wrote several traffic tickets, stopped two fights, and foiled an armed robbery attempt. Soon it was time to go home. Dylan liked his new partner, and was excited to tell Keisha about her. Would she be alright with him working with a woman, he hoped so. That was why he wanted her to join them with her boyfriend so Keisha would know she wasn't a threat.

Dylan drove over to Dyson's Dept. Store where Keisha worked to pick her up. He parked and entered the store. She wasn't off yet, but he needed to see her. As a fashion consultant, she would often help clients find the right fit and look for themselves. She was extremely good at her job. She could help the richest client as well as the client that was on a budget. She never made any of them feel devalued.

Dylan sat and watched her work. She was helping an older lady select an evening gown. The gown she showed the lady was a little risqué, but in the end the client loved it. She looked over to him and smiled He waved and she continued helping the client. Soon her day ended, and she headed his way. Her smile was so bright, and free. He knew she was glad to see him.

He moved to greet her with a kiss, but she shied away. It bothered him that she never let him kiss her in public. He knew she wanted him. Often, when they would be alone, they would touch and kiss intimately, he wondered if she was ashamed of him. She was gorgeous, and he was not the best looking guy, had a thinning spot in the center of his head, and was a bit chunky.

On the drive to her house, he mentioned his new partner. Keisha listened, and when he finished she asked. "Your old partner had a problem with you dating someone outside of your race didn't he?"

Dylan paused, "He's old and set in his ways. Don't worry about people like him." He told her.

"Dylan how many others have a problem with you dating a black girl?' she asked.

"Keisha, it's just skin. I care about you and I don't care if your skin is purple. It's not about them; it's about us." He whispered.

Keisha loved him, and that was what scared her. If it ever got back to Deshaun, whether she was here or not, he'd hurt him just to hurt her. Maybe, the other people were right. She was damaged goods, with too much baggage.

"Anyway, we're having a cookout at my house and Lana is bringing her boyfriend Chase over. He's visiting for the weekend and she wanted a place to take him where he would feel comfortable. I figured we could get together and give all the four of us a chance to meet." Dylan explained, as he drove into his yard.

Keisha smiled, "I thought you were taking me home."

Dylan laughed, "I want to feed you first, woman. And I know you'll refuse to go out with me."

Although he laughed, Keisha new her constant refusals hurt him. He didn't understand how dangerous it was for her being with him. It wasn't a race thing, but Deshaun had people everywhere. If he got a hint that their relationship was something more than friends, he'd have his boys take one of them out right away. To keep him safe, she had to pretend they were friends.

"Don't think about him. He is not here." Dylan whispered.

"I won't let him hurt you Dylan. It would kill me if he hurt you." She whispered, tears forming in her eyes.

"Baby, he has over a year left to serve. Don't worry about Deshaun, he can't hurt us. OK." Dylan whispered, as he pulled her into his lap and kissed her the way he desired to earlier. For once Keisha gave in to what she wanted. She wanted him, this man that meant the world to her.

"Wait, it's your house, what do you mean we are having a cookout? You and your brother can have a cookout, and I will be one of the guest." she teased, shoving him playfully. Dylan laughed and kissed her once more. Keisha held on to him tightly, hating to let go, but also knowing that she had too.

"OK, so Miss Johnson, what would you like for dinner?" Dylan asked as she got out of his lap.

"Let's see," she answered heading into his kitchen. Raiding his refrigerator, Keisha found the makings of a chicken salad meal. She made the chicken salad, while Dylan put together a garden salad and chilled a nice white wine to accompany the meal. As they were eating, Carter came home and joined them. The three shared a camaraderie of good friends with Carter flirting with Keisha much to Dylan's dismay.

Keisha laughed at his brother's antics, but a part of him wondered if she wanted a younger, fit, more attractive man. He and his brother looked alike; however, Carter was taller, slimmer, and more handsome. He sat quietly and watched the two most important people in his life banter back and forth. Carter noticed how quiet his brother had become and toned down his teasing. Keisha enjoyed being around Carter because he never let her hide or be ashamed of what she was. He was so much like Dylan and she knew she'd miss him when the time came for her to go.

She would go, as much as she hated to leave Dylan. Staying was not an option, but she wouldn't run right away. She'd wait a few weeks. She could easily transfer to another store and her boss had already procured two prominent post, all she had to do was decide which city to go to. She would tell him where she went, because she could not imagine being away from him and never hearing his voice.

"Hey Keisha, I'm stopping. When you leave, Dylan will kick my ass. He's a cop, you know, and he doesn't want me stealing his woman." Carter teased.

Keisha looked a Dylan, and could see a small frown furrow across his brow. Not even realizing that she'd moved, she slipped her arms around his waist and kissed him softly on the lip. "You have no need to worry." Dylan relaxed and Carter laughed.

"Dylan held her close and inhaled her fragrance. "If only that were true." He whispered.

Keisha looked deeply into his soothing chocolate eyes, and she felt guilty. What she was doing was wrong. On one hand, she told him they had no future, but on the other hand she couldn't resist him.

"Well I see you two need time alone; I'll clean up and then study for exams. I'll leave you to it. Keisha, don't be a stranger," Carter said as he hugged her before heading to the kitchen to clean.

"Let me drive you home. Or would you rather stay here?" Dylan asked. He knew she'd refuse, but he had to ask.

"I have to work tomorrow and I don't have clothes. Besides, you know we wouldn't get much sleep." Keisha gasped as several erotic images of them popped into her mind. Dylan had the same thoughts, and they both waited a beat before continuing.

"Keish..." Dylan whispered. Her body reacted instantaneously. Her nipples hardened, her pussy swelled, and her heart was pounding. He knew, somehow, he knew how he affected her. She wanted to be with him as badly as he wanted her. But she would deny them both. She felt he would be in danger, and in her mind she had to resist him to keep him safe.

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