tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhen Callia Met Delilah

When Callia Met Delilah


Set in the fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms, this story is a continuation of two previous stories with my own D & D character, Callia Blackhawk, as the main character. The campaign setting Forgotten Realms is essentially a fictional medieval Europe.


Six months had passed since Callia had failed at her attempt on Amakiir's life. It had also been six months since he had enslaved her passion and bound her to his will. Six full months of blissful highs and tumultuous lows for the two lovers, yet they had made it through.

Callia had begun to take it one day at a time, rarely thinking ahead, for she never knew what each day would bring. She could never predict what Amakiir's mood would be from one day to the next. At times, it dropped down to one hour to the next. He went from loving to resentful to dominant and back again. She could barely keep up with the maelstrom of emotions he exhibited. Yet she could almost figure out what his mood might be by their morning sex romp, and she had gotten good at anticipating what he might want of her, though, most of the time, his mood utterly kept her guessing. Callia nearly began to believe it was all a game to him and only he knew the rules.

Therefore, when he announced one morning that he planned to take her to Silverymoon with him, she was extremely excited. She hadn't left the clan hold since she'd returned six months prior and was looking forward to it.

She packed a few things she'd need for the trip in her haversack, and took time to stop to tell her mother of their plans. It never hurt for someone to know where she'd be and how long she expected to be gone.

Amakiir had conjured two phantom steeds for them to ride and informed her they would be stopping in Quaevarr where they would be meeting up with his boon companion. Callia shot him a questioning look. "I wasn't aware you had a cohort. Have you followers as well?" Callia remarked as she mounted the steed.

"Yes, a few. They live in the clan hold. And I'm surprised I hadn't mentioned my companion. Her name is Delilah. She's human and quite the accomplished rogue," he replied.

Callia noted the tonal inflection in his voice as he spoke of her and guessed he and his cohort had been intimate. "It sounds like I'm not the only Blackhawk with a yen for humans."

"Yes, I know all about your ranger," he quipped wryly before admitting, "Yes, Delilah and I have been lovers in the past, but she prefers Orcs. Actually, your ravisher was one of hers. He may be the one that'll be with her today. She said she may bring one of her many orcish lovers with her."

Callia glared at him. "To each his own."

* * *

It took very little time to make it to Quaevarr upon the magical steeds. At an inn, they were joined by Delilah sans one of her Orcish lovers. Amakiir conjured one more magical steed for Delilah and the three travelers headed off towards Silverymoon. Before they knew it, they had reached the city gates.

Amakiir dispelled the steeds and the trio walked through the gates.

"So why are we here?" Callia asked, realizing she hadn't inquired about the reason of the trip.

"I need supplies, mostly. Also it's so nice to get away from the clan and experience culture. Silverymoon really is a wonderfully beautiful city."

"It almost makes me miss Waterdeep." Callia added as she recalled her last visit to the City of Splendors. Nathan had been in Waterdeep. Callia flushed and she felt an ache from deep within. Though Amakiir was a satisfying lover, Nathan was on a completely different plateau.

"From the dreamy look on her face, whatever was in Waterdeep must have been good." Delilah commented as a wide smile crossed her face.

"Your ranger, I presume." Amakiir interjected.

Callia nodded. "Nathan."

Amakiir flashed a knowing look at her and she quickly glanced away, attempting to hide her feelings of excitement at the mention of his name. She knew it wouldn't take much to provoke his jealous streak and she really wasn't up for an altercation with him. Squelching her lusty thoughts, she began to take in the sights and sounds of the city as they headed for the Golden Oak inn."I'd like to browse the Market," Callia stated as she remembered a few things she needed as well.

"I'm sure you'll be able to, my pretty. That'll give you something to do while I conduct my business," he replied. "Perhaps Delilah will accompany you."

"I'd like that, if you don't mind." Delilah said.

"Not at all." Callia smiled, as her eyes flicked over the comely dark haired human female.

Amakiir noted the looks passing between the two females. "Callia, my sweet, don't waste your time. You are not an Orc with a monstrous cock."

Delilah chuckled. "I enjoy more than just dumb orcs with monster schlongs, my sweet."

"I don't share, though," he retorted.

Delilah flashed him a pouty faced look. "Not even for me?"

"Perhaps I'll make an exception for you, if I can watch."

"You may."

"Then it is settled."

"Yes, it is." Callia piped in as she smacked Amakiir's ass. "So how far is the inn?"

"A few more blocks. Why? Are you in a hurry? Excited?"


The trio arrived at the Golden Oak Inn and Amakiir requested the best private room available. It surprised her when he opened the door and revealed the large bed.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you'd planned this little threesome." Callia quipped. "Did you think we'd all share the same room? Or had you planned for sweet Delilah to have her own room?"

"We usually share a room, unless one of my dumb orcs is with me. Lately though, Silverymoon frowns upon any full-blooded orc coming through her gates. With all the troubles the North has had with King Obould, they tend to shoot first, ask questions later." Delilah replied as she tossed her haversack onto a large comfortable chair.

Callia nodded. She had heard of all the attacks the army of Obould Many-Arrows had launched against Mithril Hall, amongst other places of the North. "I see."

"Does it bother you that he and I have been lovers in the past?"

"No, should it? Would it bother you if I told you he let one of your dumb orcs ravage me that night attempted to kill him?"

"No, it doesn't. You just seemed somewhat cold for a moment." Delilah remarked.

"It's not that."

"Is it jealousy? You don't have to worry about me. I won't take him from you. We weren't very sexually compatible to begin with. I like Orcs. I like it rough. I like it to hurt. I get off on pain. I crave big Orc cock. Amakiir lacks in size and in thrust."

"Plus Delilah is fairly loose. I like it tight." Amakiir added.

Callia nodded, remembering how he'd used magic to make her own pussy virginal tight. She did have to admit it felt damn good being tight again. Callia's eyes flicked over as she took in all both Amakiir and Delilah had said.

"Juicy Miss Lucy, eh?"

Delilah chuckled at Callia's remark. "Have you had a woman before?"

"I've been involved in some heavy petting and foreplay with one before, but I've never fucked one before." Callia replied. "Have you?"


"Then this should prove quite interesting." Callia purred before turning back to Amakiir. "How long will it take you to complete your business?"

"Anxious, eh?"

"Very," she purred. "My pussy is dripping wet. I could explode at the thought of having your cock and her juicy pussy at the same time. I wanna FUCK!"

"It shouldn't take more than a few hours. I'm sorry that you'll have to wait. Go to the market. Buy whatever you need and then we'll meet back here. Just do not start without me." He warned as he shot her a look that said 'or else' as he opened his haversack and pulled out a small brown package, which he promptly stashed inside his robes. "I'll be off now. Behave!"

Amakiir quickly planted a kiss on both Callia and Delilah before heading to the door. Callia smiled at Delilah as she reached for her. "One kiss won't hurt," she murmured as she licked her lips.

Callia pulled Delilah to her, one hand sliding into her hair and the other slipping down to caress her finely shaped ass. Delilah gasped and wrapped her arms around her. She dipped her head slightly as their lips neared each other's and parted. Their lips lingered a hair's breadth apart before coming together. After a few teasing smooches, the kiss deepened, parting their lips, and bringing forth tongues to duel. There was much wildness to the kiss, carnal in its heat and utterly breathtaking.

Soon Callia began her assault on Delilah as she took charge. Her hands were everywhere at once. Sliding over Delilah's lithe figure and squeezing her breasts, massaging her thighs and ass. Her hands didn't stop. Callia slid her hands over the vee of Delilah's crotch, dipping into the juncture of her thighs. She could feel a wetness gathering through the material of her clothing. She could feel Delilah's heat searing her palm as she rubbed and teased her. Delilah felt an overwhelming sensation wash over her. It had been a long time since she had felt like this. She let out a moan. Soon her own hands sought out Callia's body.

Various articles of clothing melted away and fell to the floor as hands tugged and caressed each other's bodies. Callia let out a low throaty moan as Delilah's brushed her fingers over Callia's voluptuous breasts. Her nipples hardened to tight taut buds. Their lips locked in a passionate kiss, sucking and nibbling at each other's lips. Tongues dueled in a dance of blissfulness. A moan escaped Delilah's parted lips as she felt Callia pinch her nipples.

"More!" Delilah whispered, urging the strawberry blonde wild elf on. Callia responded in kind, giving Delilah what she asked for. She pinched and pulled, twisting and tweaking until little gasps of pain escaped Delilah's lips.

Then abruptly Callia ended their steamy kiss, tugging Delilah toward her and the bed by her taut elongated nipples. Delilah moaned, loving the feel of the sharp pains.

"Yes...," she hissed. "You know what I like!"

"You like it rough, don't you?" Callia purred.


"Is that why you prefer big mean orc cock?" Callia snarled as she shoved Delilah down to the bed with as much force as she could muster.

Delilah hit the feather mattress hard and moaned aloud, "Yes! Yes!"

"Maybe all you've known is pain. Let me show a new way. I promise you'll discover my way is just as pleasurable...if not more so." Callia purred as she climbed onto the bed, sliding her compact lithe body over that of the tall dark haired human assassin's.

Delilah let out a shivering moan. "Yes, please, show me...,"

Scooting Delilah up the bed, Callia used four silken strips she pulled from her haversack to tie her to the bed frame. Callia had initially intended to use them on Amakiir but knew Delilah would appreciate her efforts even more. Delilah strained against her bonds and moaned aloud. Callia then pulled various phallic shaped objects from her haversack. Lastly she produced two small vials of special oils, one of which was the very same oil Amakiir often used on her to tighten her pussy.

Removing the top of one of the vials, she poured a bit of the scented massage oil into the palms.

"Ready?" Callia purred.

"Yes! Yes!"

Callia straddled her new companion's curvaceous body and rubbed her palms together. She then placed one hand over each of Delilah's breasts and began to massage each lightly and gently. Instead of pinching and tweaking roughly on the stiff nipples, Callia leaned down, taking one in her mouth while softly plucking the other. Her tongue flicked. Her lips sucked. Delilah moaned softly, her head thrashing back and forth upon the pillow behind her head. Yet Callia persisted, changing breasts. She drove Delilah into a moaning frenzy with her talented tongue and hands.

Slipping lower, she rubbed the fragrant oil into Delilah's midsection, massaging it into her tightly muscled abs. Her tongue followed, sliding a wicked course down Delilah's body to her navel. She delved her tongue in, flicking back and forth, tasting the tangy, pungent aroma of her skin.

Downwards, Callia moved, skirting the neatly trimmed bush of dark curls. She worked her way down her shapely thighs to her calves and feet. She soon discovered Delilah's feet were ticklish, and delighted in taking advantage of that knowledge. She rubbed the massage oil into soles of Delilah's feet, paying special attention to the arch of the foot. Delilah groaned then giggled as Callia's light touch skimmed over the toes.

"Please...not my feet...," Delilah protested, with a sigh.

Callia chuckled and slid back up the beautiful human's body. "Very well, my sweet," she granted before returning to her tender ministrations of Delilah's plentiful breasts.

"You forgot something...," Delilah cried out, nearly begging Callia to appease her needs.

"No, my beautiful one, I haven't. I'm saving the best for that. Just enjoy!" Callia began to stroke Delilah's face. She took particular notice of her lover's lush full lips. She let her own lips linger on Delilah's ears, neck, and breasts before moving back up to her lush lips. The next kiss, though tender and soft, that Callia bestowed upon Delilah lacked none of the earlier passion the harsher kisses had produced. Delilah let out a moan as her body writhed and undulated beneath that of her wild elf lover's.

Callia dropped back down Delilah's body, sliding over the breasts to her thighs. She eased them apart as her fingers dipped down and slid the pink folds open. Delilah let out a whimper. She inhaled the pungent aroma of Delilah's pussy and gasped as she viewed it in all of its spread glory. Her pussy was beautiful. The nest of dark curls was neatly trimmed down to a small patch of curls directly above the folds that nestled her clit. Callia could tell Delilah was incredibly aroused as she noticed how red her swollen cunt lips were and all the cunt juice glistening on her dark curls.

Kissing her along her right thigh, Callia zeroed in her pussy. The closer Callia got to her cunt, the stronger her scent became. Slowly she licked around her pussy, sucking and kissing her swollen lips. Callia could not wait any longer. She stuck her tongue in her cunt and sucked as much of her sweet nectar as she could. Delilah moaned. She was enjoying it as much as Callia was. She knew she had her so she moved up to Delilah's clit. It was not hard to find since it was sticking out from its hood. As she licked and sucked her clit, Callia slipped a finger into her cunt. She groaned louder this time. Delilah's pussy lips were swollen and glistening with her juices. Callia pulled away from her clit and slowly licked those puffy lips. Mixing it up and keeping Delilah on the edge of orgasmic frenzy, Callia alternated from her lips to her clit to her cunt.

Finally, she concentrated on her clit while she slipped two fingers in to her cunt. With a deep moan, she buried his face between her legs. Her tongue flicked out and licked up and down her slit and over her clit. She clamped her mouth over her pussy mound and pushed her tongue into her steamy snatch. Delilah lifted her ass up off the bed and humped Callia's face while squealing as the overwhelming sensations of her climax thundered through her body. But Callia was not finished with Delilah. She licked up to her clit, then back down across her pussy to the tight nub of her ass. She clamped her mouth over her swollen mound and slurped her female nectar with her lips and tongue. Then she lathered her tight ass with her own flowing juices, flicking the tip of her tongue back and forth across the tight nub. She moved her lips, tongue back to Delilah's pussy, and pressed her fingers against her ass until it pushed inside.

Delilah continued her moaning and gasping. She squirmed hard against Callia's probing fingers and tongue. She shoved two fingers into Delilah's hot pussy and ground them around against the walls of her cunt. Delilah was close. Her gasps and moans were getting louder and louder. Callia shoved her finger deep into Delilah's ass, fucked her pussy fast, and sucked her clit between her lips, biting it gently.

Delilah's entire body tensed. A scream escaped from her throat. Her legs were shaking. She thrust her pussy violently up against Callia's mouth. Juices gushed from her pussy. Callia clamped her mouth over her swollen pussy and sucked her sweet nectar into her mouth. Her other finger continued to pumped in and out of her ass. Never had she felt anything quite like this. Delilah collapsed against her bonds, nearing exhaustion.

But Callia wasn't done with her yet. She reached for the other vial of oil and poured some into her hand. She rubbed her hands together before returning them to Delilah's cum soaked pussy. She gently massaged the swollen pussy lips and engorged clit, bringing new cries from Delilah. Then she pushed two fingers inside, thrusting in as deep as she could until she found Delilah's sweet spot. With her oiled fingers, she rubbed the sensitive mass of nerves. Soon Delilah was bucking and screaming as her body erupted in another round of cumming fury. Callia pulled her fingers out and massaged the outer lips. She knew Delilah would soon tighten. Then it was time to show her how a gentle fucking could be more pleasurable than a harsher one.

She allowed Delilah to rest while she dug the strap-on apparatus from her sack of goodies. Then she selected a polished ivory phallic attachment and nested it in the harness of the apparatus. Grabbing the oil, she coated the ivory cock and slipped the whole apparatus into place around her slender hips.

"Are you ready, sweet Delilah?" Callia murmured, her voice low and feral.

"Yes, yes, yes...," Delilah moaned, writhing about on the bed.

Callia released Delilah's ankles from the bonds and slid into place over her. She softly nipped at her breasts before guiding the ivory phallus towards Delilah's dripping wet pussy. "Tell me if this is not comfortable. Tell me if you are not enjoying how I fuck your sweet pussy."

Callia easily nestled herself in the cradle of Delilah's hips as she slid the ivory cock up and down over her lover's swollen pussy lips. She lined the tip up and pushed her hips, sinking the head into Delilah's hot snatch. Further, she pushed in and her swollen cunt split open as Callia's 'cock' penetrated into her slipperiness. She felt so tight. Her silk-like walls gripped the phallus as Callia pushed deeper and deeper inside her.

It was if Callia then lost herself in the moment. She knew what she herself enjoyed and called upon those memories as she eagerly thrust into Delilah's juicy pussy. She kept her thrusts steady and even, not wanting to penetrate her too harshly. She knew if she wasn't careful, the ivory phallus could hurt Delilah. She took her time and increased her rhythm a little at a time until she found the depth and stroke that would bring forth the most pleasure. She knew she had found Delilah's sweet spot once more as Delilah let out a series of screams.

"More...please...more...right there....yes...right there...more...," Delilah gasped out as she brought her legs up to wrap around Callia. "Harder...harder...,"

Callia gave her what she begged for, increasing her thrusts. She pulled back all the way to the hilt and pulled out and slammed into her again driving her 'cock' even deeper into Delilah's cum soaked cunt. That began a hard and reckless fuck. Callia pounded into her as Delilah screamed, still begging for more.

"Fuck me, Callia. Shove your big hard cock up my pussy. Please...,"

And Callia obliged Delilah, fucking her as hard as she could and as deeply as she could take it. She turned Delilah into a cumming machine as one orgasm hit after the other, rocking her body. She screamed until she collapsed, unable to take no more.

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