tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhen Daddy Forced Me

When Daddy Forced Me


The nice police officer told me to call him daddy. This was two months ago and I thought that it was a strange request a first. I trusted this man, a respected officer and a protector by heart. He started visiting me to "check in" on me a few months back. He expressed concern that I was a woman living alone. He became a friend. Intelligent, insightful and blunt, he challenged me and encouraged me. He was also older than I but when he leveled his eyes at me and firmly directed me to call him daddy, I wanted to ask why. My heart started racing and I complied with the request, finding that it felt natural.

He was a good daddy, bringing me presents and encouraging me to carry out various assignments when he left. When he would stop by with a present, he would smile excitedly and he always asked what I'd accomplished since his last visit. Now, my daddy is tall and handsome and when he presented me with a little gift, his intense eyes would light up and I would hug him, touching his salt and pepper hair.

I never felt safer than when he pulled me into his strong arms. A stillness came over me and I breathed in his smell – a mix of soap and fresh air. He made me feel small and nervous and unsure. This was before daddy came over to force me one day.

He visited me one day and he seemed different. When he entered my small space, I flushed and lost my voice. He always had this effect on me. I would get nervous and fidget and look down until I pulled myself together. But on this day, I couldn't manage to lose this apprehension. Gone was the smile he normally greeted me with. He stared directly into my eyes and I willed myself to look back, shrinking into my chair, feeling suddenly naked and exposed. This wasn't just apprehension – I was afraid.

When daddy ordered me into the bedroom, I got up and walked, stunned, head down and hardly breathing. I was alone in the house – he knew I was alone. Where could I go? What could I do? He was daddy, a police officer, and more importantly, I wasn't really sure that I wanted to get away. I just wanted him to smile and tell me he was kidding. I wanted to breathe again.

I was hardly in my room when I felt a hand from behind and another hand pulling my hair back. I whimpered as he rubbed my breasts and held me in place by my hair. My head screamed "run" but my body deceived me by leaning into him. Did I want this? I was shaking as he led me to the bed. His hands were everywhere, all over me, ripping off my pants. His voice was hoarse when he whispered "You love this, don't you...slut."

I moaned when I meant to answer "no". But the word wouldn't come out and I was angry with myself. Angry, because even as he took my breast into his mouth and invaded my pussy with his trusted hand, I arched my back a little and moistened my lips.

A noise outside brought me back to myself long enough to appraise the situation – daddy on top of me, forcing his fingers inside of me. I tried to sit up and daddy held me down hard. "Wait" I said and he held my hands up by my head. As he moved his fingers back to my wet cunt, my head swooned and I felt only his hand, pushing deep inside of me. There was no way that I could stop him and I stopped trying. "You like daddy's hand in your pussy. You've wanted this, haven't you?" I could feel his excitement rise as he explored my pussy and his words echoed in my head.

My anger fueled my urgency. I pounded up against his hand as he moved in and out of me, pushing in deep and hard. I couldn't get enough of him and I was desperate for more.

Daddy moved his hand away and I quickly tried to cover myself up. The panic began to rise up my throat. He pushed me onto my stomach and wrapped a tie around my wrists. "If you try to sit up again, I'll spank you hard and I promise it will hurt." It wasn't what he said but how he said it that switched me from scared to resigned.

The humiliation, the threats, all of it left me confused. But under all of it was a desire for more – a desire to make daddy happy. A desire that he could read easily. He'd said it – "You've wanted this" and I realized that I had. I didn't fight it as he arched me up and pushed his big cock deep inside of me. I didn't cry out in pain as he filled me up and kept going, pushing hard against my physical limits.

My hands, tied up and useless, grasped at the air as the intense waves of pleasure floated me past my fear and anger. My body was his completely. As he fucked me, I felt my trust return. He knew that I needed this – that he needed this. My belly was hot to the touch and the pounding inside was stirring up a hot sensation that was building and building.

I wanted to stay here with daddy fucking me and playing my desires for as long as possible. But the waves of heat were coming faster and my body tensed up hard against him. "That's it Sweetie. Come for daddy." My head came up off the pillow as the waves finally crested and I came hard around daddy's cock. I was beyond reason, weeks of repressed desire pushing my orgasm longer and longer.

I wanted him to feel this, to come as hard as I did. My body relaxed against him and I wanted him to use my body in any way – to give him relief from this tension. I heard hi breathing quicken as he pulled out of me and I held my breath as his hot come hit my ass and back. I didn't dare move, senses alive, I rested in his release.

As daddy moved away, I craved a hug, reassurance that nothing had changed between us. Yes, he had forced me but he was still daddy, kind and gentle. Untying my hands, he kissed me gently and I knew that he hadn't changed. I trusted him more now for knowing what I needed before I did and making it happen. "I have to go. I'll see you in a few days." Daddy got up to leave and I wrapped my sheet around me.

Resisting the urge to lounge through the afternoon, I got up to shower. Back to life. But the sheet felt softer. The shower was hotter and more relaxing. My dirty secret tickled the corners of my mind while I went grocery shopping, did the dishes, and locked up at night. I didn't know when I would see him again or what he had planned for me, but I was ready for anything.

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