tagInterracial LoveWhen Hubby is Around

When Hubby is Around


"Excuse me, would you mind if I sit down?"

Shane was seated at the counter of a bar located not too far from where he worked, holding a drink to his lips, about to take a sip from it when the white man's voice spoke to him. Shane muttered his accent and the man, between mid to late forties with a weary-looking face, draped his jacket over the backrest of the high stool beside Shane before plopping himself on it. He ordered a glass of Bacardi and told the bartender to refill Shane's glass.

"Can I help you with something?" Shane asked after the bartender had given them their drinks.

"My name is Dan," he shook hands with Shane. "Dan Erickson. We haven't met before -- not in person -- though we both have a mutual friend in common."

"And just who might that mutual friend of ours be?"

Dan was silent for a moment, and then he leaned closer to him and said: "My wife, Annette. The same lady whom you've been fucking behind my back for over a month now."

It was enough to make Shane lower his glass on the counter. He turned in his stool and gave the man a serious look. "So what you here for? Out to get your pint of blood?"

"I wouldn't have bought you a drink if that's what I had in mind. And anyway, there's no need to get all tensed up -- I'm here for friendship, nothing more." Dan paused to take a sip off his drink before continuing. "You recall the last time you were at my home?"

Shane shook his head. "It's so far back, I can't recall."

"It was a Wednesday, one week ago. You came in with my wife and banged her in our bedroom. Remember now?"

"Oh yeah ... yeah, I do." Shane couldn't help but make small laughter from recalling the memory. "Man, I'll tell you something -- your wife's a real slut. No offence though."

"None taken. To tell the truth, I never once knew how much of a slut she was ... not until that evening when I watched the both of you."

Shane looked at him with surprise. "No way. She said you'd gone off to Denver and won't be back till the following day."

Dan nodded. "That was what I'd expected, except things didn't work out well, so I returned home the day before. I hid in the closet and watched the both of you go at it. How come you haven't been around the house since?"

Shane shrugged. "No time. Got other white sluts lurking around that want a taste of the black dick." He took another sip of his drink. "So anyway, you've bought a drink -- thank you. What do you really want?"

"Annette's been missing you, sort of. I'd like for you to come by and fuck her one more time, except this time, I'd like to be there."

"To watch, to join in, or both?"

"I'd much prefer watching this first time." "She put you up to this, didn't she?"

"In a way, she did. Annette can be most persuasive when she wants to be. So how about it?"

Shane laughed, and drained the rest of his drink in one go before turning to face his new-found friend. "No problem on my end. All you have to do is name the day."

"How about today -- right now -- if you're up for it."

"It's going to be a tough one. I'm going to have to get some clearance from my boss first."

"It's no problem, I can wait."

"Catch you here soon." Shane left the bar and hurried off to his place of work. Forty minutes later he was out in the street, heading back towards the bar. Dan was already in his car and honked his horn for Shane to come over and jump in.

"How did it go with your boss?" Dan asked.

"Told her I had diarrhoea."

Dan laughed and started his car.

Annette had been pacing the living room for the past couple of minutes, each time stopping to peep out through the window curtain at the front street, wanting to see her husband return home with her lover in tow. Except for the transparent negligee and thigh-length stockings and pump high heels, she wasn't wearing anything else.

It wasn't long before Dan arrived, and he and Shane stepped out of the car and approached the front door. Annette made sure everything about herself was in place before opening the door and letting them both in.

Her attention turned immediately towards Shane, leaving her husband to close the door behind them. The two of them right away started kissing each other, fumbling to grasp for each other's body. Annette told Shane how much she had missed him since, and inquired why he hadn't bothered calling all this time.

"Sorry babe, had too much work to do. Though if it wasn't for your man here, I doubt if I'd be here today."

"I know, I sent him to come fetch you for me. So now that you're here," she began taking off her negligee, "let's get on down to business."

Her negligee fell to the ground just as Shane came and scooped her into his arms, grasping and fondling her thick ass from behind while he smothered her lips and tits with kisses. Dan too was busy undressing, and when he was through, took a seat on one of the couch and began stroking his cock while at the same time raptly watching.

Shane turned her around and then bent her over on a sofa with her ass facing him. He gave her ass a couple of spanks, loving the feel of his palm groping it, before then burying his face between her half moons, digging his tongue on her outstretched pussy. Slurping his tongue in, out, and around her labia; Annette couldn't stem down the tide of her moans.

"Go on, get your cock out, I'm so wet," she muttered with her eyes half shut. "Get your cock and fuck me right now."

"Whatever the lady says," Shane raised his head and in less than a minute had his jeans down to his ankles. Dan came forward to watch as Shane inserted his thick cock between his wife's pussy walls, heard her squirm and then groan aloud as he penetrated her orifice.

"Go on, fuck that pussy," Annette said over her shoulder. "Fuck it like you haven't fucked it in a long while."

Shane's fingers dug into the flesh of her waist and slammed his cock in and out of her as hard as he could. Annette moaned aloud her delight, feeling the full brunt of his cock inside her. Dan watched with unabashed glee at the sight of Shane's cock hammering his wife with brute force. Shane reached forward and grasped a handful of her hair, pulling her head back while his other hand slapped her ass, turning it red. Annette was so taken over by the fucking, she wished he wouldn't ever stop.

"Ohhh God!" she moaned. "Oh God, you sure know how to fuck me well and good! My God, I've really missed your cock!"

The globes of her ass bounced and slammed into his cock each time Shane hammered into her. He held one of her legs up and went on fucking her from the side. Annette grinned at Dan, who remained in his seat as a mere spectator. She began to taunt him.

"How do you like me now, honey?" she mumbled between grunts. "You like the way he's fucking me? You know you'll never get to fuck my pussy the way he does."

Then they changed position. Shane sat on the couch while Annette came on top of him, though with her back towards him. Shane allowed her to do the work, letting her bounce up and down his shaft as hard as she could. Annette flung her hair either way with high-driven passion. She leaned forward with both hands touching the ground, letting Shane carry her ass up and down smack on his cock. They went on like that till eventually Annette slipped off him and slumped to the floor. She lay there for a moment breathing heavily, and muttering: "Goddamn! What a cock!"

Shane got to his feet and pulled her towards him. Her legs opened aside and she now rested on her upper back with her gaping pussy staring up at him. Shane lowered himself a bit and dripped his cock in and out of her as if he was prospecting for oil.

"Uhggh! ... Uhggh! ... Uhggh! ..." Annette grunted from each effort, feeling the curved head of Shane's prick pierce her womb down to her throat. Shane reached down for her arms and carried her up. Balancing her thighs around his waist, he pounded her hard and good. Annette yelped and groaned and wrapped her arms around his neck thigh as her body went through another shattering orgasmic climax. Shane miraculously still held her in the air when she felt his cum shoot inside of her.

Both of them collapsed on the sofa, totally spent. A while later Dan went into the kitchen, looked into the fridge and took out an already opened bottle of French wine. He carried along three glasses to the living room, poured a sizable amount of wine in each glass and handed two to Shane and his wife.

"Here's to our good health," Dan announced as the three of them clinked their glasses and took a sip of the tasty wine.

"Man, that was really something," Dan said to Shane. "When Annette told of how well you used to bang her, I knew I just had to see it for myself." "I'm glad you enjoyed the show," Shane grinned.

"Yeah," Annette said to her hubby. "But next time darling, don't forget to bring a camera along."

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