tagLesbian SexWhen I Get Home

When I Get Home


Before anything else, I want you naked, exposed. Your pale flesh laid out before me like the gift it is. My eyes long to slowly glide over every curve before my hands follow suit. I want you to know, just from the look in my eye, how desperately I want you.

After slowly peeling off your clothes, my eyes locked on yours the whole time, I look you up and down. I take my time, fully appreciating every inch of you with my heated gaze as my eyes travel down your beautiful body and back up again. I love seeing all of you and knowing that you're mine for the taking.

I lean in and kiss you, softly at first, just a gentle brush of lips. The kiss deepens as I pull you closer, making you more aware of your nakedness as it presses against my clothed body. You raise your hands, sliding them beneath my shirt. I let them linger for a few seconds then brush them away as you try to take my shirt off. You try again and I push them away once more.

The disappointment is clear on your face as I pull back from our kiss. Then I playfully push you onto my bed, making you let out a surprised gasp. Suddenly, my hands are pinning your wrists to the mattress. I have you cuffed down before you even have time to object. Tonight is about what I want.

I stand at the foot of the bed and my eyes drink in the sight of you. I can see both the nervousness and excitement in your eyes. Pulling my shirt over my head, I watch your eyes move to my breasts and regard them hungrily. I unzip my jeans, sliding them down over my hips to the floor. You're silent, eyes moving lower and then back up to meet mine. You're wondering what I have in store for you and you're about to find out.

Unhooking my bra and letting it fall to the floor, I finally bare my large breasts to you. I can feel my nipples harden under your gaze and notice you smile a bit as they do. I know you're imagining touching them, tasting them. I know you can almost feel them between your fingertips and on your tongue. You do love to use your tongue.

Next, I slip off my panties, leaving them useless at my feet. Your eyes shift lower again as you wonder just how wet I'm getting while putting on this little show for you. I can almost see you longing to trace my outer lips with just one finger the way you always do. You want to feel how wet I get, just at the sight of you.

I lean down, my hands coming to rest on the bed with your legs between them. I slowly, gently, kiss my way from your ankles up to your knees, my warm lips caressing your soft skin. Working my way higher, I begin to lick and nibble on your thighs, occasionally sinking my teeth in just a bit deeper.

I crawl onto the bed next to you, my mouth still traveling up your body. Kissing and licking my way up and over your stomach my warm, wet mouth finally makes it's way to your delicious breasts. I bite down on your left breast, just an inch or so above your nipple, making you writhe with my teeth. I know you love it when I bite.

Unable to resist, I circle your left nipple with my tongue as my fingertips trace the same path around your right one. Feeling your nipple so hard for me, I take it into my mouth and suck gently, then a bit harder my tongue flicking over it as I roll your right nipple between my fingers. At the same time I bite down on your left nipple and pinch your right just hard enough for you to feel the perfect mix of pleasure and pain. You moan so beautifully for me.

Once again, I continue my way up your body, my mouth making a moist trail up to your neck where I kiss your skin gently and then without warning, bite down firmly and making you gasp and your hips writhe against the bed. I bring my face up to yours, letting you see all of the desire in my eyes before I kiss you hard and deep, devouring you with my passion.

My hand teasingly glides down your body until it rests on your thigh. I gently nudge your thighs apart, already able to feel the heat radiating from between them.

I drag my nails up the inside of each thigh before kissing you again as I move my hand higher and start to lightly trace my fingertips over your outer lips, trying my hardest to control my touch as I feel the wetness already flowing from between them. I continue this light teasing over and over until you can't keep your hips still and you're moaning softly at every light caress. Only then do I let one finger slip between them. I can't help but let out a moan as I feel how wet for me you truly are.

I'm nearly desperate to plunge my fingers inside you but I don't. I use one fingertip to circle your clit, brushing lightly against it but never really making contact and watching you grow more and more frustrated. I press my fingertip down on your clit to distract you.

I hold it there for a few seconds, just letting you feel me against you before beginning to make slow circles on it. I keep rubbing at the same pace, not changing even slightly. I feel the muscles in your body tightening as you become annoyed with the same maddening pace. Just when you think you can't take any more, my fingers begin to move a bit faster. I use a little more pressure as your breathing quickens. I can tell you're getting close, very close. I take my fingers off your clit and whisper into your ear, "You don't get to cum tonight unless I'm inside you."

Almost before the words are out of my mouth, I slide two fingers inside you very, very slowly. I curl them forward and drag my fingertips against your gspot as I withdraw my fingers just as slowly. I do it again, harder and you moan loudly for me.

It's here that I lose my control. I fuck you hard and fast, my body pressing against yours. My mouth is on you, kissing, licking, biting, sucking every inch of your flesh within reach. I take you exactly as I want to.

My thumb grinds against your clit as my rhythm changes, moving faster. I fuck you so hard it almost hurts. You're trapped on that edge between pleasure and pain. I feel your body shaking against mine and know it won't be long. Your moans get louder and more frequent as you press your hips toward my hand. I can tell you're almost there, almost. I feel your dripping pussy tighten around my fingers and I bite down hard on your shoulder as you start to cum for me, my fingers keeping their pace at first then gradually slowing to a stop as your orgasm subsides. I withdraw my fingers and lick them clean before un-cuffing you, pulling you into my arms and giving you a soft kiss.

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