tagGay MaleWhen I Met Ryan

When I Met Ryan


Hey everyone, this is my first go at writing. I hope you enjoy the story, I certainly enjoyed writing it, and any feedback is greatly appreciated.


I'm Sam, a 20 year old gay currently at university. I always knew I was gay, attracted to men since forever, fascinated by their bodies and cocks. I was always horny as a teenager, couldn't get enough of wanking to porn and my own fantasies involving footballers, pop stars and the like.

At 15 I lost my virginity to a classmate at school, we were good mates and it started off by jacking in front of each other, then jacking each other until the one day we did the deed. Was nothing amazing looking back, but at the time it was fantastic. For a year or so we continued to mess around with each other, eager for the pleasure each teenager craves until we parted ways as I went off to college.

I properly came out to my family at 16 before college, who were thankfully and all happy about it and things carried on more or less as normal. As we went through college, I played football, and no, not just to perv over the lads, I was actually good at it. I got on with everyone, the footy team got on with me and didn't care I was gay, I used to be the butt of a lot of jokes, but it was all in good faith. Due to my sport, I had a lean frame, 6 foot tall with short brown hair, and started to get fairly hairy at 17 as it grew thick on my thighs and grew up my body from my cock.

I was not short of cocks at college, I wasn't a man whore or anything, I had a boyfriend for a bit, but things didn't work out. I slept with a few guys from college, all of them more than once. All the time I was horny and hungry for sex and cock. The feeling of a cock plunging into my backend was paradise, as was thrusting my cock into the hot arses of the lads.

As we all turned 18 and left college, we all went off to university across the country, to where I am today, which is where I eventually met Ryan.

When I moved into halls the partying began, all the flats around us used to throw parties where the majority us all got on and had a good time. It was a tyical uni group of people, partying, drinking and then the sex. People paired off and I got with a guy or two from bars and clubs, I was confident amongst men and would get lucky pretty often. I fitted in well with people and got on with them; I was (still am) easy going and always up for the pisstaking and laughter. Everyone knew I was gay, and accepted it.

At one of the parties, I saw Ryan for the first time. He was over the other side of the room flirting with a group of girls. Straight away I fancied the pants off him. He looked a bit smaller than me, maybe 5'9, but he was hot. He wore a tight short sleeved shirt, which framed his toned body perfectly and showed off his hot, hairy forearms, which has always been a massive turn on for me. His hair was short and brown and he had stubble, again another turn on for me.

From the moment I saw him I got turned on, he was perfect looking in my eyes, but he gave me butterflies in my stomach. Whenever I saw a hot guy before I would get horny, but never had I got butterflies, but boy, Ryan gave me butterflies. I had no idea why, but I could have just stood there and watcheed him. For a few weeks afterwards I kept dreaming and fantasising about him and even when I got with a guy, I couldn't get Ryan out of my head and craved to see him again. Thankfully that chance came when we had a party with the flat next door and Ryan was friends with people there.

There was only 7 of us at the party, which I like as you can socialise a lot more. I made a bee-line for Ryan, probably a bit too enthusiastic, but hey I was excited to see him again. We chatted to each other about stuff in general, uni (he was studying Business Law and me Economics) and sport, as he was into football, but wasn't in our team as he it clashed with cricket. We hit it off straight away, having a good time and a laugh. We all carried on drinking and got pretty drunk playing some drinking games and all ended up staying over in the same flat. Next morning, I got to see Ryan in just his black briefs which made me instantly hard. For an 18 year old, he was well developed. His legs were strong, muscley and hairy and the tight black briefs, along with his suntan made him look like a god. On his chest was a spattering of hair which ran down towards his stomach and got thicker from his belly button and down towards the waistband of his briefs. I had to turn away to hide the instant hard on I got as he walked back over towards us in the main room. He lay back on the sofa as I was on the floor and we just lay there, making small talk and we arranged to go out for a drink the next day.

We met for our drink the next day, just the two of us and got to know each other more over some beer. There was a lot in common between us and we continued to meet up every so often over the following weeks. I still couldn't get him out of my head as he was so handsome and gorgeous; my dream man.

At one the parties, there was again only a small group of us. It was round our flat and there were 9 of us. The drinks were flowing a lot more this time and the drinking games got more adventurous and we ended up playing spin the bottle. Nothing much happened in this game at first. Just a few kisses with a few girls for me and one of the lads, but obviously I wanted to kiss Ryan. When Ryan had to kiss one of the other lads, Sean, it turned me on, but I also felt a strong pang of jealousy that Sean got to kiss Ryan. It also came out during the game that Ryan was a virgin, but none of us really batted an eyelid, apart from me, as it created dirty thoughts in my find. The game continued and to great excitement I was dared to not just kiss Ryan, but snog him for 30 seconds. He seemed a little reluctant but we did it, and boy was it hot. I leaned in and pressed my lips to his, trying to get my tongue inside and he relented and my tongue fell into his. We kissed and he even moved his hand to my face, and I did it back to him. As this happened, the others began to cheer and poke fun at Ryan, winding him up and he pulled out of the kiss. I was rock hard by the kiss and I needed relief. Ryan went bright red, but he didn't seem upset and joined in with laughing and there was maybe even a little hint of enjoyment.

That game ended not long after our kiss, but we did start to play strip poker. I ended up losing most of my clothes rather fast, sitting in my briefs before anyone else was topless. The girls lost their tops and then Ryan did. I couldn't wait for this as again I got to see his broad, hairy chest.

Most of us ended up in our underwear by which point people started to drift off to sleep. Me, Ryan and Sean stayed up longer chatting away about all sorts before Sean finally went to his room. Not long after, Ryan decided to go to bed, and as he was in my room, I decided to follow.

As he led the way to my room, I could see his peachy arse in his jeans which, for about the 100th time that night made me instantly hard and I desperately wanted to do something about it.

We walked into the room, and I decided to do something about my throbbing cock and I grabbed his muscled shoulders and spun him round. I gazed into his brown eyes and looked from his brown close cropped hair down his body, towards his crotch before leaning in and pressing my lips to his. He again resisted, but soon relented and my tongue fell into his mouth and I began to suck his tongue and snog his face off. He began to groan, and did not put up any resistance as I continued playing with his tongue and started to move my hand down the outside of his top, rubbing his nipples and rubbed downwards to get to the bottom and rub back inside up his skin. His body was very warm as I rubbed my hands through his treasure trail and played with his belly button before I moved up his body to his nipples which I tweaked between my fingers

As we continued to kiss, he began to squeeze my tight ass as I continually rubbed his nipples and body. I moved out from the kiss, to which he tried to move back towards. I held my finger up to stop him, which he took in his mouth and began to slowly suck my finger. I pulled out and told him 'No, you stand there and let me do the work'.

I licked my way down his chest, down towards his belly button, which I stuck my tongue in and licked, tasting his manly, sweaty scent. My tongue moved down his trail to the waistband, but I again pulled out, teasing his body. Instead, I stood up and began kissing again, and rubbing the outside of his jeans with my hand, grabbing his rod of steal.

I continued kissing and rubbing for a bit as my cock began to drip, pre-cum, a hint that things needed to move on. I unbuckled his belt and jeans, letting them fall to the floor. His muscularly, hairy thighs were framed perfectly in his tight black briefs, before I yanked them down, allowing is 7' rock hard cock in a nest of brown pubes to spring free.

I wasted no more time and took his whole cock in my mouth and down my throat and began to suck before releasing his cock. The taste was fabulous, musky and sweaty, the proper man taste I love. I tickled at his head with my tongue, then sucked his cock and I began to bob up and down before slowing and then taking it all in again, using my tongue to lick all round his shaft, giving him as much pleasure as possible. He was groaning and I looked up to his eyes and he was looking back down at me, pure ecstasy in his eyes and he received his first blow job. I picked up speed as he placed his hands on my head and he screamed he was going to cum, I tickled his balls and sucked as he released his sweet load down my throat, squirt after squirt as he moaned and screamed my name. I continued to suck as his cock softened and cum dribbled down my mouth, his cock slipped out, soft and dripping the remainder of his cum to the floor.

I stood up and began kissing again, as he said that it was my turn as his slipped his warm hands down into my briefs down below...

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