tagRomanceWhen Instinct Takes Control

When Instinct Takes Control


The slightest hint of morning light begins to creep through the curtain gap, reflecting upon my huge bed that is placed right in front of the apartment balcony, overlooking the beautiful Swan River. With my eyes half shut I roll over to give my fiance, Scott, a Valentine's day kiss. I stretch my arm across the bed in search for his body, eager to feel his bare chest with my hand and let him cuddle me. To my disappointment I discover that I am in bed alone, surrounded by pillows, barely covered with anything but his white, unbuttoned shirt and the silky plum duvet that covers me from my knees down almost making me feel like it is not even there.

With a yawn and a stretch I force my body to sit up. The digital clock on my bedside table reads 10am, so I know that I must be home alone as Scott starts work at 9am every morning. I turn my lamp on and notice a big red box tied with a silver organza bow, sitting on the floor right next to my feet. I bend down to pick it up with both hands assuming it will be heavy, but to my surprise the box is incredibly light in weight. I am so excited and so anxious to see what is inside it. I pull the ribbon as quickly as my hands can manage and discover a small note that was hidden under the big bow. A little cream coloured card folded in half, with a red love heart on the front. The note inside is short and sweet, "Dearest Allie, I can't wait to see you when I get home tonight!" I take the lid off the box, take out all the coloured paper that filled up most of it and find a lingerie set and a rose scented bar of soap.

Scott knows my love for underwear. My drawers are filled with bras, thongs, panties in all colours and designs. I never wear the same set twice, although I must admit that there are times when I'll mix and match them. Scott loves it when I surprise him with something new each day, and what makes it so much better is that he is the only one who knows what is hiding behind the formal, respectable clothes I wear to work. The set that he has bought me for Valentine's day is unlike any other I have ever owned. The most beautiful red lace design by Chanel, accented with black details and side bows that hold the thong together. The bra is intricate and sexy, made out of thin, see-through material with black flower details that hide the nipples and no under-wire so they reveal the exact shape of my breasts.

I can't wait to try them on, so without hesitation I throw my shirt off and quickly put on the underwear. I walk up to the mirror to take a look at myself. The bra hugs my D cup breasts perfectly and the thong reveals only parts of my bare, shaved pussy in between the flower details. The material clings to my body as if it was meant to be there, it is so comfortable and light that I almost feel completely naked. With my out-of-bed, curly blonde hair and sun kissed skin I put on a coat and a pair of high heels and in no time I am out the door on my way to surprise my dearest love at work. The coat covers most of my body apart from my silky smooth legs, so I am confident that no one will have any idea of what is hidden underneath it.

I hop into my car and drive to Scott's lawyer's firm as quickly as I can. It is usually only a five minute drive but this time it feels like the traffic lights are taking a painfully longer than usual time to change and I am so keen to just get to him, making the wait in traffic so much more nerve wrecking. I am beginning to stress: "What if I have an accident on the way and have to be taken to hospital immediately?... What if my car breaks down in the middle of traffic?... And worst of all, what if Scott is in a meeting and is too busy too see me?" I am trying to breathe as I pass several cars and try to tell myself that it will all be fine. But I can't stop all the terrible thoughts running through my head faster than electricity runs through wires. My heart is racing, I can feel it in my chest. My brain is sending me messages of the craziness of the adventure that I have embarked myself on for the very first time ever.

Here I am, finally. Right in front of the tall glass building, full of lawyers' offices. Mostly men, mostly married men - very capable men but none like my man! I am so nervous to walk in, yet so excited to see him. I look up at the sky, take a deep breath and enter the front door while I hold my breath, thinking it will hide anything that has the potential of appearing suspicious. I say hello to the guard as I pass his desk and proceed towards Scott's office. I knock on his door three times and I hear a welcoming "Come in" from him not knowing who I was. I gently open the thick, dark wooden door, sneak in and lock it behind me.

There he is, my handsome man dressed to perfection in a light blue shirt and white tie sitting back on his black, leather chair behind the desk. Without saying a word, I walk over towards him slowly undoing button by button with every footstep. He stands up to give me a hug and his lips open up as if he's about to say something, but before he gets a chance I close them up with my finger and whisper a soft "Shhh". I lean over to kiss his lips conscious of the fact that he will get a whiff of my lightly perfumed skin while my long hair that drops past my shoulders brushes against him. I know that he is already is state of awe, I can see it, I can feel it. He is speechless, and as I embrace him I start to feel a bulge growing quickly in his pants. It is almost immediately noticeable and I definitely noticed. I reach down to caress him through his pants and, while I do, I give him a deep look in his bright blue eyes with a slight smirk on my face in a naughty, devilish way.

I lean over and give him a quick, soft peck on his lips, I move around to his neck and then I nibble on his ear, while at the same time I rub my hands on his chest, slowly talking all buttons apart one by one. I work my way down his chest and lightly drag my freshly manicured nails over his hairless chest. I loosen his tie and remove it, and the shirt follows it too. So effortlessly and smoothly that the shirt drops off his chair in no time at all.

I start with soft, wet pecks around his navel while both my hands work the buckle on his belt. My lips move lower and lower. I unfasten the button and down goes the zipper too. I pull down his pants and underwear at the same time and start to massage his cock, so smooth and hard, teasing him like I don't even want to go down. I know the teasing is going to drive him crazy, and Oh how that excites me as well!

I think he can tell I'm getting wet...he's watching me pull at my nipples and moving my panties to the side so that I can touch myself. I push him down, so he sits on his chair and I get down on my knees in front of him. I pull my hand up out of my panties so that he can see the glisten to my fingers that I lick off right before his eyes.

My breast are lightly touching the inside of my thigh, and along with everything else that is going on in his mind, I know he is ready for me to put his cock in my mouth. I finally grab him by the base and after a couple of strokes, lick the tip of his dick with the tip of my wet tongue. He loves it when I give him a tickling sensation so I do it by playing with the head using just my lips. After building up sensual suspense I go all the way down and stop from time to time to lick his balls. I stroke for a little while and get spit dripping between the end of his pole and off of my lips. I look up deep into his eyes, giving him a hint that I'm planning something. I can tell there is excitement running through his blood now, after all he has been watching me play with myself while he has receiving the pleasure for the last few minutes.

He picks me up by my waist and sits me on his desk, so I know he can't wait to have a taste of me too. I slide each bra strap down one by one and he helps me take it off completely by undoing it at the back, instantly with one hand. He throws it off to the ground and takes a look at me sitting in front of him almost naked. He starts kissing me all over and going down towards my belly button and down lower 'till he reaches the top of my thong. He stops to pull the strings of the side bows that hold it together, and it slips down on its own. I am now sitting back completely naked with not a trace of pubic hair anywhere. Before I know it, my legs are over his shoulders and he sits down in his chair, which provides him with the perfect height to 'roll' right into position. He wasted no time. His tongue ever touches the moist, dripping lips. As his lips finally touch mine, I arch my back onto the desk while trying to support myself with both arms. As his tongue splits my slit and work past my pussy's throbbing hole up to the knob of my clit, making me moan in excitement and grab the back of his head as if to pull him in deeper in to my purring kitty. As he goes to the clit, he stops there just to flick it a couple of times with his tongue and stick it in between his lips to suck on it. I am getting so excited and he can definitely hear it.

Scott tries to mumble "Shhh, the guard!" while his face is buried deep between my shaking and shivering legs. I tell him I don't care, because I don't want him to stop. He knew how to hit the right spot and it is feeling intense, so intense that I am digging my nails into his head and trying to reach down to his back. But every time I lean up to scratch him, he sucks and flicks even more forcing me to throw my head back and yell in an attempt to release all that energy built up inside of me.

This continues for a while until my pussy starts pulsing and swelling up. I feel my body jerking like I was gasping for air. I grab he back of his neck and sit him up. Finally, what he started to taste a second ago started to flow. I came so hard that it was running down his chin and the crack of my ass all over his desk. As I regain my breath, he licks me from the back of my ass to the tip of clit.This makes me want to squeeze something real hard as it feels so good.

I can't take any more, my clit is bright pink and throbbing in excitement and sensitive as ever. I tell him I can't handle anymore, "You're gonna make me come again!" Without hesitation he starts tongue fucking me and playing with his thumb on my clit in a circular motion. He knows that it is sensitive to the touch and is willing to give me another orgasm but this time with a different sensation.

He is playing with my kitty and I keep insisting that I want to get him now. But, my Gosh he knows the spot to keep me from talking! He's licking my ass, fingering my pussy, and rubbing on my love bubble. He puts two fingers in and starts stroking harder and deeper. With all the come built up inside of me, his fingers flow in and out of me smoothly, creating tension and a feeling of inner warmth and goodness that is indescribable, bringing me to another intense orgasm. This time I scream louder than ever, and there is no way the security guard doesn't hear what is going on up here.

When the orgasms finally stop, I pull his hand out and push him away and he kind of rolls back in his chair. I can feel my body shaking, I want to have my turn. I slide off his desk dragging my sweet juices with me. I put one leg up on his chair. I grab the back of his chair and then straddle him, pressing against his nose as I drop down slowly, covering even more of his face with the succulent, dripping fluids. Whipping it on his chest and finally to his cock. I reach down and insert him slightly so that he can feel me flex my muscles around his head. And then I drop down pushing him deep within me. I start rocking back and forth at first slowly, but then pick up the pace and go faster and faster. I want him to beg for it like he had me doing, but he doesn't want to give me the satisfation.

I'm holding him by the back of this neck as I am riding. My whole body begins to tense up, I'm sweating and my cheeks feel like they're burning. I know his toes are curling and and it feels amazing how he has got me wrapped up with all his passion. He usually stretches out, but all he can do is embrace me in his chair as he explodes. "Oh my god!" he says. "I have never come that way", he exclaims in excitement.

I kiss him on the lips and with a warm, soft voice I say, "Ahhh that was amazing, hurry up and get home!" We look at the time and realise that it is not even midday yet, so Valentine's Day is really just beginning for us. I get off his lap, put my underwear back on, walk over to pick up my coat off the floor and put that on too. I walk out of this office like nothing had happened, past the security guard who smiles at me, and straight to my car on my way back home.


I get back to my appartment and spot the bar of rose scented soap, that I got from Scott, still sitting on my bed. In an instant I come up with a spontaneous idea for a "homemade" Valentine's Day present for Scott. I already know that he will love it, so without any more contemplation or hesitation, I go into our office to open the cupboard and get out our video camera. The camera has hardly ever been used and it has definetely never been used for making the kind of video that I am about to create. All I have to do is fixate it on top of the bath, with a focus up towards the shower head. After that, Scott will be given proof of how much fun I had with his bar of soap, and so long as I don't use it all, next time he can join me!

I fix the camera onto the edge of the bath where it will not get wet, place the soap on top of the metal holder just below the shower head, completely undress, turn the hot water on, jump in and push "Record". All I've got to do now, is enjoy it!

The steamy yet refreshing water runs down your body as I stand under the spray. It caresses my face, neck, and breasts, dripping off of my nipples. I pick up the bar of soap which I wet for the first time while lathering my hands, making it's rose scent really come to life. I bring them to my neck, smoothing the bubbles all over my soft skin and inhaling the sweet scent. My hands are rubbing, circling, and caressing, down to my breasts. My slick hand softly cradles a breast, while your other hand moves across my stomach, making a trail of lather. The bar of soap falls from my hand. I bend down to pick it up and then I turn in the spray, facing the water and circling my hands all over my body. I tilt my head back with my mouth slightly open imagining the wonderful view of my backside that Scott will be getting. I close my eyes wishing he was there with me. I grab my pussy with one hand, and gently move it across my lips, my finger parting them slightly as I cover them with lather. One finger slides further into the folds, my knees buckle slightly and a soft moan escapes my lips. I am imagining Scott's fingers, touching, exploring me, and continue to caress myself, lost in the feeling; the dreams that are so vivid. Instinct has taken total control of my me and my body. I sit myself down on the floor of the bath, closing my eyes. One knee bent, I straighten my other leg and place my foot against the side of the bath. The angle of the water is just right, allowing the water to hit me in all the delicate places, making it feel like a million feathery touches all at once. "Oh yessss...Mmmmmm..." I begin to move my hips, side to side, arching up and down. An orgasm comes quickly, forcefully, and my body spasms. I lay there trying to return my breathing to normal, slowly removing my hands from your slick pussy, letting the water flow over my flesh for a few moments before standing and turning off the tap.


The phone rings. Scott lets me know that he will be home in 30 minutes. I want to make tonight the best Valentine's night for us yet! I dry my hair, slip into the sweet little costume nurse costume that he has no idea I own! I smile in the mirror, already getting excited knowing this will be the first time for him to see me wear it, plus I will be treating him to a dance like no other. I check through my CD collection and pick up Bob Marley. I know for sure that my opening song will be "Turn the lights down low", a duet sung by Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill. It is the kind of song that puts me in a good mood and it will create an inviting atmosphere for my man, who will be pleased to be at home, at last. I am filling a small bowl with ice and opening our favourite bottle of wine, "MacRostie Wildcat Mountain Vineyard - 2005 Chardonnay". I apply mascara, a little pink blush and a touch of gloss for my lips. The makeup is perfect, the natural way, just the way he likes it. I light up all the candles that I can find in our apartment and I spread them all over. The curtains are all pulled and the lights are turned off, with the exception of one lamp that reflects the light up onto the ceilling. The atmosphere could not be better. I am sitting back sipping the wine, running the dance routine through my mind.

A few minutes later I hear my fiance walking in the door. I walk up to him and whisper in his ear, "Take off your shoes and don't talk". As he stands back I gently blindfold him with his own tie, and guide him to the couch. I press play on the stereo, and let the music take care of the rest. While he is sitting down on the couch, I begin to move his hands towards my legs, so he can feel my soft skin. I bring them a little higher and let his fingertips caress the material of the white mini skirt that I am wearing. I am feeling relaxed and so comfortable. I take it one beat at a time, and slowing undo his blindfold. Now being able to see, Scott soaks up the view, seeing me dancing slowly just a foot away, and the bottle of wine with two glasses. I am moving to the song, rocking my hips from side to side, offering him a glass, and I slide my body to the floor. I am trying to have as little contact with him as possible, making this experience linger as long as possible. I lie on my back and arch my chest up. I slide my bra off as well as my mini skirt, leaving me with just a little white mesh G-string. I run ice over your body and stand up, and move towards him, rubbing my body against his so he can smell my clean, fresh skin. I begin to unbutton his shirt, and open it wide, revealing his chest, begging him to return the favour.

What happens next will be told another time.

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