When Love Comes To Town


"Do you want me to stop, Aileen?"

"No." Her voice was husky and she was trembling.

"Spread your legs."

She parted her thighs further and shivered as her most intimate of places came into contact with the night air. She was so heated, even the warm night felt cool to her. His fingers caressed the outside of her lips slowly. Her clit swelled, poking out from between them and his fingers grazed over it. She cried out and pressed back for more. He rubbed a slow circle around it as his other hand parted her cheeks. The pink puckered rosebud looked inviting, even to a novice such as he. He teased it gently with his finger and then bent forward, closer.

She jumped as she felt his tongue wiggling against her little hole but had no inclination to stop him. Tadeo's kiss felt wonderful and she moaned out loud at the pleasure. Encouraged, he pressed his tongue even more firmly against her. She tasted like lake water and musk, sweet and heady to him. He rubbed her clit a bit harder as he replaced his tongue with his finger. She clenched as he tried to gently push inside, but then he felt her relaxing for him and he worked the tip of his index finger inside.

She was molten hot inside and the muscles of her bud were squeezing his finger so tightly. Tadeo wanted to feel that squeeze around his aching cock, but willed himself to go slowly. He teased and rubbed her asshole, expanding and relaxing it with the tip of his finger and soon, his whole finger was engulfed in the steamy tunnel.

Aileen was moaning and arching her back, bracing hard against the rock as she pushed back against the welcome invader. He moved a bit faster, in and out. She relaxed and followed the rhythm, which he matched on her protruding clit. She felt her orgasm building and then, a slight stretching as he added another finger to her slick hole. She gasped and took it deep, feeling only pleasure from the assault. Why had she never thought to explore her own ass on those rare times she'd masturbated? It felt so good to have stimulation in both places. She felt another stretching and pulling sensation as he added one more finger. She cried out and pressed back to take all three digits inside her body. Her legs quivered and all over, her muscles tensed.

"Tadeo! I'm close," she cried.

He took his hand off of her clit long enough to release the drawstring from around his waist, allowing his shorts to fall and float mid-thigh. His cock stood out proud and ready, and once out of the water, it began dripping precum that glistened in the moonlight. He resumed his ministrations on her swollen clit and continued sliding his fingers in and out of her beautiful ass.

Her body began to shake almost violently and he felt her clench and release his fingers. He had brought his beautiful Aileen to an orgasm! As he placed the tip of his dick just below his thrusting fingers, he felt proud and very excited. She clenched and cried out his name as another spasm overtook her and he seized his opportunity. As soon as her body relaxed again, he removed his fingers and replaced them with his lubricated dick. He pushed quickly and the thick head popped past her thickly muscled entrance.

She stiffened and whimpered, feeling a bit of pain for the first time with Tadeo. He stopped moving his body, but continued to caress her clit.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you, Aileen. I think that was the worst part. The, uh...the rest of my...my penis... is a little thinner than the head of it. Try to relax baby. It won't hurt anymore. If it does, I'll stop."

"Don't stop!" she moaned. She pressed backward suddenly and he slid fully into her hot tunnel.

"Aye, Dios mio!" he cried out, amazed to be buried to the hilt in her sexy ass. Aileen shared his pleasure and wiggled experimentally. There was no pain. She took a moment to adjust to the new sensation and decided that she really liked the full, stretched feeling. It was even better because that was Tadeo's member. The love of her life was inside her, she was holding him more intimately than she'd ever held anyone.

"Tadeo, please...I need, I need you to MOVE." Swallowing hard and praying for control, he placed his free hand on her hip and started rubbing her clit again with his other. He pulled his hips back, keeping the tip inside Aileen, and then slid smoothly back in. She moaned. He picked up the pace of his thrusts and his fingers, growing braver the more she seemed to be enjoying it.

He felt her body shaking again and knew her second orgasm was close. He was so pleasantly surprised at how orgasmic he found his little virgin lover to be! She cried out and climbed the peak to her pleasure, and as she began clenching and releasing his cock, she slammed back against him. He took the none-too-subtle hint and thrust deep and hard inside her. He felt the pressure building in his balls and the delicious unbearable ache building in his cock.

"Aileen! Oh, I'm going to cum. It's ok?"

"Cum inside me, Tadeo. Only you, ever. I want it." She spoke without thinking and pressed backwards against his pelvis.

It took three more hard thrusts and then she felt him grip her hips with power she didn't know he possessed. His cock flexed and quivered inside her hot sheath and she felt him coat her with his cream. He cried out with each spasm and then bent forward, resting against her back for support. He was spent and unbelievably happy. It took a while, but Tadeo felt his cock soften and slowly slip from Aileen's ass. She could feel his cum dripping out of her stretched asshole and into the water. She turned and embraced him.

"I love you, Tadeo, " Aileen murmured against his lips as she kissed him.

"I can tell," he chuckled before returning her kisses. "I love you too."

They took their clothes off completely and threw them up on the bank so they wouldn't drift away. They swam lazily and touched gently, letting the water rinse the proof of their passions from their bodies. The young couple kissed often and was never out of reach.

They snuggled down and spooned in the tent after drying off. The close, intimate contact felt good to both of them. It felt right. Tadeo's cock rested along Aileen's crack and he tried to will his cock not to harden against her sexy cleft. He knew he would lose the battle but wrapped his arms around her anyway. Her breathing deepened and he knew Aileen was asleep. As he snuggled his face down into her neck, he made a mental note to speak to her father as soon as they got back from the camping trip. He thanked God above that he'd had the foresight to bring the ring from Spain.

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