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When Penny Met Dia


Dia was grumpy. Her flight had already been delayed for 5 damned hours and she just wanted to get back home to California. Now some Airport stuffed shirt was telling her the flight was being cancelled until the next day, and would she like a hotel. As always she was gracious about things but after sitting in the terminal with three suitcases for 5 hours she just wanted to relax.

She left her bags in her room, and decided to just go out and veg. She'd remembered hearing from the staff at the strip club she had performed at about a small lesbian club in downtown Vancouver called Lick, and, not feeling up to being hit on by horny drunk men, she decided to go get hit on by horny drunk women instead.

She took a corner seat with her rye & coke where she could see the whole bar. It definitely wasn't a huge space, but it had great atmosphere. Women grinding and dancing, making out on the dance floor, no one caring what anyone thought. Her kind of place. She almost let herself wonder if anyone here might recognise her but hoped they wouldn't. Sometimes anoniminity had it's perks.

After a few minutes she begin to unwind, and spotted a very shy girl at the other end of the room trying to blend into the wall. Dia had always had a thing about shy girls, some driven need to break them out of their shells. She studied the girl. She seemed to not know anyone. She was drinking a plain Coke and hiding in the shadows trying not to be noticed.

The girl was blonde, a little chubby but in a very curvy way, with huge breasts and beautiful piercing hazel eyes. Her lips were a porn director's wet dream. Dia decided to go and say hello.

"Is that floor doing the cha cha?" she asked. "It seems to have your undivided attention."

The poor girl almost fell out of her chair jumping in shock, spilling her coke on her breasts. Dia felt bad for startling the poor thing and mopped up some of the spilled soda with some napkins, quietly noting to herself how hard the girl's nipples got at this.

"I... I'm sorry," the girl stammered. "I just... no one ever talks to me here, you caught me offgaurd."

Dia smiled, curious by the girl's statement. She wasn't even the chubbiest girl in the bar by a longshot, and the other girls were having no trouble being noticed or devoured.

"I can't imagine why," Dia cooed, "with a rack like that I thought you'd be beating the girls off with a stick."

The girl raised a brow at Dia.

"Oh you are SO not from around here," she said very matter-of-factly.

"What makes you think that?" Dia asked, puzzled.

"Because if you were a regular," the girl replied, "someone would've told you to stay away from me by now. I only even come here because the owner is a friend and I draw her flyers for her."

"Now why would anyone warn me away from those gorgeous eyes?" Dia asked brazenly. "Are you some kind of heartbreaker? I'm not looking for ever after sweetie."

"No... um..." the girl was stammering again. "It's um.... you see I.... um...."

Dia caressed the girl's cheek, and the girl visibly shivered at the touch, but then abruptly pulled away.

"You're beautiful Dia," the girl said, making Dia blink, "but you don't want to do this."

"You recognise me?" Dia asked, wondering if this girl was one of those anti-porn nuts and was pushing her away out of some misinformed disgust.

"I bloody well ought to," the girl said. "You're on my Twitter."

A lightbulb went off in Dia's brain. She looked at the girl again, mentally scanning through the pics of people on her followers list, until it clicked who she was talking to, and she almost gasped at the coincidence.

"Penny?" she asked. The girl almost smiled despite how sad she seemed.

"Hoo-rah," Penny said. "It's alright. I hardly expected to be recognised in person. But at least now I don't have to explain why no one here talks to me."

The girl was someone Dia knew on Twitter, though a mutual friend. Penny had started following Dia at Amber Rayne's suggestion, and seemed an interesting enough person, if too hard on herself. Penny was an artist and a writer, and had awesome natural tits that many of the porn girls on Twitter complimented frequently, but Penny was intersexed, meaning a woman with a penis, and frequently lapsed into bouts of hideously low self-esteem, calling herself an ugly freak of nature despite a list of friends who were always quick to correct her. But noticing how the local lesbian crows snubbed her, Dia finally understood why Penny could be complimented so much online and still feel ugly and undesirable.

"Penny," Dia asked, squeezing the girl's hand, "have you ever just looked at my feed?"

"Not recently," Penny answered.

"Penny," Dia said softly, "I have near 3000 people following me on Twitter. I'm only following less than 300 back. And I only tweet at maybe 20 of those regularly. You are one of those. Why would you think I don't want your company?"

"Um..." Penny said, completely oblivious in her own cute dense way, "Because you're a famous pornstar and can pick and choose who you even just look at, let alone talk to or sleep with? And a freak like me just can't compare to.."

Dia abruptly slapped her. Not super-hard, just enough to sting a little and get Penny's attention. Penny's self-depracating was bringing out Dia's domme side, and Dia was quite frankly getting annoyed.

"Enough of that bullshit," Dia said sharply. "How many people every day tell you you're beautiful?"

"Um..." Penny stammered.

"Answer," Dia commanded.

"Um... I guess on average like maybe 20?" Penny replied.

"So why don't you believe it?" Dia asked.

"Because every day about a hundred more tell me what an ugly freak I am?" she answered. "Half this bar has. The nays kinda outweigh the yeas."

"Why the fuck do you care what strangers think?" Dia asked. "The people who should matter to you are your friends, and we see you for what you are."

"You consider yourself my friend" Penny asked, wide-eyed.

"I follow you don't I?" Dia said. "I don't follow people I don't like.'

"Yeah but.." Penny tried to interject. Dia covered her mouth sternly, cutting her off.

"No buts young lady," Dia said. "You're coming back to my hotel room to fuck me in the ass and that is FINAL, do you understand?"

Penny just went wide-eyed and meekly nodded, clearly having a submissive nature that responded to Dia's firmness. Dia took her hand back.

"Just this once," Dia said. "I'm going back to Cali tomorrow. I don't want to ruin our friendship. So it will only happen once. I need sex and you need a confidance boost. Do you understand?"

"That's um..." Penny stammered, clearly still in shock. "That's fine. I am married after all. Fran'll be sad she didn't get to watch but she's visiting her mom in Georgia. You really don't have to do this though you know."

"Did I say I had to?" Dia asked. "I choose to. It's always my choice who I sleep with. Just don't go bragging about it on Twitter or all my twitter fans will expect to get me in bed."

"Who'd believe me anyway?" Penny said, but in a playful tone, as if being a bratty sub to earn her Mistress's playful ire.

Dia took Penny to the dance floor long enough to make a point of passionately kissing her in front of all the stuck-up lesbians who shunned Penny. She smiled hearing more than a few "Wait, isn't that..." comments of recognition, knowing that a lot of women would go home tonight pissed off and jealous of Penny. Then she took Penny back to her suite.

Penny sat nervously on the bed, almost frozen, now stripped to just her bra and panties. Dia came from the bathroom in just a silk robe.

"Still so nervous," Dia said. "You'd think you'd never gotten laid before."

"Well um..." Penny Stammered, "you DID say I was going to fuck you in the ass."

"So?" Dia said.

"So," Penny replied, "I have only ever once given anal, and it was over pretty quick. I'm really not all that experienced. I'm kinda afraid of fucking it up."

"Then just do what you're told," Dia said sternly, "and you'll be fine."

Penny gulped, and let Dia pull off her bra, and as Dia bit playfully into her left nipple, instantly making Penny harder than steel, Penny gasped breathlessly and just whispered...

"Y-Yes Ma'am..."


The rest is between me and Dia. And yes, it's fiction. Dia is my friend and i cherish her. But she liked this tease so much i was proud to share it.

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