tagFetishWhen Sara Met Bob Ch. 03

When Sara Met Bob Ch. 03


It is a standing joke at all nail salons. A woman that has nine long fingernails and one trimmed short is for-sure into prostate massaging her husband. I decided to go one step further. I went and enrolled Bob at the local community college in a six-week course for manicure and pedicure. from that day on, Bob and only Bob manicured my nails. After peeing in his mouth, we'd sit - both totally naked, of course - and chat while Bob did my nails. It was always perfect. After all, one or more of my fingers would be entering his tight ass and massaging his prostate. It was in Bob's best interest that my nails always be short and smooth.

By now Bob and my stepdaughter were dating seriously so most of our time was devoted to talking about mother-daughter intimacies and about what to expect sexually from married life. Since it was my first and Joel's third marriage, there was little I could offer in terms of pregnancy care: I cannot have children. But there are things a woman can do to keep her husband aroused. And there are things a man does to subdue a woman's libido, so she has to look elsewhere.

My thoughts drifted. "Sara, is this fine?" I heard Bob say. I looked up and realized I had been staring at his lovely penis, throbbing wildly. I had observed his tiny pee hole dilate with desire, pre-cum flowing easily. Bob had been doing my nails all along.

"Bob, sweetie, please trim this one really short and extra-smooth," raising my left pinky.

Bob complied, even though it was already short and smooth enough.

I had him lie on his back, legs wide apart and raised up high, ankles on my shoulders. For the first time in our entire affair, I started to touch his lovely penis. The first time ever. Just the tip. Only with my left pinky. And whispering over and over again,

"MY little pussy wants to get fucked.

And YOUR little pussy wants to get fucked.

And MY little pussy wants to get fucked.

And YOUR little pussy wants to get fucked.

And MY little pussy wants to get fucked.

And YOUR little pussy wants to get fucked.

With every line, the tip of my left pinky would press onto his tiny, cute pee hole. Just teasing it. Pressing and teasing; pressing and teasing. Pressing and teasing while repeating the lines.

Bob was strangely quiet. And motionless. His pupils were dilating. He even seemed to stop breathing. Reminded me of my first date at the movies when the boy first put his arm around my shoulder and reached into my training bra and I froze solid. Bob was just as frozen solid. Only his pre-cum flow told me he was very much alive.

And MY little pussy wants to get fucked.

And YOUR little pussy wants to get fucked.

Without warning nor a moment's hesitation I pushed my left pinky INTO his pee hole.

And it opened up for me!

Just like that!

I was inside his pee hole!

Bob, I love you so much, darling!

He was shocked. I was shocked. He didn't know what happened. I didn't knowhow it happened. I helped him raise his head a bit so he could see my pinky inside his pee hole! It felt so good! Tight and wet and firm and smooth and slippery!

For the better part of an hour I finger-fucked Bob's pee hole in every imaginable way. Shallow penetrations, long penetrations, deep movements, easy movements, everything and every way we could think of. More than once I sensed he wanted to cum but I was not quite ready yet. The mini remote on my wrist worked perfectly. I set it to Prevent mode and went on and on and on finger fucking his gorgeous pee hole!

I had to pee and did not want to lose my place. Without taking out my pinky, I swung around, placed myself over his mouth, and peed all I had, my pinky still inside his pee hole. The nicest pee I remember ever having!

All good things must come to an end if we want them to happen again. Without telling him, I flicked the mini remote to Turbo Wild.

Bob's body entered massive convulsions and contractions!

From the depths of his ass his prostate was commanding a major, big-time, out-of-this-world orgasm!

And my pinky was all the way in to the hilt into his urethra!

Plugging it up!

I let my pinky out about a tenth of an inch.

What an explosion!

Even though I was squatting upright and he was lying down, his torrent went way over my head!

And how much!

Gobs and gobs and gobs of cum all over the place!

While he panted I scooped up some of them and slipped them into his mouth. Men usually do not appreciate the delicacy of their cum but on this occasion Bob knew he had put on a masterful performance.

I lay down next to him. Cradling his still-shaking body I held him close, his handsome face upon my chest, his mouth barely starting to nibble on my tiny, rock-hard nipple before he collapsed from sheer exhaustion.

I let him fall asleep. Gently extricating myself from his grip, I tiptoed across the room to tell Joel I would not be home tonight, explaining briefly what I'd just done for MY pleasure with Bob.

And then...

I picked up the phone again.

Only this time to call Bob's two shemale friends.

My stepdaughter Blanca would have to wait. There was much more to Bob before he could resume courting her to woo her and wed my stepdaughter.

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