tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhen the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 07

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 07


Chapter Seven: Mason's First Turn at Bat…

As the first day of the New Year progressed Mason and Veronica found themselves totally engrossed in each other's company. After their shower and lunch they decided to take a nap snuggled up by the fire.

Mason wakening first could not believe his desires, how much he felt for Veronica already. As he watched her there sleeping peacefully on his chest he traced the soft, sweet, swoops of her beautiful pouting lips with his fingertip. Mason had always been a practical man, he couldn't believe that he had gone into a relationship like this one, but who would know, no one but him, no one would ever guess that she was completely a she except for one small part she'd chosen to keep. After all he had been completely fooled himself…

When Veronica awoke and found Mason staring down at her with such passion she was overcome with a swoon of emotions…how had she found this guy and convinced him to be with her, and how long did she believe that he would continue it? She new he had it in him from the first time she laid eyes on him…he was like a bird in a gilded cage waiting for the right person to come and set him free. But would he remain with her? Or would his 9-5 corporate lawyer head get the better of his body and his heart and cause him to leave her soon in the new year… He said that he wanted to be with her, for them to be a couple just like anyone else but Veronica wasn't sure she could delude herself into believing that could be…

But as she looked up into his sea blue eyes, she couldn't worry about what might be…she had to be in the here and the now… in the arms of her sensational new lover lost in the passion and the power of their newly kindled flame…

She reached up to kiss him as he lay there looking down on her… they listened to the fire crackle and watched the flames glow as the dying light outside allowed the fire to project its amber glow around the room. They watched the dancing wisps of flame as each played one with the other becoming one for a moment and then parting and coming together again…

Veronica thought, "How much we are like the flame, teasing and taunting and pleasing each other as we come together in passion and lust … then leaving each other for a time only to come again to the arms that yield us such excitement and pleasure time and time again…"

As they sat up together on the couch, and Veronica got up to head for the kitchen, she turned to face Mason and again gave him a passionate kiss. Mason pushed her past him into a kneeling position on the couch.

"I can't wait any longer…" Mason whispered hungrily as he nibbled her ear and ran his mouth and hot baited breath up and down her necks length.

He crawled up behind Veronica's round ass cheeks, squeezing one in each hand.

"I can't wait to feel you, to feel you inside me you big boy you!" Veronica growled.

"I can't wait to push my way inside…" Mason replied as he grabbed her panties and ripped them down over her tight, hot, ass cheeks.

"I can't think it will feel that different than fucking a girl Mason thought…"

But once the head of his enormous cock had pushed its way past the opening and in between Veronica's wide spread as cheeks he knew he'd be wrong… it was so hot and tight inside he could hardly move for fear of cumming right then and there.

"Oh, God baby! You feel so good inside…" Mason expressed his glee and surprise.

"Its like nothing I have ever felt before." He continued.

"Don't be gentle baby, stick it way up inside of me Mason … Bury your cock in my ass…I want you so bad…deep inside me…" Veronica begged in a whimper.

And Mason let go, giving into the desires he'd had but hidden from himself for years…pumping his swollen cock deeply inside Veronica and riding her for all he was worth. Then as they were both getting so excited that they new they would cum very soon, he rolled her over onto her back and re-entered her from the front…

"I want to see your face when I cum inside your ass for the first time…" Mason said excitedly.

"Oh, Yes!" Veronica whimpered.

"Oh God, that's it babe, that's it…you just pushed me over the edge I love hearing you beg for me to blow my load in your ass…that is so fucking hot …I'm cumming…"

Dinner was a great success, especially since they had started with dessert first…

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