tagGroup SexWhen Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide


The is the sequel to A Night at the Club by Beachguy

You are standing there embracing your wife, Diane, when you feel the sting of the riding crop upon your ass cheek. Turning to look behind you, I had to smile at your reaction upon seeing me, standing there dressed in my black corset with matching stockings and heels and of course my white strand of pearls.

"Angelique?" You asked, a perplexed look on your face.

Before you can recover from the shock of seeing me here at the club, you are both seized, cuffed and collard by the two muscled studs, who took your wife right in front of you. The last thing you see before the blindfolds are applied is my satisfied smile.

"Craig, what is going on, who is she?" Your wife asks.

"Silence." I command.

"Untie me immediately!" She demands.

"Diane is about to learn her first lesson. Never disobey me." I respond.

You become concerned when you can't hear your wife any longer.

"Where is Diane, what have you done with her?" You ask.

"Your wife has been gagged. I hope you will not be so…… uncooperative." I whisper in your ear.

Suddenly you feel the cold chain against your skin as it is attached to your studded collar. You stumble as you both are led away to your fate, which at this time is uncertain.

You are placed on your knees, hands cuffed behind your back. The blindfold is removed. The room is dark illuminated by black lights, mirrors and mattresses covered the walls. I am standing before you, my panty clad pussy inches from your face, gently flicking my whip against my leg. Your confused wife is kneeling next to you, ball gag preventing her protests.

"So we finally meet, Craig. and the game has begun, hasn't it."

You nod obediently.

I turn towards your frightened wife to rip off the blindfold. Her eyes look up at me terrified.

"It's okay, sweet thing, we are only playing a little game. If you promise not to speak unless spoken too, I may remove your gag."

Diane nods her head vigorously.

" You were correct, Craig, your wife and I do resemble each other a little bit.

Then Mako makes his appearance standing before Diane. His body is covered with oil, his skin is shiny and sporting several tattoos, he wears only tight leather shorts and boots.

"Is this her?" Mako asks.

"Yes, but I haven't had time to explain the rules." I answer him.

I then stand over you. "I must say, you show no trace of fear, expectation maybe, a certain boldness in your eyes, but I have no doubt you will break. They all do."

"Let me explain the rules. We don't have time to train her properly." I point my whip at Diane. "But she will be sold at the slave auction, which begins in about twenty minutes, unless….. you, Craig can resist…..this.

I step out of my black panties to press my slick, musky shaved, trimmed pussy into your face.

"That's it, Craig smell your mistress. Inhale my scent, be a bad boy." I taunted you. "Your wife lost control, didn't she? With those two studs, she put on quite a show, so why don't you please me? It's your turn Craig, you know you love to eat pussy."

I did a slow seductive dance inches from your face. Your eyes followed the movement of my swaying hips. My riding crop caressed your shoulders. Still you did not speak, but I could tell your were experiencing some inner turmoil. I decided to up the ante. I had Mako pull you to your feet to shackle your arms above your head, your back against the up right mattress. Now your semi erect cock was clearly exposed.

"Craig don't you want to suck on these?" I teased you by rubbing my own protruding nipples across your lips. Your tongue soon sought out my nips.

"That's it, lick them." I moved in for the kill. My fingers gently tickled your erect cock. Teasing it, feeling it swell in my gloved hand.

"Angelique." You moaned, thrusting yourself harder against my hand, already seeking release. To prolong your agony I backed off a bit.

I could see your disappointment , so could Mako who ordered. "Get on with it, so I can sell his gorgeous wife at the auction."

That seemed to jolt you, stiffening your resolve a bit.

"Shouldn't she be trained first? She hardly looks submissive." I asked Mako.

"I wouldn't mind. It shouldn't be to hard to break her, judging by her performance earlier. We could put her on the block to see what was offered." Mako spat.

"Okay, Craig, you decide. Does he get your wife or do you keep her?" I whispered in your ear, stroking your hard dick slowly.

"Let her go and I will do anything you say." You proposed.

"How very noble." I turned your face towards your kneeling wife, so you could see Mako standing over her, his gigantic cock hard and ready. Her eyes were riveted on his massive manhood.

I turned your head back and licked around your mouth before entering it with my tongue. I was pleasantly surprised when you forcefully invaded my mouth.

I loosened your chain to let the mattress fall on the floor. Then I pushed you down on your back. You complied eagerly enough. I then climbed over you so that my cunt was directly above your face.

"Are you going to eat me now? You have to eat it before I let you fuck it."

"And I know," I continued to entice you. "That you want to slip your long, hard stiff dick into my wet, dripping, tight, hot, cunt." I breathed before I let my tongue travel tantalizingly up the underside of your throbbing prick. You answered by letting your tongue lap up my creamy lit, flicking quickly over the top before diving back down again, and again.

I rode your face, trapping you underneath me, smothering your entire face.

"Taste my pussy, eat it now!" I commanded.

`I held your throbbing cock in my hand, licking the underside from top to bottom with my wet tongue.

"I know you want to please me Craig." I un-cuffed your hands and moved over you so that my silky cunt was just brushing the head of your cock. Immediately your hands braced my rotating hips.

"Now show me, show me and your wife what a male dog you are. You know you can't resist hot tight, creamy pussy."

That was all it took for you to force my hips down upon your powerful shaft, plunging deeper, harder, faster. Behind me Mako dragged your frightened and a little excited wife towards the stage, to be sold.

You didn't seem to care now, so intent upon your pleasure. I could tell you wanted to roll me over so you could mount me, but I liked you right where you were at. I rode your cock some more until I sensed it was time.

"Oh fuck me, you male dog, pound my pussy. Harder, that's it fuck my hot cunt." I screamed.

I wished there was more time so that I could make you suffer, to see you break and beg for release. Hours of agony but….. I waited until your down stroke then grinded down upon your shaft squeezing my muscles, contracting my pussy all around it. I felt it twitch several times before it exploded, for the second time tonight.

You sat in the audience surprised how full the forum was. That bastard Mako had literally dragged your helpless wife onto the stage to expose her charms and assets to the hungry crowd. The bidding had started out lower than usual since she had yet to be properly trained, subdued, but the bidding quickly rose because of her beauty.

"One thousand dollars." Someone yelled.

"Eleven hundred." A fat bald man countered.

Jesus, this could cost a fortune you thought.

"Eleven hundred and fifty!!!!" You yelled over the murmur of the crowd.

Quote from Angelique: Males spend their first nine months trying to get out of it, then the rest of their lives trying to get back in.

Quote from Mako: All is fair in love and war, but life is a bitch and then you marry one.

Quote by Craig: I was in the Garden of Eden, so I bit the apple…..

Quote by Diane ; Umphe, uhue, whaao

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