tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhere the Sun Don't Shine

Where the Sun Don't Shine


My stepbrothers are assholes. Whiny, annoying, gimme, gimme, gimme. They look like gods, and that's half their problem.

Max is somewhere between 6 feet and the sky. Dark hair, dark eyes, lean, cut and buff. Think Ares, God of War. That's his temperament too. Has to argue with everything and anything.

Peter is, well Peter. Quite, he does whatever Max says to do. (At 20 you'd think he outgrew that.) Sandy blond hair, brown eyes, also somewhere between 6 feet and sky. Both work out regularly, could be models, and have women fawning all over them.

"Oh, Max, can I get you anything? Oh Max, let me clean that up. Oh Max, what do you want for dinner?"


But of course, Max and Peter both think that they say jump and I will. Wrong!

They were home for Spring Break. Mom and their dad, Richard aka DickWad, were off for a week's cruise. Somehow, Mom and DickWad had assumed that at 19, I still needed a baby sitter, so when they left, Max and Peter came. FUN.

It was about 5:00pm when Max came barging in after a day at the Beach.

"Hey, Short Stuff, why aren't you cooking dinner?"

I looked up at him from my perch on the window seat. Man, I hate craning my neck.

"For one thing, I'm not short, I'm 5'10", you're just an ogre. Second thing, do I look like your maid? Cook dinner yourself."

Max looked slightly peeved and very put out.

"Let me explain something, Shorty. You are a woman. I am a man. You cook, I eat. You clean, I mess it up again. That is the way things work."

"Fuck you! That is not how it works. You, go find yourself something to eat. I sit here and read."

Well, I guess he didn't like that. Suddenly, I was up over a hard as rock shoulder, being carried into the kitchen. I was dropped, hard, on my ass on the counter.

"Kitchen, woman's place. Now, cook."

He handed me a pan and cooking spoon. I handed them back.

"Stick it where the sun don't shine, Imbecile. I am not cooking for your gargantuan ass."

"What did you say?"

Maybe at this point, I should have realized just how pissed he was a cooked. Instead, I focused on how Neanderthal he was being. I noticed Peter in the doorway, shaking his head. I guess he was trying to warn me.

"I said, Stick it where the sun don't shine. I am not cooking."

I slammed the pan down on the counter and went to jump off of it. Instead, his arm wrapped around my waist. He turned me around and pushed my chest down on the counter. In the next second, my shorts were on the floor.

"Max! What the hell are you doing? Let me go!"

I began struggling as hard as I could. It was life pushing against a brick wall. I kicked out and hit his shins. He grunted and then pressed himself against me. I felt crushed.

"Peter, get the Vaseline and the duct tape."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Peter scurrying off.

"Peter! NO! What are you doing?"

Seconds later, despite my fighting, I had a strip of duct tape over my mouth. Peter was holding my arms down while Max stripped me down. I was crying, seriously wishing I had cooked dinner.

"Now, next time I say do something. Will you do it?"

I nodded my head, trying to pacify him. Instead, I felt a glob of cool Vaseline being spread over my ass. I began fighting again, trying to get away.

Peter was holding my wrists tight while Max began to press into me. I felt his cock at my ass and stiffened. This was going to hurt. I was expecting it, waiting for it, it didn't come. Instead, I felt hands on my front. One was pinching my nipple, the other, pressing my clit. I was startled by the feelings they evoked. Tingling started in my loins, a burning sensation that kept building, building. I tried to groan and push my pussy onto Max's hand.

I heard his chuckle and then felt him slide straight into my ass. I screamed at the sudden intrusion. I had been ripped apart! My entire ass was a firestorm, pain, excruciating pain.

"See, that didn't hurt? Did it?"

I was shaking it hurt so bad. I could feel him pressing into me, his cock filling me where I should not be filled. I could feel his balls pressing into my pussy. Max was chuckling as he began to thrust into me. He pulled out almost completely, letting me close, then thrust back in. I was squirming, trying to get away. I realize now my squirming was probably helping him.

My vision started to close and I realized I was about to pass out. I heard Peter telling Max I was fading. The pain on my ass stopped. He pulled out completely.

I felt his hand return to my clit, pressing, making slow circles. I felt the tingling return, felt the heat build like a raging fire. His other hand slipped into me. Max began finger fucking me, hard and fast. My hips began bucking, begging for more. I was so close, ready to explode into a huge orgasm.

I barely registered his cock pressing into me again. All I cared about was his fingers, taking me higher and higher, closer towards my orgasm. This time, it didn't hurt as he filled me. I felt only full.

His fingers circled one more time, then pinched my clit hard. I exploded. My entire body spasmed, stiffened and tingled. I felt like I was falling. I felt Max spurt into me, filling me, hot and heavy. It stung some where I had been ripped, but in my orgasm, I barely cared.

Max collapsed on top of me, pressing me into the counter. Peter let go of my wrists and disappeared out of the room. Max grunted, then pulled out of me. He let go completely and I kind of collapsed onto the floor.

"Get cleaned up and start dinner. I want to eat by 6:30."

I looked at the clock. 5:37. I better hurry.

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