tagRomanceWhere Would It Go? Ch. 01

Where Would It Go? Ch. 01


I decide to start dinner since I arrived home first. I figure something nice and simple would be perfect. I prepared a light salad for both of us and make up a dish with rice, steamed vegetables, and chicken. Everything is just about finished and I start setting up the table as you walk in. I greet you with a cheerful hello but your bland response immediately tells me that something is wrong.

Upon closer inspection, I realize that your eye shows signs of bruising. I instantly get fired up, asking if someone did this to you. You give me a slight smile as you sit at the table and it calms me down for a second. You start to explain to me that it was an accident. Just one of the many things that went wrong with your day. You just learned that your company is down-sizing that changes are going to be made. A big name client is considering on pulling out of a potential deal due to the lack of professionalism that your team provided for him during a recent visit. To top it all off, one of your co-workers accidentally slammed a cabinet door into because it was jammed. They yanked on it and didn't realize that you were walking by. To top it all off, you found out that one of your best friends is considering a divorce. All in all, its been an okay day.

I listen to every word that you say and even though I know you are trying to make light of the situation, I can see it in yours eyes that things aren't as "okay" as you want me to believe. I walk over to you and pull you up into my arms. I hold you close to me as I whisper into your ear, "everyone has their good and bad days." That was all it took for you to start whimpering and breaking down into soft sobs.

I hold you a little tighter to let you know that I'm here for you. I hold your head against my shoulder as I run my fingers through your hair. I keep whispering comforting words to you and I feel your body start to relax against mine as I your sobs subside. I hold your face in my hands as I look at you. I'd probably never admit it but the emotions, good or bad, you convey with your eyes could melt me in a second. I gently wipe your tears away and I softly place a kiss on your bruised eye. You smile at me and I cant help but feel like I'm falling in love all over again.

I slowly trace the back of my finger down your face and I trace them around to the back of your neck. I slightly tilt your head up as I slowly kiss the nape of your neck right below your ear. Knowing you as long as I have, I know your weak spots and you let me exploit them. I hear a sharp intake of your breathe and I know exactly what I'm doing to you. Using my right hand to guide your head I let my left hand be a little more adventurous. I run it down the length of your side and I place it on the curve of your back. I draw you into me a little closer and based on your reaction I know that you can feel me.

I leave a trail of kisses from your neck and I finally attach to those lips that I love to kiss. We softly peck at each other till our kisses get longer and more heated. I slide my other hand down your body so that now I've got one hand on the small of your back and the other one on your hip. I grind my body against yours and by the soft moan that escapes from your lips, I know that I've touched a nerve in you. I then feel you start to grind your hips against me, wanting to feel more of what I have to offer.

Our tongues intertwine as our kisses get more passionate. We start caressing our tongues together and we try to feel more of each other. Lost in lust, I reach around and slide my hand over and down your ass till I have your leg in my hand. I lift your leg up by the back of your knee as I guide your body to the wall. Against the wall we continue to attack each others lips while our hands start to move as if possessed. We touch and grab each other as we try to feel every inch of our bodies. I run my fingers through your hair as my other hand explores other parts of your body. I feel your fingers clawing against my back and butt as you pull me against you. Just when our hands start to reach for what they really want to hold the phone rings breaking our concentration for a second. We both look over to it and back at each other. You give me that "come and get me smile" and I know that you are still right there with me...

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