tagIncest/TabooWhile She Was Sleeping

While She Was Sleeping


I am a guy that grew up in a pretty normal, conservative family. I don't know why I feel like I have to say that; I just do. Perhaps it's like that thing where whenever you see someone interviewing a stripper, hooker, or porn actress, they never fail to mention that their childhoods were all fucked up. I don't know. What I do know is that we were a pretty typical, two-parent, white bread family when I was growing up. And back in my day, that was in fact typical. You didn't have all the dysfunctional and broken homes that seem to be the majority today. A lot of the kids who were raised in those types of situations seem pretty messed up today. I'm not sure though, exactly how many of them were fucking their mothers.

Anyway like I was saying, we were pretty normal. I had an older brother and sister, we owned a dog and some goldfish, dad worked and mom stayed at home to take care of us. We weren't rich, but we were certainly better off than many folks were. Enough so that all of us kids attended Christian school from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Back then, I would never have guessed that things would end up the way they did, though I certainly had normal teenage daydreams and fantasies. Wasn't it Freud who said we all wanted to fuck our mothers? Well, he was right about that, but I'm not sure if he ever knew how much I wanted to fuck my sister also. These feelings came and went... usually into a handy tissue or the toilet! But seriously, I would fantasize about my mother one day, and then be lusting after the latest SI swimsuit model the next. I figured it was normal. Besides, an intense session of "fist bullfighting" usually released those desires and allowed me to move on to the next object of my violations.

Apart from the normal childhood or perhaps because of it, I was a late bloomer. I had gone out on dates in high school but not many. And the dates that I did go out on never went much further than a little bit of making out. As a result, I often ended my nights rubbing one out while thinking of my date, or more and more frequently, my mother. My mother was no supermodel, but there was always a sexuality about her that stemmed from her strength and confidence. She was of German descent, and was a solidly built woman. Though average height and only slightly more than average weight, she had a pixie-like face that would've been considered somewhere between cute and pretty. She had very soft light brown hair, green eyes, and she always seemed to have a floral scent wafting in the air around her. Her breasts were ample enough, though average in every other way. Her butt however, was firm and sturdy. It had a sort of squarish look to it when she was walking around, but when she bent over to pick something up, it seemed to magically flare out into this large heart-shaped ass that was often the focus of my daydreams. I often dreamed of planting my cock deep inside that heart-shaped ass when I was relieving myself after another frustrating date.

And so I suppose it would have gone on, never escalating to the next level, had my father not gotten his promotion. He became regional supervisor of the heavy equipment distributing business that he'd been with since before having any of us kids. The position required that we move closer to his company's headquarters, and that was how we found ourselves living in Ohio. Though we had moved closer to the headquarters, the job required that he spent a lot of time traveling, with many trips taking two or three weeks away from home as he traveled throughout the Midwest and Northeast.

It was also about this time that I discovered that my mother was a heavy drinker. I'd honestly never noticed before, maybe because my father had been there to act as a buffer between her and the rest of the family. As the baby of the family, I often got the lion's share of attention from my parents. But after my father started going away on his business trips, the attention I was getting went from intense to downright inappropriate. Me being the horny teenager that I was, I didn't mind when my mom started walking around the house in a bathrobe that fell open all too easily. The sight of one of my mother's breasts jiggling its way out of the opening of her robe truly tested the limits of my peripheral vision. And whenever I hugged my mother from behind as she peeled potatoes or carrots at the kitchen sink, instead of just patting my hands as she normally did, she started pressing her ass ever so subtly back into my crotch. I noticed that the bourbon bottles that were usually kept tucked away when my dad was home were now often in plain view on the counter, and often empty or nearly so.

This went on until I eventually moved out of the house to go to college. I tried to get home as often as I could to see my mother, since she was often alone in the house with my father away. But that tended to be fairly infrequently, usually for holidays. I could hear her loneliness when I returned the phone messages she left for me, and assured her we would catch up over the summer.

When summer came, I expected a bit of a welcome when I arrived home. Instead, my mother was rather cold to me, probably giving me a taste of what it was like for her while I was busy at school. But that only lasted a couple of days, and after that we easily fell into the old routines. That included the previously mentioned inappropriate behavior. That was a very busy summer for my father, and I think I probably saw him for three weeks out of the three months I was home. He left on another trip just a few days after I got home, and the bourbon bottles started making their appearance on the counter shortly thereafter.

The second weekend after I arrived home I went out to catch up with some old high school friends. I ended up getting in pretty late, and I tried to keep the noise down so I wouldn't wake my mother. But when I glanced at the kitchen sink and saw two empty bourbon bottles, I realized that I could be driving a tank through the living room, and she'd never know. I kicked off my sneakers and trudged upstairs to my room. I noticed that my parents' bedroom door was open, and a dim light was emanating from inside the room.

I tried to keep quiet as I passed the room, but what I saw as I went by made me freeze to the spot. On the bed, gently lit by the small reading light on my mother's nightstand, my mother was lying face up, naked from the chest down.

"Mom?" I whispered huskily as I turned my head to avoid looking at her. Upon hearing no response, I cleared my throat and whispered a little louder, "Mom!" But there was still no response. I finally went for broke. "Mom!" I said in a slightly louder than normal voice. But she was passed out cold and feeling no pain.

Looking around me to see if the coast was clear – which I admit was pretty stupid in an empty house – I crept into the room and to my mother's side of the bed. Lying on her back with her head turned away from me, I realized that my mother's nightshirt had somehow raised well above her hips, exposing her from just above her belly down to her toes. Her pubic hair mesmerized me. It was relatively thin, which surprised me. I don't know why, but I always figured my mother had a big bushy nether region. It was just a shade darker than the hair on her head, and looked downy soft.

I could feel my cock stirring in my pants just looking at her. Taking this unique opportunity, I bent down as close to her pussy as I dared and took a good look at it. I inhaled deeply to catch its scent, and the whiff of pussy and floral perfume made my cock as hard as I'd ever felt it.

My throat catching as I swallowed, I crept out of her room and into my own. Once there, I tore off my clothes and started stroking my fat seven inches. My hand flew up and down the shaft as I beat myself into a frenzy. I pictured my mom's sweet vagina sitting right there in front of my nose. Then I realized that if I had the balls to do it, I didn't have to picture it in my head. Holding my erect member in my fist, I crept back down the hall and into my mother's bedroom once again. I stood next to her and started stroking myself again as I stared at the object of my fascination. My breath was coming in raspy gasps as I cupped my balls with one hand and pumped my fist with the other. Without warning, I suddenly coughed, and my body froze. I remained perfectly still, waiting to see if my mother would stir. But she remained where she was, and I started working my cock once more. Then I took a bold step further. Realizing how out of it she was, I reached out with my free hand and gently touched her pubic hair. It was as soft as I imagined it would be. My breath was again ragged as I masturbated, and I decided to take a quantum leap further. Leaning far over the bed and over my mother, I planted my free hand near the middle of the queen size bed. Holding my cock with my fist, I lowered my body toward hers and ran the head of my cock over her pubes. The feelings that traveled up and down my penis were exquisite. I moved my cock head through her pubes again, reveling in the forbidden nature of the act. Gradually I pressed down a bit harder and made contact with her skin. I moved my erection toward the cleft between her legs. God how I wished I could be fucking her. As if sensing my thoughts, my mother stirred, and I bolted from the room. Pausing just outside her door, I didn't hear any further noises and figured I was safe. I went into my room and finished assaulting my cock until I came with a force I'd never experienced before in my life. I drifted off with a satisfied smile.

The next morning, my mother and I shared breakfast at the kitchen table. I was struggling not to act guilty, and of course she acted perfectly normal. I asked her how long my father would be gone.

"Probably three weeks or more" she answered.

"Do you get lonely without him here?" I asked.

"I'm kind of getting used to it, actually."

The liquor probably helps with that, I thought to myself. I felt kind of guilty for having that thought, and for what I had done the night before.

"I'm gonna take off for a while." I told my mother. "Don't wait up for me tonight, okay?"

"Okay" she replied.

I scurried to the door and hurried out.

That night, I again got in late. I practically prayed to see empty bottles in the sink, and wasn't disappointed as I walked through the kitchen. My breath catching in my throat, I again headed up the stairs to my room. Catching sight of the dim light once again, my cock stirred in anticipation. This time though, my parents' bedroom door was only slightly ajar and I couldn't see inside.

"Mom?" I whispered at the crack of the door. "I'm home."

As had happened the previous night, there was no reply.

"Mom?" I asked in a normal voice. I figured that with the door mostly closed I was safe with being a little louder. But again there was no reply.

I pushed the door open and poked my head inside. I nearly groaned out loud at what I saw. My mother was lying on her side, facing away from the door. And she was completely naked. Her generous ass was practically hanging off the side of the bed. Ducking back out of her room, I hurried to my own bedroom and stripped my clothes off. My cock was already on the rise as I crept back to her room and inside. Moving to the side of her bed, I started stroking my cock as I had done the night before. Her butt cheeks were incredible, gloriously stacked atop one another right in front of me. I could see a few wispy pubic hairs from the gap between her legs. My mother was making me hot, hard, and hornier than hell. I stroked myself as I stared at her, taking less care to be quiet than I had the night before. I honestly don't think I cared if I got caught anymore. Plus, she was again passed out cold. I reached out with my free hand and cupped her butt cheek as I fucked my fist. Then bending down, I caught a whiff of her privates that were no longer quite so private. A mix of pussy, flowers, and the musky scent of ass filled my nostrils. I was intoxicated by the smell. I couldn't take it anymore. Squatting down a bit and holding my breath, I pushed my cock toward the crevice between her ass cheeks. My cock head felt the wispy strands of pubic hair as my shaft brushed her cool butt cheeks. I pushed into the gap, feeling the heat from her pussy and rosebud. I wasn't fucking my mother, but I was as close to it as I could get. I slowly moved my cock back and forth in the gap between my mother's legs. My breathing was becoming more labored, and I realized that if I didn't pull out of there I would be shooting my cum all over my mother's butt and thighs. I tore myself away and once again finished the job in my room, jerking myself practically raw as I shot my cum in a huge arc across the room. I collapsed into bed.

The next morning, my guilty conscience won out and I again told my mother I would be out all day, and not to wait up that night. But as guilty as I felt, the truth was that I couldn't think about anything but what I would do that night if I again found my mother naked in bed. I walked around with an aching hard-on straining against my pants all day long.

When I returned home that night, I actually prayed to God that I would find two more empty bottles sitting in the kitchen sink. I don't think it was God answering my prayers, but I indeed saw the bottles as I passed through the kitchen. I couldn't control myself, and I actually stripped my clothes off on my way up the stairs.

"Mom?" I called out as I ascended. "Mom, I'm home! Are you awake?" I didn't think I could be any more obvious, but as on the previous nights there was no response. I was naked and erect by the time I stood outside her door. The dim light was there as before, and the door was only slightly ajar once again. I pushed it open.

There on the center of the bed, again totally naked, my mother was lying face down with her head partly under her pillow. Her legs were spread open just a bit, and I could see her pussy just below that incredible ass that I loved so much. I moaned at the sight.

I stepped into the room and quickly closed the distance to my mother's bed. I stood hesitantly for a moment, not knowing what to do first. My hard-on bobbed in the air, throbbing for release. Since she was lying on the center of the bed I couldn't easily touch her. I realized I was going to have to get onto the bed to accomplish anything. That was really pushing it, I thought. She might not awaken from a little caress or even a hard cock sliding in between her legs, but a full-grown man climbing onto the bed was bound to wake up even the deepest sleeper.

I walked around the bed, pondering my next step. I walked to the foot of the bed and stared at her pussy and ass. My cock gave another twitch. To hell with it, I thought. Moving as slowly as possible, I lowered myself onto the foot of the bed between my mother's spread legs. I kept easing myself down until the sweet sight of her vagina was right in front of me. I again sniffed long and hard at the sweet scents coming from my mother's cleft. My cock jerked at the stimulation. I would have loved to taste my mother's sweet folds, but her legs weren't open quite far enough. I rubbed my hand on her thigh, stealing a look to see if there was any response from her. Naturally there wasn't. She was really out of it.

My desire to replicate the situation from the previous night overwhelmed me, and I gently raised myself to my hands and knees. I crept up over my mother's body until my hands were on either side of her back and my knees were between her legs as close to her as I could go without touching her. I lowered my hips until my rigid cock slid over the smooth pale skin of her ass. The cool soft skin was such a contrast to my hot hardness. My hard-on fell naturally into the crack of her ass, and I began sliding it up and down in the crevice, masturbating myself with my mother as if she was my own little sex doll. Gradually I began to let more and more of my weight fall onto her ass as I continued sliding my cock in her crack. I could again feel the heat from her little rosebud as my cock wormed its way deeper into the crevice. A thin line of drool fell from my open mouth onto my mother's back.

As I stared down at the tiny bit of spittle, I realized that I had already made the decision to go all the way. I didn't care if my mother woke up or not; I was going to fuck her. And God help us both if she woke up, because I doubted if I would stop.

I pulled back and let some saliva slide from my mouth down onto my cock. Then I eased my way forward again, placing my hands near my mother's armpits. I moved my feet and legs back until I was holding myself in a sort of push-up position over my mother's body.

After taking a deep breath, I allowed my cock to drop into the crevice just below her ass cheeks. Then I slowly poked my thick cock into the gap. It was just a bit moist and seemingly waiting to be fucked. I pushed my cock into her cleft, probing and seeking the entrance to her vagina. After a few fumbling attempts to penetrate, I threw caution to the wind and simply pushed forward. My thick cock slid into the gap and then found its way into her pussy. I don't know how a hard cock sliding between my mother's pussy lips didn't wake her, but I didn't care. I lodged a couple of inches into her before the angle of penetration stopped me. But I wasn't stalling a moment longer. I shifted my hips lower, nudging her legs farther apart, and then bulled my way forward, sinking balls deep into her pussy. The force of my thrust pushed an exhalation from my mother's lungs as she lay there halfway under the pillow, but she remained motionless. I pulled out of her until just the head was in, and then plowed forward once again. Her depths were caressing the entire length of my cock, and I was straining from the combined efforts of holding myself up, pumping my mother's pussy, and trying to remain somewhat quiet. I rocked my hips forward again, sliding home into my mother's vagina. A moan escaped my lips and at that point I didn't even care. I began to whisper to her as I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slammed it back again.

"Oh God, Mom, I'm fucking your pussy. I'm fucking my mommy's pussy. Oh, you feel so good on my cock, Mommy!"

My thrusts had forced her legs apart quite widely and her ass was now rippling with each forward poke into her sweetly caressing vagina. The woman was obviously passed out stone cold. I let myself get carried a bit further away. Ramming into her pussy with reckless abandon now, I lowered my body to feel her over every part of me as I fucked her. Her rippling ass cheeks tickled my abdomen as I thrust. My legs draped over hers, and the hair of my chest caressed her back. I put my nose into her hair at the base of her neck and inhaled deeply. I began to talk hoarsely as I continued to plow her pussy.

"Oh your pussy feels so good. Do you like my thick cock, Mommy? Am I splitting your pussy open with my thick cock? Does it feel good in your sweet cunt, Mommy? Are you going to cum, Mommy? Do you want me to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you hard until you come all over my hot cock, Mommy?"

The bed was now shimmying forward and back with the force of my thrusts. I quickened the pace and began double-timing it into her vagina.

"Oh God, Mommy. You're taking it as hard as I can give it!"

And I was giving it to her as hard as I could. My hips were bouncing off her ass with every thrust, and I was jamming it forward again so hard that it sounded like someone was clapping loudly in the room. The smell of our sex permeated the air. My balls were boiling for release as they crept up toward my body. My cock plowed in and out of my mother so hard and fast that her juices were splattering out of her and onto the bed.

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