tagIncest/TabooWhile the Cats Away

While the Cats Away



[Frustrated, horny mom substitutes hunk son for wimpy hubby; babies ensue.]


There was a long lead-up to what happened one fateful weekend. I have to backtrack just a bit.

Unlike many households, I did not have to move out when I turned 18. I did have to pay rent, though. I had not been accepted by the school of my choice so it was the local branch of the state university for me. I had to do that along with a day job assembling machines. It was hard work which was good for my physique but left me tired afterwards. Instead of hitting the clubs, I hit the hay, exhausted.

So I still shared a home with my parents, Mal and Sue. My father was 50 and looked the part: a bit doughy, with more hair below the shoulders than above it.

My mother was 39, five foot one, about 100 lbs., a real MILF. She looked so hot in a bikini that her broken down hubby didn't let her sunbathe at the beach any more. She had to 'mix and match' her bikini, with an extra large top and small bottom. Her mere presence at home had an effect on me, which we will see. It's hard being 'a good boy' and not having 'naughty thoughts' when your mom is always on the brink of bursting out of her bra. Her blouses always had a big gap between the top buttons as her jugs thrust outward. With those boobs above her slim waist, mature bum, and legs like Heather Locklear, she was just plain hot.

An odd aspect to our home: we had a large house with a lot of square footage. We got it for a song because it was an old converted office suite. You could notice that just from the doors: they had flaps about halfway up them for mail and workplace memos. This would play a part in our little passion play...

When we first moved into the place, we were careful about privacy. That broke down, due to curiosity. Often then, my gorgeous mother would walk silently up to my room on her beautiful bare feet and peep in using that darn mail slot. She'd see me working out (in the nude), stunned at my improving physique. She compared her worn-out husband's pale hairy body to my tanned, six foot two, chiseled muscular body. My 'johnson' hung down some six inches at rest. Limp it was almost twice the size of her hubby's when he was at his 'best'. My hair was so long and full it was almost girlish. She thought about the gnarly old codger she was sleeping with: paunchy, bald but hairy everywhere else, with rubbery muscles and a 'johnson' too small to fit on a 'GI Joe' doll. No wonder she occasionally would touch herself 'down there' as she watched her strapping son workout. Watching me lift my 150 lb. dumbbells really turned her on for some reason. She had to move away from the door lest she her moans were heard by me.

One fateful day she was stunned to see me on my bed, flat on my back. Right next to me on a TV table was an easel, holding up a big piece of cardboard. I was 'yanking my crank' with more and more fury; her hands went 'south' on herself and started matching me, stroke for stroke. All of a sudden, she stopped. She realized that she was missing something. She leaned into that door slot, her face almost in my room. Then she could hear me distinctly saying:

Me: "Oh, God mom, look at you; in that bikini, in bed with me, becoming my wife, getting pregnant, giving birth and feeding my baby. Mom, oh mom...."

Her husband being on one of his epic business trips (to heavens knows where), mom was alone in the house with me. She silently pivoted on her gorgeous smooth feet, the fire engine red toenail polish sparkling in the hallway light. She padded to her room, her heavy breasts jiggling, got her glasses, and tiptoed back.

Finally she actually looked at those pictures that I had stared at for oh so many such sessions. To her shock and amazement, there was an old picture of mom by the pool, wearing a Catalina style one-piece swimsuit. Then, she noticed that I had photo-shopped several pictures from Playboy or heaven knows where (the internet?) with my mother's actual face pasted in. These photos were far more 'adult' than a mere swimsuit. They ranged from a couple having sex to a pregnant mother, another mother breastfeeding her [lucky] baby, and a picture of a wedding. Of course, where a male was depicted I had photo-shop pasted in my face.

She was about to burst into my room and let me have it when she noticed that my hand was moving at light speed. All of a sudden, I raised my body off the bed and moaned (actually more like a grunt from a male lion). Then, she saw a geyser of white liquid erupt from the head of my huge ten inch cock. It followed an arc like a rainbow, ending up ten feet away on the other side of the room. My marble chess set was ruined, the heavy pieces shattering as the whole board was pushed onto the floor.

Mom rushed back to her room. She was concerned that her excitement taking this all in might be overheard. In the apparent privacy of her room, she laid flat on her back, took out her battery powered 'friend' from the nightstand, and started enjoying what she saw. Unknown to her, once I had finished, I had thrown a terry cloth robe on and was headed to the kitchen. When I heard that weird whirring sound in mom's room, I'm ashamed to admit that I looked in on her. Using, yes, the same type of mail slot, I peeped in, seeing my gorgeous mother (in the nude) on her back, her hands holding this thing above the entrance to her gateway to ecstasy. I should've just given mom her privacy, but being the creep I was, I rushed to my room and returned with a digital camera. Now at last I would have better pictures of mom for my easel. As she cried out in orgasm, I clicked my last picture. I had no idea that mom was thinking of me as she moaned in pleasure. I also had no idea that soon my cock would be able to plunge into the unspeakably exciting depths of my gorgeous mother.

When the old man got back from his trip, mom noted that he had not dyed his hair during those two weeks, leaving him not only 95% bald but grey. We had a family tradition of going out for dinner on the week that he returned from trips, so we were out on the town. It was a family restaurant, and a divorced mother was breastfeeding her newborn right at the next table. You aren't supposed to watch, but it was a sexy sight, and I stared unashamedly. I got rock hard just looking. I didn't even notice when the 'old man' went to wash up that mom peeped under the table, seeing my huge erection framed by my tight fitting tan chinos.

When I noticed mom staring at me, I quickly turned away from the sexy feeding exhibit and returned to matters of our own table.

Mom: "Honey, be honest, were you just staring at that nursing mother?"

Me: "Of course not, mom...why would a man be interested in a busty, sexy woman bearing her breasts, holding up her baby, sticking a finger into his little mouth, and then placing a big nipple into the lucky tyke's maw. I didn't even think it sexy that I could hear that baby drink, the 'zit zit zit' sound as he filled his little belly with all of that warm, sweet breastmilk. So, the answer is, wait, I forgot what you asked me..."

Mom laughed. Then, I felt something against my leg. My supersexy mother had slipped her beautiful feet out of her blue velvet clogs so she could play footsy with me. As her foot proceeded up my leg, it got hotter and hotter for me. She had to stop just short of the big babymaker as she could reach only so far. But, she made her point; I looked at her now, not that other woman. For the first time, mom and I expressed our repressed feelings about each other. As I stared at the other side of the restaurant, awaiting his (Mal's) return, I held hands with mom under the table. We did nothing more that night or thereafter before his next trip was imminent. Though we were 'hot for each other', I still had some reservations about doing it with my own mom. She still believed in the institution of marriage, even if hers was growing rather untenable.

His next trip came up three months later. That was three months with mom peeping in on my nude workouts and me peeping in on HER nude workouts or sessions with her battery-powered friend.

One day, with him still on his trip, things heated up. As I watched mom working out with light weights in the nude, her perfect body damp from her exertions, I pressed too hard against the door. It hadn't been fully latched and swung open. Mom gasped, putting one hand across her fluffy, furry blonde muff, the other across her big boobs. She was shocked—not so much that I was peeping on her, but that I was peeping on her IN THE NUDE.

I was embarrassed. I should have run off like a scolded school boy...I said 'I should have'. In the event, I decided to do a 'knight's move' [when all else is lost...attack!] I just walked into her room, lifted that nude piece of ass up, and threw her on her bed. Within seconds, her nipples had popped, erect like thumbs. Further 'south', she was sopping wet. Not to be left out, my love pole was at full staff, an iron hard ten inches. Now it was simply a matter of putting a hard cock into a sopping pussy. I did it real slowly, awaiting any protests or requests for me to 'get lost'.

Mom's eyes intermittently closed from excitement as my lengthy Johnson was sawing back and forth against her clit, toying with the slavering wet lips of her excited pussy.

Mom: "Oh, God, give me the strength. I'm so fucking horny. You have no idea how long I have dreamed of this day. There's just one thing, sweetheart. I know that you are not ready or interested in having a family, in making a baby, so you will have to be careful and pull out before you 'finish up' in there."

I had not even considered a family, or making a baby. Now that I thought about it, seeing that busty MILF mom at the other restaurant table feeding her lucky baby made me nuclear hot, so the idea of making a baby wasn't so weird after all. God, just thinking about knocking up a woman, let alone MY OWN MOM, was overwhelmingly exciting. Her warning about knocking her up made me 1,000 times hotter, and my cock 100 times harder. However, in deference to her request, I was going to pull out in time.

As I pushed forward, rolling her up so that her legs were up, her ankles bouncing on my shoulders, her sexy feet by my ears, I leaned forward and then down, pushing into parts of mom that had never been visited before. This brought off her second orgasm (later she would tell me that her 'old man' had never elicited even one.) As she moaned in pleasure, my cock tapped at her cervical area as if it was knocking on a door to be let in. I was sorely tempted to grab her motherly behind and just pump my seed, bareback, into her fertile womb. With the last vestiges of self-control, I did pull out. Plopping my huge babymaker onto her fluffy blonde forest above her sacred triangle, I returned to the rhythm of back and forth until my mighty weapon cut loose a colossal spend. Gusher after gusher erupted from my cockhead, the tiny slit the size of a coin as it 'broadcast my seed'. My gorgeous mother was covered from her tummy up to her hairdo with my manly goo. I don't mean a few drops...it literally looked like someone had a tumbler of milk and had poured it out from mom's navel to the top of her head. It was quite a mess, and I couldn't have been prouder. We kissed right after that for several minutes.

Mom: "My heavens, Jimmy! What a load of cum you had in those swollen balls of yours. Was it all saved up for mommy? God, if even a fraction of that sperm-laden goo reached my unprotected fertile womb, I'd now be on the road to 'sexy mommy' status. I know you'd be horrified if you got me pregnant, with all the responsibilities, and your fear of that father of yours."

Me: "You have it wrong mom...nothing in the world would make me happier, or more excited, than to have the right, the privilege, the HONOR, of getting you pregnant. God, how I have dreamed of that day. As to that wimp that you are married to, I don't think I have much to worry about." [I leaned back on my heels and flexed my bulging biceps, one of the few 'employee benefits' we received at that hard labor job of mine. Mom sat up and lovingly caressed my 'big guns', squeezing them to measure their rock solidness, loving the strength they represented. Then, she felt my full head of hair, actually yanking it for some reason. She felt my face, which was clear unlike the 'old man' with his skin problems.]

Mom: "Sweetheart, you know we can't go any further. I will tell you this. If I WAS going to have a baby, I definitely would prefer you to that sissy of a husband I'm stuck with. If we weren't living here, where he has a lot of influence with attorneys and judges, I'd have sued for divorce the moment I learned you desired me as much as I desired you. Let's just call it a night...okay?" [I didn't agree but again respected her request. We kissed, hugged, kissed, and I left for my room.]

Our next family night out was quite eventful. We were at a sports bar, with everyone in there really 'tanked up'. That is, everyone but my mother and I, neither of us being drinkers. Out of the blue, my drunken father started unraveling, his secrets just pouring out...in tennis, they'd call it an 'unforced error':

Mal: [His speech slurred from three Coors Lights.] "Sue, I have a confession to make. Our company was one of the first to make deals with the new Vietnam. I went there with the first negotiation team. While in Ho Chi Minh City, the hotel had this guy who would arrange anything for western guests, from companionship to opium. Well, it was on the other side of the world, I was lonesome, so I sampled their local 'escort services'. I must say the escort I got didn't laugh at my modest size down there; it was so much nicer than you that I went back. In fact, all of my travel since then has been for that. I have used up all my leave hours and gone into unpaid status. I hope you understand."

Mom was seething. Her face literally turned red. I was thunderstruck myself, not so much about what he said but that he admitted it. While she pondered what to say, a man even more drunk than my father came to our table. He put his big ugly hand on my mother's bare shoulder, gesturing that he wanted to dance. My mom smiled and shook her head. Then his hand stayed put, sliding down toward her Playboy quality breasts almost totally exposed in the extremely low-cut dress she was wearing. Mom looked to her pathetic husband.

Mom: "Well, Mal, are you going to allow this?"

Mal: [In full drunken slurred blather.] "I would help, but he seems to be in better shape than yours truly. I think I will be smart and let him do what he wants."

Well, I had heard enough. I grabbed that bum's wrist, giving it a mean twist. Drunk or not, he saw the 21 inch guns on my arms sticking out from my short sleeve pullover and decided discretion was the better part of valor. He retreated.

That was enough for my gorgeous mom. Married or not, son or not, societal judgment or not, she had made a momentous decision.

Mom: "Sweetheart, take me home." [She said that to ME, right in front of HIM. We left together, holding hands, taking the car that the three of us had arrived in.]

I desperately wanted to take mom as soon as we got home. To my surprise and disappointment, she would have none of it. She said that she was going to get a divorce and then we could consider it. 'Consider it?' What a downer...

Well, as I stewed on that, mom went to work arranging for the divorce. During the discovery phase of the divorce, mom's attorneys learned from his credit card company how often he had gone overseas. They also learned he had foolishly used his bank card while visiting those places. You wouldn't think 'those kinds of places' took credit, but the modern world had reached them, and they did. From the names alone, we could tell he was not going to Christian Science Reading rooms over there. This helped in court. He had inherited $1.5 million which he had foolishly commingled. My mom got 2/3rds of that or a cool million. Sweet.

Mom now disclosed that she had kept me at arm's distance because she wanted us to have an once-in-a-lifetime around the world vacation. Whereas he had traveled frequently, mom and I seldom went anywhere. Well, now we would go around the world and not in the nasty way either.

First stop was Hawaii. There, to my surprise and joy, mom revealed that she wanted to make it official. So, by the flickering light of torches on the beach at Waikiki, mom and I exchanged vows. The court's restoration of mom to her maiden name really helped. The lovely state of Hawaii did the rest, and we were man and wife.

What a night that was. In the total darkness of our hotel suite, we lay out on the terrace on a chaise. I was on my back, the starry sky above with my gorgeous mother/wife on top of me. So that we wouldn't be heard by anyone else on the terrace in this huge Hyatt complex, we did 'it' very slowly. My warm, soft, loving mother above me, her big boobs within hand and lip range, she moved slowly and methodically. When she felt my big cockhead start to swell, she swooned down and engulfed my lips with her own. She muted her furious orgasm just as my cock exploded deep inside of her, bathing her tingling vaginal walls in a torrential outpour of my baby batter. With my love sausage remaining steel hard inside her, not much of that ocean of semen escaped her pussy lips. After that, we fell utterly silent, just feeling the warm Pacific ocean breezes gently lap against us as we lay together, joined in the only place a man and woman could be joined.

We then flew to Japan. I was fascinated by the technical gadgets they displayed in the stores there, many of which were never imported to the U.S. Mom loved the beautiful house wares meticulously made by people whose lives revolved around making only one craft perfectly.

Our tiny hotel room was within sight of the Ginza. The cacophony of the bustling city did not stop, even at 4am. It was humorous that we waited until the next day for quiet. The funny part was that as I plunged deeply into the fertile depths of my beautiful mother, we could hear a jack hammer working on the street outside. I was careful to hold up until he returned from a brief break and resumed his drilling; as he drilled away, I came, bareback, deep inside mom's baby chamber. Throughout this trip, I would dutifully fill my mother/wife's fertile womb with pints of sperm-laden cum. We were catching up for lost time.

Mom had wanted to travel to Vietnam, relishing the idea of making love in the hotel where her faithless hubby had caroused with people of unknown age and gender. I talked her out of it, instead heading for Hong Kong. We also visited the former colony islands as well as Shanghai. Mom lost a tiny bit at the slot machines. I broke even at baccarat, a game I hardly knew. She got slightly miffed when I went up to the slot machine that had taken her money; inserting a pound coin, I hit all cherries at my first throw. Sweet.

It was time for us to return to the good old U-S of A. We returned on an A380 Airbus. The huge plane was only one third full. That must have been a real loss for the airline, but we were delighted. We had personal service, got unlimited food and drinks due to the missing passengers, and had the run of the plane. We had only paid for coach seats, but we really hit it off with the cabin staff. We ended up in first class, with a spot in the sleeping quarters. They were strictly designed for one person, but the staff was greatly amused when we broke that rule. Talk about the 'mile high club'! We went at it like breeding rabbits. One of the stews actually poked her head in, after knocking on the door. She said that the pilots asked her about what the sound was. She had to tell all, and they said for us to cool it. The three of us laughed. Just as the stew closed the little door, I grabbed my mother/wife's perfect bum, pressing as hard as I could. As I almost compressed her into a cube against the bulkhead, her legs up and feet dangling, I pressed down. Plunging as deep as I could, I actually think I tapped at her uterus. As we kissed, mom shed a tear, knowing that THIS was a magic moment. Sure enough, I came deep inside of her. Millions upon millions of lively, young sperm were unleashed upon her defenseless and unbelievably fertile womb. I had failed up to this moment to get mom pregnant out of respect (withdrawing in time) or bad timing (cycle). Well, this time she was at peak fertility and my 'boys' were ready to do their duty. After the most passionate moment of our lives, we lay together, me on top, kissing softly and whispering words of love and devotion. I kept my big cock securely hooked up, not letting a single seed escape.

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