tagIncest/TabooWhile You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping


This story is about incest between a mother and son. If that offends you, you should not read further. Those interested in this genre, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it.

When Lizzie got home after working the second shift as a production supervisor at a local metalworking factory she found her son Jake sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs bundled in a heavy sweater and blanket. The modest house was very cold.

"My Lord, Jake, why don't you have the heat on?"

"Sorry, mom, but there is something wrong with it, I think. I just got home myself and it was freezing in here. I turned the thermostat up, but nothing happened."

"Did you check the breaker box thingy?"

"That was the first thing I checked. I reset the main, and everything else seems to be working. I think there is a problem with the thermostat or some other electrical component."

"Well, I have a small space heater in my closet. Why don't you go and get that and at least we can take some of the chill off the room. I will turn on the oven in the kitchen and drop the door. That should help too," she said.

Jake went to his mother's bedroom and quickly found the small heater. It didn't look like it would help much, but he brought it downstairs and found an outlet close to the couch and plugged it in.

As small as it was, it did have the effect of warming the room noticeably, but it was still cold. Lizzie liked to watch a movie once she got home, have a glass of wine and a sandwich and unwind, and she was determined not to let a little thing like the heat going out break her routine.

Jake had returned home from college for the Christmas holidays only yesterday, and would not have to return to school until Mid-January when baseball practice resumed. He was in the second year of his four-year full ride. Jake's mother could not believe how much he had changed over the past year. College athletics was a full time job that included lengthy practices, lots of running, and daily visits to the weight room. Jake had put on several pounds of muscle and his 6' frame looked like it was cut from steel.

"Let's cuddle together on the couch and keep warm and watch a movie," she offered.

The thought of cuddling with his mother would normally be something he would find a little strange, but it was cold as hell in the house and besides, as mothers went, his was very hot. Growing up, all of his friends would comment on how good looking she was and a couple of them had even said they were going to come back and marry her and become "Jake's daddy". That had turned into a running joke designed to get Jake riled up, but he secretly was proud that his mom looked so good in his friends' eyes.

Lizzie was only about 5'3" tall, but she had a perfectly formed body and a face that always appeared to be smiling. She was not what one would consider beautiful, but her personality gave her a beauty that looks alone cannot provide. She wore her hair very short and on many women it might have looked boyish, but on her it just fit her "devil may care" attitude. Her breasts were on the small side, (around a 34B he thought) but just right for her body and still very perky for her 38 years. He thought her best feature was her ass, which was absolutely to die for, round and firm and just begging to be squeezed and stroked. She worked out several days a week, and in a bikini looked better than most 20 year olds. It didn't hurt that she kept her weight just around 100-105 pounds.

Jake always thought that one of the best parts about home was the furniture dad had always been partial to: large, expensive, leather, overstuffed, and very comfortable pieces. Mom, my two sisters and I had gotten used it when they were married, and had continued to replace it with more of the same after the marriage was over. It might not have been the kind that a rich family would have chosen, but it somehow fit our middle class values and lifestyles.

"Okay, mom, that sounds like a plan,' and with that settled in on the end of the couch with a blanket which he held up for her to slip under.

"I will be right there. I have to get out of these uncomfortable clothes and make a quick sandwich. Do you want anything?"

"That sounds good. Tell you what: I will make us something to drink and a ham and cheese sandwich while you change."

"I was hoping you would say that," she said flashing him a brilliant smile as she headed upstairs to change.

Jake made the food and poured them each a glass of wine and then surfed the channels until he found a movie that he felt she would like, and that he could tolerate. It was an older movie starring Brad Pitt as the not so grim reaper, along with Anthony Hopkins as the one chosen for the deep sleep. It had just gone beyond the opening credits when mom reappeared in a silk nightshirt that went to her knees and a pair of thick socks. She was carrying another thick blanket.

Jake noticed immediately that she had not worn a bra. Even though he could not see through the nightshirt, his mom's nipples were rigid from the cold and were jutting against the slick material. She spread the blanket on top of the other one and slipped under them, shivering and tucking her feet up as she did so.

Between the two blankets, his heavy sweater and the small heater, they were warm in no time. They each drank a couple of glasses of wine and enjoyed their sandwiches as the movie went on, but half way through it, the wine and the warmth had made her a little sleepy.

"Honey, would it be okay if we stretched out on the couch?" The couch is so big; I think it will comfortably accommodate the both of us."

"Sure, mom, but I am going to have to come out of this sweater. I am really starting to get hot," he groused.

"Okay, honey. You're right. It might be cold in here, but between the two of us and these blankets, it is starting to get hot. Besides, that sweater is a little scratchy."

Jake rose and took the empty wine glasses to the kitchen. When he returned, he stripped off the sweater and turned back to his mother. She could not help but gasp at his physique. His shoulders were broadened and thickened by the weight lifting and his chest was broad and taunt leading down to a tiny waist and six pack abs. His arms were very muscular and it was clear that he had spent some time the previous summer in the pool because he still retained a light bronze color. He had on a pair of loose fitting workout pants and she couldn't help but notice the thin line of hair that ran from his navel downward into the pants. She felt her face flush with the knowledge that she found her son's body more than a little exciting and then immediately felt guilty from the thought.

His mom was right: the couch was large enough to easily accommodate the two of them. She turned so her ass was against the back of the couch while her head was supported by her hand and bent elbow. He lay on his back with his head turned toward the television. After a little while his mother's elbow became tired.

"This isn't working too well," she complained.

"Why don't you just rest your head on my chest?"

"Are you sure that won't bother you, honey?"

"No, it won't bother me at all. Besides, that looks really uncomfortable."

"It is. I think my elbow has gone to sleep."

She folded her elbow and put her hand on his chest and then laid her head on his chest. Her other arm was on her hip. Within minutes, her breathing had become deeper and she had even begun to snore softly every now and then. About a half hour later the movie was entering it final few minutes, when Lizzie shifted position folding her bare leg and draping it across his thigh and resting her other hand on his stomach. He was trying to ignore what was happening, but occasionally she would jerk slightly in her sleep and as a result her hand had slid further down his stomach and had come to rest half on his stomach and half on the waistband of his pants. His cock could not discern between the innocent and the intentional and was steadily rising trying to reach her hand. At the same time, the heat coming off her sex felt like a hot iron on his leg.

Finally though, the warmth of her body and the cold of the room made him sleepy and he found himself drifting in and out of sleep. After a while he decided not to fight it any longer and since he didn't want to wake his peacefully sleeping mother, he found the remote control and clicked it off and then reached up and then patted the light twice to turn it off. He rearranged his arm and put it under her head so that she was resting her head half on his shoulder and half on his chest. He wasn't sure what to do with his hand, so he eventually just let it rest on her waist, and within seconds had fallen asleep.

Several hours later he became a little uncomfortable and in half sleep shifted his position a little. When he did, his mother's hand slipped down to rest right on his cock! Almost immediately it began to respond and within seconds, it had become as hard as a baseball bat. To make matters worse, her hand was not stationary. Every so often, her hand would flex on his dick as she dreamed. It would return the favor by flexing over and over against her soft hand. He knew he should move her hand, but his hard cock had other ideas. His hand had moved during sleep to rest on her hip. He suddenly had the overwhelming desire to touch his mom's sweet ass. He guessed that if she awoke, she would notice her own hand on his throbbing dick and recoil as though bitten by a snake and it would all be chalked up to accidental contact.

During sleep her night shirt had ridden up to her hips and when he pretended to let his hand slip down to fondle her ass, he could feel soft cotton panties and a firm, but soft leg. He thought he would cum the moment his hand came into contact with her ass. It felt so damn good. He wanted to run his finger up and down her crack, but thought better of it. Her hand continued to move almost imperceptibly on his cock, which was pushing him to the breaking point. His cock continued to flex involuntarily and now and then he would move his hips slightly which had the effect of moving her hand on it. His rock hard cock was flooding precum and he could feel it puddle on his stomach. Suddenly and completely without warning she shifted her leg and turned more into him with her knee coming to rest touching his balls. Her soft breasts pressed against the side of his chest and her hand clenched on his cock. That was more than his engorged member could take and it began to flex wildly shooting a bucket of cum into his pants. He groaned involuntarily and the sound caused her to stir in her sleep.

As she gradually began to transition from sleep to wakefulness, she turned toward the back of the couch and stretched her arms. He quickly moved his hand back to her waist, but since she had turned her left breast now rested against his bicep. Her arms came out from underneath the covers and stretched over her head and came to rest on top of the covers. Jake was holding his breath wondering if she had felt anything. Apparently, she had not for within a matter of only a couple of minutes her arms had started to get cold and she again put them under the covers. Moments later, her head rested on his chest and her hand on his bare stomach. Jake sighed quietly and now that his balls had achieved some relief again drifted off to sleep.

Moments later, Lizzie's hand drifted down to a more comfortable position, which turned out to be just below the waistband of his sweat pants and right into a very wet spot. Suddenly her eyes shot open at the sensation of something warm and wet on her hand. She took a silent sleepy inventory, and she quickly came to the conclusion that Jake had had a wet dream! She wondered if she had anything to do with it. Maybe her proximity had stimulated him, she thought.

"Oh well, tomorrow morning I will get the heater fixed and that problem will solve itself," she thought ruefully. Nevertheless, there was something about the possibility that she had stimulated her very hunky son that sent a small jolt of electricity through her. She also noticed that she had not removed her hand from the wet spot in his sweats. Realizing that, she pulled away, but still wanted to confirm that what she thought had happened really had, so she brought her fingers to her nose. There was no mistaking the bleach smell of wet cum. Then she surprised herself by putting her fingers in her mouth and sucking the cum off them! She could feel herself blushing and she wondered what in the world had come over her to make her act that way. Very carefully and deliberately she moved her hand so that it rested on his upper chest.

"Tomorrow, first thing I will call the repair man," she reiterated to herself before sleep again claimed her thoughts.

The early morning sun shone brilliantly through the windows in the living room and as is very normal for many winter days in the Deep South, it began to warm up quickly. Jake had a tremendous hard on attributable to his age and the fact that he had to piss like a race horse. Lizzie had not stirred and Jake thought she was still asleep, but she just had her eyes closed. When Jake began to move off the couch, her eyes opened to small slits. She watched as he pulled the covers back and gently extricated himself from her. She silently gasped as she saw the tent formed in his sweat pants. His hand moved to it and repositioned it until it was pointed straight up. But when he bent to make sure she wasn't uncovered anywhere, his dick fell and tented the loose pants again. Lizzie's pussy moistened immediately causing her to blush furiously, a fact lost on Jake who was preoccupied with trying to keep his hard cock at bay. He turned and walked to the bathroom. Lizzie watched his retreating broad back and small ass every step of the way.

"My Lord, I'm losing it!" she thought. She glanced at the clock and decided to make some coffee and then call the repair service.

An hour later, the repair man finished his work and came back into the kitchen where Lizzie and Jake were still talking over coffee.

'Well, I have some good news and some bad news," he said.

"Here we go," Lizzie thought. "Okay, well, let's hear it," she said.

"Well, the good news is that the repair will not be too expensive. You have a bad relay, and it only costs about $30 for the part, and I won't even charge you to put it on since I have to charge for the service call today. You should get off for just over a hundred dollars.

"Well, that is great news! So what is the bad news?"

"The bad news is that today is Friday and the part has to be ordered, so we won't have it until Monday. The next few days are supposed to be mild during the day, but dropping to just above freezing at night, so unless you have some supplemental heating, it might be pretty cool in here once the sun goes down."

The bad news was much better than Lizzie had first thought, and the inconvenience of being without heat was minor compared to what she had assumed might be a large heating repair bill. Gone was the memory of Jake's wet dream; in fact, Lizzie was not altogether sure that it hadn't all been part of some erotic dream of hers.

Jake had decided to hang out with some of his old teammates for the day, which was a relief for Lizzie. She didn't have to worry about him sitting around the house in the cold. They could live with one more night on the couch, if need be, and she could pick up another small heater on Saturday.

Jake was not home when she arrived after her shift, but there was no note or message on her phone, so she decided to wait up for him. She made herself a bowl of chicken soup and changed into her nightshirt while it cooked in the microwave. It was already very cool in the house, so she decided to make herself a bourbon and water to help her warm up. After the soup and drink, Jake was still not home, so she made another drink and settled in on the couch to watch a movie. Fifteen minutes into it, Jake opened the door and sauntered into the living room. Apparently he and his friends had got into the beer, because he was slurring his words ever so slightly.

"Had a little to drink, have we?"

"Yeah, me and the guys had a few beers before they dropped me off, but I am not drunk," he said a little defensively.

"I wasn't suggesting you were, honey. Are you hungry? Can I get you anything?"

"No, we ate about an hour ago. I think I just want to get warm and go to sleep."

"Well, why don't you change and jump under the covers and watch the rest of this movie with me?"

"Okay. Let me brush my teeth and I will be right down."

In spite of the cool in the room, the covers and body heat had made him almost too warm the previous evening, so he decided to wear a pair of cotton work out shorts to bed.

A few minutes later, he padded into the room and slipped beneath the covers. When his cold feet came into contact with her bare leg she squealed with mock pain and laughter. Jake couldn't let her off without rubbing his cold feet against her again causing her to emit shrieks and playful slaps to his arms and chest. Suddenly and quite unexpectedly, they both realized that their playfulness had injected an aura of sexuality into the mix, and they both became quiet creating a minor awkward moment.

Lizzie decided to change the mood. "So, how are Mike and Jeff doing? I see them on occasion in the mall, but it seems like I am always on the run, so I haven't had time to really talk to them."

Jake was glad for the change of subject and chatted for several minutes about some the craziness they had perpetuated that evening. Finally, he asked, "So, what are we watching?"

"This is actually an older movie, a classic, North by Northwest. It is about a case of mistaken identity, and the bad guys are trying to kill the wrong guy"

"That sounds like my kind of movie," Jake replied.

Much as with the previous evening, Lizzie did not make it through the movie before drifting off to sleep.

"Mom must really be tired," Jake thought. She was sleeping very deeply already, and her hand was again resting just above the waistline of his pants. He could already feel his cock starting to grow and try as he might to ignore what was happening below his waist, he could not. The movie was good, but not good enough to take his mind off his raging dick. He decided to give up and see if he couldn't fall asleep, so he turned the television and light off and snuggled up to his mother.

"Mmmmmmmm," Lizzie moaned in her sleep. In an effort to get more comfortable, she shifted and draped her thigh over Jake's and rested it right on top of his surging dick! Also when she turned, her night shirt rode up her leg and her panty clad pussy rested against his thigh. Her arm was thrown across his chest. He could already feel the heat emanating from her snatch. His hand had moved with her when she turned and now rested on her panty clad ass.

He lay there a few moments wondering what to do. He knew he should move his hand from her ass, but the horny young man that he was just couldn't. His mother's breathing was deeper than ever and he knew she was sound asleep. He came to a decision that he had to feel his mother more fully. He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. He figured he could always play dumb if she woke.

He moved his hand over her ass and cupped it and gave it a gentle squeeze. There was something about the illicit nature of what he was doing that made it all the more exciting. He moved his finger between her ass cheeks. He did not move for a few moments and then slid it down toward her pussy. Again he stopped and waited for over a minute. He wanted to see if she would stir, and when she didn't he slid his finger down further until it rested on her pussy. Slowly, almost imperceptibly Jake began to rub her pussy. He felt her folds through her moistening panties. It didn't feel like she had much if any pubic hair and suddenly he had to know for sure.

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