tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhile Your Boyfriend Watches

While Your Boyfriend Watches


I received an email one day from Ashley, an old co-worker friend of mine. She was the one with whom I flirted every day at work, but never followed through with it. I had no intention of leaving my wife. But Ashley sure gave me second thoughts about it! The email said that she had a proposition she wanted to discuss with me. Now, I may not be the quickest one to pick up when a hot woman is hitting on me, but there was something about that emoticon wink at the end of her email that gave me an immediate hard-on. She gave me her cell phone number in her email and asked me to call her later that night.

Once I got home, I had to go through the normal motions of the evening. Take the garbage out. Check off a couple of items on the "honey-do" list. And of course, make love to my beautiful wife. Admittedly, I wasn't thinking of my wife while I was with her. I could not get pictures of Ashley out of my mind. At work, she always wore form-fitting clothes which showed off her flat stomach and long, sexy tan legs. I was imagining her all-one-length chestnut hair cascading over her shoulders causing her nipples to play hide-and-seek with me as she rode me...or...my wife rode me.

Finishing my duties, I retired to the living room as I often do. I'm a night owl. My lovely wife tends to fade away by 10:30 each night, leaving me with some "cave time." The time every man should take for himself each day so as not to be an ass to all those around him. I waited about a half hour and then I called Ashley, my heart pounding the whole time I dialed her number into my cell phone.


"Hi, Ashley!" I said quietly, and yet enthusiastically.

"Jim, is that you? I'm so glad you called." I couldn't help but notice that her voice sounded a little husky on the telephone...lower, almost seductive.

"Yes, Ash, it's me. How the heck are you? It's been a while!" I said, making small talk.

"I'm good, Jim. Really good. Ever since you left this place, it hasn't been the same around here. You're missed, buddy!"

"Thanks Ashley. Yeah, I miss you guys a lot as well. Um...if you don't mind me asking, to what do I owe the pleasure of your email and this conversation?" The moment of truth.

"Well, Jim. Do you know how we used to flirt with each other all the time at work?" she asked.

"Uh...yeah," I said somewhat cautiously.

"Well, I'd like to follow through with that. But in a way that is a little different than you think." As soon as those words were out of her mouth, I could feel my cock stirring in my jeans.

"What do you have in mind?" I said, trying to sound suave.

"Jim, I'm just going to say it. You might think I'm a slut for this...but, what the hell...I guess I am. Jim, you know I have a boyfriend, right?"

"Yes." I said. She had mentioned him several times at work. I even met him once. He seemed like a decent guy.

"Jim, my boyfriend and I want you to come over here and fuck me while he watches."


"Jim, are you there?"

"Er...ah...yeah. Sorry. It's just that I thought I heard you say you and your boyfriend want me to come over and fuck you and in front of him."

"I did, Jim. I want it to be you. You're such a great guy. You were always nice to me at work, even when some others weren't. And honestly, I think you're hot. I also talked with your wife once at one of the company parties and according to her, you're quite a good fuck. Although, she didn't use those words."


"Tomorrow? Will that work for you?" she asked.

"Tomorrow. Hmm...I'll bet I can think up some work to keep me working late tomorrow evening." I said.

"Great, Jim! I'm looking forward to this. I want you to fuck me in front of my boyfriend. And I want you to fuck me hard, sweetie. I want to look up at my boyfriend with your cock in my mouth and smile at him, knowing that he wishes it were him."

"Ashley, you are such a tease, baby. Always were at work! I will be happy to oblige! What time?"

"Shall we say 6pm? That way, we'll get you home to wifey-poo at a decent hour."

"Sounds good." I said, hanging up the phone. I was so turned on that I went into the bathroom and stroked myself hard and fast, coming to quick and intense orgasm.

That night, I had a hard time getting to sleep. I couldn't get thoughts of Ashley's hot body out of my mind. I'm a faithful man by nature. But if I were to ever mess around on my wife, it would be with Ashley. I stayed in bed for a while, trying to fall asleep. But after an hour and a half, I finally gave in and got up.

I sat down at the computer, opened up a new email, and I began to write an email to Ashley to tell her how excited I was for what was coming up the next day. Instead of just a quick email, this is what came out:

So, my sweet, I've been thinking of our conversation earlier and of how you seem to like things...and it got me to thinking of what it might be like...

I arrive at your place after work. And there you and your boyfriend are to welcome me in. Your boyfriend seems like he's okay with everything, but I can't help but wonder. I greet him with a handshake, and you with a light kiss on the mouth which lingers a second longer than it should.

You smell wonderful and look amazing. I love your tight fitting knit top, the black one which hugs your delicious curves so nicely. Along with your turquoise mini-skirt, you look hot. In fact, my cock already stirs in my jeans thinking of what's underneath. You look amazing.

You invite me in for a drink. It's been hot outside lately, so I readily accept a cold beer. We sit down in the living room to get to know one another a bit. And your boyfriend wastes no time in coming to the point:

"Let's not beat around the bush, okay? We invited you here to fuck my girlfriend. So, do you want to get to it?"

I look across to you and you grin wickedly at me and slowly uncross your legs and leave them that way so I can see you're not wearing any panties. Setting my beer down, I walk over to you and get on my knees, kissing up your smooth, tan thighs, inhaling your sweet scent. After a few kisses, I reach your pussy, which is already glistening. It looks a little red and puffy as well...did you already fuck before I arrived? Or were you masturbating in anticipation of what would come? Mmmm...that thought turns me on even more and I dive right in with one long, slow lick from bottom to top of your wet slit. And groaning into your pussy, I say, "Fuck, Ashley, you taste so good!"

And with that, I begin to lick more persistently at your now hard clit. I love that you've shaved your pussy for me. It's so much nicer to lick.

I just can't help myself and I spread your lips wide with my hands and furiously flick your clit with my tongue...and then begin sliding my tongue into your pussy, just like a little cock. In and out. Mmmm...yes, you taste good. I don't want to stop, but I feel your thighs begin to tremble as I lick. And so I slide a finger inside your pussy as I lick your clit. I curl my finger up towards your belly, finding your g-spot and then look up your smooth stomach to see that you've removed your shirt and are now pinching and pulling your nice, brown nipples.

You are so fucking hot, Ashley. My cock is now straining at my jeans as I feel your orgasm building. I slide my finger in faster and match that tempo with my tongue. And then I feel your pussy begin to contract, as you scream out my name, "Oh, lick my pussy, Jim...don't stop! Oooh...ooohh...yes...fuck! I'm coming!!!"

As you come down from your orgasm, you look at your boyfriend, wink and then stand to grab my hand and lead me to your bed. You crawl onto it on your hands and knees with your hot ass in the air. An invitation if ever I saw one. You look back and say, "take your jeans off and give me some of that cock."

"Is that what you want, you dirty little slut?" I ask.

I can tell that turns you on. Your eyes glaze over just a little as a low moan escapes your lips. "Oh yes, baby...fuck me. Fuck my dirty pussy."

I remove my jeans and get up behind you, grabbing my cock and guiding it to the opening of your swollen, wet pussy. You start leaning back into it...hungry for it. And so I slam my cock home while giving your nice tan ass a hard spank...enough to make you cry out. But I can tell you love it. And so I slam it in again, and again...harder, and harder, grabbing your hips...reaching forward to grab your hair and pull it, asking you, "do you like that? Do you like my cock in you?"

And while looking right at your boyfriend, you say, "Yeah, baby...i love your cock. Fuck me with it."

Oh...that makes me even more hot and I slam my cock into your tight, pussy again. Faster now, and I look over to see your boyfriend stroking himself. Apparently our little show has him aroused. Too bad for him. He'll just have to watch.

And then you lean forward, smile wickedly, and say, "Come here and let me suck that for you."

"You want my cock in your face, baby? You want to suck it in front of your boyfriend? Make him watch as you swallow another man's cock down your sluttly little throat?" And you just smile even more.

I'll take that as a yes. And so you lay down on your back as I kneel up by your face, my hard cock throbbing, just inches from your mouth as I stroke it. You can't keep your eyes off it. And you reach down and begin rubbing your clit. I grab my cock and rub it on your lips...giving them a little slap with it. And then I say, "Suck it, Ashley. Suck my cock while your boyfriend watches."

And as you suck my hard cock into your mouth, you hear your boyfriend moan. Is he upset? Or just more turned on? You pull my cock out for a moment and tell him, "Don't come yet, baby. You don't want to miss the rest of this show!"

And with that, you suck my cock into your greedy mouth and begin to rub your pussy furiously. I grab the back of your head and help you suck it all in. I reach down with my other hand to slide my finger back into your pussy. This time, I insert two and it seems instantly, you are more turned on.

"Suck it, Ashley. Suck my cock!" I say. Slamming my fingers into your dripping pussy.

You are moaning like crazy now. Arching your back, thrusting your hot tits up towards me. Fuck, you are so delicious. I could just eat you up. But now right now. Right now, I'm concentrating on fingering your pussy until you come again, and the fantastic feeling of your mouth on my cock. You are a natural born cocksucker, sweetie. Does your boyfriend know this? Or did you save it for me?

I can feel the pressure begin to build in my balls as they start tightening up. I know it won't be long now. It seems as if you're reading my mind as your hand moves faster and faster on your clit, while you reach up with your other hand and stroke my cock as you suck the end of it.

Yes, I can feel it getting close now. You're raising your hips up and fucking my fingers. And you look over to your boyfriend as your slutty little mouth devours my cock and you wink at him. And with that, you slide my cock all the way in, deep-throating it, making yourself gag slightly. And it feels so good. I'm about to come, and I let you know. This sight is apparently too much for your boyfriend, as he begins moaning across the room from us and comes all over himself. You giggle to yourself and continue gulping down my cock.

"Ashley, you hot little slut, don't stop sucking my cock now, baby. Suck me...suck me and make me come all over your face." With those words, you are now over the edge, moaning like crazy, orgasming and squirting your juices all over my fingers, and sucking my cock wantonly like the hungry whore you are.

And then it starts, my cum begins to erupt out the end of my cock and you pull it out of your mouth so you can see me shoot my load. The first shot goes across your cheek...the second, you've aimed at your hot, tan tits...and the final couple you keep to yourself...licking them up....rubbing the head of my cock all over your lips.

You look so damn hot lying there with my cum all over you.

I look down at you, smile and say, "Again?"

You giggle and respond, "Absolutely!"

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