tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhite Lightning Ch. 02

White Lightning Ch. 02


"You're horny as fuck," he observed. Perceptive guy, this one. Maybe his inability to tell my nausea from my arousal was part of the reason I didn't respond to him. At least, I didn't want to respond to him.

"Do you have a barf bag?" I asked sweetly.

He plunged his hand into the pink low-cut tank top he forced me to wear and grabbed one of my tits, twisting it roughly. "Sure, but you shouldn't puke in it. I'm going to fuck you so hard you're going to hyperventilate, bitch. Then you're going to want that damn bag to be empty."

Reasoning with him would be useless, but I always tried anyway. It was a losing battle since my body was already opening to him. "I don't want to do this, Greg. You know that. Please stop touching me."

"Shut up," he said as he grabbed my other tit with his other hand. There was no real emotion in his voice since he was so focused on how his hands looked on my breasts.

He tugged them up so that my nipples peeked over the top of my shirt, squeezed between the straps, then sat back to look at the effect.

As if snapping out of a trance, he looked around. "Damn traffic. We're not going anywhere," he muttered. Then he rolled down the window and peered out for a moment. He returned with a satisfied smile.

"Give that trucker a show for me, baby," he said.

I was horrified. "No... please don't make me, Greg."

"He's bored as fuck, and so am I. Go to the window and rub your tits for him."

I didn't move, so Greg shoved me roughly to the window. It didn't take long to attract the trucker's attention. He was probably 35 with long hair and tanned skin. His brown eyes widened in surprise as he took in my exposed skin, and then his fleshy face adopted a leer that sent shivers down my spine.

"Rub your tits, bitch. I won't ask you again. Next time I'll just push you out on the street," Greg said.

I raised my shaking hands to my breasts and squeezed hesitantly. The trucker raised an eyebrow and licked his lips. Greg prodded me again, and I pinched my nipples gently, tugging them into tight little buds that begged to be sucked.

"You're so wet," Greg said. "Dirty slut, it turns you on to put on a show for this stranger. He wants to drive his cock right between your tits. You're such a fucking cocktease. Show him what you really want him to do to your tits, bitch. Be convincing and maybe I won't fuck you."

I swallowed. He was right that the truck driver was turning me on. And if there was any way I could keep Greg out of my pussy, I was going to do it. I dropped my left breast and grabbed my right one with both hands, squeezing and twisting frantically. I pinched and pulled the flesh, watching through half-lidded eyes as the truck driver's face grew increasingly taut with desire.

He stuck his tongue between his teeth and flicked it rapidly up and down, and I knew what he wanted. I flicked my tongue across my erect nipple, and then I licked in visible swirls. I sucked it into my mouth, biting gently, incredibly aroused by the expression on his face. No longer wistful, it was becoming possessive, almost violent.

Greg opened his door, but I barely noticed as I continued fondling my own tits for this stranger. I DID notice when Greg stood between us. Then I stopped touching myself. I couldn't understand what he was saying, but before I had time to move, Greg wrenched open my door and pulled me out. He shielded my exposed breasts with his body so that no one could see them. He leaned down and growled in my ear.

"I think cockteases should always follow through on what they promise. This gentleman agrees with me. Now you were a very good girl and you gave him a hell of a show, so I'm not going to fuck you, but he is. Then he's going to take you to Brandon's office for your appointment. Can't say that I see as he's making much progress, but I guess you've only had one session."

"Have you lost your damn mind?" I whispered fiercely, afraid to pull away from him. "I can't fuck a total stranger. What if he has something? And how do you know he'll do what he said? What if he never brings me back?"

Greg smiled. "Those are risks I'm prepared to take."

Without another word, he opened the trucker's door and shoved me inside. I gaped in shock at the man behind the wheel. He was older than I thought, at least in his mid-fifties, and he was sexy in a visceral way I had never expected. He was fleshy and hairy, and something predatory and dominant rolled off him in waves. His thick cock protruded from his unzipped jeans. It was obvious he'd been jacking off while I had played with my tits for him.

In silence, he maneuvered the truck out of traffic and onto a secluded road as my heart began to beat faster and faster. His dick wasn't getting any softer.

"You ever fuck an older man?" he asked.


"That the first time you sucked on your tits to catch some trucker's attention?"

I blushed. "Yes."

"Well, you got my attention. Think you can handle it?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"That ain't what I asked you, sweetie. I asked if you think you can handle it. I've seen a lot of dumb cunts rubbing their titties at me, even ones who fuck themselves with dildos while I watch. They do it because they want me to make them feel sexy. They want me to jack off like their fucking puppet on a string. Some of them even want me to fuck them in the cabin of this truck. They think I'll be so damn horny that I can't help fucking them, mainly because they're so pretty, or at least they think they are. Now, they ain't all as pretty as you, but some of them are prettier. Some of them gave me a better peep show. But all of them are self-absorbed little sluts who don't know what I'm going to do to their bodies. I've got you in here with me, and this ain't gonna be about you, princess. I'm going to take what I want from you whether you enjoy it or not."

I swallowed. "What's your name?" I breathed. My pussy was suddenly pounding with desire. He had reactivated everything I felt in Brandon's office yesterday, and I desperately hoped he was going to ram his dick into any part of my body.

He raised a curious eyebrow. "Todd," he finally answered. "But that's not what you're going to call me, hon. I'd ask yours, but I don't much care what it is."

He stopped the truck on the side of the road and got out. Then he dragged me out beside him. He ripped my shirt down the middle and squeezed my tits in his huge hands.

"You do have great tits," he said. "Damn. I ain't seen a pair this perky in about two years." He slapped them sharply between his hands so that they bounced wildly, and I gasped in surprise at the sensation.

"No one ever slapped your tits before? Well, seems like they should have. If your damn husband would have, you probably wouldn't be flashing them at other men. What do you think about that, princess?"

"I don't know." I did know that being in his power was both horrible and amazing.

"Guess you probably like having a pussy for a husband. But what about your daddy? He never slapped you around any?"

I wasn't sure what to say, so I settled for a simple, "No."

"Why the hell not? My daughters ain't sluts like you, honey. They're grown, like you, maybe a little younger, and they know to keep their titties inside their damn clothes. I slap their tits around every time they show any cleavage at all. Sometimes I think they provoke me on purpose. Come to think of it, that's kind of like what you did, ain't it?"

"I... I don't know." I was beginning to feel embarrassed, especially now that he mentioned my father. It was like he had found a switch deep inside of me that I didn't even know was there. I wasn't sure what the switch was for.

"You know what else I do to my daughters?"

"What?" My heart beat faster. Whatever he was going to say next, it was either going to light me up or shut me off.

He released my breasts and maneuvered one hand between my thighs, his fingers pressing against my clit through my panties. "I have a special tool. And you know what I think, baby doll? I think you need a nice, concerned daddy to discipline you right now, so I'm going to use it on you."

An explosion happened inside me, so intense I couldn't breathe. I couldn't think about anything. All I could do was want him. It was completely irrational, some desire I had buried deep at the core of my being.

I heard a motor spark to life. He smirked as he showed me a large vibrating dildo. I couldn't stifle a moan as I imagined him plunging it into my body.

"Todd, yes, please," I moaned.

He tore my panties aside and positioned the dildo at the opening to my cunt. He dipped it in a few inches and held it there while I writhed against it.

"Remember when I said you weren't going to call me Todd?"

"Yes." My voice was a breathless gasp.

"Seems plain to me that your daddy didn't train you right. As of right now and until I get tired of you, I'm your new daddy."

"Oh God," I moaned. My pussy convulsed around the dildo he was shoving into me.

He took it out. "Princess, that ain't the hole this goes in. I've got something better for that hole. I'm going to ram your whorish little cunt with my dick. Look at my cock and tell me what you think about it."

The words came out in a huge gush. "You're so fucking hairy, so big, I need you to fuck me with it."

"Glad you approve, baby. But I ain't going to cum in your pussy. I'm just going to use it to take the edge off. See, I'm going to blow my load in your sweet little ass. But my nice hairy dick ain't gonna fit until we loosen it up a little. That's what this tool is for."

This brought me to my senses. I looked at him in horrified shock.

He laughed as he shoved me to my hands and knees. "Is this what you were expecting when you rubbed your tits for me, baby?"

It definitely wasn't. I've taken cock up my ass before, but it isn't my favorite thing, and I've never had one as big as Todd's. I was beginning to panic. True to his word, he didn't wait for any kind of response from me. He plunged his thumb into my pussy and used the juices to lubricate my ass, at least.

The soft swish of passing traffic undercut the suspense as I waited to feel the uncomfortable stretching sensation of the vibrating plastic as it penetrated my ass.

In a desperate attempt to distract him, I started babbling, playing the role he gave me, working hard to be convincing. "Oh daddy, I'm sorry that I tempted you. I'm sorry I was a dirty little slut. I... I was just thinking about how much I wanted you, how big your dick is, and I knew I couldn't just ask you to fuck me so I had to do something. I won't ever do it again, daddy."

"Damn straight you won't ever do it again, baby. You'll be lucky if you can walk when I get through with you."

"Please Daddy..."

He pressed the vibrator between my ass cheeks, and I knew he was about to ram it home. "What is it?"

"Please, don't cum in my pussy. I don't want to get pregnant." This was, in fact, a lie. I was on the pill and had nothing to worry about, but I was hoping it would distract him.

He froze. I could almost hear him debating which he would rather do, what he had promised or what I didn't want him to do. I smiled to myself. Then I was on my back looking up at him. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and pressed the head of his cock against my pussy.

"Baby, don't you want your daddy's cock inside your sweet little cunt?"

"Yeah," I moaned. "Yes Daddy, I want you inside me."

"Like this, sugar?" he asked. He pushed the head of his dick just inside the opening of my pussy.

I wasn't acting now. "Yes, just like that. God, you feel amazing."

He pushed deeper. "Do you want me to stop now, princess?" The look on his face dared me to say yes.

So I did. Nothing would piss him off more, and I was hoping he would be rougher. I widened my eyes and pretended to look horrified, as if I had just noticed what he was doing to me. "Oh... Daddy... what are you doing? Stop... please stop... what if..."

He slammed the rest of the way in, his balls slapping firmly against my skin. I screamed for him. "Oh God, Daddy, no!"

"You should have thought of this before you flopped your tits out of your shirt, honey." He pulled back and pounded in, harder this time. I couldn't keep my scream from sounding inviting, but I tried to make it sound panicked for him. "Yeah, baby, they're flopping now just the way I like to see them. This is what men want to do to you when you act like that. Does it feel good?"

"Daddy," I gasped. "You have to stop. You're so hard."

He slapped my tits. "I said does it feel good, slut?"

I managed to give a convincing impression of someone torn between two alternatives. "Yes, God yes," I finally moaned. "Please don't stop."

He tore into my pussy then, drilling it harder than anyone had ever done it before. I was screaming and writhing underneath him, begging him for more.

"I'm gonna cum now, baby girl," he said.

"Not in my pussy, Daddy," I gasped. "Please."

"I'm gonna fill you up with my spunk, and you're gonna have my baby. No one else is gonna plant their kid inside you, whore."

"No," I moaned, with supreme effort. I managed to gasp, "Stop, please stop..." even though I wanted to exact opposite.

He thrust deep into me and stopped, pressing against my cervix. He reached down and massaged my clit. "Daddy... I'm cumming.... You're making me cum so hard," I said. The pressure of my pussy squeezing his engorged dick brought him along with me.

Someone coughed and jerked me out of my afterglow.

It was Brandon. He was leaning calmly against his shiny black truck. I had been expecting something sportier and impossibly expensive. The truck had a comforting effect on me, a touch of home. When I locked eyes with him, he looked displeased. "Just what in the hell are you doing?" he asked. His voice was cool.

"This ain't any of your concern," Todd interrupted. "This slut needs discipline, and I ain't through with her yet."

"Actually, you are," Brandon answered without moving. He flung a wad of cash at Todd. "Greg says this is for your assistance. Now get in the truck, Gwen."

Todd gaped at the money while I got unsteadily to my feet. Then he winked at me. "Got a secret for you, princess. I don't have any daughters. But you're like the daughter I never had."

Surprised laughter burst from my throat. "Thanks, Todd," I said.

Then his face turned colder. "Watching you come apart while I fucked your tight cunt, hearing you call me 'Daddy,' knowing you wanted me to stop but that you wanted me to fuck you more than you wanted me to stop... damn, bitch. Do you know how long it's been since any woman talked me out of fucking her ass? I haven't shot my load into a pussy in about twenty years. I'll take the money, but I'm not saying that I won't fuck your sweet little ass if I ever catch you again. I ain't promising much foreplay, either. I'm just going to ream you until my jizz pours out of your ass."

I shuddered and went quickly to the truck. I felt uncomfortably aware of his eyes on me. When the tight-lipped Brandon drove away, Todd was still standing and staring after me.

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