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White Mistress & Black Sub


The year is 2008. The place is New England. And my bitch is black, folks. And he likes it rough. Am I a lucky woman or what? My name is Marie Louise Nelson. Friends call me M.L. and find it funny. At six feet two inches tall and two hundred and sixty pounds, I'm nothing to laugh at. I'm a big and tall, thick-bodied and big-bottomed, blonde-haired and green-eyed, forty-something Irishwoman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. By day, I'm a librarian at Brockton Community College. By night, I am an amateur dominatrix. I specialize in fucking black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo. Which is what my bitch, Berlioz Florestal, loves so much about me.

Berlioz is a big black guy I met in the North Side of Brockton not too long ago. He's in his mid-thirties, divorced, and originally from the island of Haiti. He works as a security guard at various places in the state and currently is training to become a Corrections Officer. The dude lives off Rutland Street, not too far from the local school. He's my own personal bitch because I'm the only one who can give him what he needs.

Currently, Berlioz is on his hands and knees. Face down and ass up. I'm shoving a dildo deep into his asshole. He's squealing like a pig as I work my strap-on dildo way up his ass. I love listening to the sounds of his screams. Berlioz loves to act like a big tough guy and it's up to me to bring him to his knees like the bitch he is. I love sinking my dildo deep into his ass. Making him beg for more is my single greatest pleasure.

There's something the world doesn't know about Berlioz and men like him. Lots of black men have a hidden fetish. They love to get fucked in the ass by a woman wearing a strap-on dildo. Berlioz in particular has a fantasy of getting sodomized by a blonde woman wielding a dildo. How about that? Yeah, lots of black guys have all kinds of twisted fantasies. And I'm ready, willing and able to satisfy them. It's my pleasure. Trust me on that one.

With Berlioz, I can take this to the extreme. Sometimes, I dress him up in women's clothes. I make him wear a bra and panties before bending him over and stuffing his ass with my ten-inch plastic cock. I make him sing like a damn Canary. Oh, man. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed sodomizing him while he was dressed like a frigging little bitch. I called him a sissy and a faggot while plunging my plastic cock deep inside the black man's asshole. And Berlioz squealed like the bitch I knew him to be.

Other times, we experimented in other ways. I would tie him up and bring out my leather belt. I would whip him hard. Watching my leather whip bruise his dark skin turned me on like you would not believe. He screamed and begged me for mercy but I ignored his cries. I was driven into a frenzy as I whipped him from head to toe. I love whipping big black men like Berlioz Florestal. Show them who's boss. Yes, I am a fat white bitch and I am the boss of you. I tie you up and whip you hard. And I bend you over and fuck you in the ass with my big strap-on dildo. And what can you say about that? Not a damn thing because I'm your mistress and you're my bitch. My own personal bitch.

Yeah, Berlioz loved being humiliated almost as much as I loved humiliating him. I love bending him over and stuffing his ass while calling him a black motherfucker. I would grab his balls and twist them while punishing him as much as possible. Sometimes tears flowed from his eyes while I squeezed his cock and balls hard. There were times when I roughly stroked his cock and balls while ramming my huge dildo so far up his ass, I'm surprised it didn't come out of his mouth. Berlioz asshole was greatly expanded thanks to my unique brand of butt fucking. I am so proud of my work!

Today, Berlioz and I were trying something new. I played the part of an adventurous white female plantation owner in the South circa 1850 and Berlioz played the part of her lover, a slave who runs away and whom she is forced to hunt down in order to preserve her reputation in the eyes of the society in which she lives. And so I hunted Berlioz around the house as we acted out his fantasy. I finally caught up with him in the basement. I tackled him and we wrestled furiously on the basement floor. He was one tough cookie but I gained the upper hand. I'm a big and strong Irishwoman who's more than capable of taking out a punk like this dildo-loving black motherfucker.

Once I had subdued Berlioz, I put him on all fours and went about showing him who's boss. I spread his ass cheeks and shoved my biggest, longest and thickest dildo ever way up his ass. He howled. He screamed. He squealed. He whimpered. And in the end he tried to flee! But I wouldn't let him. I held him down and fucked him in the ass. That's what he deserves for being a dildo-loving black motherfucker. He's a wimp and he needs to find out that it's not just white guys who can be cuckolds while their white wives play with black guys. I want to break this stereotype. I'm a fat white chick who's fucking a big and tough black man in the ass with a strap-on dildo. He's my bitch. My own personal bitch. He does what I say. End of story!

And so I gleefully rammed my dildo deep inside Berlioz asshole. I wanted to show him who's boss once and for all. So I thought of a special little word and whispered it into his ear. I'll let you guess what it was! That made him spring back to life! Laughing, I clamped my hand over his mouth and rammed my dildo even deeper into his ass. He twisted and tried to flee but I held him down. And plunged the dildo deeper inside of him than ever before. Unfortunately, I had taken my hand off his mouth to restrain him. That's when an unearthly howl escaped his mouth. It was music to my ears. Afterwards, I pulled the dildo out of Berlioz's ass and made him suck it. And like a good little bitch, he did as he was told. I am so proud of him!

And this, folks, is how this sexy white mistress deals with her submissive hunk. When he's at my house, he cooks and cleans for me. All while wearing a bright pink dress, complete with pantyhose. And he also wears a nice wig and a pearl necklace while going about his duties. He's such a well-trained bitch. I love having him around. To surprise him for his birthday, I'm buying the biggest dildo I can find and I'm shoving it up his ass sans lube! Do you think he's gonna like that? I think he's gonna love it!

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