tagGroup SexWho Can it Be?

Who Can it Be?


"Who could that be," Tia wondered as the doorbell of her condo rang.

She had arrived home late. Although it was a Friday, she had no party to go to tonight and had decided to stay extra long at the office to catch up on some paperwork. She had only managed to hang up her blazer, kick off her shoes and toss her pantyhose into the hamper. Dinner was next on the agenda.

The bell repeated itself, and Tia snuck through her darkened living room to peek out the peephole. It was Jack. Tia's heart fluttered as she called out, quickly re-tucked her silk blouse into her office skirt and checked herself in the mirror. She unlocked the door to see Jack leaning against the doorframe with a smile. Another guy was with him.

"Hey," Jack smiled at her.

"Hey," she echoed with a smile.

"Listen, I didn't have anything to do and thought we could come over and hang out." The other guy held up a six-pack.

"Sure," she agreed.

"Tia, this is Matt," Jack said. "You cool with this?"

"Yeah, sure," she said, shaking Matt's hand and holding the door open for them.

Jack smiled at her as he handed her his jacket. He had known Tia for over four years, back when they were both new to the area, and she was his former girlfriend's roommate from back then. Since then he had helped her move, helped her with her car, helped her move again, and flirted with her when they ran into each other. She had confided in him during a difficult breakup. Although there had been some electricity between them, one or the other, usually both, had been unavailable. He had never come over like this, though, and she was excited to see him, wondering what had motivated him. Jack stood about a head taller than her, jet-black hair, mischievous brown eyes and what she had always considered a sensuous mouth. She even found the scar on his chin enticingly manly.

Jack kept his eyes on her for a bit too long. He knew what he had in mind, and was deeply curious what would happen. He wondered if his crazy plan would work out. He had always liked her, not in a girlfriend sense really, but still he was interested. She was about 5'3", light brown hair, medium chest, cute, with an infectious laugh. She seemed to be warm to him, and he knew she was between boyfriends for the past few months.

Matt gave her his jacket also, and Jack turned on the TV. Matt sat on the small sofa and Jack took the armchair on the side. Tia sat next to Matt and they made small talk for a while before ordering pizza for dinner. Jack couldn't keep his eyes off her, and she was keenly aware of his interest. After eating, Tia rose to clean up, and Jack carried the empty soda cans into the kitchen. She put the forgotten six-pack in the fridge to cool, tossed a bag of popcorn in the microwave and got out some glasses, ice and a 2-liter as Jack stood by and watched her.

"So what's up?" she asked. "I hadn't seen Matt around before."

"No, he's an old college buddy just up for the weekend. You like him?"

Tia shrugged and turned the microwave. "He's kinda cute, I guess."

"Well, I thought you and me and him could...you know."

Tia froze and turned slowly to him. "What?" she said coldly.

"You know," Jack said, smiling, with a nudge of his chin.

"That better not be the 'you know' that I think you're thinking of."


"Jack, what the fuck? What made you think I would do something like that?" Tia asked incredulously.

"Nothing. I just thought you might be interested," he shrugged, still smiling, his eyes twinkling lasciviously.

"Jack, no! Hell no!"

Jack continued to smile at her, and she turned to pull the popcorn out.

"I can't believe you think of me like that!"

"Com'on, babe, I know you've felt the sparks between you and me. I know you want me, and I want you."

"You and me, okay, let's get rid of him, but fuck, no way."

"No," he smiled with his arms crossed and shook his head.

Tia stared at him. "No? You rather leave this if you can't?" she asked, motioning her hand down her body.


"No. Jack, no."

"Com'on babe, no one will ever know. You know I never told anyone about our discussion when you broke up with Frank. Matt flies back east Sunday. He won't talk. I even parked in the upper lot. I'll make sure nothing gets out of hand."

"You really thought I would!" she gaped at him.

"I hoped."

"Jack," she complained, "Seriously, no! I'm not that kinda girl."

"Alright," Jack shrugged, still smiling, "It's cool. It's your decision. I just thought you'd be interested."

"Well, you thought wrong," she glared at his smile for a few moments.

"Your toes are cute," he grinned glancing down. Tia instinctively curled her toes as if to hide them.

"Leave my toes out of this," she frowned with a grin.

"You still cool with us hanging out?" he asked as he picked up the glasses and the 2-liter.

"Yeah," she sighed.

"Cool. That way if you change your mind," he winked.

Tia shook her head in disgust as she took the popcorn and followed him out.

"Holy shit," she hissed, stopping, "how am I going to go back out there and face him?"

"Cause it would look strange for you to stay in here," he laughed over his shoulder.

Tia glowered at his back as he left. She followed him out, blushing furiously as she saw the back of Matt's head. The TV provided the only light in the room and she consoled herself that he couldn't see her blush. Jack put the glasses down while standing in front of his chair, leaving the cushion next to Matt as the only spot for her. She glared at Jack again and sat down next to Matt, but as far away as possible. Jack waited until she sat to move next to her.

"Move over," he said, nudging her leg.

The sofa could sit three small girls comfortably, but it would be a little tight with the three of them.

"Sit in the chair."

"No, you can't see the TV from there. Move your pretty ass over."

Tia scowled at him and scooted over, leaving a fair gap between her and Matt. Jack squeezed in and nudged her closer. Tia glanced at him. She was now sandwiched between two guys who had come over to have sex with her. The room crackled with sexual tension. She snuck a glance at Matt, who was staring at the TV. He seemed cute enough. He was a little shorter than Jack, but a lot wider in the shoulders. His arms looked kinda big, and he looked thin enough that he might be sporting a six-pack. Light brown short hair, not bad. She leaned back between them, shoulder to shoulder, her nerves on edge. Jack said it was okay not to do anything, but would Matt think the game was still on? What would she do if he leaned into her? They bought a PPV and settled in, the popcorn sitting in her lap. Every movement Matt made caused her heart to jump. Unbidden visions of the two of them moving in on her started to creep into her head. This was something she had never ever thought of doing. She slipped another sidelong glance at Matt. And yet...

Time slipped by and she caught herself spreading her legs unconsciously as he reached in for a handful. The movie ended without incident and Matt had done nothing more alarming than take popcorn out of the bag in her lap. She wondered if he thought she wasn't pretty. The thought grated on her. If she had been warned, she could have put on some makeup or dressed a little more provocatively. There was no way she was going to do anything like Jack had suggested, but it would be nice if Matt would at least show some interest. He could at least respect her enough to give her the opportunity to say no. Matt asked if he could use the restroom and she pointed it out to him and he walked out.

Tia picked up the empty popcorn bag and walked out with a cold glance at Jack. Jack grinned at her and followed her to the kitchen.

"Well, looks like your little plan failed."

"How's that?"

"Your boy Matt isn't interested."

"What makes you think that?"

She smirked at him. "A guy comes over for a threesome and then doesn't even touch me? He's not interested."

"He didn't come over for a threesome."


"I told you, it's all your choice. He has no idea."


Jack just shrugged.

"So what the fuck? You thought I was going to seduce him or something? What, you want me to do a strip tease? What kind of male fantasy were you thinking of?"

"Well, it's a fantasy of mine."

Tia slapped him. "I should have done that when you walked in," she snapped.

Jack glared her for a shocked instant and then lunged, grabbing the hand she had slapped him with and pulling her close in an aggressive hug.

"What the fuck, T?" he demanded angrily. Tia looked up had him helplessly and suddenly was completely aware of how badly she wanted him. "I just thought you'd be interested. So I'm an idiot. So I'm a fuck-head. I said it was cool if you weren't into it. There's no call to get violent." He roughly pushed her away and rubbed his cheek.

Tia stared at him for a moment. "I'm...sorry," she offered.

"Forget it," he snapped and stalked off to the restroom.

Tia stood alone in the kitchen, badly shaken. After all they had been through, he seemed really hurt by her. "He's just a guy," she thought, "he probably believed it was a good idea." Tia walked out and sat down by Matt, lost in thought.

Jack smiled at himself in the bathroom mirror. "Now or never," he smiled. If she didn't kick them out, it was on. Now all that had to happen was for Matt to react like a guy.

Tia looked up hopefully as Jack returned. He ignored her and sat back in the armchair.

"You can sit here," she offered timidly, patting the cushion next to her.

Jack looked at her with a smile and came over to join her on the sofa. He patted her knee and looked back to the TV. Tia smiled at him and made her decision. She would do it. She would do it for him.

She looked at Matt for a moment as butterflies filled her stomach. This was crazy, she thought as she licked her lips nervously. She looked at Jack, smiling knowingly at her and he nudged his chin at her. She looked back at Matt and stared at him until he turned to her. She suddenly realized she had never initiated a first kiss. She quickly leaned into him, placing a hand on the back of his head as she kissed him. Her tongue split his surprised lips and danced with his for a moment. He pulled away.

"Yo," he said.

Tia eyes widened and the smile vanished from her face as she saw the shock on his face. "Oh my God," she said and jumped up, covering her mouth in embarrassment. "Oh my God," she repeated as she ran back to her bedroom, mortified at his reaction. She slammed her door and went into her closet and hid her face in her hands, shaking in humiliation.

Jack turned back from watching her departure. "Yo?" he asked Matt.

"She kissed me!"

"And 'Yo' was the best you could come up with?"

Matt looked back to the hallway. "I didn't expect it," he tried to apologize.


Matt looked at him. "You think I should go back there?"

"I think you have to go back there."

"What should I say?"

"Well, if 'Yo' is all you got, I would recommend more kissing and less talking."

Matt stood and looked down the hallway. He glanced at Jack and walked back. He had to tell her it was okay. Matt knocked softly on her door.

"Tia, you there?"

Tia continued to hide silently in her closet. Eventually Matt opened her door and called to her from inside the room.

"Go away," she said from her closet.

Matt quickly found her and sat next to her and tried to explain that he was just surprised. He finally coaxed her out of her closet. She was keeping her head down, so he decided against trying to kiss her and instead hugged her for a moment. She returned it lightly, her head awash in conflicting emotions of lust, embarrassment and propriety.

"We should probably go back out there," she said

Matt agreed and led her back out to the TV. They silently took their familiar places on the sofa, Tia glancing nervously at Jack, brushing her hair back as she sat. After a few minutes of watching the TV in silence, Jack leaned over and kissed her long and hard. Tia melted into him. He broke the kiss and sat back, still facing her.

"Yo," Tia whimpered, eyes half closed.

"Yo," Matt echoed, stunned at the turn of events.

Jack nudged her, and she turned to Matt and kissed him again. This time Matt responded eagerly. Tia finally broke the kiss and sat back between her two men.

"I've never done anything like this," she whispered, hands in her lap as she glanced at Jack and then Matt.

"Me either," Matt said.

"Me either," Jack echoed.

Jack slowly reached over and cupped Tia's breast, kneading it gently. Tia sat up rigidly, staring at his hand in shock. Matt reached over and cupped her other breast, and her eyes snapped to him.

"Oh my God," she squeaked.

They continued to caress her breasts, thumbs rubbing her nipples as her eyes went from one to the other. She was completely turned on. Jack pulled back for a moment to whip off his t-shirt, and Matt followed suit. Jack took her arm and put it over his shoulder as he settled back in to fondle her breast. Matt placed her other arm over his shoulder, and she found herself wedged deeply between them, completely helpless. She watched as their hands played with her, breathless in arousal.

"Kiss me," she begged.

Matt was ready to oblige, but Jack stopped him.

"No. No kisses until you are naked."

"Oh," Tia panted disappointedly as she stared at his smile.

Jack's hand drifted up and undid the top button of her blouse before returning to her breast. Moments later, Matt followed suit. Tia squirmed as she watched them work, her hands holding on to their shoulders, completely at their tender mercies.

"If you want us to stop, just tell us," Jack breathed. "We'll stop."

"Don't stop," she pleaded.

Jack smiled and undid another button, with Matt following suit and opening the last one. They tugged the blouse out of her skirt and opened it full, displaying her bra, and Jack swore reverently as it was revealed. Tia's breathing became even more ragged as they started to stroke her skin and her silky bra. Jack noticed her bra had a front clasp and opened the it. Suddenly her bra was hanging loosely over her breasts. Tia watched as two hands slid up under her bra and cupped her bare breasts, gasping as they started to roll her nipples. Jack leaned in and Tia tried to capture him in a kiss, but he avoided it and instead started to lick and kiss her neck. Matt followed and she groaned at the feeling.

"Don't give her a hickey," Jack warned. "I want her skin clear."

Matt shrugged and went back to kissing her neck. Jack slid down and sucked her nipple into his mouth, with Matt only a second behind. Tia struggled in helpless ecstasy at the pleasure. Matt was noticeably rougher, nibbling and tugging on her nipples. With his hand free, Matt slid his hand down to her knee and started stroking her thigh. She spread her legs a little and Jack started stroking her other thigh. Jack worked his other hand behind her back and found the zipper to her skirt. She raised her hips as best she could and soon her skirt slipped down past her knees and fell to the floor.

"Holy shit!" Matt laughed.

"What are those?" Jack asked with a grin.

Tia looked down and realized they were making fun of her granny panties. She tried to cross her legs in embarrassment.

"They're my work underwear!"

"Jeez, I've only seen those in 60's movies!"

"It's like a museum piece!"
 "Stop it," she complained.

"How do you get those things off?" Matt asked, tugging at it.

"Do you need a key?" Jack asked with a smirk.

"No, just pull them off," she squealed.

"They're absolutely huge!"

"Guys!" she squirmed, still wedged tightly between them as they ignored her and continued to marvel at her choice of undergarments.

"I think the old lady across the used to hang things like out to dry."

"They don't even have a pattern on them!"

Tia leaned back and groaned, kicking her feet in embarrassment. Jack reached down and stroked her gently between her legs and she jumped.

"Well, I'm pretty intimidated," Jack said, returning his hand to fondle her breast.

"Me too," Matt agreed, slipping his hand to her crotch and starting to stroke her. "Do you want to try and get them off?"

"How about we play rock, paper, scissors to see who has to try first."

"Guys, please!"


Matt won on the second throw. He slid off the sofa to his knees, freeing Tia's arm. She quickly reached down to cover herself.

"See?" he said as he gathered the waistband and pretended to pull, "They have like a build-in protection mechanism!"

"Amazing!" Jack exclaimed before leaning forward to capture a nipple in his mouth.

Tia gasped in pleasure as she continued to try and cover herself.

"Maybe we should bend her over,"

"If you think it will help," Jack agreed, scooping her up and depositing her upside down over the arm of the sofa.

Tia found her face jammed into Jack's lap, his obvious erection against her cheek as he pulled her bra and blouse off. Hands free, she immediately tried to cover her upturned ass. Jack reached out and pulled her hands up to her back.

"Dude, you have to see this," Matt said from behind her.

Jack got up and looked.

"Those things are enormous," he breathed as Tia squealed in embarrassed laughter. "See if you can get them off."

Tia felt Matt's hands grab her panties and slowly pull them down. The jokes suddenly stopped and the room fell silent, punctuated only by the sounds of their ragged breathing.

"Wow," she heard as hands started to roam her bottom and between her legs.

Tia moaned in pleasure. Jack sat back down above her head and pulled her up to him, flipping her back onto her back. Taking firm possession of her face, he looked at her for a moment before kissing her. Tia dove in with him. Moments later she felt a trail of fire work it's way up calf to her knee, and then slowly up her thigh as Matt kissed his way up her leg. Tia moaned wildly. Oral sex had always blown her mind, so much so that she couldn't even 69 with her boyfriends, she always got too distracted. Matt's tongue softly started licking her clit and she jumped, pushing down on his head with her free hand. After a few moments she started to thrash about in ecstasy, and Jack broke their kiss and took firm possession of her face again.

"Look at me," he demanded.

Tia tried to force her eyes open as Matt tongued her pussy. Jack drank in the wild pleasure in her face, her massively dilated pupils in eyes that couldn't focus.

"Look at me," he demanded again, and Tia struggled to comply, gasping for air as she writhed on Matt's tongue.

"Matt," Jack said, "My turn."

Tia lay gasping as the two switched places. Matt gathered her arms and started to kiss her as Jack licked his way up her leg. With her arms captured, her pussy was left completely defenseless to Jack's assault, and she bucked violently as Jack gripped her hips and started to softly lick her. Matt stayed in the kiss even after Tia lost any ability to reciprocate. Jack's tongue worked her expertly, and after just a few minutes he slid a finger into her. A massive orgasm immediately washed over her, screaming into Matt's mouth. Her hands still trapped, she was powerless to push Jack away, and he continued to lick her for a few more moments.

"Let's take her back to the bedroom," Jack said, getting up.

Matt scooped her limp body up into his arms and quickly carried her back to her room, where he dropped her on her queen-sized bed.

"Who goes first?" Matt asked.

Tia sat up and reached out to both of them, fumbling with their waistbands, trying to free the enormous bulges they were sporting. Jack realized this wasn't going to work.

"You go first," he said and went to lean on her dresser.

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