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Who Knew... Paradise


James needed a break; things had been really hectic for him at work. Lots of deadlines and people wanting him to fix things beyond his control. He was exhausted and refused to breathe. When he came home last night, wrinkles furrowed his forehead. He looked tired and overwhelmed.

"The world has gone crazy and everyone thinks I can fix it!" he snarled. "I don't want to deal with this crap anymore! I want to tell everyone to go to Hell!" he complained.

I hugged him and handed him a beer. We walked out to the hammock under the oaks and he told me of the chaos that had bombarded him throughout the day. We cuddled and I tried to calm him. His blood pressure was rising and he seemed unable to let go of the day.

Finally, I suggested we get away for a few days.

"We can't do that; didn't you just hear what I said?" he snapped angrily.

"Yes, I did hear you James and from what you said it's obvious to me that you need to relax," I suggested.

"And who do you think will take care of things while I'm gone?" he challenged.

"Someone other than you! Someone who will see that you are only human and can't fix the world. I insist we take a few days and find a quiet little hole in the wall and hide away for a weekend.

He looked into my eyes. His usually crystal blue eyes were rimmed in red from over work, lack of sleep and stress.

"Okay, we'll go next weekend; I promise!" he said to quiet me down.

He held me in his arms and we swayed in the evening breeze until day light turned to dusk.

After a good night's sleep, James was refreshed and ready to go once again. He dressed for work and fixed breakfast. We ate and he seemed in better spirits.

"Why don't you call and make a reservation at The Corner Market. We'll have a nice relaxing meal and relax this evening. Maybe even go catch a movie," James suggested as he left for the day.

Once he drove off, I called the restaurant and made a reservation for dinner. Then I called a quaint little hotel in Gulf Shores that we frequented whenever we found time. I made reservations for the next week.

"We have a large group coming in that weekend, ma'am; do you see that as a problem?" the clerk asked.

"Oh no, it might be nice to meet some new and different people for a change. They may even be the key to our relaxation," I assured him.

He took my card information over the phone and set us up for four days of relaxation and sun.

"You should arrive no later than three in the afternoon," the clerk instructed.

At dinner I informed James that I had made reservations for next week to go to Shady Sea for four days of relaxation.

"We can just walk along the beach; maybe pick up some sexy male and have some fun with him. You need to relax! You've been working too hard and it's taking its toll on you, and me!" I explained.

I could see in his eyes that he was not too pleased, but he said, "Yeah, I guess you're right, I just don't think I can find time to get away that long."

"Well, I am going with or without you, but I wanted you to go so that you could relax; they're killing you, James!" I argued. "Oh yeah, I nearly forgot there's supposed to be a large group there too. We might meet someone special," I added.

"Okay, I'll think about it. I promise," he said with sincerity in his eyes.

I didn't mention it again until Friday night.

"Are you going to join me this weekend or am I going to make that drive alone?" I asked.

He looked at me with a blank stare trying to remember what I was talking about.

"Oh! I'm sorry, you're right I forgot about the trip," he confessed a little embarrassed.

"So does that mean I'm going alone?" I pouted.

"No, I'll go. I just need to call Sam and let him know then find someone to take my clients on Monday and Tuesday. We will be back on Wednesday won't we?" he questioned.

I shook my head affirmative and smiled.

James made the necessary calls. When he found me packing in the bedroom he came up behind me and kissed me on the back of my neck.

"I'm sorry I was being so stubborn. You were right. I had no problems getting Sam to agree to my taking some time off. As a matter of fact he told me had I not made the decision, he was going to suggest it himself. Courtney said she was glad to help out and happy I decided to take the time off because it was wearing me down," he advised me.

"Thank you, I’m glad you are coming," I said and kiss him softly.

We arrived at two o'clock on Saturday afternoon. The lobby was crowded with people checking in. Most of who were naked.

I looked at James and he had a smile on his face that went on forever.

When we got to the desk he asked the clerk, "What's this?"

"Oh, Mr. Brown, I told your fiance' that we had a large group coming in this weekend. It's a group of nudist and they are here to celebrate National Nude Day on Monday," the clerk explained.

James turned and smiled at me. As if in a dream state, without even thinking my fingers traveled to the buttons on my dress. I fumbled trying to remove my clothes as I scanned the lobby for Bull sized cocks.

There were a few cuck-sized dickletts there as well as a nice selection of possible Bulls.

I absently stepped out of my dress and stood there surrounded by an assortment of beautiful bodies, male and females. My mind reeling the possible scenarios that we could play out.

James finished signing us in but not before a nicely built brown tanned man approached me.

"Hello, are you new with the group?" he asked.

"No, but since everyone else was naked, I decided to join you. I hate clothes!" I smiled.

"Well, I'm glad that our presence here will not be uncomfortable for you and your husband," he said.

"Oh no, we are very comfortable around open-minded people and we love to play with new people. Are you devoted to someone?" I asked.

He held up his hand to show me it was devoid of a band of gold.

"We belong to a singles nudist camp. Some people date and some just float. We wanted to make a public statement on National Nude Day, which is Monday. So we decided to see if we could get a hotel to book us so that we could show people what freedom looked like," he explained.

"Well, I'm glad the you did," I turned and smiled as James approached.

"Hi, man, I'm James and this is my Mistress," he smiled and held out his hand.

"Hey, James, my name is Lucas and I am very glad to meet you and your beautiful lady. She was just telling me how you sometimes like to play. I was hoping that I might be a part of that?" he introduced himself.

"Mmmmmm," I sighed.

The two of them looked at me and smiled.

"We're in room 413," James told him. "Have you checked in yet?"

"Yeah, I'm in room 312," Lucas told him.

"Well, why don't we go get unpacked and I'll get undressed since that seems to be the attire for the weekend. Then you come join us in say, a half an hour?" James consulted with Lucas.

"Sounds good, man; is it possible that you might like more than just me. When your Mistress took that dress off, about a dozen cocks stood at attention.

James didn't answer he just looked at me.

"I can't take on a dozen at once," I confessed, "but you might want to bring along one more as long as he is as endowed as you," I consented.

"Great! We'll see you in about a half an hour then; I'm so glad you folks showed up here today. It's always fun to explore new territory!" Lucas said as he turned to seek out another playmate.

As James picked up the luggage he laughed, "Well, I guess this is a waste of equipment for the next few day!"

"Yes, and I'm sure glad of that!" I agreed.

I showered and prepared for our new guests. James threw the luggage into the closet where it would be out of our way. He did pull out a few things that I would need makeup and perfume, hairbrush and some other toiletries.

At three o'clock there was a knock at the door. James answered it and showed Lucas and his friend into our rooms.

"Hello again, my lady," Lucas greeted me.

"Hi, Lucas, and thanks for coming by.

He introduced his friend to us; "This is Greg. He's fairly new with the group so I thought you might like to break him in."

"Oh, really," I cooed, "and how long have you been a nudist, Greg?"

He cleared his throat and said, "I joined the group two months ago, ma'am."

"Have you ever had shared?" I asked.

"Once, ma'am, but I was real young then," he answered.

"Well, I'm real hungry; do you think that you could help fed my lust?" I smiled.

Greg licked his lips and responded, "Yes, ma'am I'll do all that I can to fill your need!"

James shook his hand, "Hey Greg, I want you to enjoy my Mistress; give her all of that big meat that you have hanging between your legs," he said.

"As you can see, I can't even begin to satisfy her and I want her to be as pleased and filled as she wants!" he continued.

"With his small cock, I can't even feel him when he tries to fuck me. I get so frustrated with that little piece of meat that I get angry with his efforts and throw him out of the room," I told him.

"Yes, sir; we will make her forget about your sissy prick and make her feel like a real woman! I know exactly what she needs!" Greg bragged. "And ma'am you will be satisfied, I assure you!"

He started towards the bed his nine inch dick adamantine already and pointing right at me.

I looked at Lucas, "Aren't you going to join us?" I asked.

"You want two at a time?" he asked.

"Well, actually, James will be helping out as well, so that makes three," I informed him.

"Where are you going to put us?" Lucas asked.

"Well, I thought you would be perfect in my pussy and I think Greg is an ass guy!" I looked at Greg; he smiled and shook his head up and down.

"James knows what he's to do," I told him.

Suddenly, Lucas' cock stood erect and bounced as he approached the bed.

James climbed on the bed and sat next to me. Lucas came around the other side. He looked James intently in the eyes then kissed me passionately.

His tongue snaked deep into my throat; his hand explored the shape of my breasts. He broke the suction of my mouth and replaced it on my breasts. His heavy tongue licked and suckled my pyramid shaped nipples. Lucas' fingers walked their way toward my willful wetness.

He slipped two of them into my cunt and my back arched trying to pull him deeper into my pussy. He pumped them in and out and my hips followed his motions.

"Mmmmmm, Oh yeah!" I need you to fill my pussy with that hard cock of yours!" I begged him.

His arms encircled my body as he rolled on top of me. His wet kisses covered my face and neck. I felt the stiff prick as it penetrated my open lips and slid effortlessly into the wet darkness of my love box. Hiss hot mouth covered mine and with me held tight in his arms he flipped me over on top of him.

James moved out of the way as we rolled toward him.

Greg, who had been watching from the foot of the bed, crawled up between my open legs. His penis was longer and thicker than Lucas' was.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw James hand him a small bottle of lubrication. Then he handed him a condom.

I felt the coldness of the liquid as he poured it over my ass. His hand was warm when he massaged it around the tight hole he intended on penetrating with his hardness.

As he centered himself on the small target he placed two fingers into my tightness and opened it just enough to insert his swollen head. As it inched into my resistant body, I felt the burning as the skin tore from being stretched beyond its limit.

Slipping slowly into my ass I felt Greg's prick quiver with the joy of such a tight place to find pleasure. Each inch he forced into my tightness cause him more pleasure and made my butt secrete more lubrication to allow him entrance.

Within minutes his phallus was sliding in and out with the precision of a piston in a well-tuned motor.

"Ohhhhhh," he sighed as the movement of his cock in my ass gave him ripple after ripple of delight. I could feel his legs tremble each time he dove into the tightness of my crack.

My ass began to exude the slippery liquids needed to prevent damage and he managed to fuck me faster and faster increasing the ecstasy for both of us.

With the combination of pricks going in and out of my body my, mind was floating in a pond of pure delicious pleasure. My nipples were hard and erect. My body pushed up and down on Lucas' cock and Greg's pushed in and out of my ass.

"Ahhhhh! You FUCK me so GOOD!" I cried. "Push that cock deep in me! I want to feel the cum, filling me with your seed!" I demanded.

James had crawled between my legs and was sucking Greg's balls and licking Lucas' shaft each time it came out of my wetness. When there was an opening, his adept fingers found my clit for more enjoyment.

"Yes, Mmmmmm," I heard him sigh.

My Goddess spot exploded with joy each time the throbbing head of Lucas' dick hit it. My legs pulled to my body and shook with delight. My nipples were like rocks and my clit begged for more excitement.

Fluids filled my cavities. Almost simultaneously, Greg and Lucas spilled their hot seed into my body. I felt the flame flare as Greg's salty cum penetrated the small wounds in my ass. The pressure so intense that it shot back out of my ass before it settled deep in the recesses of my dark void. With the wetness increased, Greg pumped his depleting cock in and out of me quickly pushing the seed deeper into the recesses.

Lucas' eruption came soon after Greg's. I could feel the force of his ejaculation as it splashed against my G-spot for one last shot of twitter.

"YES!" I cried as I felt the hotness filling my sugarwalls. My legs convulsed and my stomach lurched with excitement and joy.

James spilled his seed too and it splashed over my legs. He quickly licked it off and kissed his way back up to my tingling pussy.

Lucas rolled off of me. He lay on his back, his monster cock resting on his sticky leg. James licked his lips and then ran his tongue the length of the huge prick.

"Mmmmm," Lucas sighed.

Reaching the head of his cock, James ran his tongue in and out of the opening lapping up the last drops of the salty fluid as it pumped out. He then opened his mouth, bent his head over the prick and sucked it into his orifice.

"Ohhhhh yeah!" Lucas whispered.

James sucked, licked and cleaned my juices from Lucas' shaft. The delight this gave Lucas was apparent form the intonations that floated form his mouth.

From there, James approached Greg. His cock was still covered in the condom James had handed him. First he stripped it off of the defunct rod and sipped the fluid out of it. Then he covered the cock with his lips and continued to lick the sticky cum off of the large tool.

Greg's appreciation was seen in his hands going to the top of James' baldhead and holding it there on his phallus. He pushed up and down forcing James to give him a blowjob.

After several minutes, his second climax filled James' mouth and throat. I saw him gag as he swallowed the thick white cum.

Recovering, he crawled between my legs. He bent over and separated my sticky lips that seemed glued together from the sticky substance that had flowed deep into my cunt. He wet his fingers and ran them over my clit that was begging for his attention.

He licked his lips and then licked my clit to calm her. A ripple ran down my legs. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"Mmmmm, that's so nice. Clean me slow and good, James," I whispered.

I felt his tongue as it slipped into my opening. First he concentrated on my pussy lips. He licked them clean on the outside then, running his tongue the length of my lips along the inside.

A shiver ran up my spine. His tongue darted into my pussy and he licked around the inside of my cavity. He scooped up all the salty cum he could find.

Suddenly, I felt him freeze. He stood there on all fours and didn't move. I opened my eyes and saw Lucas behind him. His cock was in James' ass.

"Go on sissy, finish cleaning your Lady!" he demanded. "I'll just take you while you take her!"

James looked into my eyes pleading for help.

I whispered, "Suck me and think about how wonderful I tasted. Concentrate on my pleasures, and you'll be okay."

He bent over me and each time Lucas pushed his prick into James' butt he shoved him into me.

James tried hard to keep his tongue on it excursion but many times he lost his place and had to go back over it again and again. His tongue would come out and flick my clit then he would dive deep into my pussy and scoop out more of the thick cum.

The pumping of Lucas cock in James ass increased my zenith. James' tongue delved deeper than it ever had. He played my G-spot like a drum and shots of electricity ran down my legs and tingled my toes.

Lucas' blast shook James' body. His convulsions shook mine. Lucas fell back on the bed. His prick leaking white cum.

James turned to him and cleaned the pumping fluid as it expelled onto the bed. I slid between James legs as he was drinking the salty seed and took his dicklett into my mouth. I massaged his balls and sucked him off ass he swallowed the last of Lucas' seed.

His own salty seed filled my mouth as he sucked in the last of Lucas'. I gulped it down and licked my lips enjoying the salty taste of him.

Finally exhausted, we fell in a clump on the bed. I heard deep breathing as Greg and Lucas slept. James lifted me off the sticky bed and took me to the shower to clean me.

We both stood under the hot, teaming water and let it cover our faces and bodies. Then he took a cloth and lathered it with soap. He ran it softly over my skin making sure that he found off of the crevices where there could be lingering sweat and cum.

He kissed my neck and I moaned as he washed my back and stomach. Carefully he ran the cloth between my legs. The water splashed on my face as I lay my head back on his shoulder and allowed him the freedom to explore my body.

He washed my hair that was sticky from sweat. Gently he ran his fingers through it untangling the snarls that had found a home in my long locks. He was careful not to cause any pain as he pulled his fingers threw the knots.

Climbing out, he wrapped my body in soft towels and kissed my breasts as he covered them.

I looked into his soft blue eyes and smiled. "Thank you, my good little boy," I murmured.

"It is my pleasure, Ma'am to pamper you and take care of you," he smiled.

When we made our way back to the room, Lucas was sitting up.

"Wow! That was fantastic!" he shouted. "I know others that would like to share your beautiful body!" he informed me.

"Good, tomorrow please send them around," I cooed, "I want to explore all that I can while we're here. James needs to relax and exile a lot of stress. We need as many cocks as we can get this weekend!" I said jovially.

The two of them dressed and headed for the door.

"Thank you, ma'am for the pleasure of your body," Greg said as he walked out. "Good to meet you James; you're a lucky boy!"

James just smiled, "It was my pleasure and thank you for playing with my Lady!"

"Our pleasure," Lucas said as he waved good-bye.

I sat on the bed and James came up beside me and rubbed my shoulders.

"It was so exciting watching them take you. I think that was part of my problem; I was so busy dealing with shit at work that I had neglected taking care of you and I had guilt upon the stress," he confided.

"Well, I'm sure you will get a big part of that taken care of this week!" I exclaimed. "We couldn't have picked a better time to come here! And just think of all the fucking we can get in tomorrow."

He leaned over and kissed me. A flutter ran down my belly to my pussy.

"Mmmm, lick me; I want that delicious feeling again," I whispered.

He crawled between my legs and his tongue darted in and out of my pussy. He ran it over my begging clit and fire stirred inside my belly.

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