tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWho Wanna Be a Bimbo? Ch. 04

Who Wanna Be a Bimbo? Ch. 04


This story is based on a game "Who Wanna Be a Bimbo" created by Dahakma.


Ashley was a fine specimen of a male, at least as far as physical traits go. His not so masculine name might have been a minor source of jokes back in high school, but his height and athletic physique stopped that in its tracks. As he grew up Ashley only got taller and as he worked out, his body got more muscular. At the age of twenty seven he was 195 centimetres tall and was built almost like a bodybuilder. He had rough, chiseled facial features and kept his head shaven. He worked as a masseur for sportsmen, a job in which his strength came in handy.

Ashley's character was rather rough - he was not an easy-going person, had a dominant streak and always needed things to be done his way. The only person, that seemed to work around those traits with ease, was his wife Tina. She could persuade him to follow her will, although a word "manipulate" would be more appropriate, since Tina had a talent to make Ashley think, it were all his ideas. For reasons known only to her, she manipulated her husband into participating in quiz show called "Who Wanna Be a Bimbo?"

Money could have been the reason, because their jobs, while moderately well paid, would never make them rich. Ashley's character could have been another cause; maybe she had gotten bored with his attitude and the subtle manipulations, and wanted a more docile husband? Or maybe she was secretly bisexual and preferred him to look more feminine? She surely would not want Ashley to lose his manhood, her husband was extremely well endowed, had the stamina and skill to match his size.

Tina most likely did not expect him to perform too poorly either. She knew well, that behind that rough, simplistic facade Ashley was actually quite smart and had a decent general knowledge. Whatever her reasoning had been, she was persuasive enough to succeed.

- Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to Who Wanna Be a Bimbo! My name is Frank Trustworthy and today with me is Ashley. Hello, Ashley.

- Hi, Frank.

- Do you wanna be a bimbo?

- No way! I just want to win money.

- Maybe a few, minor tweaks?

- No. I'd rather stay the way I am.

- Let's see, if you'll draw categories, that could make your task easier.

- Poland, Wonders of The World, Roman Numerals, God Save The King, Star Constellations, Money, Down Under, Canada, Measures and Units, World Flags, Olympic Games, Space Conquest.

- Do you like your categories?

- Some of them, but I think, that I should be able to pick seven doable ones.

- Where do you want to start?

- Olympic Games.

Where and when were the first Winter Olympic Games held? Chamonix, France, 1924. Correct. How many nations boycotted the 2008 Olympics in Beijing? None. Correct. Where and when were the first modern Summer Olympic Games held? Athens, Greece, 1896. Correct. Which country hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics? Germany. Correct. Which ONE of the following countries has never won a medal in Olympics? From the possible choices: Iceland, Turkey, Sudan, Albania Ashley would say, that only Turkey had actually won a medal, but it seems, that was not the case. He guessed Sudan and it was WRONG.

- One mistake means one transformation card.

- Sex Change. Oh no!

- Does that mean, you want to discard it?

- Definitely?

- So draw two new ones.

- Feminization of Clothes and Face Feminization.

- Better? You'll be slowly getting more feminine anyway.

- Everything would be better, than a sex change. I guess, it means, that I'll look a bit silly.

- Who knows, maybe you'll like your new face? You might not initially like your new clothes, but you'll feel compelled to wear them. Go into The Chamber, so we can see, how you look slightly feminized.

Ashley reluctantly entered the dreadful place; the transformations he was about to undergo were minor, but still he was not exactly happy about them. Once inside he obediently closed his eyes and stood still. The whole process was short and he could have even missed the gentle tingling of his face, because his loose, sports clothes, that he has been wearing, became tighter. Then the door opened and Ashley exited The Chamber. The cameras instantly focused on him, so he could see his slightly altered form on the large screen. His formerly roughly chiseled face did not become feminine, it was not even androgynous, but it had clearly gotten softened, if not exactly feminized . Ashley felt that he looked like a female bodybuilder after years of testosterone - that means silly. Fortunately the clothes were not as bad, he was now wearing leggings and a tight T-shirt, things that he had worn before. These items were clearly feminine, but they fit his muscular form well and did not look that awkward. Ashley had worn thongs before too, his wife loved the sight of his booty in them, so that item was acceptable as well. Although the tight clothes did little to hide Ashley's bulge in the crotch area, his penis was of impressive size even without an erection, so were his testicles. The only item of his new clothing, that felt awkward, was the bra. It might have been perfectly fitted, but still the sensation of the tightness around the chest was new; also the item could be seen under the thin shirt.

Ashley just shrugged at his own sight and decided to go on with it.

- Feeling comfortably, Ashley?

- With clothes, I guess so, but I'll have to get used to my new face.

- Don't start that yet. It might still change. Ready for the second round.

- Yes. Roman Numerals.

Ashley remembered the subject from school, but that was some years ago, so his knowledge was a bit rusty. He did well with the X's, V's and I's, but only three of the five numbers consisted solely of these letters. When the L's, C's, D's and M's were present, Ashley had to guess. Unfortunately for him both guesses were WRONG.

- Two transformations this time. Draw the cards.

- High Heels and Fetish: Anal Sex.

- Can you already imagine yourself being pegged, while dressed in high heels and sexy lingerie?

- I'd rather not. I guess, I'd have to live with the heels, but I prefer my ass to be exit only.

- You don't like anal play?

- My wife wanted to try pegging few times and it wasn't THAT bad, but I'd rather be the one, who enters through other's back door. I want to discard that transformation.

- Draw two new ones then.

- Demuscle, Fetish: Latex. Crap.

- You don't like them?

- Latex might be fine, but I like my muscles. I worked hard to get them.

- I'll have to disappoint you. After the transformation, you will no longer be able to gain such musculature. Sorry, but you can't discard it. Enter The Chamber.

Ashley reluctantly obeyed. As he got out, the changes were far more prominent, than the first time. His body was significantly smaller, but he still remained athletic and muscular, although not so bulky anymore. His body looked overall more lean also because of the killer, stiletto heels, that made him over two meters tall. But even these were not the main difference - from head to toe Ashley's body was covered in black, shiny, latex catsuit. The heels, that made him so insanely tall, were a part of thigh-high boots made of the same material. He looked, as if he had just left a fetish party.

- Would you be so kind - said Frank invitingly - and stride through the stage, as if it was a catwalk?

Ashley was not overjoyed with the perspective, but complied with the request. He did that out of sheer curiosity, to find out how the new outfit would feel. The tight latex over his skin was a bit weird, but at the same time felt so very right. The heels, despite being fifteen centimetres tall stilettos on a three centimetre platform, felt natural as well. Ashley strode like a model, a female model, despite his still undeniably masculine built.

The audience was enjoying the show and rewarded it with a minor round of applause.

- Thank you, Ashley. You're getting sexier already. I bet, that after few more rounds, you'll be a real hottie. Ready for round number three?

- Yes, Money.

Which of the following countries uses the currency U.S. Dollar: Antigua and Barbuda, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Azerbaijan? Puerto Rico. Correct. What is the official currency of Russia? Russian ruble. Correct. Which country uses the currency lek? Here Ashley had to guess and from the proposed answers picked Bahrain, which turned out to be WRONG. What is the official currency of Senegal? Once again he had to guess and picked West African CFA franc, which turned out to be Correct. Which country uses the currency florin? Another guess and another WRONG answer.

- Once again two incorrect answers, so you have to draw two transformation cards.

- Body Hair Removal and Mental Drain.

- Are you ready to become an air-headed bimbo?

- No way! Hair removal's fine, I shave some of it anyway. But I'm not turning into a dumb bimbo. I can deal with the looks, but stay away from my head.

- So let's see what two new transformations will replace it.

- Double Shrinking, Demuscle. What the hell?!

- You'll be significantly smaller, ten centimetres of height and some more of your musculature will be gone, once you exit The Chamber.

- Damn it! That's unfair.

- Worse than Mental Drain?

- I guess not.

- Don't worry. It's not that bad and that won't make you SMALL, you'll just no longer be a giant. Into The Chamber you go!

Smaller in the case of Ashley indeed did not mean small. His physique became lean, but it was still athletic with nicely toned muscles. Ten centimetres less meant, that in his high heels he was still two meters tall and despite the outfit, still looked masculine. The lack of body hair could not be told, because the entire skin was still covered in latex.

- How do you like your new body, Ashley?

- Not exactly how I prefer to look, bit it'll have to do.

- Which category for the fourth round?

- Wonders of The World.

In which city The Colosseum is located? Rome. Correct. Which of the following wonders was discovered by a Swiss explorer in 1812: Hanging garden of Babylon, Petra, The Colossus of Rhodes, Machu Picchu? Ashley had no idea, but guessed Machu Picchu and it was WRONG. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus was built as a? Tomb. Correct.

Which of the following is an one of the Ancient Seven Wonders: St. Louis Arch, The Colosseum, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon,The Great Wall of China? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Correct. In which year was the Eiffel Tower completed? Ashley guessed 1901 and it turned out to be WRONG.

- You seem to be following a pattern Ashley. Maybe you want to win money AND be transformed, huh?

- Not at all. I'd rather stay the way I came here. Sometimes I just don't know the right answer.

- Draw two transformation cards then.

- Hair Extension, Demuscle. What the hell?! Again?!

- Discard?

- Yeah! I don't want to be a skinny weakling.

- In that case draw two new ones. But notice, that you're still following the pattern. I get the feeling, that you want to undergo more transformations and still win a lot of money, hence the discarding. I don't blame you, though. Money is good and being a bimbo isn't bad.

- Hell, no! And stop these dumb insinuation. I don't want to be transformed, I just prefer to get lesser evil. Breast Expansion and Double Butt Expansion. Oh fuck...

- That's a lesser evil for sure. You'll be turning into a nice bimbo, Ashley. I have to admit and I'm sure, that the audience will agree with me, that bigger boobs and ass are way better, than demuscle.

The audience admitted is agreement with an applause. Ashley was clearly unhappy about the prospect, but there was nothing he could do about it at that point.

The camera focused on the contestant, as he exited the chamber, while the audience greeted him with another round of applause, a louder one this time. The changes were far more prominent - Ashley's hips and buttocks got round, full and undeniably feminine, they completely changed the look of his athletic physique, the balance had shifted from his broad shoulders to the lower parts of the body, but the proportions seemed just right.

The new, B-cup breasts looked somewhat small on the broad chest, but altered it enough, to give a feminine feeling to the upper body as well. The black, shiny, latex catsuit enhanced the overall eroticism of Ashley's appearance and from the look on his face it was clear, that he was beginning to enjoy it as well.

His head was no longer bald, the hair extension had created a nice, albeit slightly girly, bob of brown hair. The cameraman focused on them for a while, but it was obvious, that hair stood no chance against breasts and buttocks.

- You look like a sex bomb! - exclaimed Frank with genuine admiration in his voice - come on! Give as a little show.

At that point Ashley was more, that just a little curious about his new body. He strode confidently over the stage, the stiletto heels of his boots clicking loudly, as the microphones were focused on them. He swayed his full hips profoundly and with natural ease, as if he had been doing it his whole life. He could not control himself and raised hands to play with his new, perky breasts through the latex. Enthusiastic reaction of the audience only encouraged him to continue the play.

- I see, that you're really beginning to enjoy your new body, Ashley - said Frank with a grin.

- Well... it might not be as bad, as I initially feared.

- Ready to enhance it some more?

- Umm... I think, this is enough.

- What category for the next round?

- Measures and Units, maybe...

What is the SI Measurement for Force? Newton. Correct. What is the point of boiling of the sweet water In the Celsius scale? 100 oC. Correct. Imperial Gallon is how many litres? 3.8. WRONG. Crap, that's US Gallon. What quantity is measured in ångströms? I don't know. Radioactivity? WRONG. One fathom is how many metres? Eeh... twelve? WRONG.

- A bit worse this round, Ashley. Only two correct answers, that means you'll have to draw three transformation cards.

- Sex Change. What?! Not again! Double Face Feminization, Red Hot Lips.

- I take i, that you don't like the first transformation.

- Yeah. I want to discard it.

- Let's see, what you'll get instead.

- Waist Narrowing, Lips Enlargement.

- These transformations fit quite nicely with each other and with what you've already undergone, don't you think?

- I guess so...

- Don't keep us waiting! I'm sure the audience is already getting impatient and wants to see the new, hotter you.

From the four transformations the waist narrowing was the most prominent. After being demuscled twice Ashley already had a slim waist, but now he achieved a perfect hourglass figure. The broad shoulders added strength, but subtracted nothing from the feminity, the hips might not have been JLo yet, but would satisfy even a picky man, the waist was not corset thin either, but it maintained the proportions and incredibly increased the overall sexiness.

The alterations of the face were serious as well. The features got significantly softer, the roughness was completely gone and Ashley, who now looked at the camera, was a beautiful woman, with gentle features, big, round eyes, but most of all full, sensual, red hot lips. As he licked them and blew the camera a kiss, the audience responded with an enthusiastic cheer.

Without a prompt Ashley strode over the stage, to show off his new, hourglass figure. It was met with another round of applause.

- You can no longer pretend, that you're reluctant, Ashley. We can all see, that you love your new self.

- Yeah, I like it. But this is enough changes. I don't want to become an actual bimbo.

- But you had said something similar last time and now you look not only sexier, but happier. You have two more rounds to gain even more of both. Which category for round number six?

- World Flags.

It started with a tricky one - there are three neighbouring countries with similar flags: Colombia, Venezuela and Equator. Ashley had to guess and missed. The following three were simple: Canada, Japan and Saudi Arabia. The fifth one was an African country, that Ashley had never even heard of, his guess was once again unlucky.

- You seem to be back on the track with three correct answers - said Frank with a smile - I'd be willing to bet money, that you'll discard one of your two transformations - he added with a wink.

- If it's something crappy, I will. Fetish: Oral Sex. I like licking pussy. Double Hair Extension. You'd lose your bet - replied Ashley with a grin.

- Don't be so sure yet. Your new fetish isn't restricted to just women. While it doesn't make you exactly bisexual in all aspects, you'll CRAVE giving blowjobs to BOTH sexes. do you still like it?

- What?! I don't want to be a cocksucker!

- Some would say, that you now have cocksucking lips...

- No! I want to discard it.

- So I win after all - Frank grinned in response - draw two new cards.

- Double Breast Expansion, Lust Induction.

- With the second transformation it might not matter, if you crave specifically cock. With sufficient level of arousal it's sometimes hard to control oneself. But I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And we'll all enjoy your huge breasts, once you leave The Chamber.

The breast expansion was obviously more prominent, than hair extension. Ashley's breasts have grown to an F cup and were now proudly protruding from his wide chest. The tight, latex catsuit held them in place nice and overall they fit his tall, athletic body well. Since he had been tempted to play with his own breasts, when they were smaller, it was obvious, that he was not going to stop now. He touched, bounced and groped them as much to his own joy, as to the audience's, which cheered enthusiastically.

Ashley's hair got somewhat forgotten, although the cameraman did a good, but short shot of them as well. They had not only gotten longer, but thicker as well. Beautiful, loose locks fell beyond his shoulders.

The manifestation of lust at Ashley's crotch could be seen as well and the perceptive cameraman never missed such details. The audience could finally observe, how blessed the contestant actually was and what a waste it would have been, if his sex got changed.

- We're grateful for the spectacle, Ashley - exclaimed Frank - we see, that you enjoyed it as much as we did.

- That lust transformation thing is real. I'm so hard right now! And these breasts are AWESOME!

- I'm glad you like them. You don't have to worry about any back aches either. It's been enhanced along with the breasts. But there's nothing you can do with your erection for now. Will you still be able to focus in the seventh round?

- I hope so, but it might be hard not to think about fucking my wife. No pun intended.

- Is she watching the show right now?

- I bet she's fapping too.

- It's good to hear, that she's enjoying your transformations as well. Which category?

- God Save The King.

United Kingdom was formed in which year? 1603 maybe? WRONG. Who was the monarch of United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901? Queen Victoria. Correct. Who was the first female Prime Minister of United Kingdom? Margaret Thatcher. Correct. Who was the last Governor of Hong Kong? John Major? WRONG. When was Magna Carta signed? Hmm.. 1483... WRONG.

- Three incorrect answers this time. You'll still have a chance for the finishing touches on your road to bimbofication.

- Sex Change. What?! That's the third time! Isn't it against some rules?

- Nope. It's all random. I could've said, that it might be a sign, but I think that the audience, as well as myself support you in discarding it. But before you do that, draw two more transformations.

- Red Hair, Bisexuality.

- So you WILL become a cocksucker after all, maybe not such a dedicated one. But don't worry, you'll love it as much as licking pussies. Discarding anything?

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