tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhoring the Dark Damsel Ch. 08

Whoring the Dark Damsel Ch. 08



I spent the rest of the night in Duality, using some of the credit line and having a few drinks. An otherwise uneventful night was broken up by an interesting floor show. About four in the morning, as the gamblers and thieves were wrapping up their night's bounty, the middle-aged Emcee took the microphone and slurred a half-sober introduction that caught my attention. I looked up on the burlesque stage with its scuffed floor and Christmas lights and watched as the sequined curtains parted and Batgirl stepped onto the stage. At the edge of the stage, drunken sots let out an almost automatic round of whooping and catcalls. Broke and dirty scum closed in on the stage as a fully coweled Batgirl stepped out toward stage front. Her movements were stilted. I couldn't tell if she were programmed or simply coerced. She was wrapped in her long scalloped cape and began to dance shakily. The entire room quickly turned to watch this with no little amusement. I didn't even notice the psychedelic music selection until she started to strip.

I stepped forward and noticed Ivy standing just inside the rear curtain. She stepped back into the dark as Batgirl threw open her cape to a roar from the crowd. She was wearing a painted on version of her costume in black latex. She wore real boots and her own cowl, but the rest of it was thick constricting paint that left little to the imagination. The paint was dry and I could see it buckle a bit as she moved. She bent and twisted and turned and gracelessly wobbled along the catwalk toward the firepole as dozens of men lifted twenties, fifties, even hundreds to gain her attention. She saw none of them. She ran her hands lightly over her huge tits, tickling her own nipples and traced her own shape with her fingers before throwing off the cape. As she stepped to the lip of the catwalk, I noticed a thin cloud of reddish fog around her head. It wasn't a trick of a smoke machine or cigarette smoke in the spotlight, it was some of Ivy's dust - and Batgirl was doing as she was commanded under its influence.

At the edge, Batgirl rubbed her body against the cold steel pole, running the phallic object between her breasts and pussy lips. She squat down and tossed her red hair back, humping the pole, banging it against her crotch wantonly, painfully as the crowd grew louder. Hands reached out to clutch her and thick ugly fingers managed to touch her latex-cased thighs and legs. I felt the stirring again and wondered what I could do to get her away from there, if only to have her for myself. As I thought about this, she stood up and, during a long techno chorus, she extended a long fingernail and gingerly slid it down from her thigh to her ankle, raising her tight ass toward me in the process. The nail cut through the latex and split as she bent further down. She did the same to her other thigh and brought her finger up to her neck.

The finger slid down between her breasts and over her belly like a coroner's first incision. The latex spread slightly, revealing her white flesh underneath. Her hand slid down further as her middle finger disappeared between her legs. She stepped back against the pole and used it for support as I watched her rub her clit with her finger through the latex. She slowly applied pressure and speed to it as she dropped to the floor along the pole, spreading wide her legs. The latex split more and the men tore at the pieces. Strips of latex pulled away from her like taffy while she continued to masturbate for them, moaning and biting her lip in spite of her humiliation. She didn't seem to notice anyone else there. Two fingers sliced open the crotch and, with one hand massaging her left breast, the other entered her moist, shaved pussy. She began fucking herself slowly with two fingers, then three...

I hadn't noticed but there were now several bouncers circulating the croud, tapping some of the patrons and showing them the exit sign. Over the course of the show, they left and, when I finally realized my situation, I was one of only four or five in the entire establishment. I thought the odds had improved for getting her out of there, but I realized that the remaining patrons were some of the worst and vilest criminals in the city. This was a by-invitation-only event.

Batgirl closed her eyes and continued pleasuring herself. She clawed into the latex covering her breast and left long tears in it that revealed her erect nipple. She ran a finger around the outside and pinched herself. At that point, Ivy decided to walk onstage.

Ivy walked out in a simple green bodystocking and, while a little older than Batgirl, was just as firm and athletic. She carried in her waistband what looked like a long plant - cylindrical and green. She stepped like a runway model, not even acknowledging the cheers that arose from the remaining onlookers. No bills were raised to her, but there was a definite anticipation in the room now that wasn't there before.

Ivy was cast in her own red cloud as she reached the pole at the end of the catwalk and wasted no time swooping down and lifting Batgirl up by her neck, pinning her back against the pole. Ivy got in close to her holding her from behind at the neck and sliding a hand across Batgirl's belly. Batgirl whimpered helplessly as Ivy gently removed her fingers, lifted them to her lips and took them into her own mouth. She licked and sucked Batgirl's juices off her fingers and then let the hand fall limply at her side. Ivy slid her hand between Batgirl's legs and clamped it tight on her crotch. Batgirl gasped. Ivy nuzzled her, kissing the exposed skin of her neck as her fingers began to explore her captive. Soon, she withdrew her hand and removed the long, thick rod from her side. The gathered crowd roared in appreciation and anticipation. Batgirl was shaking visibly and I expected she was being held up by her neck at that point. I heard a low throbbing hum from the device as Ivy laid it across Batgirl's chest. Ivy forcefully turned Batgirl's face to her and I saw Ivy thrust her tongue between Batgirl's lips. The device made contact with Batgirl's exposed breast, causing her spasms of pleasure. She convulsed and danced on the stage, breasts bouncing about freely. The thickness of the vibrating device was considerable, but we've already established you, chief, as the benchmark, so when Ivy thrust it savagely into her, I think I was the only one in the room who wasn't surprised it slid in almost effortlessly. Still, Batgirl hollered in pain, biting her lip again. Her legs gave in, but Ivy held her gainst the pole and to her body. Tearing open the latex Ivy took Batgirl into her mouth, sucking and fondling as the current kept Batgirl on the brink of a seizure. Ivy never removed a stich of her clothing, but enjoyed pleasuring herself on Batgirl's body, gradually growing more ferocious, scraping her nails across her exposed flesh, painfully pinching her nipples and biting into her neck and shoulders. Finally, after what felt like minutes, Ivy slid her hand down Batgirl's body and grabbed firm hold of the vibrator. Sliding in behind her, Ivy used the pole for her own support as she rythmically thrust and released, thrust and released thrust and released the vibrator from inside her pussy, fucking it repeatedly in front of the audience. Batgirl heaved and sighed, cried out and fought against the pressure, the ridged sides tearing across her clit and stretching her apart.

"DO you want to cum?" I heard Ivy say.

"y...yyyy...." came the whimper....

"DO you WANT TO CUM?!" Ivy yelled.


"Beg me, you worthless whore....tell me...."

"I...I'm a worthlesss.....whore....please Mistress....let my cum....pleeassse...."


THe crowd was mixed, indecisive.

"Beg them, slut....beg them to let you cum...don't you DARE cum before I tell you."

"Yes....yes...please. I'll do anything. Let me cum...."

"Who will let this bitch cum on my stage?!"

Batgirl was in ecstatic agony, contorting her face on the brink but never crossing over....in pain from the stress, but enjoying every second. I felt my own cock tight against my leg, rock solid and wanting her so badly.

A voice behind me said, "I will if she serves me!"

I turned. It was one of the largest men I had ever seen. I should have known who at the time, but at the moment, it was bad enough he was HUGE, over seven feet. I made a mental note to keep better watch of my surroundings.

"What do you say, Batgirl? Will you service him?"

A pause. I saw Batgirl strain to see into the shadows, but I knew she couldn't. All she wanted was to have sweet release.

"I guess the answer is..."

"YES!" She screamed. "Yes...Please just let me cum!!!"

A low, grumbling chuckle from behind me. Ivy spun Batgirl around and dropped her to the stage ledge, her torso hangin down over the edge. Ivy clamped the vibrator to her belt and , as Batgirl hung upside down from the stage, began fucking her violently and quickly. Batgirl shrieked and cried as she came and came, delirious from the pain and pleasure for moments until she lay limp, shuddering and catatonic on the stage. Ivy snapped her fingers and stood up, a foot long, wet dildo strapped to her waist. Thugs took Batgirl's body off the stage and backstage. Ivy removed the dildo and cast it away like a dead rat. She took a towel from a nearby table and wrung her hands in it as she approached me. Her eyes met mine and she grabbed my cock through my pants. Stopping just for a moment, a finger finding and pressing its head, I felt a shudder as I came in them. I wanted to take her in my arms, but I stood rigid, gratefully as she milked my cock. I wasn't even aware of the smiles and muffled laughter from around me. She moved to kiss me, but I turned my head and took a short hug. I knew what kissing her meant and I wasn't going to fall for it. It would have been a hell of a way to go, but I wasn't ready.

She leaned in to my ear. "If she can survive this guy, she's all yours...if you still want her that is." She laughed that childish laugh and pressed the towel against my crotch. She turned and walked past as I took it. In the moments of afterglow I saw Ivy step up to the bar at the rear of the club where 7' 7", 375 pounds of back-breaking horror waited.

I could only imagine what would happen if Batgirl had to endure the attack of the brute they call Bane.

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