tagIncest/TabooWho's The Dumbass Now Dad Ch. 02

Who's The Dumbass Now Dad Ch. 02


All characters are fictional and 18 years or older.

I would like to thank woodlands1946 for taking the time to review my story


As I slept in bed feeling remorse over what I had done with Mom, my dreams had a will of their own. I was again dreaming of sex. Not with my mother, or of my dad and my sister having sex with each other. I was dreaming of sex with my sister. I was looking down at my sister as she licked her tongue up and down my shaft. She glanced up at me, and she smiled.

"Mmmm, little brother, I can't wait to have this monster inside me." she said, as her hand jerked my hardened prick causing little driblets of sperm to bubble out of the tip. Lightly she flicked her tongue over the top of my purple head, licking it clean.

Oh..Fuck me. I thought, as I watched her ease her moist lips over the tip and sucked me in. Her warm mouth engulfed my entire dick down her throat. I felt my hips pushing into her every time she slid down, taking me deeper and deeper until my balls touched her soft lips.

Faster and faster she worked on my cock. My hand reached for her head. It felt so real. I could feel her wet lips sliding up and down my pole. I could hear the slurping sounds she made as she sucked on my cock. Then I felt fingers grabbing my balls.

What the hell!... I thought as my eyes opened. The feeling was still there! I could see a woman's figure below me as I lay in my bed. My eyes struggled to make out this woman, bringing me closer and closer to cumming down her throat.

"Oh...God..." I said out loud, as she quickened her pace. I heard her moan as I clutched her hair in my hand, pushing harder on her head. "Who...who are you?" I said, as my straining cock readied itself to explode. The woman literally sucked on my dick as she eased herself up until it "popped!", out of her mouth. Her head tilted up, and my jaw dropped open.

"Mom!" I yelled, as she lowered her wet lips back onto my throbbing tool. Her mouth raced on my sensitive cock with lightning speed. I felt myself exploding down my mother's silky throat. My hips bucked up hard against her face as I held her head down onto my pumping dick.

"Oh... God, Mom... Yes... Oh.. Oh.." I said as the feeling overwhelmed my entire body.

I shivered as I felt my dick slip out of Mom's mouth, and her naked body snaked up mine. Her luscious breasts pushed firmly into my chest, and her soft mound nestled against my now limp shaft. When our eyes met, I tried talk.

"Mom I'm so, sorr..." But mom quickly put her finger to my mouth and shushed me.

"Just make love to me." she said. I was so ecstatic. I passionately embraced her body. Clutching her tightly to me as my lips found her, our tongues danced against each other as we embraced in our forbidden lust.

My dick had come back to life with the realization of Mom's wanting me. Our kiss broke, and Mom began to whimper as my hands squeezed her firm round ass cheeks in my palms. My hardened dick begged for my mother's womb as I rubbed and pressed her tight to my crotch. I could feel the heat pouring out of her mound. My dick rocked against her folds until they parted. I could feel her wetness as her lips parted and lubricated my shaft.

"Oh..." Mom said, as I felt her twisting her hips, guiding my rod to her dripping entrance.

"Not yet, Mom. I want us both to remember this night." I said as I kissed her again. I could feel her soft body tense as my dick found her hard clit. I pushed back and forth against it. Her thrusts met mine, and we stimulated her hungry pussy together.

"Oh...honey! I want you now!" Mom said, as I felt my stiff manhood touch her welcoming entrance. Mom pushed down, and I grunted as my cock parted her lips and slid smoothly into her pussy. We rocked back and forth as my dick inched deeper and deeper into her. I felt myself building again toward another orgasm.

"Oh..Mom!..You're so fucking hot. I want to fuck you forever." I said, as I thrust hard into her.

"Ohh...honey...Fuck mommy," I heard her say, as I held her scrumptious ass tightly and pulled her to me as I pushed back with all I had.

Mom put her hands on my chest and pushed herself up. Her hips went crazy, and she rocked back and forth on my rod. I couldn't keep up with her. Faster and faster she went. It felt like a jackhammer. Mom wailed and moaned as her hands grasped my chest.

"Oh..I'm cumming!!" Mom said, as her body tightened around my pumping cock. I lost all control as I felt my own seed blast into her hot pussy. I could feel our fluids mixing together. My body trembled under my mother.

Mom fell forward as her pussy still clutched my squirting dick. I kissed her wildly as her body still lightly quivered. As we settled down, Mom eased my dick out of her and laid on top of me. I could feel her heart pounding as she rested on me. Her breath began to ease, and she lightly played with my hair.

"Mom, I love you. I've wanted this for so long." I said, as I hugged her tightly.

"I know honey.. I know... But we have to talk in the morning." she said. Then she laid her head down on my shoulder, and we fell asleep in our embrace.

But when morning came, Mom was gone. I had to think whether or not it had really happened, or if it had been just one of my crazy fantasy dreams. As I got out of bed I could hear the shower running. Tip toeing down the hall to the bathroom, I could hear Mom humming. As I turned to walk away, the floor creaked.

"Is that you Mike?" Mom yelled out.

"Yeah, Mom. I wasn't sure if that was you." I said.

"Come in here, will you?" My hand began to shake as I turned the door knob. As the door opened, the steam from the shower rushed warmly to my face.

"Yeah, Mom?" I said as I entered the room.

Her head popped out of the shower, and my eyes widened as her wonderful breasts peeked out from behind the shower door.

"Well don't just stand there gawking at me. Take your clothes off and get in here."

I don't think I had ever stripped naked so fast in my life. In a flash I was naked and almost tripped over myself making a beeline for the shower. My dick was already hard with the anticipation of washing my mother's naked body.

As I got in, Mom ran her eyes up and down me.

"God what a firm young man you have become. I just want to eat you up." Mom said as her eyes glimmered.

"Let me soap that up for you." Mom said, as her soapy hands went straight to my hard pole.

"Oh..Mom. I thought last night was just a dream." I said, as her hands skillfully soaped up and down my stiff rod.

"There's more of those dreams to come," Mom said, as her hands stroked faster and faster, boiling the cum up from my balls. My hips began to thrust as mom fucked me with her hand. Her other hand grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to her. Our chests crashed together, and then our lips. My hands stroked over my mother's soapy body as the hot water sprayed over us.

"Oh...Mom..I'm going to cum." I could feel the hot water blasting on my cock as Mom's hands gripped tighter. I felt my body began to shake, and Mom dropped down to her knees. She quickly swallowed my excited prick just as I felt myself explode.

"Oh..ugh..ugh..ugh." I grunted, as my hips pushed into Mom's face.

Her hands went to my ass and pushed me in and out of her mouth. My hands went forward, grabbing the shower wall as my knees weakened and the water sprayed over my face.

As the last of my sperm trickled out, I felt Mom squeeze my cock in her hand as if she was trying to get every drop out of me.

She eased herself up, and again we kissed under the showerhead. It was my turn now to give her pleasure. My hands traced over her scrumptious body. Up and down they flowed from her firm ass to her succulent breasts. I began to knead her bosoms in my hands, working them until her perky nipples were hard.

"Ohh... Yes.. Michael.. I like that. It feels wonderful."

"I know Mom." I said, as I lowered my head down and flicked a nipple with my tongue. I could feel Mom shiver. I opened my mouth wider and sucked on her breasts. Mom's hands danced across my back as I slowly trailed my hands closer to her pussy.

"Oh..suck on Mommie's titties."

I went from one nipple to the other, toying with my tongue. My hand found her folds, and I grazed my finger over them, sawing her outer lips with my fingers until they parted. Mom's legs spread wider and her hands began to scratch at my back.

"Oh... Honey you're getting me so wet."

I found her clit and tickled it with my finger. Little spasms were coming from her body as my speed increased on her sensitive button.

"Ohh.. I'm going to cum...Mommie's going to cum." Mom said, as her legs squeezed on my hand.

"I want to taste you Mom." I said, as I felt her hands push me down to my knees.

My tongue found its mark, and I latched onto her hard clit. Mom moaned above me as her body began to shake. I pulled her tight ass to me, forcing her hot mound tight to my mouth. My tongue opened her cunt, and I pushed it inside.

"Ohh, God.." Mom moaned, as her body trembled out of control. Her juices flowed out of her pussy and I sucked as much of her as I could.

I licked mom clean with my tongue and stood up. We hugged each other and noticed the water wasn't hot anymore.

"We better get out before we catch a cold." Mom said.

We both dried off and Mom went into her room to get dressed. As I was putting on the last of my clothes, her head popped into the bathroom.

"Meet me downstairs when you're done Mike."

"Okay Mom." I said.

Well here comes the talk. I thought. No way out of this one. I have to take my medicine.

But I felt a lot more comfortable about it. At least I was sure Mom wasn't pissed at me.

I went down stairs, and Mom was sitting at the dining room table.

"Come here Mike, and take a seat. We have a lot to discuss."

"Okay Mom." I said, as I plopped into the chair next to her.

Mom took my hands in hers and began to talk

"Mike I know you're sorry about last night. But you hurt me very deeply. I trusted you and you deceived me."

"Mom I..."

"Let me finish Mike. I wasn't sure I was even going to come back home last night. But just before I went into the next room to talk to your father, that girl came back. She and I had a very long talk about you. She made me see how much you care for me, and also how much I care for you. I found myself wanting you again. But she also told me how your father fantasizes about your sister."

I looked to the floor as I felt my face go flush. Mom paused. I could tell she noticed my face turning red.

"Have you fantasized about Sis too?" Mom asked.

I let out a sigh and said. "Mom, I never did until the day I saw a DVD of Dad with one of Sis's look-a-likes. Ever since then, a picture of her just pops into my brain. I don't know why."

"What DVD?" Mom asked.

Oh..Fuck me, I thought.

"Mom, I'm not going to keep any more secrets from you. I know how much I hurt you, and I promise to come clean about everything." I then explained everything in detail to her, right down to the dreams I had of Sis and I. Mom didn't say a word for a very long time. She just sat there and stared into nothingness. Finally she spoke again.

"Well Mike, I guess I should explain what happened after I sent you home. I already told you how I talked to that girl, but she also helped me get your father to confess on video. We set your laptop up to record in your father's room, and she went back in.

"You did what?"

"I needed hard proof your dad is a scumbag, and she agreed to help. But she gets carried away when she offers her assistance."

"You're not telling me anything I don't know."

"Well, instead of me telling you everything, I think it's easier if I just show you." Mom said, as she got up and went to the kitchen. She came back with one of the laptops I used, and started it up. After she clicked on a couple files, she turned the laptop towards me, and I watched as a video began to play.

It started off dark until I saw a hand opening the lid to the other laptop, and Sandy's face came into view. I saw my father still handcuffed right behind her.

"There, that's better." I heard her say, as she removed the panties from Dad's mouth.

"The jokes over, what do you want." my dad said.

"I wanted to know how you liked the show."

"I didn't! So please let's just end this." he said.

"I think you're lying to me Daddy. I felt how hard your cock was in my hand when you watched that other guy fuck your wife."

"Enough, Sandy!"

Sandy moved her hands back down to my dad's cock, and began to stroke it.

"I want the truth out of you Daddy. Tell me seeing your lovely wife suck his cock didn't excite you," Sandy said, as she toyed with Dad's semi-hard dick.

"Oh... Sandy.. M... M... Maybe... Oh... You bitch!"

"You can do better than that," she said, as Dad's dick grew to hardness in her hand.

"Yes...Yes it excited me. Is that what you wanted to hear?... Oh... Fuck!.."

"Mmmm, I keep seeing that stud make her moan over and over again, her body wanting his big stiff cock deep inside her hot little pussy," Sandy said as she stroked Dad faster.

"Ohh..Shit Sandy!!...Yes.. It was hot... Ohh!!.."

"Now... what's more exciting?... Seeing your wife being fucked....or you fucking your daughter?"

"Wwhat?.. What kind of a question is that?"

"Come now... isn't that the reason why we play these games?... You want to fuck your daughter..." Sandy said as her hand gripped tighter on Dad's stiff cock.

"Oh.. Sandy... Oh... I'm going to cum."

"No... I won't let you. Not until you tell me."Sandy said, as her hand stopped pumping.

"Sandy... Please!!.. Finish me," he groaned.

Sandy toyed with Dad's cock in her fingers, but didn't stroke him. Her light touches were causing his dick to jump. I could see it was driving him crazy. Finally Dad gave in.

"Ohh..Fuck!!! Yes... Yes I want to fuck my daughter! I want to taste her sweet pussy in my mouth! I want to ram my cock in her hungry little cunt!! Now finish me!!"

"Tell me what you want Daddy. Tell your daughter what you want me to do."

"Ohh.. Princess... Suck Daddy's cock."

Sandy lowered her head down and swallowed Dad's dick. In no time he was pumping his cum down her throat.

"Ohhh...yes Princess... oohh, Daddy needs more... fuck Daddy." But the adjoining door suddenly opened, and I watched Mom walk into the room.

"Honey!.. I... I thought you were gone..." My Dad stammered, surprise and shock on his face.

"No... I needed you to just tell everyone how you would like to fuck your own daughter. Now that I have your confession, I think it might be interesting to see how your co-workers feel about that." Mom said, and the video went black.

Mom closed the laptop and smiled.

"Your father has agreed to move out and find another place. He doesn't want to risk the embarrassment of me sending the video to his co-workers. But Mike, I have to ask you, who do you want to live with."

"Mom, are you kidding me?"

Mom chuckled and said "I had to ask," and put her hand in mine.

"I don't know how I'm going to explain all this to your sister."

"Mom, Sis is going to kill me for this."

"Michael, I'll handle your sister. What you and I are doing is between us and no one else. Understand?"

"Yes.. But..."

"But, nothing. You had nothing to do with what your father has been up to. If your sister has a problem, it better be with me. Unfortunately it's her decision also as to where she wants to call home. Just like you, she's an adult now. I can only tell her the facts... well most of the facts." Mom said with a smile.

"I hope you're right Mom. But I have a feeling she's still going to blame me for this." I said.

After we had our talk, I wished I hadn't done what I did to her. Mom was so open minded about things. I think I could have explained to her how she made me feel inside and things would have progressed from there. I wasn't sure if she would ever trust me again. But I knew I was going to do my best to fix that.

Mom did talk to Sis, and explained what Dad was doing, but left out how he wanted to fuck her instead of the hookers. I guess she freaked out. I was surprised that I didn't hear from Sis after their talk, but I thought I just caught a lucky break. The following week Dad found an apartment and had some movers come by and get his stuff. Mom had boxed up all his clothes and other things.

Three weeks later, I was in total bliss. I didn't think things could get any better. I was sharing my bed and making love every night to the woman I had always dreamt about. My bastard of a father was out of my life. Things just seemed great, that is, until Mom told me we would have to sleep in separate rooms again for awhile. She informed me that Sis was coming home for the holiday break, and we would have to restrain from our sexual activities for awhile. Leave it to my sister to spoil my happiness. But, then I had another shocking surprise when my sister showed up at home.

Sis called and said she was bringing her roommate home for the holiday since she didn't have a family to spend it with. I guess her parents had died, and she was putting herself through school. I gave Mom a hand setting up a cot in Sis's room. We also started decorating the house for the holidays.

I went through the box of Christmas decorations and began to hang wreaths and garlands about the place. At the bottom of the box was a mistletoe, and I couldn't wait to get my mother under it. After all the years I had seen her and dad kissing under it, this year it was going to be my turn. I found a good doorway to place it right between the living and dining rooms. Then, just as I was going to call Mom over to give it a try, I heard her yell, "Sis is home."

Shit...Again Sis spoils my fun, I thought, as I walked to the door to greet Sis and her roommate.

When they appeared at the door, my body froze and my mouth dropped open. I felt a rush of fear run through me as I saw my sister's roommate. Standing behind my sister was Rebecca!

I was in total shock. My mind raced with thoughts.

Did Rebecca know I was her roommate's brother? Did Sandy tell her what I had done? Does sis know about me and Mom? How can I tell Mom who the girl is?

Mom welcomed them inside and hugged Sis. Rebecca came in and then noticed me. Her smiling face changed to one of surprise. At least that told me she hadn't known I was Sis's brother.

Mom hugged Rebecca and told her she was a welcome guest. Sis came up and gave me a hug.

"Hello, little brother. How are you handling everything?"

I was speechless. I couldn't find the words I wanted to say.

"Hey, earth to Mike." Sis said, as she gave me a nudge.

"Oh... Ahh.. Yes... Fine."

"Mike I want you to meet my roommate, Rebecca." she said as she pulled me next to her by my arm.

"Ummm... Hhhigh... I'm..."

"You're Mike. Yes, I know. Your sister told me so much about you." Rebecca said, as she shook my hand.

I could feel her hand tremble in mine.

I think she's worried also.

"I hope you're going to like it here for the holidays." I said, as I felt my worries fade.

"I think I will. It's been years since I had a Family Christmas."

"Well, consider yourself part of our family," I said, and gave her a quick wink.

Rebecca smiled back, and her face brightened.

I gave the girls a hand putting their luggage into my sister's room. We then all sat around the living room, talking for the rest of the night.

I got up to get a refreshment and asked if anyone else would like something. Mom wanted one and so did everyone else. Rebecca offered to help, and we made our way into the kitchen. Once there, I felt Rebecca lightly grab my arm.

"Mike... I'm so sorry for the intrusion. I never thought you were her brother. I just wanted to spend Christmas with someone instead of being alone.

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