tagLoving WivesWhose Fault Was It Ch. 04

Whose Fault Was It Ch. 04


Janet had begun to visit Mark's sister several months after he had left her. She did it at first with the motive of getting information about his location. Janet did get a little later on but that had long since ceased being the reason for her visits. When Jeremy found that Janet was visiting Sarah he tried to put a stop to it. However Sarah told her brother, in no uncertain terms, that she herself would make that decision. Jeremy did not relent. Even with her slurred speech, Sarah fought for her rights. Speech was difficult for a woman stricken with MS but she was determined soul. Janet was her friend.

As a last resort Jeremy went to Sarah's Dr. and charged that Janet was upsetting his sister. The Dr. didn't buy it. He had treated Sarah for many years and had seen her decline when her older brother Mark had stopped visiting. Just now she was beginning to come out of it and part of the reason was this woman Janet. Doctor Stone had watched the interaction between his patient and Janet from afar. Janet would sometimes wheel Sarah to a private part of the garden. There with a small CD player they would listen to classical music together. Other times, such a foul weather, Janet would read sections of a classic novel to Sarah. It was evident that Janet's visits were good for Sarah.

When the doctor disagreed with Jeremy and would not stop Janet's visits, Jeremy threatened to move Sarah to another facility. Jeremy was legal guardian for his sister and could do that. Dr. Stone said that was Jeremy's right but then asked if Jeremy loved his sister Sarah. That question both stunned and angered Jeremy and it showed. Jeremy was usually good at controlling his emotion but with that he could not.

Dr. Stone prevailed on Jeremy to do one thing, to come to the home the next Saturday and visit the Doctor. Come to the Dr's office and not to see Sarah. Jeremy didn't understand but agreed to the request. That Saturday he and Dr. Stone watched for a hidden location. Jeremy saw how Sarah's face lit up when Janet arrived. How Janet treated his sister. How she had brought a book. How they ate together with Janet feeding Sarah. How long the visit lasted. But most of all Jeremy saw the sad smile on Sarah's face when the visit was over.

Jeremy every bit as stubborn as his brother Mark did not verbally agree but said he would reconsider moving Sarah. Jeremy never mentioned Sarah's relocation to Dr. Stone again nor did he say a word about Janet's visits.

By the 5th year Sarah was a big part of Janet's life. Sarah was the same age as Janet and had a normal youth with all the activities of a young attractive athletic school girl. At 17 she was diagnosed with MS. By age 22 she was confined to a wheel chair, by age 28 she was in a home to tend to her needs. One might dismiss the fail and twisted body in the wheel chair. Sarah's thin arms were in contorted fashion across her flat chest, her head at a permanent cant to the left and thin blond hair always in dishevel. But if you saw her eyes, you felt differently about her. For here eyes were two deep blue pools of life that explored all within her view. They would twinkle when she was happy. And her half smile was exaggerated because it was on the upper side of her tilted head. Sara's eyes showed love and felt pain. Her blue eyes could express a smile or sorrow and hurt. Sarah was limited with speech but she still tried to make her feeling known. All that came in contact with Sarah at the home loved and admired her.

Janet felt closer to Mark when she was with Sarah and would even read Mark's post cards and letters for her. She knew that Sarah had most probably already heard what they had to say but with a little pain and love Janet would read them. They were all simple messages. Just a card from the city Mark was in at the time. Or a place he passed, like the Grand Canyon. Some were short notes on motel or hotel stationary telling of the weather or some local even of that city. All short, but such treasure to both women.

Janet's dreams began in the fifth year. They only got worse with time. On the 7th anniversary of 'the night' the worse one came. Some say that it takes seven years for a trauma to surface. It was that way for both Janet and Mark. Janet's dreams reached their zenith on the 7th anniversary but continued in diminishing fright. Mark's began in earnest on that night.

Janet had stayed late at her office on the 7th anniversary of Mark's departure from her life. The day was a Thursday and Janet felt the full weight of the occasion. She was the last one out of the department and drove home. The house was empty as it had been since the event. Janet was not hungry so she had not stopped to get anything to eat on her way home. The sun was setting when she drove in and parked in the garage. Janet looked at the door and dreaded the thoughts of being alone in the house that night. She debated on calling her mother and decided against that. Hilda still wanted to know what had been the event that had precipitated Mark's departure, as Hilda still referred it. Janet never wanted to revisit that night, much less confess it to her mother.

In the house Janet roamed thru each room, not as much looking as trying to chase any ghosts away. At 9 p.m. she sat by the fireplace and enjoyed the gas logs. By 10 she was feeling down and decided to open a bottle of wine, thinking it would make her relax a little and perhaps sleep better. At 10:30, half the bottle later, Janet made her rounds of the house and got ready to retire. She was feeling the effects of the wine but was not really sleepy. A hot bath was next, complete with sweet bath oil. To stall inevitable sleep Janet shaved her legs. As she completed the last leg it hit her. She began to cry. The night Mark left she had come in before him. Drank a half bottle of wine for courage, taken a warm bath with oil and then shaved her legs. Why had she not remembered till that moment! Getting out of the tub, Janet wanted to dress and leave. Anywhere was better than this house tonight. A motel or her mom's house might be an escape, but it was too late for that. Fatigue was taking over and she fell across the bed.

Janet was taken back 7 years much like the story of Scrooge. But her trip would be just into the past. She would not be getting the luxury of seeing the future; she would be left to relive the past. Janet was at the door wearing a sheer gown and robe to meet Mark. He smiled at the vision. The smile brought a little disgust to Janet's mind but she didn't show it on her face. The disgust was from wondering if Mark had given the same smile and bright eyes to Jill six months earlier.

"Mark I am so glad your home, I have you a glass of wine by the tub. Take a nice warm bath then we will see what fun we can have."

Mark smiled. That made Janet even a little more angry but she fought to hide that too. What fun was in Mark's mind? Was he thinking of Jill? In a few minutes he would know what it feels like to be hurt. Know that the one you love fucks another. All those thoughts Janet hid as she followed Mark to the master bath. As he stripped off his clothes she put them away and got him a towel.

"Want to try some really kinky things tonight? I do and I been thinking about this for several weeks. I am so wet right now and we haven't even started," Janet said in her sexiest voice.

"I'll do anything for you babe, and I get horny thinking about you. I am one lucky fellow to have you," Mark replied.

"Oh I know how lucky you are Mark, and I'm going to enjoy tonight. You just can't imagine what I have planned."

"I'll bet you're right Janet. You have always kept me guessing," Mark smiled as he climbed in the tub.

"Let me scrub your back dear. I want you squeaky clean." Janet knelt beside the tub and began to gently wash Mark's body with a soft soapy cloth. She took her time and teased his sex and nipples but her mind was on revenge.

Just a month before Jill had confessed. She had cried when she told that she and Mark had committed adultery. Janet was angry and corrected Jill, "What you mean to say is that Mark fucked you!"

Jill cried and shook her head. "I'm so sorry Janet you are my best friend, I shouldn't have let it happen. I just.. I didn't stop it when I should have. I mean it just shouldn't have happened. It started with my disposal being clogged and the sink backing up. It was past 6 so I knew it would be a long time to get a plumber so..."

"So you called Mark and when he finished with the disposal he just roto-rootered your hole too?"

"It wasn't that way, I mean we had some wine and... then the toilet broke... and I had to.. Mark tried to..he fixed it but..but I had been on it and well my panties were down..and..."

"Mark unclogged you too. Guess he was hard of fight off."

Jill dropped her eyes, "No I didn't try to stop him. I had, well we both had had too much wine."

"Jill how much wine did you to have? If you drank that much you would have been on the floor....or is that where you wound up?"

"No it wasn't like that!" Jill cried.

"Not like what? My husband fucked you and it wasn't like what?"

Jill could see Janet's fury building and wanted to avert it so she blamed it on too much wine. She told how 'they' drank three bottles. In actuality it was Jill that had consumed almost two of the three bottles before had Mark arrived. She was the one what was loaded. She had flirted. But it takes two to tango and Mark was just as guilty.

When Mark was out of the tube Janet dried him. On her knees she dried his cock then let her lips tease it a little. Standing she offered him the balance of his glass of wine then shared the taste with him as they kissed. Leading Mark to the larger overstuffed chair she put him in it and knelt between his legs still dressed in the revealing gown and robe. As Janet began to tease Mark by licking and kissing his cock he couldn't resist grabbing Janet's head and pulling her mouth over his erection.

"Mark you will have to be good or do I tie your arms to the chair. I intent to enjoy all I do tonight and don't want you to be interfering." Janet said and meant ever word of it.

"I see you are really feeling kinky aren't you Janet. Well I'll try to be good." Mark promised.

"I don't trust you; you see I know you too well. Now hold still, I'm doing this for your own good," Janet smiled. Shifting she pulled a gym bag out from under the bed. Opening it she took out two straps from the bag. As sexily as she could she put the straps under the wooden chair arm that stuck out of the padded length of the chair. Janet made sure she rubbed her breasts on Marks arms as she strapped him down.

Mark was offering no resistance. Janet pulled a long leather strap for the back and put it around Marks stomach and pulled the buckle tight. Mark was feeling the restriction but trusted Janet so he didn't worry. Janet then put a single strap high on Mark's chest pulled it tight. Mark just watched and thought about what he guessed was to come.

Janet next step was to run a strap around Mark's upper arm then back behind the chair. Doing this to both arms Mark had his arms pulled back and tightened the pull on the wrist straps. The upper body of Mark Parker was fully secured till Janet released him.

"Isn't that a little much Janet?" Mark asked ready for her to get on with some form of sex.

"Not quite my dear, just a couple of more and it will be show time," Janet replied with an evil smile.

Janet used a strap on Mark's ankles to fasten them to the bottom of the chair leg. Another strap half way up his calf on each leg completed the binding. When Janet was finished she smiled. "There all done. Now just more thing to do and I tell you about tonight."

Mark was more than curious as to what was next. Janet went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth then gargled. Coming back to Mark she took a seat on his knees facing him. She blew her breath in Mark' face then asked, "Clean breath I hope. I didn't want to have the smell of your cock in my mouth right now. I guess I had best confess something. I know that you fucked Jill 6 months ago."

Mark was startled for he thought he had gotten way with his only infidelity. Janet noted the stunned expression, "Your sins have found you out!"

"Now that I have your attention I will tell you my plans for tonight. You see I feel what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Well guess that would be what is good for the gander is also good for the goose. Me being the goose in this little scenario. So you had your fun with a new piece of ass so I think I will sample some different cock meat. Now you know why I don't want your cock smell in my mouth when I meet him at the door. He might take offence. When he gets here you had best be good and let me have my fun. If not then I might have to do it again without you here to see."

Janet looked at Mark; he was in mild shock. 'Good' she thought, 'let him see what it feels like to know you have been cheated on.' When Mark offered no outburst, Janet thought he had consigned himself to the fact. "I think it will be fun to have something different. Watch close because he might be able to teach you some moves. Several women at the office call him stud. Say he can go all night. I hope he doesn't wear me out so bad I can't get you lose."

The door bell rang. With a smile Janet got up and headed toward the hall. Stopping at the door she turned and blew a kiss to Mark. "My date is here. I guess I had best not keep him waiting."

Janet met Steve at the door in the sheer robe. Steve was impressed. She invited him in as he looked her up and down. Steve had often wondered what Janet looked like naked and now he knew. To him Janet was the best looking woman in the office. Steve had more than one conquest at work and three of the women were married. Janet would make four married women and the ninth all together. Steve smiled as he counted and knew he was now half way thru the female staff in his department.

"You look good enough to eat Janet," Steve smiled.

Janet stepped into his arms. When she did and felt his arms around her body she shivered a little but it was not sexual excitement. Janet was getting cold feet. Maybe she should send Steve on his way and the thought of what she could have done was enough. Steve kissed her and forced his tongue into her mouth. Janet was about to break off the kiss when the image of Mark fucking Jill came to mind. It was almost like a cartoon with the devil on one shoulder and the angle on the other. If that was true the devil won.

Janet forced herself to kiss back. She had gone this far and damn it, she was a woman that finished what she started.

"I plan on letting you have anything you desire, and if you want a taste that's fine. I will also want to sample that fine cock I have heard so much about."

Steve wanted to rip the gown and robe off Janet to take her right there but that was not what Janet had planned. Janet pulled away and led him down the hall to the master bedroom. Steve stepped in and saw Mark. He froze in place. Janet looked at Mark then Steve, "It's ok Mark will watch it all. I just didn't want him to get too excited and want to join in. Now come over here."

Janet led Steve to the foot of the bed in full view of Mark. She began to remove her robe slowly. "Steve I know you have wanted this for a while. I will do my best to make sure you enjoy it." Janet made a show of striping. She kept her eyes on Steve. The man had lust in his eyes. She began to feel dirty. Janet took a quick glance at Mark. His eyes were dead.

Mark was in shock, if he had not been he would have thrown up the wine in his stomach. All he wanted to do was get out of that chair and go. He felt his heart in his temple then all went black for Mark. If his mind recorded the scenes they were placed so far back in his mind that the images could not be found in conscious thought.

Janet moved in and kissed Steve again as she began to unbutton his shirt. When she got it completely unbuttoned she pulled it off his body. Steve took her in his arms and pulled her breasts to his chest. Janet didn't like that much but didn't fight it. After another long kiss Janet dropped to her knees and pulled of Steve's shoes one at a time, looking up keeping eye contact with her soon to be lover. It was not that she wanted to look at Steve it was more she didn't want to see Mark.

After the shoes came Steve's pants. When he was naked with Janet still kneeling, she was facing his erection. Steve looked down. "I know you want it, go on suck my cock. You are just a dirty slut that needs cock."

Janet at the moment didn't mind the insults because she felt like as if she deserved ever word of his degradation. But Steve was wrong when he assumed she wanted his cock for any more than just to punish Mark. She was sick at her stomach as she took another man into her mouth. She fought the urge to gag. Steve felt he gag reflex and taunted her, "Never had such a big cock in your mouth before. I knew the first day I saw you at the office you were just an uppity bitch that needed a real man to fuck her."

Janet looked up but the glint in her eye was not sexual, it was anger. She continued and allowed Steve to hold her head and fuck her mouth just to get it over with. She almost lost her stomach he came. She let some drip down the breasts but managed to swallow most of the revolting fluid. As she stood Janet had a thought. This must be what it feels like to be raped. Why would any woman fantasize about something so disgusting? But then it was back to acting as if it was the best she had ever had.

Standing Janet led Steve to the bed. "Now stud let's see how good you are in bed. You said you wanted to eat me. Now's your chance." That said Janet climbed on to the bed and lay on her back. She spread her legs wide and invited him to join her with the crook of her finger. As Steve as getting in position Janet looked at Mark again. He still had the same dead pan eyes. Good she thought as long as he's watching. I want him to feel what I felt when Jill told me what they did, she fumed.

Steve was between her legs with his mouth on her sex. She closed her eyes and prayed. The prayer was she would not throw up till she was out of the room. Janet was getting no pleasure at all out of Steve's oral skills. Was it poor performance or with it her shame, revulsion and pain. She would question that many times in the future. Finally Janet realized she had best fake an orgasm to get the show back on schedule. She did her best thinking of the scene in 'Harry meets Sally' where Meg Ryan fakes so convincingly in a coffee shop. Janet hoped her act was as convincing.

Steve must have bought it. He moved up her belly and then to her breasts where he lingered just long enough to bit each nipple , that brought Janet to the reality she was doing a terrible thing. She wanted to kick the asshole in the ball then throw him out but then Jill and Mark came back into her mind.

Steve had moved up and his cock was at her wet lips. They were wet and lubed not by Janet but by the slobber of Steve. But at least it make his invasion a little less painful. When Steve was all the way in, he rose on his arms and looked down at Janet, "Bitch you are one tight cunt."

Janet was outraged to be referred in such a way. But then it dawned on her that she was breaking a sacred vow. At that moment Jill and Mark didn't matter. Janet wanted to cry. She fourth it back but had a tear in each eye. Steve noticed.

"You never been stretched like this before, I see it in your eyes. You are now addicted to this hard cock. You'll be beggin' for it in your office next. I'll have to bend you over your desk so you can get some work done. All you bitches are alike, want everybody to think you are such a lady when deep down you are just a whore!" Steve began to thrust in and out of Janet. She was relaxing a little and the disgust of the violation was becoming tolerable. And she was getting some natural lube to ease the friction. Soon Janet was thrusting back trying to get him off. Both, as in orgasm and then off her body, Janet wanted to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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