tagNon-EroticWhy Are Black Women So Rude?

Why Are Black Women So Rude?


Sometimes, I think living in the city of Brockton must be a curse. Yeah, that must be it. In a past life, I must have done something horrible. How else could you explain the kind of person I seem to attract? The meanest guys and the cruelest of women. The very worst humanity has to offer. I can't stand any of them. Sometimes at night, I pray that God or the Devil, whichever one is listening would send a flood to wipe out the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Seriously, the world is a better place without it.

I have met all kinds of strange characters in my time. Hell, I am a strange character myself. Friends and fans call me Brother Samuel, America's favorite big and tall, forthrightly bisexual black male adventurer. For a long time, collegiate America was my favorite dwelling place. I loved college. Unfortunately, I had to graduate. And graduate I did, with honors no less. However, I can't say that I am exactly thrilled with the fact that I am now living in a small town packed with rude men and even ruder women. Say what you will about me, I've got manners. My father and mother didn't raise a barbarian. A pervert, certainly. A shameless flirt, totally. A defiant man who takes society by storm, absolutely. But I'm no rude roughneck or thug. No folks. I have class.

What is class? It's kind of hard to define. However, when someone doesn't have it, it's fairly easy to tell. The classless man and classless woman tend to make their classlessness obvious through their words or actions. When on the subway, I've noticed women who blurt out every detail of their personal lives while talking on their cell phones with someone. That is very unattractive. We don't need to know everything you've done and everyone you've hooked up with. We could care less about the fact that your boyfriend is sleeping with your best friend or sister. We don't give a damn about your progeny or the fact that his or her sire hasn't provided financial support this month. It's your life. It's your business. Keep your bullshit to yourself.

As much as it shames me to say it, some of the rudest people I've ever encountered were black men and black women. On the bus, the train, and on the street. At the mall, the barber shop and at the movie theater. It's always the black woman who's making a lot of noise, attraction attention to herself for all the wrong reasons. And the black man is usually an eager co-conspirator, helping her make as much noise as possible. Such individuals are a painful embarrassment to the entire race. I know I'm going to catch hell for this but someone's got to say it. Black women are rude. Black men are rude. And they're not going to change. As a college-educated black man who's written and published quite a few books, they embarrass me. I live in a nice townhouse in Brockton's affluent West Side. Not far from the local high school. The public library carries my books. Men and women from all over the place have read my works. I have fan clubs online. I'm also a well-known community activist whose humanitarian works focus on Men's Issues such as Male Victims of Domestic Abuse, Gay and Bisexual Rights, Urban Life and so on. By all means, I'm an accomplished individual. Not bragging, just the truth.

A while ago, I walked into a department store located deep in Brockton's South Side, near East Bridgewater. A light-skinned black male security guard asked me to remove my backpack while entering the store. He claimed the store had a policy against people backpacks on the premises. He didn't say anything of the sort to the white woman who walked in with her son, both of them with backpacks and large shopping bags. I realized that this security guard was enforcing a racially prejudiced policy. Racial profiling, that's what it was. I walked out of the store with my backpack on and my head held high. I wasn't going to allow these people to disrespect me. Not after my many accomplishments. Not after all I've done and all that I am. I know I was better than this. And I deserved better than the shabby treatment I received at that store. I haven't been anywhere near this store since.

Black men and black women from all over the place have had similar experiences in bookstores, grocery stores, shopping malls, airports, movie theaters, restaurants and bus stations. They have gotten used to being racially profiled. And I can tell you with one hundred percent conviction that I know how they feel. Racial profiling is wrong. However, why do so many black men and black women try their hardest to be the loudest, meanest, rudest and most unruly people anywhere they happen to go? I've seen lots of white folks acting rude and loud. Yes, obnoxious white men and rude white women exist. Once, a white woman cut right in front of me in a line at a food court in Boston. And she showed no shame or remorse for her actions. She did it with a sense of entitlement. Being white and female grants her this right in America. Rude people are a subhuman category which I absolutely cannot stand. I don't care if they're male or female, black or white, straight or gay. I can't stand them.

When did manners go out of style in America? When did men and women decide that forsaking all civilized ways and acting like crazed animals was the way to be? Who is responsible for this alarming trend? MTV? Misguided feminism? The dearth of family values due to the breakdown of the American family? Liberalism gone amok? The eternal shadow of the racial and gender politics dogwatch? I don't know, folks. Your guess is as good as mine on this one.

I thought I shared my city with men and women of varying races, sexual orientations, religions and backgrounds, not human-shaped and human-seeming crazed bloodthirsty beasts. Even more disturbing to me is the fact that while all races, backgrounds and cultures contribute to the problem of classlessness and rudeness in America, black people seem to do more than their share. White men and white women act rude. As do Asian men and Asian women. Hispanic men and Hispanic women. Middle-Eastern men and Middle-Eastern women. However, black men and black women glorify rudeness. They're proud of their rude behavior. They call themselves dogs and bitches like they're badges of honor. When I see their behavior, I'm ashamed for them.

You see, I hail from the Island Nation of Haiti. The first sovereign black nation in the New World. Since 1804, we've been independent. We're a country filled with great upheavals. We've got economic and social problems we're working desperately to solve. However, we're doing better than Americans in many ways. The Haitian man respects the Haitian woman. And the Haitian woman respects the Haitian man. The Haitian family is a sacred unit. Father and mother, son and daughter, grandfather and grandmother, those are sacred titles. So it is today and so it was when I was growing up. Respect for self and for country, that's what is taught to young Haitian men and young Haitian women. Self-worth as a human being, that's what fills our hearts.

We've always had equality. Women in Haiti have always been able to vote. And as a people, we see ourselves as human beings first, rather than to define ourselves by skin color alone, unlike our extremely distant and decidedly inferior cousins the African-Americans. Everything is about race and gender for these people. Why can't the African-Americans see the light? Even though African-Americans in America outnumber us Haitians, we still send more of our sons and daughters to college than they do. Percentage wise, we're pulling ahead of them. Many Haitian men and Haitian women living in America are college-educated, own their homes and run their own businesses. We struggle to keep our family units and our way of life viable. African-Americans couldn't give a damn about family.

The African-American male wants to play sports, or sell drugs, or be a rapper, make lots of money and sleep with lots of women. The African-American female wants to make lots of money and have lots of power. And she wants to step on the head of the African-American male first and foremost to achieve her ambitions. That's why she traps the already irresponsible African-American male with her myriad pregnancies. He can't take care of himself. How can he take care of her and their progeny? She should know better than to have offspring without a means to support them. Welfare isn't supposed to be a permanent support system. When will African-Americans stop using it as such?

If the African-American male or African-American female wants to succeed, here's what they need to do. Stay in school. Ignore relatives who cause drama. Don't do drugs. Don't catch sexually transmitted diseases through unprotected sex with unsafe partners. Don't sleep around. Keep your anger in check when dealing with the arrogant men and rude women you're sure to encounter in your neighborhood, household, workplace or place of entertainment. Don't become a parent before your time. Don't get into fistfights with bad men and bad women who couldn't care less about winding up in prison. They've already got a criminal record. Don't get into fights with them and wind up with a criminal record. Avoid the psycho men and psycho women of the so-called hood. Stop listening to stupid music. Now!

Graduate from high school and enroll in college. It doesn't matter if it's a community college, a state school or a private college or university. Get yourself in there. Work hard. If you're a black man, be careful. You don't want to wind up falsely accused of anything from sexual harassment or assault by some woman, black or white, who hates you for being what you are. Beware of man-hating feminist professors. They hate black males most of all. Work twice as hard as the white guys and white chicks you see in your classes. Your life is harder than theirs. Don't make things easy for them by not succeeding. Get your associate's degree. Start working and make some money. Come back to school and get your bachelors degree.

While you're in college, heading to college or graduating from college, don't get involved with strange women. You don't need a psycho with a jealous streak who acts like you're her property. You also don't need a false accuser. Avoid weird women. Get yourself some porn and take matters into your own hands if you have to. While you're working to improve your future, women aren't to be trusted because they hate men. Most of them anyway. Many men will hate you for wanting to improve your life since they can't do it themselves. Don't trust them either. Don't associate with violent guys, drug dealers, sexual psychos or weirdoes. Keep to yourself. Study. Work hard. Avoid psycho guys and psycho women. Get that piece of paper. Graduate and hit the work force. Don't worry about black women. Being female affords them a degree of protection you will never have since you're a male. Society protects females but treat men like dirt. Men have to protect themselves. Protecting women went out of style since the 1960s. Most of them don't give a damn about men. And they're not shy about saying it. Protect your health. Protect your freedom. Protect your finances. Protect your heart. Trust no one.

Life as a black male isn't easy. Cops hate you and they're dying to use any excuse to kill you. It's always open season on black males. It doesn't matter if you're a thug or a law-abiding, hard-working professional with a degree. They see us as all the same. Don't make things easier for them by being the kind of fool who deals drugs, gets into fights over pride, anger or women. Drugs aren't worth fighting for. Pride isn't worth fighting for. Women are definitely not worth fighting for. You should only fight to save your own life and that's only when there's zero other options. Running away is an option. Take it when you can. Get over the macho pride crap. Live to fight another day. There are haters out there. Men and women who don't want to see you being happy. They don't want to see you succeed. They don't want you to amount to anything. Haters can be your father or mother, brother or sister, girlfriend or boyfriend. Don't listen to them. Don't let them know your plans. Protect your ambition. Protect your interests. Protect yourself. Ignore the haters and get away from them as fast as you can. Good luck.

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