tagNon-EroticWhy Are You Here?

Why Are You Here?


John walked into the doctor's office and sat down.

"So...Mr. Evans...tell me about your problem." Susan said.

"Well I'm not exactly sure that the problem is mine doctor." John said.

"Then whose problem is it?" Susan asked.

"I'm pretty sure that the problem is my wife's...or rather her friends'." John said.

"Then why are you here instead of them?" Susan asked.

"I'm here because my wife wants me to be here right now." John said.

"Why does your wife want you to be here?" Susan asked.

"Well she says that I'm the one that's been causing the problem, but I believe she's saying that because her friends told her to." John said.

"So...John...what exactly is the problem?" Susan asked.

"My wife wants to cheat on me." John said.

Susan was a bit surprised.

"She wants to cheat on you?" Susan asked.

"Yes." John said.

"How do you know this?" Susan asked.

"She flat out told me." John said.

"I see. And you think her friends are somehow behind it?" Susan asked.

"I know without a doubt that they are behind it doctor." John said.

"What makes you so sure of that?" Susan asked.

"I'm sure they're behind it because ever since they came back into her life they have been pulling her away from me." John said.

"Since they came back into her life?" Susan asked.

"Yes...the five of them went to college together in Georgia. Kelly moved out here for work after she graduated...leaving them behind. She and I met, fell in love, and have been married for 9 years. Four months ago the 4 of them moved out here...together. They immediately tracked Kelly down." John said.

"That seems unusual. Four women moving to the same place like that at the same time. Are any of them married?" Susan asked.

"Oh yes...all 4 of them are married. They forced their husbands to move out here. I truly believe that the only reason they moved out here was to get Kelly back." John said.

"I see...that seems a bit drastic Mr. Evans." Susan said.

"That's what I thought too...at first. Think about it doctor...4 married women in the south moving to Southern California at the exact same time...into the exact same town...into the exact same neighborhood that my wife and I live in. All of them have very different jobs and had apparently been very successful where they were living. Then for some reason all four of them uprooted not just their husbands but their whole families, they each have children. That seems a bit drastic to me as well doctor, but that is exactly what has happened." John said.

"I see. All 4 of them really moved at the same time?" Susan asked.

"They were on the same exact flight out here doctor." John said.

"I see. So you believe that the reason they came here was for your wife?" Susan asked.

"Yes. I got home from work the day that they all arrived and found them all sitting in my living room talking to Kelly. All four of them gave me death stares as Kelly introduced me to them with a huge smile on her face. They asked me...no they told me...to leave so that they could talk privately. Well I wasn't about to be dictated to in my own house so when I said that I'd had a long day and had no intention of leaving my house they whisked Kelly out the door with them and I didn't see her again until the next morning when I woke up and found her in bed next to me. I had gone to bed well after midnight doctor...so she got home some time after that." John said.

"She could very easily have just been out celebrating seeing her friends again after so long." Susan said.

"I'm sure that's exactly what it was...the first night. The problem was that it was the same thing for the next two weeks doctor. Kelly wouldn't be home when I got home after work and she wouldn't get home until after I had gone to bed." John said.

"That does seem excessive." Susan said.

"Yeah...it is excessive...and neglectful too. Kelly has always picked our kids up at school every day. Since her friends have come to town Kelly has asked my mom to do it. Of course my mom loves to have the kids with her, but Kelly never used to like having my mom take care of the kids. She was a devoted mother...was being the operative word. Now she only sees the kids in the mornings when she gets them ready for school and on weekends." John said.

"That's definitely something that would concern me. How long has this been going on?" Susan asked.

"Her friends moved to town 4 months ago." John said.

"So for the last 4 months your wife has been gone all evening on weekdays?" Susan asked.

"Yes...except for my birthday and our anniversary." John said.

"So does that mean that you have only been making love on weekends?" Susan asked.

"That's right...Saturday and Sunday only." John said.

"I see. So when did your wife tell you that she wanted to cheat on you?" Susan asked.

"A month ago." John said.

"How did she tell you?" Susan asked.

"On a Sunday night after the kids had gone to bed she sat down next to me on the couch and without making any kind of small talk first or anything like that she told me that she wanted to have sex with other guys. She said it like she was telling me that she wanted to get a new coffee table or something." John said.

"And what was your reaction?" Susan asked.

"What the hell do you think my reaction was?" John asked.

"So you said no?" Susan asked.

"You're god damn right I did. I take my marriage vows very serious." John said.

"So that was a month ago. How did you go from her telling you that a month ago to sitting in my office today?" Susan asked.

"When I told her no she said that I was being unfair." John said.

"Unfair? She thought it was unfair of you to tell her that you didn't want her having sex with other men?" Susan asked.

"Yeah...that's right. We argued around and around about it. We were basically foaming at the mouth we were both so worked up. Neither of us gave an inch. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe how she could want to do that and how she would think that I'd ever approve of it." John said.

"So how do her friends tie into this?" Susan asked.

"Well with as much time as she had been spending with them and as little time as she had been spending with me and the kids I immediately assumed that they were either encouraging her to do it or possibly even trying to make her do it. My suspicions were confirmed when the Saturday after she told me we had a barbecue and of course her friends were there. Over the course of about two hours all 4 of them took me away from the party individually and told me that I was being unfair and unreasonable and that I needed to give Kelly my permission to have sex with other men. I was pretty sure before, but that removed any doubt that I had. They were definitely involved and more than that they were aggressively trying to convince her to do it. I was slightly relieved when I realized that to that point Kelly seemed to have resisted. I figured that if they were all trying to get me to give my consent then it meant that Kelly told them that she could never do it unless I said it was okay." John said.

"It definitely seems like her friends are at the very least encouraging her and want her to do it even if they aren't trying to force her to do it. I still don't see how any of this leads to you being here in my office." Susan said.

"My wife kept on me about it. She said that she really wanted it, that it wouldn't change anything between us; that if anything it would make things better between us, that I was being unfair to not let her do it, and that I was being irrational." John said.

"Irrational? She said that it was unfair and irrational of you to not want her to have sex with other men?" Susan asked.

"Yes." John said.

"It seems to me like she's the one that's being irrational." Susan said.

"Exactly." John said.

"So then if she thinks you're being irrational how did you wind up here? I'm still not seeing the connection between what you're going through and you being here." Susan said.

"She told me that I was suffering from an irrational fear that I would be losing something if I let her do it. She said that I wouldn't lose anything and that I'd in fact gain a lot from letting her do it." John said.

"What would you possibly gain from your wife having sex with other men?" Susan asked.

"I asked her that very question." John said.

"And what was her answer?" Susan asked.

"She said that she would love me more because letting her do it would show her how much I love and trust her and how much I care about her happiness. She also said that it would make our sex life better." John said.

"How could your wife having sex with other men make your sex life together better?" Susan asked.

"I asked her that question too. She couldn't give me anything close to a reasonable explanation of that one. The closest she came was telling me that her desire for me would increase because it would show that I was a strong and confident male if I let her have sex with other men. Total bullshit huh?" John asked.

"That's what it sounds like to me. So...I still don't understand why you're here." Susan said.

"Well...in my wife's opinion...I'm being irrational...I'm being stubborn...I'm experiencing fear for no reason. As far as she's concerned every reason that I give for not wanting her to do it is all in my head so I must be crazy...or at least that's what her friends have convinced her to believe." John said.

"So she asked you to come here so that I could evaluate your sanity?" Susan asked.

"Nope. That's not why I'm here at all." John said.

"Then why are you here?" Susan asked.

"I'm here so that you can convince me to let her do it." John said.

"What? Why on Earth would I do that? What would make your wife or her friends think that I'd ever even suggest anything like that?" Susan asked.

"Well...I'm almost certain that they specifically picked you for a reason." John said.

"Just what reason might that be?" Susan asked.

"Well first off you're a woman...so they expect you to understand their point of view and be on their side." John said.

"Be on their side? Are you crazy?" Susan asked.

"No...I'm not. The second reason that they picked you is that you're a woman that has been cheating on her husband for years." John said.

Susan's expression went blank.

"How did you...how did you know that?" Susan asked.

"I overheard Kelly talking to one of her friends on the phone about you before they set up the appointment." John said.

"Your wife and her friends were talking about me? What do they...how could they know anything about me?" Susan asked.

"They know things about you because of one other thing I know about you." John said.

"What is that?" Susan asked.

"Your brother and sister in law moved to town about 4 months ago didn't they doctor?" John asked.

Susan was surprised.

"Yes...how could you...oh god...you mean?" Susan asked.

"Yes...one of my wife's friends is Lisa Johnson...your brother's wife." John said.

"Oh my god. I had no idea. I never would have guessed. Eric and I grew up in this area. I thought that he was just moving back to be closer to where he grew up." Susan said.

"No...that was just a coincidence. Lisa and the others moved here to get my wife." John said.

"So if Lisa is one of your wife's friends then does that mean that her other friends are Amy, Rebecca, and Nicole?" Susan asked.

"That's them." John said.

"Oh my god. So they are the ones that are trying to get your wife to have sex with other men and they wanted me to try to convince you?" Susan asked.

"That's right. Kind of shocking huh? I came in here half expecting you to try it. I figured they would have tried to bring you in on it...to get you to try to convince me to let Kelly do it...by threatening to tell your husband Mark and your brother Eric about your affair." John said.

Susan looked completely blown away.

"Oh god...Lisa...she called me two days ago. I was with a patient at the time so she left me a voicemail. She said that she wanted to take me to lunch. She said she had something we really needed to talk about. I forgot about her call and never got back to her." Susan said.

John nodded.

"Yeah, and because of that Kelly wanted me to reschedule my appointment with you. It seems pretty clear that she wanted me to reschedule so that I wouldn't see you until after Lisa had talked to you and threatened to tell your husband about your affair if you didn't do your best to try to convince me that letting Kelly have sex with other men would be a good thing." John said.

"Oh god...I can't believe that this is really happening. It's so...unreal." Susan said.

"Oh this is as real as it gets doctor." John said.

"I just...I just don't believe it." Susan said.

"Believe it. It sounds completely absurd, but your sister in law and her 3 friends moved across the country and here to town for the sole purpose of getting my wife back. Since they've been here they have been trying to get Kelly to have sex with other men. I have to assume that means that all of them already are having sex with other men. Kelly has apparently been strong enough to resist them so far...telling them that she can't or won't until I give her permission. She apparently wants to do it though because she keeps asking for my permission and keeps trying to convince me to let her do it. She and her friends decided to send me here so that you...a mental health specialist...could use your psycho-babble to try to convince me to let her to it. Their plan got messed up because I refused to reschedule my appointment and came here to see you before they had the chance to blackmail you into doing it by threatening to tell your husband about your affair. I'm sure you can be pretty convincing, but you would never have been able to convince me to let Kelly do that no matter how persuasive you tried to be. That was their plan though...to have you rationalize it for me. Since their plans have fallen apart I wouldn't be surprised if they've got Kelly fucking some other guy as we speak. Their plan to get me to give her my consent to have sex with other men went to hell so they just might resort to having her do it without my permission and then trying to force me to accept it after the fact. Well doctor...I will never accept that and I will divorce Kelly if she decides to do it without my consent or if I find out that she has already done it. Since the part of their plan involving you fell apart they might try to take it out on you by telling your husband about your affair...I hope not, but I won't be surprised if they do." John said.

Susan had tears in her eyes.

"John...if my affair being revealed keeps your wife from having one of her own then so be it. What are you going to do?" Susan asked.

"I'm going to talk to Kelly...whenever they let me see her that is. I'm going to tell her that all she has to do to get my permission to have sex with other men is sign these." John said.

John put a set of divorce papers on Susan's desk.

"I picked those up at my attorney's office this morning. I also have some in the works for alienation of affection that I will have the 4 of them served with if Kelly signs the divorce papers...and maybe even if she doesn't." John said.

"I hope it doesn't come to that John. I hope Kelly realizes that sex with other men isn't worth throwing away a marriage and a family." Susan said.

"Interesting words from a woman having an affair." John said.

"My affair ended a year and a half ago John. It went on for 2 years before I realized just how much I had to lose. Imagine that, it took a psychiatrist 2 years to figure something like that out. Well...I'm certainly not going to attempt what it seems they wanted me to do so I think that's enough for this session. Good luck to you John...whatever happens." Susan said.

"Thank you." John said.

John picked up the divorce papers and headed for home. John was waiting in the living room when Kelly, Lisa, Amy, Rebecca, and Nicole walked in laughing. They stopped laughing when they saw John.

"John...what are you doing home so early?" Kelly asked.

"You four get out...now." John said.

"Kelly invited us in for coffee...we're staying." Lisa said defiantly.

John walked up and looked down at Lisa.

"I said get the fuck out of my house right now. If you won't leave on your own I will physically throw you out." John said.

Lisa scoffed.

"You wouldn't dare." Lisa said.

"Lady...you don't have the first fucking clue what I will and won't do. For example." John said

John grabbed Lisa, threw her over his shoulder and walked towards the door with her kicking and screaming. John took her out into the front yard and dropped her roughly in the grass. He then turned back towards the house where the others were watching.

"Do you three want to be next?" John asked.

Amy, Rebecca, and Nicole scurried out of the house. Kelly tried to get out of the house too, but John grabbed her by the waist of her pants, pulled her inside, shut, and locked the door. He pulled Kelly down the hall and into the kitchen...she strained against him the entire time.

"John...I can't believe you just did that. You could have seriously hurt Lisa." Kelly said.

"I don't give a fuck if I killed her Kelly. Sit down." John said.

John released his grip on Kelly's pants and she headed for the door.

"I've got to go check on Lisa." Kelly said.

"Kelly...if you step one foot outside of this house before I've said what I have to say you will never set foot inside this house again." John said.

Kelly looked concerned.

"What do you mean?" Kelly asked.

"Get your ass over here and sit down." John said.

Kelly wasn't used to the commanding tone in John's voice. She cautiously walked over and sat down at the table.

"Kelly...four months ago Lisa, Amy, Rebecca, and Nicole all moved to town at the same time and from the moment they got to town you have been a completely different person. You're out every night until well past midnight, you're never home in the evenings, you're distant and preoccupied on weekends, and you've been neglecting the kids." John said.

"I have not been neglecting the kids." Kelly said.

"Yes you have Kelly. Over the past 4 months you have only been here at home twice on a week night. Those two days were my birthday and our anniversary. Those are a lot of hours that you used to spend with the kids...but for the past 4 months you've been spending them with your friends instead." John said.

"That doesn't mean...." Kelly said.

"Then a month ago you come and tell me that you want my permission to have sex with other men. You said it like you were telling me that you bought a new purse or something. When I tell you that there's no way that I'll give you my permission to have sex with other men you tell me that I'm being irrational. You go to the trouble of finding a psychiatrist to send me to in the hopes that they would be able to convince me to let you do it. That little plan backfired didn't it?" John asked.

"I don't have any idea what you're talking about. I'm genuinely concerned about your mental state." Kelly said.

"Don't play dumb with me Kelly. I know that Lisa is the doctor's sister in law. I know that Lisa was planning to use the doctor's affair as leverage to get her to try to convince me to let you do it. I know that the reason you wanted to reschedule my appointment was because Lisa hadn't been able to get to the doctor yet...so she hadn't had the opportunity to blackmail her into doing what she wanted. I know all about that Kelly." John said.

Kelly's face went pale.

"Just so you know; nobody on Earth could convince me to agree to that Kelly. Finally I decided on my own that if you want to do it that badly you can have sex with as many other men as you want. Feel free...you have my blessing and my full support." John said.

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