tagInterracial LoveWhy Black Women Need White Men

Why Black Women Need White Men


Sliding my thick White cock into Shana Blake's asshole, I felt on top of the world. My name is Jay Warden-Picard. Third-generation French-Canadian, with some Irish thrown in. Born and raised in the City of Calgary, Province of Alberta. I'm a Redneck through and true. I've often been accused of being a bigot, and sometimes with good reason. I'm not always tolerant of those who are different from myself, whether we're talking about ethnic minorities, Aboriginals or queers. Sorry but that's how I was raised. My exposure to racial diversity and inclusion was limited. However, my dick doesn't discriminate. Just ask Shana here. The tall, big-bottomed Black woman's got my dick buried so far up her asshole, you can't tell where she ends and I begin. And I like it like that.

I picked up Shana Blake at this bar in downtown Ottawa last night. Now, I'm not into Black chicks, let me be clear about that. We don't play like that sit down in my native Calgary, man. We are a really traditional bunch. Seriously. I'm engaged to a six-foot-tall, beautiful blonde-haired and green-eyed French-Canadian woman named Maeve O'Connor Guillaume. She's a student at the University of Ottawa. My lady is into the Telfer MBA program. I'm at Algonquin College, getting my diploma in Police Foundations. Next I will go to Carleton University. Maeve is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I want us to have a family. Lots of French-Canadian and Irish brats and a house on the Albertan Prairie. However, Maeve was out of town that day and this horny Black slut named Shana Blake came onto me at a bar. What's a horny White guy to do when Black pussy offers itself? Trust me, you would have done the same thing. If you don't, then you're stupid, pure and simple.

Shana Blake bought me several drinks, and as we talked she stared challengingly at every Black guy in the bar. Especially those with White girlfriends. I knew at once what she wanted. Some Black guy probably dumped her and she is dying to get back at him. By giving her Black pussy to the White man. Hey, that's more than okay by me. My Maeve is out of town and what she doesn't know can't hurt her. I figured a night of passion with this horny Black slut couldn't hurt. So I danced with her and then took her home. Once we got there, Shana Blake turned into a truly wanton slut, man. I knew Black chicks were horny bitches but this one took the cake, man. As I sat in the living room, she knelt before me as if to pray and went for my dick like her life depended on it.

Shana Blake began sucking on my eight-inch, uncircumcised White cock eagerly. I thrust my cock down her throat, loving what she was doing. Shana sucked my dick and licked my balls. I asked her how it felt to be sucking my big White dick. She told me I smelled and tasted great. I laughed. I thought so myself. Shana sucked me off until I came, flooding her face with my manly spunk. Eagerly she drank my masculine seed, draining me of my manly fluids. I hate to admit this but next to some Chinese women I've fucked, Black chicks suck a mean dick. Well, I don't know firsthand about the Chinese women. Friends of mine told me about them. I'm kind of conservative you know, so I don't do that kind of stuff with minority women. I'm a Calgary man through and true. In every sense of the word. Look up Calgary and find out what we're all about.

Like I said before, fooling around with minority women isn't something I'm into. Nor is it something that I condone. Tonight's romp with Shana Blake was an exception. My boss and good friend Joel Wellington's kinky fiancée Linda Shires recently ran off with this big and tall Black man named Steeves Volmar Cherenfant. He's from America, and apparently she's crazy about big Black guys from the States. Man, if I ever cross paths with that Black American dude I'm going to give him the beating of a lifetime. I knew lots of young White women were into Black guys but I didn't think a sexy, university-educated and accomplished, forty-something White woman like Linda Shires would go for a young Black guy. Isn't that some shit? We're losing our White women to the Black guys and I hate it. That's the main reason why I'm fucking Shana Blake. To get back at Black men for stealing our White women by banging one of their Black women.

After she finished sucking my dick, Shana spread her legs for me. I fingered her pussy and gave it a licking. I wonder what my buddies in Calgary would say if they could see me now. Me, Jay Warden-Picard. Going down on a Black woman. They wouldn't approve, but I'd tell them it's for a good cause. The way I see it, Black men steal our White women so we should steal their Black women every chance we get. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about marrying Black women or even dating them Black ladies. I'm talking about fucking them and make them yield to the awesome power of White cock. Maybe that will give Black men pause the next time they try to pick up a White chick. You feel me? Cool.

I made Shana suck my cock again. Once I was hard, I put on a condom and made her assume the position. Face down and big Black ass up, you ghetto bitch. Time for your Black pussy to get some White dick. I held Shana by the hips and thrust my cock into her cunt. I began pounding her surprisingly tight pussy with powerful thrusts of my cock. Honestly, I'm surprised this Black chick has a tight pussy. I would have thought a Black woman like her would be real loose down there because she'd probably been with tons of guys. Oh, well. I fucked the hell out of Shana's tight Black cunt, then had a go with her ass. Shana spread her ass cheeks wide open, offering herself to me. I applied Vaseline all over her asshole, then pressed my dick against it. And just like that, this Calgary redneck sank his White cock inside a Black woman's asshole for the first time. Hard and fast I pounded my cock into Shana's asshole. I made her squeal as I drilled my big White cock into her tight Black asshole. Yeah!

Much later, I fell asleep. When I came to, Shana was still there. She told me last night was heavenly, and asked me if she could see me again. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I smiled and waved my morning wood at her. Eagerly Shana sucked me off. I fucked her, then told her what the deal was. You should have seen the look of surprise on her face when I told her that I didn't want her anywhere near my apartment. I told her to grab her clothes and step off like the cheap Black whore that she was. With tears in her eyes Shana asked me why I was behaving this way. I pointed to the picture of my Maeve and I on the nightstand. I told her that I'm a proud Calgary man happily engaged to a proud Calgary woman. A tall, blonde-haired and pale-eyed White goddess who was the world's standard of beauty. A Black slut like Shana couldn't even compete with my gorgeous European lady. Sure, I let Shana suck my dick and ride me a few times but it was just a booty call. With a squeal of anguish Shana grabbed her clothes and left my apartment, slamming the door. I laughed at that. I stopped smiling when I got a text message from Maeve, saying that she was in a cab coming home from the airport. Oh, shoot. I've got to get the apartment in order real fast otherwise my lady's going to sense something is amiss. Gotta go, folks.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/14/18

Same Old Same Old

YOU Are Absolutely Right. I read a maybe 2 @ MOST & NEVER again. They ALL Are bland. AND seemingly every body hates THIS trash , IF NOT 'him' as an individual.

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by Anonymous10/10/17

This is actually written by a black guy...why he hates Black women so much probably has more to do with his own inferiority complex and self hatred. You need to square with that some day, Samuelx frommore...

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