tagFirst TimeWhy Brad Loves the Mall

Why Brad Loves the Mall


This story is about my friend Brad and why he now loves the mall. See Brad was always the quiet guy, the guy everyone always recognized as "the weird skinny guy." No one ever really paid much attention to him, unless it was to rag on him. But Brad was a hopeless romantic... Like most virgins. See Brad had a lot of time to think about what he'd do if the chance ever arose.

Well, one day Brad got to the mall for work early so he could stop by FYE and pick up the new Pantera CD. While he was sampling the CD, he noticed a beautiful girl standing across the rack from him. She was 5'7" long wavy light brown hair, green eyes, and what he guessed were 34C breasts. It was taking all his will power not to stare. He was trying to just zone out to the metal guitars blaring in his head, when on one glance up to peek at this goddess before him, she stared right into his eyes and seductively licked slowly across her top lip with the tip of her tongue. Brad instantly got a semi and tried to go back to his music. Then for a second the music stopped, and he heard a soft voice whisper in a giggly tone "Is that for me?" He looked around but no one was even looking at him, let alone talking to him. He glanced over at the girl. She was looking down at a CD with a smirk on her face. Brad was confused, so he gave up on finding this "phantom whisperer" and went back to his song. Then the music just stopped, and literally in the blink of an eye he was standing in a dark void.

He looked around and saw absolutely nothing, but somehow he was able to see his arms feet and legs, but no walls, floor, or ceiling. He screamed "Hello!?" But all that came back was a million echoes. So he started running to find a door, a wall, anything. He noticed he wasn't getting anywhere, his legs were moving, but he wasn't going forward or backward. He felt something touch his left arm, but no one was around. He looked down to see his shirt was gone. He then felt something touch his legs, and he was just in his boxers. He yelled "What's going on?" And again nothing but echoes answered. He shut his eyes hoping that when he opened them he'd be back in the mall, or anywhere for that matter, he didn't care where. When he opened his eyes he was still in darkness, but now the girl from the store was in front of him. Totally naked! She said in that same soft now echoed voice "Is that for me?" The words went through Brad's head, and he felt the words go down his spine and to his fingertips and toes. He felt as if he just smoked an entire pound of weed. She asked again "Is it?" This time grabbing his dick. Between the intense sensation from her talking and her hand now on his dick Brad felt like his was about to bust. He replied very quietly "Y-Yes."

She then lowered to her knees and took Brad's dick into her mouth causing him to immediately bust a giant load in her mouth. But she didn't move her head she just ran her tongue along the vein on the bottom of his shaft and swallowed every drop of cum. She then stood up and pushed Brad. He landed on a bed that appeared suddenly, as if it's only purpose was to catch him. She then crawled on top of him, straddling his waist and lowered one of her tits to his mouth. Brad circled her nipple with his tongue making a spiral outward. He then softly licked the underside of her other tit and spiraled in, taking her nipple and gently pulling it with his teeth. She then stared Brad dead in the eyes and simply purred "Take me."

Brad gently grabbed her and lied her on the bed, and started to kiss and caress her breasts and started to go down her stomach and then gently but firmly kiss her from one side of her waist to the other not missing an inch. He then lightly kissed her inner thigh coming right up to her wet juicy lips and down the other thigh. He teasingly licked on her lower lips making sure not to touch any of the pink folds inside. He repeated this entire love torture three times making sure she was ready to explode. At the end of the third repeat he simply flicked her clit with his tongue and sent her into a tidal wave of orgasms, and that's when he got to work licking her sweet juicy folds and sucking on her swelled clit while she violently grinded his face.

Not being able to take any more of this onslaught of sexual torture she knocked Brad over and jumped on him. Shoving his dick in her as far as she could before grinding his dick as hard and fast as she could. She was on a non-stop orgasm and was flailing around like a rag doll. Brad couldn't last much longer so he started bucking back at her grinds until he finally exploded deep within her. She collapsed on him and they passionately kissed and rubbed each other for what seemed like hours. Then, breaking the kiss Brad asked her, "What's your name?" She covered his eyes.

When he opened them he was staring down at the Pantera CD. He looked up and she was gone. He bought the CD, and decided to listen to it while he waited for his shift to start. When he opened the case there was a note inside that read... "I guess it was for me"

(For Brad: So none of it's true, but wouldn't it be bad ass if it was?!)

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