tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhy Leili Hates Witches Ch. 04

Why Leili Hates Witches Ch. 04


Why Kierdis Loves Leili

Nightfall came on fast in the mountains. Those unused to the quick onset usually were trapped in the primordial dark of the woods and left to imagine the dangers lurking within the inky blackness. The chill of the night air, and the sounds of things unseen inducing a freezing panic until dawn alleviated the fears of the night. This was especially true within earshot of a certain cave. Steam and screams poured steadily from the mouth of the cave. As it happened, there were witnesses to this particular scene. Outside the ominous hole in the mountainside, three females stood in solemn silence. Their eyes tracked something that only they could see as they stared at the glowing opening.

The three women looked remarkably familiar. All three had hair and eyes of violet, the same beautiful features, and dressed in the fashion of hedge witches. The only obvious difference between them was their ages.

"Is it always this nerve wracking?" The youngest witch asked. Her young eyes were wide with obvious terror.

"Pretty much." The older two answered in unison.

"It all hinges on what happens in the next few moments." The oldest witch said as her eyes tracked some movement beyond sight. "It's only natural to get nervous. In a couple of minutes we'll know whether we have to re-try again."

"Which means this is the only chance I get to break the chain?" Asked the witch between the ages of the other two. "I don't even get to affect it in any way."

"Most people only get one chance to see how their destiny plays out." Countered the oldest witch. "I count myself lucky that I get do-overs."

"Quiet! It's starting..." Said the youngest. All three fixed their eyes on the mountain wall, their focus on some point beyond.


Erila's scream came from the very core of her being. Magical power from the goblin alchemy surged through her erotically charged flesh. She didn't feel pain, but pleasure so intense that her conscious mind couldn't parse what was happening to her. As the pleasure and magic had its way with her senses, Erila could feel something subtle change within her. It was as if a new sense was being awoken through the inundation of her perception. As a fresh wave of sensation washed over her, Erila found herself out of breath to scream with. Her eyes snapped open in panic as she tried to force her lungs to inflate.

The sight that meet her eyes was unlike the one she had expected. While she could still see her diminutive goblin tormentors she was also able to see through them. She could see the dark roiling essence of their desire for domination and rape boil through their small frames. As Erila tried to make sense of what she was seeing a feedback of magical power hit her battered perception. In tandem with the wave of magic, Erila became aware of an intense glowing coming through the cave wall. Struggling to comprehend, her beleaguered mind came to the conclusion that she was seeing magic.

Another more powerful wave emanated from the magic source through the cave wall and seemed to freeze Erila's senses in a sort of forced orgasmic shock. She could still feel her body convulsing helplessly from the torturous orgasms, but her consciousness seemed to have drifted into this new dimension she was now aware of. The first thing she noticed in this new frame of mind was that the magical power she was emanating was dwarfed by the sinister source coming through the stone. Even someone raised to accept rape as the natural order of the universe couldn't deny the inherent wrongness of this power. Erila could feel her mind slowly clearing as her physical self and her consciousness became separate. This clarity of mind, however, was not putting her at ease as the perverse nature of the magical powers at play seemed to tear at reality as Erila watched. Strange as things were, there was a terrible familiarity to everything Erila was witnessing.

"This is the power of Raepalus..." Erila said with a mouth that was not part of her flesh. The realization that this horrid wrongness was what she had been told to worship, to revere all her life sickened her down to her very core. This tearing, clawing, blasphemy couldn't possibly represent the natural order of things. Everything touched by the power threatened to come undone at the most elemental level, only a strange restraint to the wanton energy kept everything in the vicinity from being rent asunder. It was that strange restraint, that triggered Erila's memory. The words of the witch who had left her here drifted through Erila's mind.

This was her chance, Erila realized. With this new power to see beyond the veil of the physical into the realm of the magical, she would be able to discern the true nature of anything. While her body was still in the throes of intense pleasure, Erila steeled her mind and cleared out all other concerns. She had worshiped and revered a lie all her life. Now she had the chance.

"Learn the true nature of my fallen god..." Erila said, focusing her eyes on the power through the wall.


In retrospect, Leili realized, adventures came with a lot of bullshit. Entranced by epic tales of heroism, she had said goodbye to the quiet life of study she had known to seek an epic tale of her own. No one told a young adventurer that by and large, adventuring included a lot of looking for work, going without good food or lodgings for a long time, and disappointing climaxes. The romance of the affair was always offset by the fact that most problems were mundane and a good sword arm could only solve so much.

Case in point, Leili was currently unable to use her sword arm to get out her current predicament. Pinned against a wall she was choking on the phallic tentacle that was roughly using her throat. Other tentacles were tugging viciously on her breasts. The only reason her innards weren't full of several yards of tentacle was that her armored thong was valiantly doing its job. Tentacles thrashed around her groin trying to dislodge the stubborn steel. Weak sounds escaped as she gagged on the muscle stuck in her throat.

A pulse of blood seemed to flow through Kierdis' contested body. The tentacle pulled out of Leili's mouth, as those at her groin seemed to lose coordination and strength in their efforts to expose her privates. As Leili watched the hideous expression that had usurped Kierdis' noble visage soften, she realized that her lover was still inside and fighting for control. She also realized that he wouldn't be able to win his internal struggle without her help. Her hand still held her wand and the tentacles grip was relaxing enough to try and cast a spell. What spell though? Anything harmful was strictly out of the question. Kierdis was still in that body. A stasis spell wouldn't work, it would just freeze them all in place. Sleep and disorientation spells were an iffy proposition at best. She had no way of knowing if they would affect Kierdis and the creatures he contended with equally. Meanwhile Kierdis' blinked and one of his eyes returned to it's normal royal blue coloring.

"Leili..." Kierdis grunted under great strain.

"What can I do? How do I help you?" Leili replied instantly.

"I can hear it. The other thing inside me. You can't let it out! Leili, you have to kill me!" The prince said, and his eyes went bloodshot again.


Erila had it figured out, she thought. There were not two souls inside the prince's body, but three. The thing she had thought to be her god Raepalus was, in fact, a horrid combination of demonic and divine energies. As the two forces raged against each other it created the horrid imbalance that both threatened and saved everything the magical residue touched. Currently one of the souls was pushing hard to consume the prince's body for it's own. The other two souls were resisting as hard as they could, but their efforts were disorganized and the lack of unity was the only thing keeping them from overcoming the challenger.

The problem was that Erila couldn't really help them from where her body was still bound. Not to mention, her own magical power was being tainted by the goblin alchemy. She needed a pure source of magic to build a bridge between the two souls and expel the destructive force entangled with them. Just then she noticed the burning flare of energy cutting it's way through the goblin horde surrounding her. The energy was pure, and huge. Whomever this was, contained a massive depth of will and power. If Erila could find a way to utilize that energy she would be able to cast a cleansing spell on her own power that would ripple outward the same way it had when the goblins had tainted her.

Knowing what to do, Erila immediately tried to figure out how. To do anything would require that she allow her consciousness to drift back into her body. Doing anything intelligent at that point might be a tall order as her sexual senses were being taxed beyond their limits. Even if she could maintain control enough to cast a spell, how would she be able to use the power of this person coming towards her? The knowledge of what she would have to do came unbidden to her mind. She tried to shoo the idea away, but the stubborn thought made its case most convincingly. The only way she could use the power of another was to join with them. The anguish at having to relinquish her prized virginity was only a small part of the trepidation she felt about this decision. A quickie, wouldn't cut it. She would have to fall head over heels in love with this person to use his power. Her soul needed to forever be entwined with this mystery person coming down the cave towards her. She couldn't even tell if the person was a male or female, and she was so very not in to that sort of thing!

The bright light barreled through the filthy essences of the goblins and Erila could waffle about her decision no longer. This was the only way she could free herself, and the only way she could fathom serving the god she had been wrong about so long. Steeling herself for what was surely to be an ordeal, Erila plunged her conscious self back into her body.

Her teeth clenched as she felt her body still cramping in severe orgasm. Erila instantly became aware of every erogenous zone her body had as contact with the air was enough to deliver waves of pleasure. Trying to concentrate on her breathing, Erila forced her true eyes open and beheld the person she would have to fall in love with. Her eyes fell upon swarthy skin stretched taut over rippling muscle. Under short hair of deep forest green, a perfectly masculine face complete with deep red eyes that met hers with a burning intensity that let one know this man never budged an inch once he had decided on a course of action. Erila had another tortuously good orgasm the moment she locked eyes with him. the man-mountain's expression took on a new intensity as he simply waded through the throng of panicked goblins about him. In one purposeful motion he wrapped his arms around her and hoisted her to him. As the bonds that had held Erila helpless snapped like they hadn't even been there, Erila's body wrapped itself to him. Their lips met in a passionate kiss as naturally as a couple on honeymoon after a drawn out courtship. Feeling herself balanced on the bulge furiously poking its way through the top of his pants Erila knew she had to throw the dice now or never get another chance.

Having the hot prod of his manhood within reach seemed to clear Erila's senses enough to do what needed to be done. With her wrists still tied together behind the man's head, Erila wrapped her legs around the man's waist. Bracing her thighs against his hips, she dragged her legs down, pulling his pants down enough to allow his tip to push her lower lips apart. Erila lost control again as her legs splayed out of their own accord. For his part, the man was still concentrating hard on his fight with the goblins that still surrounded them. As Erila slid down on his glans, his swings seemed to become stronger. With his every swing a goblin died, and Erila slid further down his shaft. He was bellowing louder and louder as though tormented by frustration while he fought. By the time the final goblin fled, Erila had his entire tip within her.

The man threw his hammer down, and with an bestial grunt, he grabbed Erila by the rump and hoisted her off his manhood. Before Erila could voice her complaint she heard a ripping sound as he freed himself of his pants with his other hand. Both of his hands found his way to her shoulders as they shared a brief kiss before he drove Erila down upon him. Erila's legs tried to close around the invader, but the result was that she lost her hold around his waist. Her full weight was now held entirely upon his erection within her. She moaned with intense satisfaction as the itch caused by the goblin alchemy was definitively scratched.

Orgasming as she slowly slid down to his hilt, Erila felt her body become cleansed of the morass of dark energies that corrupted her control. Her head cleared, and she was able to feel every nerve involved in the coupling. Not just the wanton pleasures of her groin, but other, warm fulfilling reactions she hadn't expected. The comfortable feel of his chest hair, the gentle cradling of his thick arms, even the tickle of his beard on her forehead as he subconsciously ground himself into her.

"What kind of idiot avoids this all her life?" She thought. Chastising herself for her life of abstinence. Her mind now clear, she began working her spell. Weaving the power of her spent virginity together with the man's single minded purity, she sent a pulse of power through the wall. The return feedback came quickly, the horrid power beyond lashing back in rage. The return stroke was weak and uncoordinated, though. The other two entities within surging forth as the dominant one loosened its grip. Erila sent another probe, and got another distracted, weak response. This would work! She just needed to keep going and eventually the stalemate would break. To that end she pulled herself up along the man's shaft and whispered in his ear.

"More." She said. The man responded to the simple instruction with a teeth clenching affirmative grunt as Erila slid tantalizingly back down his member. His first thrust penetrated Erila's womb and spread her lower lips apart so far there was a tinge of pain mixed in with the orgasm she had. His massive rod was stretching her lower half apart, and Erila found herself oddly desiring her body to conform to this man. He knelt down, and braced himself against one of the ramps the goblins would have used to rape her and started bucking hard. His uncoordinated, desperate movements gave Erila the impression that she was his first. A warm feeling of contentment filled her at the thought, and she began to tease him in the ways she had been taught as a virgin sacrifice. The man's first orgasm geysered into Erila's womb. Somewhere in the heady rush of satisfaction, Erila remembered to send out a stronger pulse towards the magical deadlock towards the entrance. She couldn't feel a response this time, but there was no point in not being thorough. Gazing up at her partner through her eyelashes, Erila posited another simple question.



Kierdis pushed again. He had no idea if it was doing any good, but he knew he had to do something. He had found himself in this formless dimension when the thing inside him tried to pull him out. The terms push and pull were completely subjective though, Kierdis had no way to really know what was happening in the place he now occupied. Blood and power surging every which way, and the beats of multiple hearts were the only concepts that made any sense to him as he tried to keep the lump of power and hate from occupying his current position. It was a contest of willpower, and Kierdis was not about to go quietly. That being said, the other entity was way more skilled at this sort of contest than he was. Grit could only do so much in the face of skill as Kierdis slowly, but inexorably felt himself being drawn out of what was probably his own body.

"GIVE! MINE! TAKE! EVERYTHING! EAT! TEAR! REND!" The horrid voice clawed at his consciousness as Kierdis gave another push. The wretched clawing sensation faded away a little bit. Every time Kierdis was made to collide with the intruder, he felt himself degraded bit by bit. Although simple, the things words were convincing on a primal level. Kierdis hoped Leili would listen to him and end this thing. Even if it meant ending himself along with it, Kierdis believed it would count as a win. This primal force of rape could not be let out, lest it destroy everything. He would regret a lot of things if it were to come to that. Never being able to apologize to his sister, Kyr. Not holding Leili in his arms again. Not holding Leili in his tentacles again for that matter. She had come to mean so much to him in such a short time, just by accepting him. Kierdis would regret not being able to pay that debt back most of all. "TAKE! ALL! MINE! MINE! MINE!"

The clawing seemed to gain some sort of purchase this time, and Kierdis felt himself sliding out of his own being. Resisting all the way, Kierdis tried to appeal to anyone who might hear him.

"Stop him! Don't let him out!" He shouted into the aether of his current circumstances as he felt his last grasp on himself slipping away. Just as he felt himself fall into the abyss, something seemed to crash into him hard. It was like something wedged itself in between him and the horrid creature that was trying to rend him from existence. While jarring and painful, it also pushed him back to the edge of reality. His sense of his physical body returned and he was once again able to see from his own eyes. Leili's worried expression came into focus, her eyes brimming with tears as he inched back into his own flesh.

"Leili!" Kierdis shouted while forcing the errant tentacles to relinquish their grips. "Quick, while I can hold it back! K.."

"No!" Leili shouted as she threw her arms around him. The embrace seemed to firm up Kierdis' control, but there was no telling how long it would last. Kierdis pulled Leili away and prepared to make his case that simply existing put her and everything else in the world in danger. Leili never even let him start.

"I won't let you!" She cried. "It can't be over yet!"

"What can't be over? Leili..."

"You're the adventure I always wanted!" Leili said.

There was something in the anguished sound of her voice, a truth that Kierdis discovered as he watched tears stream down her face. The way her eyes spoke not to her own pain, but a deep concern for Kierdis himself. Kierdis had thought he would die to protect Leili, that sacrificing himself would allow her to seek happiness. Her beautiful face, contorted with pain and concern, told him in no uncertain terms that they were bonded. No force could separate their fates from each other, and Kierdis was not about to let that thing have her. Another pulse wedged itself between him and the creature within. Kierdis added his own force of will to the momentum, taking full control of his body and tentacles in one fell swoop. Gently he pushed Leili back, meeting her eyes with his look of determination. She seemed to understand that everything would be okay, and hesitantly stood back.

Kierdis focused upon himself, on the taste of his surroundings, on his human body and his tentacles. He breathed deep, and focused on the energy of the place around him. As a prince, he had taken magic lessons and excelled in the principles even though he possessed an inadequate amount of his own magic to wield power. Focusing as he was now, he could feel the next pulse from deeper in the cave on its way. This was his chance, and he would not waste it. He had a life with his beloved to get on with.

"Get out here you son of a bitch." Kierdis growled as the pulse hit him. A ripple went through his body as Kierdis sought out what didn't belong in him. As the ripple passed through one of the larger tentacles, a small section bulged, as if there was a rock stuck inside of it. Kierdis pounced, grabbing the tentacle firmly so as to keep the bulge from moving, and move it tried. The lump frantically squirmed, trying to push itself deeper into the stalk of the tentacle as Kierdis unsheathed a knife and slit the meat of the tentacle apart. An eye, bloodshot and angry, glared its rage back at Kierdis as he grit his teeth and cut a wider hole. He put down the knife and reached his hand into the hole.

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